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Becoming a Boy 66

This work of fiction is written for the enjoyment of whoever reads it. Comments of any nature are appreciated. Please email me hoo.

Author”s rights: All rights to this work of fiction, or any parts of it, belong to the author. No use other than what is specified on Nifty is permitted without express permission.

Disclaimer: the following is an original story of fiction that contains explicit scenes of male/male and (on occasion) male/female sex and a variety of consensual activities between adults. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do not proceed. If this offends you, please move along.

I appreciate all the emails I have received providing comments and suggestions as well as encouragement to write more chapters. Thanks for letting me take a long break between chapters for ongoing work and personal time. I hope to have more time for writing now, Sir Mike says there are no excuses for my delays, so I will do my best to be better at it. Thanks to readers for thoughts and ideas as always.

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Thank you, callibrn.




I stretched and opened my eyes. God, I was sore. My muscles felt like I had really hit the gym hard yesterday. I really hadn”t done any more than usual. Then I realized it was last night. I had been fucked good. By Ian and by Andy, mostly Ian, but still, I felt exhausted and I was barely awake. I rolled over and saw Ian still sleeping. On his back, the sheet only covering his lower body. My eyes moved down his body from his head to his feet. Well, not quite to his feet. I stopped midway down his body and looked at the tenting of the sheet over his crotch. His dick was awake but the rest of him wasn”t.


God, I loved that cock. It was amazing. He always seemed to be hard. It was so big too. I couldn”t even imagine what it was like to be endowed that way. Especially now that I was locked in a cage. My dick was barely 3 inches at best trying to get hard, but I didn”t need a dick if I was with Ian. He had all the dick I needed.


I moved my hand over his cock and I gently pulled the sheet down, so I could see it. Even hard he had foreskin that was still covering the big head. How did a dick get that big? I”d never seen one bigger, as far as I knew this was the biggest one ever. I wrapped my hand over his cock and it throbbed in my hand. I pulled the foreskin back and there was some pre-cum already there. I looked to see if Ian was awake but he continued to sleep. You would think I”d had enough cock last night, but I wanted more. I moved slowly until I was hovering over his dick. I licked my lips. It was like saliva started flowing in my mouth the minute I saw his cock.


I moved closer to it. I could smell his scent so strongly. He smelled like a jock all the time, no matter how soon after a shower, he always smelled the same. I licked at the head and Ian continued his slow breathing. He must be deep asleep. I sunk a little further onto his dick and wrapped my tongue around the head. I stuck my tongue under the foreskin and I licked at whatever was there. Might be nothing there, but I loved the taste of Ian.


I had a hold of the base of his dick. I just stared for a few seconds at it. 10 inches of dick. It was so big, nearly as big around as my wrists. His balls were big and round and hung below as if he wasn”t even hard. My nuts always pulled up tight if my dick was hard. Well, they used to anyway. Now they pulled up tight if my dick tried to get hard, which seemed to happen less and less as time wore on. Compared to Ian, well, there was no comparison. It made sense to me why he would lock me up, there was no reason for my dick to be out when there was a dick like this around.


I went back to sucking it. I had no trouble working up and down it anymore. Ian had said I would get used to it and boy was that the truth. More than used to it. I was really enjoying this. I knew he”d wake up eventually but I was going slow and methodically on his dick now, taking pleasure in feeling it in my mouth and beginning to work its way down my throat. No more hitch in my throat. Those days were long gone. It was all easy in and out now. The gag reflex I had was gone. Slowly in and slowly out, just feeling it the full length disappearing into my mouth.





I was thinking about pussy. The girl was bouncing on my cock, riding me like it was going out of style. Fuck, her pussy was hot. Felt like she was sucking a load out. Wait, no it wasn”t a girl, it was Timmy. At first, I had only seen the hair. Timmy”s hair had gotten real long, crazy long. I”d have to tell him to cut that shit when he finished riding my dick. That”s what the confusion was, the hair. Then I looked closely and there were other issues. Timmy”s pecs were boob like. Huge nipples sticking out from his chest, his rounded mounds of flesh bounced as he rode me. Up and down they bounced. That wasn”t right, he didn”t look right with tits, but there they were. I didn”t recall telling him to go get implants, but I swear he had tits.


I looked at his crotch and there was no cage on. I hadn”t given him permission to take it off, I was sure of that, we just talked about it. Yet, his dick wasn”t hard at all and it was tiny. Cute. Just a little thing that wasn”t hard at all. Looked like an oversized clit. It was so small that the head was covered by skin from the shaft. I knew Timmy wasn”t uncut but his dick was so tiny it looked like it. It was so small it didn”t even bounce as he rode up and down on my dick. It just was there, pointing out, with his small nuts hanging below it. Why had Timmy become a girl? I couldn”t remember telling him to do these things.


I reached out to touch Timmy”s tits to see if they were real or fake ones, but all I got was his hair. I swore my hand was touching tits, but I was feeling hair. Then things changed in my dream and Timmy was giving me a blow job. Next thing I knew I was awake and had my hand on Timmy”s head, pushing him down my shaft as he swallowed my sword fully. Fucking dreams. Crazy shit going on in my brain. Never pay attention to my dreams, they were too wild.


“Yeah, boy. You know I love waking up with my dick in your throat. Can”t get enough of my dick, huh?”


