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Becoming a Patient of Doctor Lisa

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This is the first part of my first submission to Literotica. Needless to say the sex ‘action’ will be introduced in the next chapter. Please stick with it and enjoy!

Constructive feedback is most welcome.


I had become desperate. Depression had brought my life to a complete standstill. I was struggling to function, even on a basic level. I knew I had to get help.

Sitting on my bed with a carving knife, contemplating ending my life was not what I wanted. Asking for help did not come easy, but as I said, I was desperate.

Luckily help was at hand. My sister is a Doctor. She had studied Psychology and Psychotherapy. After practising for a number of years, aged 34, Lisa decided to take a break.

I picked up my phone and called her number.


“Hi Lisa, it’s Mark.”

“Hi Mark, how are you?”

“Not good actually. I need your help.”

“You don’t sound great, sweetheart. Do you want to come over for a chat?”


“Well get in your car and come over.”

“OK, I’ll see you in about an hour.”

“OK honey, see you then. Drive carefully.”

I hadn’t seen my sister for about a year and I was suddenly filled with excitement. I knew I would be able to talk openly to her about my problems and she was more than qualified to help. She was also a great cook and, fingers crossed, she would have some tasty dinner prepared. I hadn’t eaten a decent meal for weeks. Opening tins was a struggle that I just about managed these days.

The drive over was uneventful and the time passed quickly. I pulled into the driveway of my sister’s house, took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It opened instantaneously.

“My gorgeous brother, it’s great to see you.”

Lisa flung her arms around my neck, pulled me close and kissed me fleetingly on the lips.

“Come in sweetie, come in.”

She took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen. The aroma that pervaded the large room was incredible.

“I’m making your favourite, is that OK?”

“OK? It’s great. I haven’t had a decent chicken curry for ages.”

“Since the last one I made you, right?” Lisa smiled and winked.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

Lisa motioned for me to sit as she reached for a half-empty bottle of red wine. Pouring me a glass she also did the same for herself.

“I’ve escort bayan got a bit more to do for dinner so you just sit there and relax. We’ll talk after dinner.”

As Lisa went about her chopping and peeling I watched her. I guess she weighed about 140 pounds or so and her 5 feet 10 inch frame carried it well. Her long dark hair, casually tied up, showed her porcelain-like neck. I knew she worked out and jogged. It showed. I’d never thought about her in a sexual way, but she was gorgeous. I guessed her breasts were around 38D, narrowing to a waist that was probably 26 inches or so and her hips were wide, but appealingly so. She certain filled her jeans and t-shirt in a way that anyone would have found attractive.

I sipped my wine.

“So what happened with Richard?”

Lisa didn’t answer immediately. I heard her take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry sis, I shouldn’t be so nosey.”

“No it’s fine. What’s that saying about cards and love? I’m a great card player”

“The guy was obviously a prick.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Sis, you’re gorgeous, intelligent, fun…what’s not to love about you?”

“Apparently I’m argumentative, clingy, slightly self-obsessed and a bit boring.”

“He said that?”


Lisa walked over to the table and took a seat. I looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Like I said, he’s a prick.”

“Of course he is. That’s why he’s out of my life”

“Good for you sis.” We high-fived as we laughed.

“No other guy in your life at the moment?”

“Yeah” Lisa smiled coyly

“Come on then, spill the beans.”

Lisa laughed as she reached out and gently stroked my cheek with the back of her hand. “He’s sitting opposite me”

“Ha ha. I don’t count.”

Lisa rose and walked over to the stove. “Yes you do Mark, you do count.”

I held up my hand and pointed to my fingers in turn “1…2…3…4…5. Oh yeah, so I do.”

“You idiot” was all Lisa could say.

“You bring it out of me, it’s your fault.”

I suddenly realised that the ‘depressed me’ seemed almost like another person. I hadn’t felt as relaxed as this for a while. I also knew that depression could retreat and advance without apparent reason. It would take more than a few laughs and a chicken curry to beat it.

“Right, escort ankara dinner is almost ready. Do you want to eat here or in the dining room?”

“Here is fine.”

