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Becoming a Sucker Pt. 03: Coworker

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This story is graphic! If gay sex, breeding or forced sexual situations offend you please do not read this story. ***Spoiler*** this story is about forced gay sex.


I have been a cocksucker for about a year now. Guess I shouldn’t toot my own horn but I’ve become a really good cocksucker.

I understand the importance of keeping my hobby private. I guess I will never totally lose the shame of what I have become but at the same time I’m quite proud of my skills. What can I say? Cock sucking is what I’m best at and what I love.

I’m also married to a lovely woman. I fuck her and I am (for the most part) straight. For some reason there is nothing I love more than a cock in my mouth.

I found out I was a cocksucker later on in life as an adult after a trucker forced me to suck his cock. I think about him sometimes. Over the past year I have gotten much better and learned some of the dos and don’ts of being a married/closeted cocksucker. Everyone has there own recipe on how to stay safe and secrete but this is mine.

). I never use the internet to find sex

). Never flirt with men even if I think they are gay

). I only meet with men at public locations like gloryholes

). DON’T become a regular

). No anal

). Understand the risk

). Pace yourself

I learned
the hard way. Cum is good but if you have too much you could end up with a really bad stomach issue. I learned that my first time at a glory hole, it was the only time I lost track of how many cocks I had taken. I have a 10 cocks max rule depending on how big their loads are. On the last cock I jerk off so I can go back to my hotel.

I have been living my life as a cocksucker in this way for a little over a year now. I get more than enough cocks to keep me full on my work trips. These might not be your rules but I have had no issues, II am very happy with my life, everything is stable.

That is, things were stable until they assigned me an assistant. About a month ago we brought on board a recent college graduate. Jason was suppose to be some kind of hot shot. Already the company was sending him out to learn from the best, me.

I really wouldn’t mind a bit of help but having his shadow hanging around really complicates things. I can’t disappear and suck cocks. I’m sure Jason had a nice young cock but I tried to keep that out of my mind as much as I could.

Jason was average height, fit and handsome. I found my self getting glimpse of his bulge here and there. Sometimes I felt like he was flirting but than I remembered how eager to please I was when I first started.

We were flying out to Foreign Big City for a conference.

“Sir, I wasn’t sure if you liked Columbia Sun or Regular blend or decaf so I just got all three,” he stood there struggling to hold 3 cups of coffee. I’ll admit the worship was nice at first but this combined with the fact I wasn’t getting dick was really starting to annoy me.

“You really don’t have to do that,” I looked at the airport terminal clock, It was 3pm.

“It’s no big deal I don’t mind, you take the one you want and I’ll just pick,” he seemed eager.

“Okay I guess decaf, thank you.” I got my cup and waited on them to call our boarding number. I really wanted to sleep and I wasn’t sure if there would be any delays. I was feeling anxiety because we were within eye shot of the terminal bathroom and I found myself staring at the door wondering who was hooking up and who wasn’t.

More then a few of them were ‘looking’. I saw one guy go in with a guilty ‘everyone is looking at me’ expression about 45 minutes ago and he hasn’t been out sense. I was so horny thinking about how many cocks he must be sucking. I studied the guys coming back out trying to spot indications of men having gotten off, a few relaxed smiling faces emerged. I realized there was really no deference between a guy who really needed to pee or really needed to cum. It turned me on to think of it that way. As a cocksucker I offer men a simple biological release, I’m a receptacle. What more appropriate place for a cocksucker than a dirty bathroom floor? I wish we had a more honest society. Sometimes men just need to unload (go number 3). We should have alcoves in public restrooms where men can use a cocksucker, finish and wash up before going about there day.

I licked my lips.


Jason grabbed the bags and the two of us boarded the plane. We sat in first class. I would normally go to sleep for most of the flight but I just couldn’t. I was too sexually frustrated. I needed cock bad. I had brought my cyber-skin dildo with me (yes TSA did notice it in my bag). I was going to have to use my toy as soon as we got to the hotel there was just no way I could function without getting off.


“WHAT?!” I realized my mistake as soon as I saw the look in his eyes, “I’m sorry, I’m under a lot of stress.”


“What was it?”

“Nothing.” He looked down at the Skymal he bahis siteleri was reading.