He moaned as he went down again, sending waves of pleasure down my cock. Nothing beat a blow job when you wake up. Nothing. It was a good demonstration of Timmy”s need for my cock. First thing he thinks of is my dick and how good it will feel for him. Damn, I”d wrapped this jock boy around my needs. That thought was fucking hot!


I pushed him all the way down and felt his throat grab at my shaft. He swallowed to let me enter and to milk my dick of its load. That”s what he really wanted. The cum. His breakfast. Fuck, life was good. Mostly. I had to deal with the pregnancy thing today. My mind wandered as Timmy continued to blow me. I phoned dad and sought his support. He took it all pretty well actually. I wanted him there today too, whatever happened. Just so that bitch wasn”t the only one there with a parent. I hated showing any weaknesses, but I was over a barrel really. I didn”t want to get married to the crazy bitch. She”d gotten herself pregnant on purpose, as far as I was concerned. I did NOT need a baby, but I wasn”t going to have her go through an abortion at this point. The kid was my responsibility. I wanted to rid myself of her and her old man and keep the kid if I had to. If it was actually mine. Probably some other unlucky dude. No way my babymakers got through that latex wrapper I always used with girls. Fuck I was distracted. This shit needed to end today, so I could get it out of my mind, get back to managing other stuff, like Timmy or the Farm.


“So horny,” Timmy groaned as he pulled off my dick. “I need this so bad!” He got on his hands and knees and turned around showing me his plugged pussy. “Fuck me please, Sir. I need to get fucked.”


“You”re so needy lately, Timmy. What”s going on?” I asked. I reached over and grabbed ahold of the plug, slowly pulling it out of him.


“I need to get off,” he answered. “I used to get off every time I was doing anything with you. Since you locked me up I only get off when you fuck me. It”s crazy.”


He looked back at me with a pleading look on his face. He rubbed his hole with his fingers, slipping a couple inside to show me how ready he was. The plug had kept his hole open wide all night. Probably still lubed up from last night too. Not a drop of cum slid out though, he seemed to have absorbed it all. It was amazing how much his asshole looked like a pussy these days. Two swollen lips parting to show a pink interior. Fuck, it was pretty, and created by me!


“It”s important to realize what you need Timmy. I”m impressed by your quick learning about what is important.”


“You are important,” he whined. “You have the key to my cage and you have the cock to make me cum. I need to stay focused on you and your cock, so I can get off.”


“That”s right, boy. Who do you belong to now?”


“Ohhh, fuck. I belong to you,” he replied. “I need what you have.”


“This the only dick you need?”


“Yessssss, please Sir, fuck me.”


“How many dicks in this relationship?” I asked.


“Only one, Sir. Just yours. Can”t be two dicks in a relationship. Only ever one!”


Timmy gave the right answer. Just one dick in my relationships, no matter how many men were in it. How long had it taken me to realize that as long as I had the dick, everything else was pussy. I maneuvered myself up on my knees and spread his ass cheeks. Timmy pulled his fingers out of his cunt and I moved up to slide inside. His hole leaked some cum from last night. Fucking hot watching him leak like that. Keeping my load inside him all night. Hell, he”d be pregnant soon doing that. The idea made me smile. I slide inside slowly as Timmy moaned. I liked that he always came around to my way of thinking. He knew what he needed once I showed him what it was.


I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed on to his pecs. His body was amazing these days. Big ass, big chest, huge fucking nipples. He arched his back for me as I leaned over and grabbed on to him. I pulled him up and back and wrapped him in a bear hug. It was like we just were one body. I moved in and out and he took it in the same rhythm I had developed. It was like he knew when I was pumping in, picking up a pace, or slowing it down. When I thrust, he pushed back to accept it. It was his training, his acceptance of his place. I should have locked him earlier, but I was still learning. It made getting a message across easier. A message that he was dependent on me for release. Fuck, I loved being in total control. Loved the idea that only I could get Timmy off.


I thought about his ass as I pounded in deep. It made me think of Alonzo pounding me. I knew what a cock felt like now. I knew what 12 inches felt like, so I knew what Timmy was feeling with my 10 inches fully inside him. Fuck, I had taken more cock than Timmy. I would have to do something about that. Maybe Timmy needed to know what Alonzo felt like. I”d never seen a dick bigger than mine and it was pretty amazing to think that someone out there had more cock than I did. That would be something, watching Timmy take that monster dick. Maybe Timmy and I could take a visit to Alonzo”s place soon, just to check if he had some interest. Fuck that thought made me hot. Was that weird or what? Thinking about Alonzo getting a piece of Timmy. I hadn”t thought about sharing his pussy just to get to watch it.. Even when I had loaned it out, it wasn”t so I could get off. With Timmy locked up, he”d get so horny I bet he would take Alonzo no problem. Thinking of that big black cock, oh fuck, I was going to…


“Fuck, take my load, faggot!” I called out. I was flooding Timmy”s ass with my seed. “YEAH! Love seeding your pussy!”


“Oh, oh, oh,” he moaned. Then Timmy squirted a little bit and the rest dribbled out of his dick, so fucking cute. I loved seeing that. I wondered what the hell that felt like. Was it even cumming? It just dribbled out after a little squirt. His hands were flying to his nipples and he just oozed it out while I drove my load in him. I was good at getting him to drop a load, whether he was hard or not. He loved it. He continued moaning as I shoved a couple more times making sure he knew I was still hard. It was like watching Alonzo, I thought, his dick was still hard after he fucked me.


