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Being Seduced

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Huge Strapon

“Come on pisshead, you’ve had enough,” he joked affectionately as he supported me out of the bar and out onto the cold street. “I think it’s time for home.”

Freddy was right, I had had enough and it was indeed time for home.

He hailed a taxi and I slumped into the back seat next to him, our legs touching. We had agreed earlier that he would stay at mine so he could avoid the expensive trek up to north London. I’d offered him the couch, which he was more than happy to take.

The hours of drinking and the busy week were taking their toll and my recollection of the evening soon became vague.

I do remember being helped into my flat, my clothes coming off and then bed.


I woke with a start and a very sore head the next morning. I was naked and looked around for some reason expecting to find someone in my bed, but it was empty.

Sinking back into my pillows I thought back on the evening before. The afterwork drinks for the pretty receptionist leaving to travel the world. The beers and the shots, the failed chat up lines, the bad dancing, then being supported to a cab by Freddy.

What we did when we got home was anyone’s guess but for some reason I could picture Freddy in my room, in my bed, naked with me.

Surely not? I thought. I wasn’t that drunk.

My phone interrupted my thoughts as it buzzed next to me, reminding me that my Saturday morning football match started in less than hour. Staggering to my feet, I stumbled to the shower.

It was going to be a long match.


I had only been at my desk for 20 minutes when an e-mail from Freddy landed in my inbox. It was early on Monday morning and he was clearly bored already.

“So how was the rest of your weekend, pisshead?!” The message said.

“Not bad. Rubbish football match on Saturday, unsurprisingly I was shite. Then a few beers on Saturday night and chilled one watching the football on Sunday. Pretty standard really. You?”

“Well after I’d left you looking so gorgeous in bed, I went home for a run and in the park met a beautiful man in England for the week on business. We ran together for an hour and then he invited me back to his hotel. I only got back this morning!”

Freddy was a tall, hansome, Italian who had a passion for life and sex, whether it be with men or women. His bedroom exploits had been entertaining me since he we had a met at a staff party soon after he had joined my company’s finance team nine months earlier.

Hardly a weekend went by without another story of his sexual adventures.

“Sounds like one hell of a weekend! A lot more successful than mine. No surprises there!”

I had been single for the past few months, having dumped my girlfriend in the belief that there were a host of sexy women in London to satisfy my seemingly never ending sexual appetite.

“Ha, ha! No luck with the ladies again, then? When are you going to let me take you out and show you a different side to your sexuality?!?! You looked so sexy in your bed on Friday night”


“You know what I mean!”

I began to reply and then paused for a moment. What exactly was Freddy suggesting? He was always joking about how much I would kaçak iddaa enjoy being with a man, how you only really know what a blow job is when a man is between your legs. But surely nothing happened last Friday?

A call from my boss startled me from my thoughts and it wasn’t until the afternoon that I returned to Freddy’s message. After a slightly liquid lunch, I finally decided to reply:

“Fine. You win. After months of not getting even a sniff of a women, I’m a desperate man! I will give you one opportunity to seduce me. When you fail, then you will stop pestering me. Do your best!”

Almost immediately a return message flashed up on my screen.

“LAB bar, Covent Garden. 7.30pm on Friday. Dress smart.”


The week flew by and soon it was Friday evening and I was on the tube on the way to Covent Garden and I admit I was looking forward to the evening. It certainly didn’t feel like a date, more like a different night with one of my best friends.

I arrived at the bar and was shown to a table where Freddy was already waiting. He smiled as arrived, looking typically sauve in a dark navy suit and crisp white shirt.

“Ciao. You made,” he beamed and kissed me playfully on the cheek. “Now let the seduction begin!”

A couple of cocktails soon appeared and then a couple more and then we were on our way to a cosy little Italian restaurant where the manager and the staff greeted Freddy like a long lost son.

Food and wine arrived without seemingly being ordered and the laughter continued.

Freddy was the perfect date companion. He had a story for everything and infections manner that made him impossible not to like. He showered me with compliments and every so often would touch my arm or leg in affection. He refused to accept my money and paid for everything, whispering, “I am treating you tonight, remember.”

After the meal we wandered through Covent Garden before arriving at a door with an imposing black man outside.

“Good evening gentleman,” he spoke politely as he held open the door for us.

A narrow corridor lead to some steep stairs and at the top was a large, modern room with a bar, a series of little booths and a dance floor with tables on.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“It is a special members club that I only bring my special friends to!” he winked.

“We made our way over to one of the booths, where Freddy slid next to me. A beautiful waitress, wearing tight black trousers and sheer black top that showed off her exquisite body, brought over a bottle of champagne.

“Hello Freddy,” she cooed as she bent down to kiss him on the lips, before starting to pour our drinks. “How nice to see you again.”

“Elena, as beautiful as always. How is Katriana?”

“She is ok. A bit grumpy at the moment, but still as sexy as ever. We’d both love to have you over sometime soon,” she said seductively.

“All in good time- can you not see I’m busy tonight!”

She walked away, her hips swinging suggestively as she did.

“What was that about?”, I asked.

“Elena and Katriana are two twins, who I met many years ago. They are from Serbia and share everything, even men. As you can imagine, they are a lot of kaçak bahis fun to be around!”

