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Best Friends

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My best friend Brandon and I were nearing the end of our senior year in high school. It was one of the best years of our lives: we had picked all easy classes, we could goof off and still get good grades, and we felt like we owned the school. But that was all going to come to an end in about a month when we were do to graduate. On top of that we had applied and been accepted to different colleges. Because of this Brandon and I were trying to spend as much time together as we possibly could. It was at this point in our lives that early one Sunday morning Brandon called me.

“Hey Jake do you want to head over to the YMCA to go swimming? There’s usually no one in the pool on Sundays,” he asked.

“Sure” I said. “I’ll meet you there.”

“Ok, see you in a minute.”

With that I grabbed a bag and started putting my swim suit and a towel in it. I walked downstairs, told my mom I was going to the Y with Brandon, and headed out the door. When I got there I saw Brandon standing outside the door waiting for me. We went inside and headed for the locker room.

Once inside, we noticed that we were the only ones here. We both picked a locker and started stripping off our clothes. We had seen each other naked at least a hundred times, maybe even more than that. But for some reason this was different. He had his back turned to me so he didn’t notice the fact that I was staring at his ass as he pulled his underwear off. I felt my penis get a little hard and realized what I was doing. I snapped out of it and put my swim suit on.

After we had our suits on, we went through the showers to the door that led to the pool. Brandon went first and stopped me before I could get out.

“Damn, man. How lucky are we,” he whispered back to me.

“What do you mean,” I asked.

He let me out of the locker room and as I came out I saw the two hottest girls in our class in the pool. They looked at us and stopped what they were doing. They were wearing the skimpiest little bikinis I had ever seen and both had fairly small tits (not that I’m complaining, I love small tits). Brandon and I had fantasized bout this moment for four years, but after what had just happened in the locker room, I didn’t know what to think anymore.

For some reason we stayed on opposite sides of the pool. About twenty minute after we got in Brandon pointed at them with his hand under the water so the couldn’t see. At this point the lifeguard was asleep so anything that happened he didn’t care about. I looked over at the girls’ side of the pool and saw that they had both taken their bikini tops off and were splashing at each other. I looked over at Brandon, who was blatantly staring at the girls, and saw that his swim trunks were tenting out in the front. As soon as I saw that I got an instant hard on. I didn’t feel as awkward about it now as I did in the locker room, though. Out here I could blame it on the girls.

After about an hour, the girls got out and walked back to their locker room as they giggled. Brandon and I didn’t see much point in staying in the pool after they left so we got out too and headed for our locker room. As soon as we got in the door we took our suits off and went to the showers with our dicks still hard as steel. After a few seconds in the shower Brandon started grabbing at his cock and stroking it so I did too.

“Man that was some show,” he said. “Wasn’t it?”

“Yeah,” I said, not thinking about the show the girls had put on but the one he had unknowingly put on for me.

A minute later he closed his eyes and leaned his head back (presumably from the pleasure he was giving himself). That’s when it happened. I don’t know what possessed me to do it but, right there in the shower where anyone could walk in on us, I got down on my knees grabbing his cock and shoved it in my watering mouth. I heard him moan out in pleasure as he opened his eyes and looked down.

“Jake! What the hell are you doing?” he didn’t quite shout.

He tried to pull away from me but before he could I grabbed both of his ass cheeks and pulled him closer to me. Before he knew it, he was lost in the blowjob he was getting from me. He was moaning and using his hands to push my head down on his dick. We were both enjoying it more than we thought we would.

“Oh Jake,” Brandon moaned. “Fuck. Suck my cock you little bitch. I want to cum in your mouth.”

My cock was so hard at this point that I could no longer ignore it. As I was bobbing my head up and down on Brandon’s stiff rod, I reached down and grabbed my own. My hand was moving faster than lightening as I felt the cum rising in my balls. A second later cum started erupting from my dick and landing on the shower floor just out of reach of the water coming from the shower head. The power of my orgasm caused my lips to clamp down tighter on Brandon’s cock.

“Oh god,” he yelled. “Jake I’m cumming! FUCK! Swallow it all.”