I collapsed on top of Timmy. That fuck was intense. I wanted to leave it inside him, to go another round, but we had places to go today.


“Come on boy. Pull off me and clean me up. We have an appointment soon. Need to get a shower, get you cleaned up,” I told him.


“MMMmmmmmm, damn it. I wanted more,” he mumbled.


He moved underneath me, and I allowed him to escape. He turned around and slurped my dick in deep in one swallow, giving it a cleaning only he could manage. I wondered if he could do that for Alonzo. I was thinking about all sorts of shit. I needed to focus today. Fucking baby issues.


“You”ll get more,” I told him. “Don”t worry about that boy. Now that you don”t get hard, the only chance of getting off is taking a cock up your pussy. I may have to find someone to pinch hit for me if you wear me out.”


He laughed and stood up after letting my now clean slick dick slip from those big sucking lips. “I”ve never seen you worn out. You”re always hard and ready,” he noted.


“It”s because you have such a good pussy,” I told him. “Fuck, those lips and your cunt make tuzla escort you the best-looking girl on campus,” I teased him.


“That”s right,” he shot back. “And don”t you forget it. You remade me to what you wanted to see, so I better look good to you.”


We managed to get to the shower and clean up. About the time we were finishing dressing there was a knock at my door and Timmy went to answer it.


“Oh! Uhm, hi Mr. McNeil,” Timmy said. “Sir, your father is here,” he added.


“Hey old man,” I said turning around and giving him a quick hug. “I appreciate you showing up.”


“If you hadn”t fucked up, I wouldn”t be here,” he told me. “This isn”t what I figured from you, Ian.”


Damn. I knew I”d get a lecture, but I also knew Dad would be cool eventually. I hoped anyway.


“Dad, I had my dick wrapped. There is no way this is my baby. The girl is crazy. Plus, her dad is crazy too and he”ll be there trying to get me to marry the bitch. I wanted some male support for this.”


“He”s right Mr. McNeil,” Timmy said clearly. “I was there. He was wearing protection. So was I,” Timmy added. That made Dad laugh out loud.


“You? You were fucking the same girl? At the same time?” Dad shook his head as Timmy blushed.


“Yeah,” I started to explain it all. “Timmy thought he was straight at the beginning of school this year,” I told him. “It was that night that changed his mind. He managed to fit my dick in his mouth and he”s been a fag ever since then.”


Tim”s face just stayed red. Dad and I laughed at him.


“How”s Mom?” I asked.


“Your mother is currently re-learning a few things in life. Like the importance of fidelity,” Dad answered.


I thought about that for a second. “Wait, what?!? Mom had an affair with someone? You”re kidding right?”


“Nope. I came home one day and there was Billy, on top of your mother, hammering away at her. I caged Billy”s dick up and I haven”t fucked your Mom in over a week. Been the longest time in my life I haven”t fucked anyone. So, all I can say is this better not be your baby, Ian, or I”m likely to throw a very angry fuck your way.”


Dad gave me one of his patented, `I”m not kidding” looks my way. I wanted to laugh but I half thought he might not be joking. I thought about Alonzo”s cock and realized if Dad was not joking at least I had already had a bigger one.


“Billy? Seriously?”


Dad smiled. “Yeah. Worked out pretty much the way I wanted it to.”


Now I was totally confused. I glanced over at Timmy and his mouth was hanging open. Then I looked back at Dad and he was still smiling.


“I”m confused,” I admitted. “You wanted Billy to fuck Mom? I don”t get it.”


“I wanted to have an open, honest relationship with your mother,” he said. “To do that I needed to be able to fuck Billy when I wanted with your mother”s permission. The only way I could come up with honestly to do that was to catch your mother with Billy. So, I did that. Now your mother is much more attentive to my needs and is ready to follow my plan moving forward. She”s gotten much better at blow jobs the last couple weeks, and she understands that I”m fucking Billy because he violated my trust, as she did.”




“I”ll get back to fucking her. I just want her to know what going without dick for a while is like. She only needs my dick. That”s why I locked Billy”s up nice and tight. He actually seems to like it. Seems a whole lot less embarrassed about his dick now that I am managing it. I never figured I”d be fucking a boy as well as your mom, but life throws things at you, and so I am making the best of what I”ve been given. I love a fag”s pussy nearly as much as I love your Mom”s pussy.”


“Whoa!” I just looked at him. I knew Dad had fucked Danni regularly, and probably some other fags, but I hadn”t really figured he”d build the whole fag thing into his life. “And Mom is okay with you fucking Billy?”


“Your mother gets plenty of benefits out of this, as I explained to her. Billy gets to stay and continue being house boy for us. She still gets Billy”s tongue, which I hear is amazing. He can eat her out as much as she wants. She just can”t get any dick but mine. She was very accepting of this arrangement. More than I had hoped. Life is good,” he finished up.


There was really nothing I could say, so I just fist bumped him. We both had huge grins on our faces.


“Congrats, old man. You worked out a sweet deal.”


“Thanks, kid. Yeah, I seem to have done okay in this one. I”ve expanded my options while keeping your Mom happy and it”s all out there in the open. Well, open in the house. Haven”t really gone around talking about it with everyone.”


“They”ll figure it out if they want to,” I told him. “Didn”t take long for the house to figure Timmy was a fag and belonged to me. Did it boy?”


“No, Sir,” Timmy replied quietly.


“How”d Billy do taking your dick? I mean, I thought he was not that interested in sex.”