Lisa pointed to a drawer. “Cutlery is in there. Lay the table while I dish up.”

I walked over to the drawer and retrieved knives, forks and spoons. As I walked behind Lisa, towards the table, I impulsively leaned over and kissed the back of her neck.

“Don’t do that. It turns me into a quivering wreck when my neck is kissed.”

I laughed. “It really is great to see you again sis.”

Lisa glided over to the table with a huge smile on her face and placed the food upon it. “Shut up and eat.”

I smiled as she sat and we both began to tuck into our curry and rice. I refilled our wine glasses as I listened to Lisa tell me about her plans. She had decided to write a book on treating depression without the use of pills, instead utilising other therapies. According to Lisa, pills were used far too frequently without the consideration of other therapies or methods.

As we finished our food and Lisa made coffee we moved into the lounge. She guided me to a couch where we both sat.

“So what’s been bothering you?” Lisa asked

I took a deep breath. I didn’t quite know where to begin and Lisa picked up on this. Taking my hand in hers she smiled.

“Take your time and just let it out. Don’t try to make too much sense of your words.”

“I just feel…frustrated, angry, ashamed…I struggle to run my life. I have no motivation to do anything. I just feel like I’m at the bottom of a very deep dark chasm. I can’t sleep. I get panic attacks that I can hardly control.”

Lisa stroked my hand. “Do you have any inkling why you have these feelings?”

“No I don’t. I can’t make any sense of it at all.”

“Sweetheart, have you had any thoughts of…harming yourself?”

“I wish I could say I hadn’t but that would be a lie.”

Lisa moved closer and put her arms around me. My lower lip trembled and I fought, unsuccessfully, to hold back the tears. I turned toward Lisa and hugged her.

“It’s OK honey” She held me as I cried. “I’m so glad you came to me. We are going to get you better, I promise.”

I leaned back and looked into Lisa’s eyes. “I hope so sis, I can’t handle this for much longer. It’s ankara escort bayan been such a struggle over the past few months.”

“Things will get better. They always do.”

“I know, I know.”

“Are you working at the moment?”

I wiped the tears from my eyes as Lisa plucked some Kleenex from a box and handed them to me.

“I haven’t worked for months. That’s the other problem. I owe rent money and the landlord is going to kick me out soon.”

“Well we can fix that problem quite easily.”

“How? I don’t want to borrow money from you sis, that’s not why I came here.”

“I know sweetheart. I’m not going to lend you money; you’re going to move in here for a while.”

“I can’t just impose myself on you like that.”

“Mark listen to me. I’m here in this house with 3 spare bedrooms. There is plenty of room. And besides I want you here while I treat you. And I’d love your company.”

“You’re going to treat me?”

“Of course I am. So that’s settled. Tomorrow we’ll drive to your place and collect your stuff.”


“Good. Now I think you should get an early night. I’ll show you to your room, come on.”

“OK sis.”

“Oh and from now on, call me Doctor, Lisa or Doctor Lisa.”

I laughed. “Why?”

“Because I’m treating you as a doctor, not as your sister. If I want you to do something for your treatment, as your sister you’ll likely argue with me. As your doctor you won’t. At least I hope not.”

“OK Doctor Lisa.”

Lisa took my hand and led me up to a bedroom decorated in light airy colours, with a huge double bed which I sat on while she drew the curtains.

“So how exactly are you going to treat me?”

“We’ll discuss that tomorrow. For now I want you to relax and try to sleep. Get into bed and I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

I did as Lisa asked and lay there until she returned. The door opened and I looked at Lisa, my jaw dropped. The silk gown that clung to her voluptuous body ended mid thigh. Her long hair was brushed out and looked magnificent. She was carrying a glass of water which she handed to me, along with a pink pill.

“What’s the pill?”

“It’ll help you sleep.”

I put the pill into my mouth and drank from the water. Lisa lay down next to me. I couldn’t help notice her cleavage as the gown opened slightly under the weight of her breasts.

“Now just relax. I’ll stay with you until you fall asleep.”

Lisa stroked my face tenderly and kissed my lips. “Sleep darling, sleep.”

I drifted off slowly but surely.

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