Wow. I thought. If Freddy was trying to impress me, it was certainly working. Despite knowing him for a few months, until that night I didn’t really know anything about him. There was a lot more to Freddy from the finance department, as I was quickly finding out.

My attention was drawn back to the booth as I felt Freddy’s hand touch my leg.

“So how’s my seduction going,” he whispered as he ran his fingerers across my hardening cock. “Not badly, I can see!”

He took my champagne glass and placed it on the table and then with the most gentle of touches he took my face in his hands and kissed me.

My instant reaction was to pull away, but his seduction had worked. I wanted him to kiss me, I felt almost breathless for him to continue. I moved my hands to his face and returned the kiss, with a passion I didn’t know I had.

Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths. I wanted him, all of him. I wanted to be naked with him, I wanted to taste him, I wanted to be fucked by him.

He pulled away, looked at me and said: “Let’s go.”

Soon we were in a cab, winding our way back to his flat. After the initial excitement, suddenly I felt nervous and unsure. Was I really going to do this?

I had played around a bit with other guys when I was teenager but never thought I’d find myself heading back to another man’s flat, having just spent the night being seduced by him.

Freddy paid the driver and then lead me up two flights of stairs to his flat. The door opened on to a wide and modern studio flat. At one end a large sofa sat infront a giant plasma screen, while at the other was a four poster king sized bed with a pristine kitchen in the middle.

“Welcome to my home”, he announced theatrically throwing open his arms. His words, broke the ice and again I felt relaxed in his company.

Throwing his jacket on a chair, he moved to the kitchen and started to mix some drinks, turning on some music as he did so.

“Make yourself at home,” he said. “There is a box on the table by the sofa, lets have a joint and relax for a bit.”

We had smoked a number of times before and by the time I had finished rolling, he had returned with the drinks.

I lit a match and then settled into the sofa as Freddy flicked on the tv. He channel hopped before settling on a music channel.

I passed him the spliff as the first few tokes started to have their effect. I couldn’t have felt more relaxed and barely noticed as my host pressed play on the DVD and a movie started to play.

Soon, I realised it was not your standard Hollywood blockbuster, as two couples began to get to know each other in hot tub in the corner of an expansive hotel room. By the time the spliff had finished, the foursome where all naked and having a lot of fun on the giant bed. First the men fucked the women and then the two sexes switched, with women tasting each other and the two men moving into a 69 position.

When Freddy stood and held out his hand, I knew what was coming next. He lead me over to the bed and after the briefest of kisses he began unbuttoning my shirt, he tongue following his fingers down illegal bahis my body.

He teases my nipples, nibbling on each one, before sliding down to my waist. Just the trousers and pants separated my aching cock from his mouth and, after a pause, he hungrily undid them and slid them down.

My rigid cock burst free and was instantly engulfed by Freddy’s warm mouth. I gasped at the sensation and moved my hands to play with his long hair.

But just as quickly as he had begun, he stopped and stood up, pushing me into the middle of the bed as he did so. He stood above me and took off his clothes, showing me what lay beneath them.

He was a magnificent sight. His body was tanned, muscular and smooth, and when he slid off the remainder of his clothes to reveal his cock, I knew that I wanted him to take my virginity.

His cock was perfect. Slightly bigger than mine, circumcised and we was completely shaven.

We went under the covers and for the first time I felt what it was like to be pressed up against another naked man. He kissed me with a renewed passed and then returned his mouth to my cock.

What followed was shear ecstasy. A mixture of the weed, the evening of seduction and the utter eroticism of being naked with such a man combined. He teased me, he tickled me, he did everything a guy would want in a blow job and then as he sensed my orgasm approaching, he licked one of his fingers and slipped into my arse.

It sent me over the edge and my whole body spasm as I came violently in his mouth. His strong arms held my hips until my orgasm subsided and soon he was again lying next to me, his face nuzzling my neck.

This time, it was my turn to take control and I began to explore his body with my fingers and tongue. I became lost in time but soon my tongue was licking the length of his shaft and circling his smooth balls.

I wanted to tease him, like he had teased me, but I also wanted to savour my first taste of cock. Finally I began to suck him and judging by his moans, I wasn’t a bad beginner.

But I wanted more than to feel him in my mouth. I wanted to give myself to him, and I slid my way back up his body and told him that his seduction had worked and that I wanted him inside me.

He didn’t need a second invitation. He flipped me over and buried his tongue in my arse, massaging my cock as he did so. Then I felt the head of his cock pressing against me. I pushed back and soon he was inside me, part of him initially, and then bit by bit, until I could feel his hips rested against mine.

He began slowly but them on my prompting he increased his pace. The feeling was intoxicating, I felt so full and then every time he rammed his cock inside I felt like I wanted to scream in pleasure.

He turned me over so that he was on top of me and so I could see him as he fucked me. The look on his face was beautiful, pure lust. He increased his pace, grabbing hold of my thighs as he thrust deeper and deeper inside me. I sensed he was about to come and I felt my own orgasm rushing up on me.

With one final thrust he shuddered inside me, throwing his head back and moaning in pleasure. The feeling of his orgasm caused me to shoot cum all over my chest.

He lay next to me, panting and stroking my face, his eyes staring intently at mine.

“So my seduction worked!” he smiled, before licking the cum of my chest and again taking my cock in his mouth.

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