“Seems he”s interested in pleasing me. Well, and your Mom too. It wasn”t so much about sex as pleasing people. He”s adjusting to my dick. He”d been fucked before, just not with anything like the McNeil cock,” he laughed.


I wouldn”t ruin Dad”s story. Billy did just fine taking my dick. It was nice to know I”d opened him up to big dick. He”d be getting plenty now from Dad. Totally amazing how he”d worked that situation to bring Mom around to his way of thinking. I gave him a fist bump again.


“Okay, okay,” Timmy said quietly. “Family celebration is over. We need to go deal with other stuff. Oh, and thanks for showing up Mr. McNeil.”


Dad put his arm around Timmy. “No problems, kid. We”ll get through this. I”m just trusting what Ian is telling me and that the kid isn”t his. Not ready yet for grandkids.”


We all laughed. It would be hard for me to imagine Dad as `grandpa”.




I woke up to the sounds of the frat. I went to scratch my nuts but hit the cage and realized why I wanted to scratch, my dick was trying to get hard and couldn”t. Fuck, I was locked tighter than a snare drum. Feeling that pressure was tough, especially in the early morning. Guys woke up with a raging boner. I woke up enclosed in a cage while straining to get hard. No wonder I wanted to get a hold of someone else”s dick, I couldn”t grab my own. Whoa!


I tossed the covers off and remembered I no longer had any hair. I glanced at my hands and remembered I had a manicure. Fuck. I was Zach”s toy for a month. Damn if that didn”t make my dick try to get harder. I tried to readjust my dick, but that was impossible. I needed to think of something else besides getting off. The only way that would happen was to get fucked by someone. Either I needed to find Zach this morning or I needed to find some other man to do the deed. That made me realize I needed to clean myself up and make sure that hole was ready.


Fuck. Everything I needed to do involved going to the showers. I was going to see someone, but who would it be? Did it even matter? Not like I would probably turn down a chance to get off, too horny. Zach really knew what he was doing locking my dick up. I made it up and grabbed a towel. I wrapped it around my waist and grabbed my shower kit, opened the door, and started my trek down the hall. Okay, world, here I come I thought to myself.


Amazingly, for all the noise I was hearing no one was in the bathroom. Maybe I could make it through the place before someone showed up. I set my kit down on the shelf over one of the sinks and quickly moved into the shower. I chose the one that had been fitted with a hose. I knew what it was for and I knew it had to have been set up by Ian for Timmy. Or Maybe Zach had set it up for someone else. I just soaped it up good before shoving it in my hole and cleaning myself up. At least that was done. I was sort of amazed that showering seemed to take less time when I had no hair anywhere. ALll that water and soap just seemed to slide off my body.


I dried off and wrapped my towel around my waist. I went off to the sinks and grabbed my shaving cream and a razor. I looked at myself. I wasn”t fat, but I had some excess there in the middle. I poked at it with a finger and it gave way. I really needed to do something about that. I pulled my towel off and turned around to look at my ass. I guess I could see it. My ass was bigger than it looked from the front. It was like two big bubbles. No hair at all, I noticed. I kinda liked my furry butt. I played with my hair and that made me think all kinds of things. My face was what had changed really. Eyebrows lined up all short and smooth, the hair style a bob-cut off some type. And then my hands. I moved them around, reminding myself they were mine and I had nail polish on. I moved them down to my chest. I ran them over my nipples. My chest showed slight flab too. Looking at my hairless body they sort of looked like tiny breasts. I leaned over in the mirror and watched them sag a bit. My nipples were large and fleshy. I moved my hand up to…


“Hey Donor!”


“Jeezus!! You scared the hell out of me, Isaiah.”


“You look cute Donor. I like the changes. I like girls with a little meat on them.”


I could feel the blush spread up my neck and across my face. What did he mean by that?


“I saw you playing with those little titties of yours.”


Fuck, I was supposed to offer myself to men, to the brothers if they wanted it. Isaiah was already talking about my chest and I hadn”t even done anything to encourage him. Was everyone into femme guys?


“Y-you did?” He nodded and continued staring at me. “L-like this?” I moved my hands back up to my nipples and ran my fingers lightly over them. Why was I so nervous? Too public a place? To weird?


“Yep. You were staring at yourself in the mirror, playing with them just like that. Were you imagining anything in particular?”


“No,” I admitted. “I was just getting used to looking at my reflection. It”s a lot different than yesterday.”


“HA! Yep. Zach went and made some changes. Guess it”s a lesson in what not to make a bet on.”


“He told you? What else did he say?”


“That you were available for use by whoever wanted to use you.”


Again, I felt the warmth of embarrassment spread over me. Isaiah already knew the score. I may as well play to that then.


“Do you want to play with them? I bet you”d like that.”


“And he mentioned that you are a real slut at heart.”


“I-I can”t help it,” I mumbled. “It feels good when someone touches them.”


“Take your towel off,” he told me. “I want to see everything he did to you.”


“Okay,” I agreed. I untucked the towel and pulled it off. I immediately looked down at my locked dick. My dick was already straining at the cage. It looked vaguely obscene, pushing against the cage, trying to get hard. The skin poking out of the plastic of the cage.


“Interesting. Never seen one in real life, just online. That hurt?”


“Not really,” I replied. “It just feels confined. Not painful, just uncomfortable.” Isaiah reached out and placed his fingers on both nipples. He ran he tips around them and a small bit of air escaped my lips.