I felt like total shit. It really killed my mood and for that I was grateful. I managed the whole rest of the flight without an erection and I was able to get to sleep, thank god. By the time I woke up we had already landed.

Jason didn’t say much.

We got our bags and called a taxi to take us to the hotel.

Don’t get me wrong the hotel was great but for the life of me I can’t figure out why we had to stay in the same room. I asked the attendant if she had any other rooms but she said they were full because of the conference.

The bellhop brought our bags up to our floor and asked if everything was alright.

I’ll hand it to the company the hotel was nice. We had two bedrooms but we shared a bath. I could live with that.

I got the room connected to the bathroom with the bigger closet. I put my stuff on the bed but decided maybe I would have a few drinks and watch some porn before I got started.

I checked out the mini-bar but decided I would have more fun trying out the hotel bar. I got dressed in some comfortable shorts and a t-shirt and left the room.

I got down to the bar. It was small but there were a few other people slumming it in shots (likely all going to the same conference). I sat on the next seat over from a woman about my age. She must have been horny as well because she looked up from her phone and started flirting right away.

“I guess you are here for the conference?” She turned toward me and smiled. I could smell the alcohol on her breath even a chair away.

“Umm, I’m sorry,” I was a bit taken back I wasn’t expected a stranger to talk to me.

“Are you in town for the Conference of International Business?” She was still smiling.

“Yeah I guess I am,” she was a very good looking but I just wasn’t interested in flirting with her. I wanted to catch a good buzz and play with my toy. She had other plans though.

“How long have you been married?” She blurted out, looking at my weeding ring.

“OH, I–“

Just then the bartender came over but he started to back off seeing that we were having a conversation.

“–Sorry Ma’am,” I apologized to the woman and got the bartenders attention. “Excuse me, I’ll have a scotch please and make it a double.” I neglected to offer the lady a drink.

She was visibly offended at first.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I guess I came on kinda strong, I’m in town for this conference and I just really need to relax, you know maybe NetMoves and chill.”

I let in a deep breath as the bartender handed me my drink. “Yeah I know what you mean.”

“I’m one of the only females here, water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.” I could tell she was really thirsty for cock. If anyone wanted dick more than me at the moment it was her.

I started sipping on my drink.

The situation kinda reminded me of meeting another cocksucker. I suck him and he sucks me.

I’m starting to think like a gay man. I had to remind myself for a second that apart from my cock sucking I AM a straight man. I have never dated a guy and I have never let a guy put it up my ass. I just like to suck.

I’m a natural cocksucker but I love women. If I liked women why don’t I just fuck her, cum and get over the blue balls? I finished my drink and raised my finger for another.

“Why don’t you just bring a toy on trips like this?” I can’t believe I asked that.

“Ha!” She rolled her eyes and looked around. “This place!”

She had gotten the attention of several over patrons with her outburst.

“I can’t bring a toy like that to a county like this, this third world” she was sloshed. The bartender looked a bit off-put.

I gulped my drink. I decided to give it a shot. She needed dick badly, I needed sex and if she didn’t leave soon she would be getting thrown out, maybe it was a sign. I would take her to my room and if she stayed awake long enough for sex we’d fuck.

I put down a 20 credit (a lot here) and got up to leave, I reached out a hand and she fallowed. A few guys laughed, they were all likely going to the same conference.

Once we got to my room I told her to make herself comfortable.

“Hey there you cutie,” she zeroed in on Jason who was sitting in the common room watching TV.

Fuck I had forgot about Jason. “OH! Jason this is–“

“–Chelsea,” she finished.

“Yeah, um she is just gonna join us a bit for cocktails.”

Jason didn’t say anything he just looked over at us and then back at the TV screen, he was watching some kind of clay-animation with a Jedi fighting Rainbow-Bright with a light-saber.

I decided it was best to just go into the bedroom with my guest. I felt like a teenager sneaking around with a new girl. My wife, the people from the conference and my assistant. How exciting, it gave me butterflies. “I turned to close the door behind me.”

“AHHH,” she screamed!

I turned back quickly to see her shocked expression as she stared canlı bahis siteleri at my oversized dildo laying on the bed. The first thing I did when I got to my room was get out my dildo.

“I…” I didn’t know what to say.

“You’re into that?” Her shock turned into a devilish smile. “Get your knees by the wall.”