I tried my best to do as he said but, as the cum started shooting into my mouth, I realized that it tasted too good to swallow straight away with the consequence that it started leaking out around the corners güvenilir bahis of my mouth. I was still swallowing when he pulled his deflating penis out of my mouth. I was still thinking about what we had just done when he bent down and kissed me right on the lips.

When he stopped we both said, “Wow,” in unison. Then we rinsed our bodies off and, leaving my mess still on the shower floor, went back to our lockers to dry off and put our clothes back on. We didn’t say a word to each other as we left the building.

When he got to his car he smiled at me and said,”See you at school tomorrow.”

I smiled back and said,”See you.”

The next day at school I saw Brandon in my first class of the day. We had four classes together out of five total. He was just sitting at his desk with that same smile on his face that he had the previous day when we left the YMCA. I sat down in my usual seat next to him and he leaned over and whispered to me.

“Hey, meet me in the bathroom after lunch.”

“Alright,” I said with a smile on my face. I was pretty sure I knew what he had in mind but it was exciting all the same.

Within seconds of him telling me that, my dick was hard under my desk. All I could do was hope that my hardon went away before class was over and I had to stand up and leave. While I was sitting there hoping that my dick would go soft before the end of class, looked over at Brandon and saw him rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. That only made me get more hard. After that sight though, I didn’t care anymore. All I cared about was getting that seven inch cock in my watering mouth.

Three hours later I skipped lunch and went straight to the bathroom. As I turns out, so did Brandon. As I walked in he saw me and pulled me into the handicap stall at the back of the bathroom. His pants and underwear were already around his ankles and his cock was already rock hard. Once I noticed this I quickly pulled my jeans down and he laughed when I saw that I wasn’t wearing underwear. Our lunch periods were fifteen minutes long so we had fifteen minutes to do anything we wanted.

My had reached for his cock and his had reached for mine as our faces got closer to each other. Soon we were passionately making out as we jerked each other off. Our nearly identical dicks were dripping with precum after about two minutes.

Then I broke our embrace and said, “Brandon, I need this cock in my mouth right fucking now.”

And without waiting for his reply I sank to my knees and covered his penis with my hot wet mouth. I had learned a lot since giving him that first blowjob yesterday. I could tell just by his reactions that I was giving him extreme pleasure. As my head was bobbing up and down in his penis, my hands reached around his ass. I spread his ass cheeks apart and shoved two fingers up his asshole. He let out a very audible moan and nearly came.

“Oh my god Jake! That feels so good,” he almost yelled.

With my hand that did not have fingers in his ass, I reached down and grabbed my own stiff penis. I was so turned on that I was stroking it as fast as my body would physically allow me to. I could feel my own orgasm coming close so I started sucking Brandon’s dick even harder than before. Then all of a sudden I started cumming and so did he. I was rapidly swallowing his salty cum as mine splashed to the floor of the bathroom stall.

“Oh, Jake. Swallow it all. Finger my asshole! Oh it feels so damn good,” he kept saying.

When we were finished cumming I stood up and we both pulled our pants up. We looked at each other and started giggling like two little girls. Then we kissed again and I knew that Brandon could taste his own cum on my lips. We got ready to walk out of the stall and Brandon looked at the floor.

“Are you going to clean that up,” he asked.

“Nah. I’ll just leave it for the next person.”

We walked out of the bathroom just before the bell rang to signal the end of our lunch period. As we walked to class together, Brandon asked me if I wanted to go camping with him that weekend.

“Sure,” I said.

“Good. We will go in the woods behind my house. It will be really um… private if you know what I mean.”

After Brandon asked me if I wanted to go camping, my dick was hard until I got home and jacked off. I didn’t even care if anyone saw the bulge in my pants at school. I was too horny to care that other guys were laughing at me for having a boner.

When I finally got home, I went straight to my bedroom and shut the door behind me. I stripped out of my clothes and laid on my bed face down and ass up. I was going to get Brandon’s cock in my ass this weekend but I had never had even my own fingers in it before, so I had to practice before Friday came. First I took my first two fingers and put them in my mouth. I sucked on them and lubed them up with my saliva. Then I took them out of my mouth and put them at the entrance to my hole.