“That feel more comfortable?”


“Fuck, it feels good.”


“Slut. You let everyone play with your titties?”


“Probably,” I answered. “I can”t seem to help it.”


“It”s because you want to be a slut. You couldn”t get much as a guy, and now you”re going to try as a girl.”


Fuck! How”d he know that? I hadn”t even said that thought out loud to Zach yet. I wasn”t good at getting girls, except for crazy ones. Now I had a chance to see if I could attract men. I hoped they weren”t as crazy as the girls I had gotten to bed. Isaiah continued running his fingers around my nipples, pinching them, twisting them gently until a little moan escaped my lips.


“Fuck… feels good.”


“Yep. You slutty girls love my touch. I know how to make you feel good.”


He cupped my pecs. They sagged lightly in his hands. I watched by turning my head to the mirror. His dark hands encased my chest and manipulated my nipples. It was freaky watching the new me being caressed by my frat bro. He looked so hot, his smooth brown skin, the frat boy muscles I never could seem to get. He was taut, his abs showed easily, his chest broad to match the big shoulders. His long fingers moved around my pecs. Then I watched as he moved his head in and his tongue flicked out at a nipple.


“Ooohhhhhhh, fuck.” It felt so good. I watched as he suctioned my nipple, then flicked his tongue around it. “Isaiah, we”re in the bathroom. Anyone could see us,” I suddenly told him. I wanted this to continue, it felt so good, but I wasn”t sure I wanted it to be out here for everyone to see.


“You afraid of being a public slut, girl?”


“Why are you calling me a girl?” I asked him. I looked different, but I wasn”t a girl. Only Zach had used that language and then only when his dick was deep inside me.


“Because you”re teasing me like one, and ya look like one, mostly. Showing me your tits, your locked-up clit. No dick, just that gash in back. That tells me the only way to get you any relief is to fuck that pussy. It”s why you”re acting all horny and needy. Someone”s making you reflect on your feminine, slutty nature.”


“Fuck,” was my only response. “I hadn”t thought about all that.”

pendik escort


Isaiah grabbed me by the back of my neck and dragged me toward a shower stall.


“I just took a shower,” I told him.


“But, I haven”t, and you need to help out.”


We got to the stall and he shoved me inside. Then he hung his towel up and stripped off his sweats. He turned the water on and it blasted out of the shower head soaking me immediately. I turned around to see him enter the shower with me. He was tall, slim and dark. Hair short on the sides and cut high up top in the front. I glanced down past his big chest and tight abs to his dick. It was hard and pointing straight out towards me. He had a beautiful cock. A deep brown, thick, blunt, uncut, and it looked like it would feel amazing in me. Fuck I was a slut, thinking how his dick would feel. Is that what girls thought about? I didn”t think about dicking him.


He turned me around immediately. Grabbed my hands and put them on the tile wall. He used his hand to hold them in place there. Doing that made my ass stick out towards him. I shook it, knowingly shaking it at him, teasing him again.


“That”s it, baby, shake that booty for me.” He slapped it and I could feel it jiggle when he did it. “Big ass,” he commented. “Gonna feel really good when I get my dick inside there. You”ll love it. If you don”t already think of it as your pussy, you will soon.”


I felt him slap my ass with his dick. “Go slow,” I mumbled. He paid no attention to me. He poked and prodded with his cock until he found the spot he wanted then he simply slid inside. It was like my hole opened right up for it. “uughhhh.”


“Didn”t even need more lube than the water running off those cheeks. Feels nice too, baby, wet and warm.”


I had no choice but to let him fuck me. His hands moved back to my chest and he began playing with my nipples as he started up his fuck. I felt spread open, his cock was long.


“You wanted it, didn”t you?”


“Yes, ohhh fuck, you feel good.”


“That”s right. A slut like you needs dick.”


“Oh god, yesssss, I need dick.”


“Your pussy opened right up, girl. You didn”t fight that at all.”


“Nooo, oh god, it”s good.”


It was good. He seemed to know where to fuck me. I swear my dick was tied to my hole. As he stroked in and out my caged dick strained. It felt like someone was stroking it, but no one could touch it. Must be him rubbing against that spot inside me. Oh damn, this was good.


“That”s it. Feel my cock, girl. Feel it in your pussy.” His hands ran over my tits and down to the cage. He flicked his finger over it. “Love playing with your clitty, baby. I”m gonna make that feel real good soon.”


“Oh fuck, it almost feels like I”m a girl when you say that stuff,” I admitted in the heat of the shower.


“That”s what Zach says. Says you lost a bet and he is making you his girl for a month. I”m gonna show you that you like being a girl long after those 31 days are up!”


Oh shit, I nearly came hearing him tell me that. He was kinky. Telling me crazy stuff. That I wanted to be a girl. I wasn”t a girl, but I knew I did look more like one with all my body hair gone, with the nails. Oh fuck, it felt so good.


“Tell me what you like, baby. Come on, I want to hear it.”


“I love your cock, sooo gooood. I love feeling you inside me.”


“More, girl. Tell me what it feels like to have a hard cock again.”


“Oh shit, Isaiah, I love a hard cock. I love feeling it. I think about hard cock all the time now.”


“That”s right, girl. And where does a girl get some hard cock?”


“Ohhhh, from a man. Men have hard cocks.”


“That”s why you”re such a slut, girl. You need to find that hard cock now. You”re little clit isn”t big or hard enough to satisfy you.”