“Wait no, I think we better call it a night.”

“Do it, I’ll scream and bring your boy in here.”

I decided I better do as she says. I got on my knees by the wall. I was humiliated about a woman knowing my secret. She saw the blindfold next to the dildo on the bed and she walked over to me with it.

“Hey how about I buy you a drink?”

She just chuckled and tied the blindfold around me, I could hear her trying to stick the dildo to the wall.

I could hear Jason starting the shower so I knew I would have time before he interrupted me and my female guess, maybe if I just got it over with she would leave. She guided my head to the rubber cock. Once it was in my mouth I thought about denying it and telling her it was from my wife but I was too late and I was honestly starting to think his might be fun.

I started thinking about those men at the airport. I wondered who all had gotten sucked off and who did the sucking. Boy would I have liked to have been on my knees to service the real men who came in with hard cocks. I pulled my poppers out of my pocket and gave um a good huff.

I went straight down on my rubber dick.

“Oh yeah you’re a cocksucking faggot huh?”

She asked and I moan my answer, “Mmmmm.” I loved sucking a cock and being degraded.

One of the major challenges with using a dildo was keeping it stable if you got too excited. I was sucking, jacking and bobbing my head on the damn thing and it kept slipping off the mini fridge. I tried sticking it to other things but it just didn’t work. I tried sticking it to the glass but I couldn’t manage to fold the certain around it in such a way as to hind myself from outside viewers, anyone walking by would see me sucking a dildo mounted to the window.

“I Know where we can stick this to the wall, faggot.”

There was really no way around it. I would have to use the bathroom to play with my toy. I suppose I could lock the door but I still didn’t feel comfortable. Using a common area to do something so wild.

“I’m out of the shower!” Jason called into my room.

I decided I was going to do it, I was going to take my toy into the bathroom. I got my shower bag ready by dumping everything out and putting in my toy. It was too big to fit with everything else. I ran into the bathroom with WhatsHerFace locking the door.

I put my headphones in, stuck my toy to the side of the tile wall and got on my knees. I started masturbating and sucking the toy. Everything was going great.

She started rubbling the back of my head. “Oh you can do better than that I know, show me a hungry cocksucker.” She forced more of my head down on my dildo.

My toy was sticking to the side of the wall with no issues. We had total privacy and I was as hard as a rock.

I thought about what it would be like sucking cock at the airport. Me on my knees with a cock in my mouth, while security looks around just on the other side of the stall. Patrons and travelers but no where to run if I someone sees me. She gave me a big huff of my poppers and really started going to town.

Poppers drives me wild and I was totally taken over when I felt the lighting change in the bathroom. I ignored it at first; I was completely enthralled by my rubber cock. Her encouraging/degrading talk faded away as I closed my eyes.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass. I opened my eyes, she was still holding my head I was unable to turn. I could see an opaque reflection in the smooth tile. I could hear here passionate dirty talk but we were not alone–

“Keep sucking little bitch,” it was the voice of my assistant. I knew I should stop him but the poppers were effecting my judgment and she was holding my head. I was feeling turned on and I wanted to want this.

I knew if I let the popper wear-off good sense would overtake my passion and cock-lust. I was too turned on to want to stop. I uncapped my bottle and huffed. Again I felt the rush and excitement.

“Good bitch keep on sucking that hard dick.” She repeated.

I wasn’t sure who was talking, him or the her, but I obeyed. I sucked and he played with my butt. He slapped me a few times an ran his wet fingers over my ass-hole. I needed to get off quickly before things get too much more out of hand. I re-dubbed my efforts jacking my cock. I knew as soon as I got off I would have no trouble pushing him off before he stuck it up my ass.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on my assistant’s cock. I was eager to see his size so I grasp it in one hand and re-up my poppers with the other hand. “SNNN, Ahhhh.”

His cock felt good in my hands. It was not the biggest I had ever sucked but it was above average and thick. It felt as if he might be uncut so I jerked canlı bahis it a few time to see. “Mmmmm,” yep definitely uncut. I wanted to suck this dick for sure.

I was taking my head off my dildo so I could turn around and suck him but she pushed my head back down on it so hard I hit my nose on the wall.

“HMM,” I struggled a bit.