I pushed and as the went in a moan escaped my lips. By now my dick was soaked with pre-cum. I grabbed it with my other hand and started stroking it. It was like I had died and güvenilir bahis siteleri gone to some strange heaven where they fuck you in the ass until you cum. After about ten minutes I could feel my impending orgasm approaching. As it hit me I felt my asshole clench tightly around my fingers and I shot the biggest load that I had ever done before. It was, by far, the best orgasm I had ever had. I could only assume it would be better with Brandon’s cock shooting it’s load inside my ass as I came at the same time.

I continued to do this everyday after school and eventually started to pump my fingers in and out of my asshole. When Friday finally rolled around I felt like I had practiced enough to take all of Brandon’s seven inch penis in my ass.

On Friday I had my mom drop me off at school so I could ride with Brandon to his camping spot in the woods behind his house. When the bell rang to signal the end of the school day, we practically ran to his car and left. When we got to his house we ditched the car and just started walking through the woods. We had been walking for probably thirty minutes when I started to hear water. We walked a little further and about fifty feet in front of us was an old tent next to a creek that was probably waist high (or so I thought).

On our way out to the camping spot our minds were obviously on other things, so when Brandon asked me why I bought my backpack I was kind of confused. Then I remembered that my clothes were in it.

“Oh. I just brought it because my clothes are in it. Where are yours,” I asked.

“I didn’t bring any. We won’t be needing clothes this weekend,” he told me.

By the time he was finished with his last sentence my cock was so hard it could have crushed diamonds. As he turned toward me I could tell by the bulge in his jeans that his dick was rock hard also. We both noticed each others boners at the same time and made identical movements with our hands. We both reached out and grabbed a hold of the others hard penis and stroked it through our jeans. We both leaned in toward each other and our lips met.

While we were locked in our embrace our Brandon’s other hand started unzipping my pants to let my cock out. I let go of his cock and used both of hands to pull his t-shirt over his head and threw it at the entrance to the tent. Once he had my cock free he started working at the laces on my shoes and took them off. He then told me to stand up and when I did so he pulled my pants down leaving me naked from the waist down (I wasn’t wearing underwear).

As I stepped out of my jeans he grabbed my bare cock with his hand. In our one week of messing around with each other, this was the first time he had touched my penis. He started jerking it, giving me my first handjob. It felt so good to have a hand other than my own stroking my hard dick.

“Feels good doesn’t it,” he asked me.

“Yeah, it feels great,” I replied.

Soon I could feel the all too familiar tingling sensation in my balls telling me that I was about to cum. When I told him this, he removed his hand from my penis, spit in it, then stroked my dick twice more. When I was just on the verge of cumming he stopped and sat down to take his shoes off. He then stood up and pulled his pants and underwear off. While he was doing that I had pulled my shirt off and threw it to the ground. I was very surprised by what happened next.

He turned around so his back was facing me then got down on all fours and said, “Fuck me Jake. Put that hard wet cock in my tight asshole.”

I got down on my knees behind him and, with my spit soaked cock in my hand, I guided it to his asshole. As soon as my cock head touched his hole he started moaning loudly. I started to push into him and when I did he started pushing back at me. My dick was ready to explode before this and once I was all the way in I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Oh god Brandon. I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your tight asshole. It feels so good,” I shouted.

“Fuck Jake! It’s so hot inside my ass. Keep shooting your load inside me!”

When I regained my senses, I pulled my flaccid penis out of his hole. I must have kept it in for at least ten minutes after I came. It only felt like a few minutes though. As soon as my cock came out of Brandon’s ass, it seemed like gallons of cum followed it. When he was finally on his feet again I grabbed his hand and led him to the creek.

The creek was a little deeper than my initial thought of waist deep. When we got to a point where it was at our chest level I stopped and pulled him close to me and hugged him. After a few moments his lips found mine and we were locked in the most passionate kiss. It was at this point that his hard cock rubbed against my leg. In the aftermath of my orgasm I had completely forgotten to make Brandon cum. So, while still kissing him, I took one hand and slid it around his body and down in between his ass cheeks. I took my first two fingers and shoved them up his ass. With my other hand I reached down and grabbed his cock.

As my fingers started to slowly move in and out of his ass, my hand started to iddaa siteleri move up and down on his shaft. I could feel the vibrations from his moaning on my lips as his tongue tried to separate them. He finally succeeded and we both had our tongues in the other’s mouth.