“Yessss, oh god yes,” I told him. It was so true. I had missed having my own hard cock in my hand. At least that got me some satisfaction. Now I needed a man of some kind to provide that hard cock. “Please, don”t stop. I want to feel it. Want that big hard cock.” He reached down and grabbed my cock cage. As if I still had the ability to feel him touch my dick. As if it could get fully hard.


“What else are you forgetting about baby? What else is there about my cock that you love?”


I wasn”t sure what he was talking about. What else was there except that feeling of a hard cock inside my hole.


“Fuck, I love how big it is. It”s longer than mine, thicker than mine.”


“Of course, girl. Look at your clit. Small and tiny, but that wasn”t what I was talking about. Turn around and look at my dick.”


Isaiah pulled out nearly all the way and stopped his rut. I craned my neck and looked down at his cock. Just waiting to slide back in me, aimed at my hole.


`I love how you”re uncut and even when you are hard like this, the skin covers your dickhead.”


“Try again, baby.”


What did he want me to say? It was a beautiful cock. Hard, thick, long, uncut, dark….


“Fuck, I love your black cock,” I finally told him hoping I was right this time. I wanted it back inside me.


“That”s right, girl. You love this black cock. Once you”ve had black cock you are always going to be wanting more. Black men fuck better than white boys. You”ll be back for more of this, baby. You”ll be craving my black dick from now on.”


He slid back in me and I moaned. He leaned forward until his mouth was next to my ear. His tongue snaked out and licked in and around my ear as he whispered to me.


“Fuck, your pussy is so good girl. So hot, so wet. You needed this big black cock, didn”t you girl?”


“Yesssss. I needed your cock,” I mumbled.


“You needed what, girl?”


“I needed your black cock, Isaiah.”


“That”s right. This big black cock is gonna make you feel so good baby. The more black cock you take, the better you”ll feel. The more black cock you get, the more you realize your little white clit is nothing. The more cum you take from my black cock, the more you”ll need.”


Fuuuuck, Isaiah was a talker. I listened as he told me all about his cock and how it would change me.


“Look at the differences, baby. Look at my dark hands on your white skin. Watch me fondle your titties, baby.”


I watched as his handled grasped my pecs. How he treated them like tits. Those long dark fingers manipulating my nipples. I could feel his every movement there.


“Damn, you make me feel so good Isaiah. I love your cock.”


“You love that black cock,” he said again.


“I love your big black cock,” I repeated.


“Yeahhh, and I love that white pussy. Love seeing my big black cock sinking into your white cunt. Love seeing you weak and needy for my load. I”m gonna treat you right this month, girl.”


“But I”m a guy, Isaiah,” I insisted.


He snatched my hair and pulled my head back. He spoke clearly into my ear as the water cascaded down on me.


“You”re my girl when I fuck you, bitch. You”re taking my cock like a girl would. You have no dick, just a useless little white clit that is locked up, and that wide-open pussy.” He released my hair but wrapped his big hand around my throat, keeping my head pulled back. All the while his cock was hammering away at me, plunging deep and pulling back. “By the end of this bet, you”ll need this black cock. You”ll want to be my white girl. You”ll beg me to fuck you. You”ll never need your little white cock again. You”ll be begging to have it locked up forever.”


“Ooohhhh, fuuuckkkkkkkk. I love your big black cock. I need you to fuck my pussy,” I responded. His talk was making me fucking hot. It was crazy talk. I wanted my dick back, didn”t I? I imagined myself begging Isaiah for a fuck in a month. Would I be that slutty? Would I become his girl? That was crazy!! But I wanted it now.


“Tell me what I”m doing, baby.”


“Oohhhh godddd, you”re fucking me with your big black cock. You”re using my pussy to get off.”


“That”s right, baby. And where are my hands?”


“On my titties,” I told him. “You”re playing with my titties, while you fuck my white cunt.”


“Now you understand, girl. You”re going to be my white bitch for the month.”


“YESSSSSS! I”m a white bitch. I”m your girl this month.”


“OHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK. I”m gonna cum in your pussy baby. Gonna give you my load. Gonna breed your white cunt. UGHHHHH. FUCKKKKKK.


Isaiah slammed into me fully. One hand was on my throat and the other twisting my nipples. I felt him get harder and then I swear I felt his cum splashing inside me, coating my pussy with his seed. His pussy. He was laying claim to it. He shook several times as he shot, six, seven squirts that I could feel as his dick flexed each time he sent a load out of that black cock into my white pussy. Eventually he stopped shuddering and his grasp on my throat relaxed. I was a little slutty bitch in his hands.


“You feel that girl? Feel my load inside you?”


“Oh god, yessss. I felt every shot,” I confirmed.


“That”s right. Now we”re gonna let that load soak inside you. You”re going to keep it there until you”ve taken it all inside you, until my DNA is part of you. It”s going to change you. I”m just telling you now. You”re going to need more. You white girls always do.”


He punctuated each word with licks to my ear. His breath transfixing me, his words driving it all home just like his cock, his big black cock. Just like his cum was soaking in, punctuating my life with his DNA. I was going to want more.




The closer we got to the clinic the more freaked out I became. Ian and Mr. McNeil were still talking about Mrs. McNeil and Billy. I had stopped paying attention after a while and was focusing on what would happen if it was Ian”s baby. How would he handle that? Would it change us? Would he decide to marry her instead of being my man? What would happen if it was my baby? How could I be a father? I was Ian”s boy now. I didn”t have time for all of his needs and school AND a BABY! Fuck. I was screwed one way or the other if this baby belonged to one of us. I didn”t see any outs for this. What a fuck up. By the time we pulled into the parking lot, I was close to losing it.