“You look like such a pathetic faggot sucking that rubber dick like a despairing whore,” She started to really lay into me, it was humiliating, I loved it.

He reached around and gave my hard cock a signal tug.

“Ohh,” I moaned thinking he would jerk me off but he released my cock as fast as he grabbed it.

“Ha, you got penis envy you little cock sissy?” he slapped my ass hard.

“Mmmm,” I was still holding onto his big cock and bobbing my head on the fake, ridiculously large, rubber cock. I only stopped sucking to huff on my little bottle of poppers, just to keep my fire burning hot. Yeah that’s right I love big cock so much I’ll suck a fake one (but god damn I would rather have the real deal in my mouth). He was right about me, when I found a big cock it was I time of worship. I paid homage to the superior cocks when ever I could. It wasn’t to hard to find a bigger cock, during my year as a cocksucker I found I was below average.

My wife never complained often guys would feel my dick once and then completely ignore it. I didn’t mind because I more than made up for it between my sucking lips, if he would just let me get it in my mouth. “MMMMM!” I tugged his cock harder and bobbed my head fiercely. He got the idea.

“Little cocksucker want to suck a cock?” She was teasing me.

“MuumHumm,” I nodded my head as the dildo nodded with me.

“Put it in you butt first.” I couldn’t believe it there was no way I was going to let him fuck me but if I teased him maybe I could get him turn on enough to fuck my mouth.

I started rubbing his cock up and down my sensitive asshole. I had never had a cock there before but my hole was more sensitive than my fingertips (though not quite as sensitive as my lips). His cock head felt smooth on my anus, I loved it.

“Yeah you like getting fucked like a bitch, I’m gonna breed you like a dog?”

I was really getting off on the humiliation, that combined with the porn dialog and really turned me on I could feel my rock hard cock dripping underneath me. I put his cock-head ageist my hole and pushed. NOT enough for him to pop the head in but just enough to open my sphincter just slightly around his wet piss slit. I could feel a bit of pre-cum stick to my hole just as I kissed his cock with my ass hole.

“Ahh,” I gasp to catch my breath as my stomach filled with butterflies. I reached for my popper to re-up–

“Bet your wife would love to see her big executive get fucked while he whores himself out to a fucking plastic toy,” She started to chuckle above me.

What did this bitch just say to me?

“You know I’m going to dump my load up your gut faggot, make her proud?”

They didn’t need to bring my wife into this, that was taking things a bit far. I felt ultra guilty, turned off and ashamed I put my poppers on the ground next to me and let go of his cock. My erection started to deflate. I was still on my head trip sucking my rubber (though with less vigor). Even the porn in my ear was starting to rub me the wrong way now.

My head-trip would wear-off soon, I was getting this kid off me. Maybe I had gone to far.

That was what he wanted. He was never trying to dirty talk with me, he was upping the levels of humiliation to find my limits so he could make his move. I showed my cards, I let him know where my limits were.

This was a real revenge fuck!

Just as I was about to get up he locked his feet with mine and shoved. I felt a white hot pain and his cock pushed into me. I didn’t have enough room to get my head off my toy. My scream was muffled, “HHHHHMM!” at that point I didn’t care who came to help or what they saw. I tried to call out for help but I has a rubber cock all the way down my throat.

“I knew you were a faggot but I never knew your ass would be so tight.” He started pumping in and out of my hole. I could feel my hole starting to thicken up around his cock as my poppers totally left my system. It hurt like hell I was getting dry fucked!

“HMMMM!” I never stopped screaming around the dildo. I stopped pumping but the pain didn’t go away, it was just static now. I could hear him spraying something.

A second later he put a strong smelling rag in my face. He it put over my nose but I held my breath.

“It’s poppers faggot.” I still resisted. “Look, you can love it or you can hate it but you can’t get away. I’m for sure going to send you home to your lovely with a gut full of cum.”

I reached for my own poppers but he slapped my hand away. I wasn’t doing what he wanted so he resumed fucking.

As bad as it hurt before now it hurt worst. As he pounded my hole it seemed to only tense up. My ass got even more dry as he started to long dick me. He wanted to hurt me.

“I wish your wife could see her man helpless, oh wait that’s right,” He pulled out his phone and placed it on the bathroom counter. It was recording me. “Maybe we can show her after.”

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