Finally he pulled away and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to cum.”

“Hold on,” I told him.

Keeping a firm grasp on his penis and with my fingers still moving ever so slowly in and out of his asshole, I took a deep breath and went under the water. The water was very clear so I could see his cock in front of my face once I got down far enough. I then touched my lips to it and wrapped them around it. I continued to stroke his cock and fuck his ass with my fingers until I felt him stiffen up. Then I increased the speed severely. My fingers were rocketing in and out of his ass and the hand on his cock was pumping faster than ever as his salty semen landed on my tongue.

When he was finished I didn’t swallow it this time but instead I stood up as I pulled my hand away from his butt. I once again leaned in to kiss him and when his tongue found its way into my mouth, I could tell he was happily surprised. We both stood there in the water swapping his load back and forth in our mouths. Then we pulled away after a few minutes and swallowed his deliciously sticky sperm.

After we swallowed his cum we stood there in the water, naked as the day we were born, and stared into each others eyes. Then I reached for his hand and held it as we walked back out of the water and onto dry land. As we crawled into the tent and laid down on the sleeping bags Brandon had brought out the day before, I was thinking. I was thinking that giving him a blowjob in the creek was really fun and that was where I wanted him to fuck my ass.

We had only been laying there for a few minutes when I realized that I was laying on something hard. I sat up and reached my hand into the sleeping bag and was surprised when I pulled out a seven inch long pink vibrator.

“What’s this?” I asked Brandon with a smile on my face.

“Where was it?” he asked.

“In the sleeping bag. I was laying on it.”

“Well that is my sister’s sleeping bag. She must have left it in there by accident.” he told me.

“Since it’s here we might as well put it to good use.” I said.

And with that, I put it in my mouth and pretended like I was sucking on Brandon’s delicious penis. After a few good sucks on it, I pulled it out of my mouth, spit in my hand, and rubbed it all over the vibrator to get it nice and lubed up. Then I turned it on and laid back down on the sleeping bag. With Brandon watching my every move, I spread my legs as far apart as I could and, reaching under my leg, shoved the vibrator in my asshole.

Brandon was now sitting up and silently watching the show that I was putting on for him. I had never had anything in my butt that felt as good as that vibrator did and the moans that were coming out of my mouth were not part of the show. They were true moans of pleasure. As I was thrusting it in and out of my ass (at a speed comparable to Indy cars, I might add) I was watching Brandon’s flaccid penis. Before my eyes it was slowly starting to grow to full staff again. I was rather impressed by this because this was his second erection in about a half hour and, even with all if the sexual stimulation around my anus, my cock was still soft.

I reached down with my free hand and grabbed my dick. That was all it needed: as soon as my hand touched it, it was rock hard. Now I was stroking my cock while pounding my own asshole with the vibrator. I closed my eyes from the pleasure of it all and a few seconds later felt something at my lips. With my eyes still closed I accepted Brandon’s cock in my mouth.

“Oh god. Suck that cock Jake.” he was saying so quietly that I could barely hear him over my own sucking.

Then, out of nowhere, I felt lips wrap themselves around the heat of my own dripping cock head. This caused me to open my eyes and I was shocked when I saw his legs on either side of my head and his ass over my face. I had stopped jacking my cock when this happened but my other hand was still shoving that pink vibrating dildo in and out of my ass.

I felt Brandon push my hands away from the two things that they were holding on to and, rather reluctantly, I complied. He then grabbed a hold of the vibrator that was now just sticking out of my horny asshole and pulled it out. Then he lifted his face away from my cock and I heard him spit on the dildo. With his saliva on just the tip of the vibrator he put it back at the opening to my gaping butt hole and slowly pushed it back in. It felt so good that I was humming with my lips wrapped around his penis.

He slowly increased the speed at which he was fucking my ass with the vibrator. At the same time he started sucking on my penis harder and harder. I could feel the cum starting to boil in my balls and started sucking him harder too. As soon as I did he erupted in my mouth. When I tasted the salty liquid on my tongue, I too started to cum. My orgasm felt so good that I forgot to swallow and by the time we had both finished cumming, I had a mouth full of Brandon’s semen and it was leaking out around his cock. When we finally pulled away from each other I looked him in the eye and swallowed his cum.

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