“Okay Timmy. Let”s go.” Ian was shaking my shoulder. I guess I was lost in thought. I got out of the car and we headed inside.


Once we all got in we joined Tressa and her old man in the waiting room. It looked like she had been crying again. She was not pretty looking with the red eyes and tear stained face. Her old man looked as angry as he did last time. We hadn”t even sat down and the door to the rooms opened and we were all called into one of them. The old man started in about all these people in one room, but a look from Mr. McNeil seemed to shut him up. We managed to fit in the room but there was only the exam table and a couple chairs in the room. Tressa sat on the exam table, her old man took a chair and Ian waved at me to take the other chair. I could feel myself blush, but I followed his silent direction to sit. Ian and his dad remained standing. There was a quiet knock and the door opened. A woman entered, and she kicked at the rolling stool from the corner with her foot and moved it over to the middle of the room.


“Good morning gentlemen and lady, I am Dr. McDonald. Quite a crowd today,” she noted in a quiet sarcastic way while looking around the room. “Everyone must be excited to learn the results of all the tests. Let me start by reminding you all that Tressa is an adult and has a right in this state to make her own decisions about what she is going to do.” That seemed to give Tressa a boost of confidence. She smiled a little. “That said let”s get down to the results.”


“Ian McNeil. Based on the results of genetic testing you are 99.9% most likely NOT the father of Tressa”s baby.”


“What?” her dad exclaimed. “Tressa. You”ve gone and screwed this up. I am not going to listen to stories of all the different boys… ”


“Mr. Wright. I”m going to need you to be quiet if you have nothing good to say at this point.”


“Uhm, sorry,” he said quietly.


“Timothy Holder, based on the samples taken from you, you are 99.9% certain of being the baby”s father. We have most certainly a match.”




Fucking fag passed out. I saw his eyes flutter up in his head and he slumped over in the chair, flopping his head onto Mr. Wright”s shoulder. That caused her old man to jump up and step away from Timmy. I would have laughed if I wasn”t totally shocked that Timmy was going to have a baby. I mean that Timmy had been the cause of that baby bump in Tressa”s belly. I heard Tressa wailing `nooooooo”.


“Not the results that were expected I can see,” the doctor said to no one. She pulled a small tube out of her pocket opened it and waved the smelling salts under Timmy”s nose. He came around slowly and shook his head slightly at the smell.


“Timmy! You okay?” I asked him.


“Nooooo. I”m not okay. I”m going to be a mother. I mean a father,” he answered slowly.


That made Dad laugh, and even I cracked a smile at his slip of the tongue. Otherwise it was pretty dang quiet.


“So, folks… I”m going to go get some paperwork that might be useful to some of you and I am going to have you sign off on some things to say aydınlı escort we had this little talk. In the meantime, I suggest you talk to each other respectfully and figure out what happens next for Tressa and for the baby. Oh, and Tressa you are a little over 4 months at this point. About 5 months more and you”ll be giving birth. Too late in this state for other choices, given you and the baby look very healthy. That other option should have come sooner if you wanted to exercise that.”


She stood up and left the room to a wail of `noooooo” from Tressa again. Mr. Wright stood up and walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulders.


“Well, Ian. Looks like you”re off the hook,” Dad said, almost proudly.


“You don”t have to marry the faggot, honey. I can”t imagine making you live with that one the rest of your life,” Mr. Wright said looking at Timmy.


“Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck,” Timmy was mumbling.


Silence descended again on the room. It was kinda uncomfortable for everyone I think. What the hell was I going to do. I think it was my decision to make. Timmy was fathering a baby with Tressa. I had no interest in having her in my life forever, but Timmy was going to be around a long time. I could handle him and the idea of that. He would make a good fag long term. I just wasn”t sure about him being a Daddy.


“I don”t want a baby, Daddy,” Tressa spoke. “I want to finish school.”


“Well, you should have thought of that before you went and got knocked up, sugar,” Mr. Wright replied.


“It”s all my fault,” Timmy said quietly. “I shouldn”t have been using Ian”s extra-large condom. I thought it would fit just fine, but obviously I was wrong. I”m sorry, Tressa.”


“I do not need to hear about my daughter”s whoring around at this point, boy,” her dad told him. “If you”d kept your dick where it belonged this wouldn”t have happened.”


“Okay, okay,” I spoke up. “I don”t want to hear arguing at this point. We need to solve this issue to everyone”s satisfaction. I think the men need to talk. No offense meant but Timmy and Tressa you can leave the room.”


“What?!?” Timmy and Tressa spoke at the same time.


“Honey, you may be of adult age, but you”re living on the money I give you,” Mr. Wright said. “I think these men and I need to talk a little about what is going to happen with you.”


“Daddy! I should have a say,” she insisted.


“Sweetie, you had your say when you were fucking him,” she was told, to a look of shock on her face.


“Sir, I did this so I need to have a voice in this too,” Timmy started in.


“Timmy, you are living under my roof and my control. I”m sure you don”t like this decision at the moment, but you don”t have a say here, either. I expect you to leave and let me work this out with Dad and Mr. Wright,” I told him clearly. I gave him the look that I was serious and didn”t want to hear any more from him. He looked mad, but he didn”t say anything, and he stood up.


“Come on, Tressa. We can go talk in the waiting room,” he told her offering her his hand. How fucking sweet, I thought.


After looking around at all the men in the room, Tressa stood slowly off the exam table and even waddled a little as she left the room with Timmy. We all looked at each other as the girls left the room.


“Well, I have to apologize some,” Mr. Wright started. “I assumed my girl knew what she was talking about. I can”t believe she was fucking the two of you or that she would lie to me about the whole thing.”


“Women can be manipulative,” Dad started saying. “My wife recently had a brief affair. I understand that they lie and make up stories to fit their interests,” he finished.


“Doug Wright,” Tressa”s Dad said extending his hand.


“Chuck McNeil,” Dad replied accepting the shake.


“Ian McNeil,” I told him also doing the handshake.


“I”d say nice to meet ya, but I”m not feeling real nice today,” Mr. Wright stated.


“Yep, not a situation I”d like to be in either,” Dad concluded.


“Look,” I said, “I”m not happy either. I wish I”d not participated in the whole event last September. I was a little buzzed and I let my own dick get control of the evening.” I proceeded to tell Mr. Wright exactly what happened and where we were today. Everything. I was up front and honest about it all and I told him how everything happened.


“So you”re telling me you”d fucked her before and she came looking for you?”


“Yes, sir,” I replied. “I guess I made an impression on her.” He laughed at that.


“Guess you made a bigger impression on that boy you”re with today. Her baby”s daddy, fuck, can”t believe I”m saying that.”


“Look, I”m not happy either,” I said. “I was not expecting to have her responsible for anything like… a baby. But the boy belongs to me. I took responsibility for him a while ago.”


“Can”t believe you”re one of those homosexuals,” Mr. Wright told me. “I just don”t see it looking at you.”


“I wouldn”t call myself homosexual, Doug,” I replied. “I happen to have found a person who does exactly what I tell him to do. He loves me and I respect that. At the same time, he is just as much a wife to me is as my mother is to my Dad or I”m guessing your wife is to you. I need to respect the fact that he has accepted the idea that I am in charge and if he wants to stay with me, it”s my decisions that will be what is the rule of our relationship.”


“So, you are telling me he will do whatever you tell him to do, including our solution we put together in this room?”


“Yep, that”s what I am saying. It may be different to you that two males are making that choice, but it”s no different than your marriage.”


Doug shook his head. I don”t think he had ever considered the possibilities I was explaining. I took it as a chance to continue.


“I”m happy to take care of this moving forward. I… I can cover expenses that this causes you and Tressa. Medical, whatever. I think Timmy should take responsibility for his baby. And I don”t think Tressa wants to be a single mother. I will work my ass off once I finish school and I will make sure I support Timmy and that baby. If it means he quits school and stays home to do it, I will tell him that is what he needs to do. He”ll do exactly what I tell him he needs to do.”


“Look, Doug,” Dad started speaking. “My son is a man of his word. If he says he can do it, I believe him. To stand behind him, I”ll offer to pay you and your daughter a substantial sum to cover her pregnancy.”


“So, you”re not that boy”s daddy and you and the boy are husband and wife,” he said pointing first at Dad and then at me. “And you”re going to pay for your son”s boyfriend”s mistake?” he pointed back at Dad.


“I”m more than happy to support my son. If his boy-wife is pregnant then I don”t have a problem supporting my kid through the process. Ian”s offering to take care of that baby because your daughter can”t do it, and why should you and your wife have to go through that again?” Dad added to the argument. “The two of them are more than capable of raising a baby. That fag of his is dedicated and just waiting to be a stay at home Mom.”


“Huh,” Mr. Wright added. “Maybe my girl has found her calling. She could make several of these babies for folks who might be interested.”




“Look, Tressa, I”m so sorry. I never planned for anything like this to happen.” She looked miserable. “Why didn”t you say something earlier?”


She didn”t even look up at me. Didn”t say anything. I wanted to crawl under a rock. I had gotten her pregnant. I had barely ever had sex with girls and I get one pregnant at a frat party. Why didn”t I keep condoms that fit my dick? What was I thinking borrowing one of Ian”s condoms? What was I thinking letting him trap me into sucking his dick that night? If I wasn”t so taken in by some guys. Ian was like an advanced version of the guys I had gotten crushes on since middle school. Guys who were demanding and assertive.


“I didn”t mean to get pregnant you know,” Tressa finally said. “I wasn”t trying to trap Ian.”


“I”m pretty sure he gets that,” I replied. “It isn”t like you had stopped by or got in touch. Things didn”t exactly end up storybook wonderful for me after that night either. I”m no longer on the swim team, I”m doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry. My grades are for shit. I”ve become his wife. I”m not even allowed in the room to talk with the men today. I”m so owned,” I whined.


“I should have known,” she said. “Ian McNeil is a queer. And you get to be his wife, how sweet. You”ll be better at that than me. Really. I mean that,” she said finally looking at me.


“Will you call me?” I asked her. “I know we can”t get an abortion now, but will you at least call me and tell me what is happening? I”m the father of your baby.”


“Yeah. Guess I”ll be staying home from campus for a while. I don”t want to have to explain anything to people. Here,” she said handing me her phone. “Put your number in.”


I put my number in and then she took back her phone. Next thing I knew my phone was buzzing in my pants. I pulled it out and saved her number when she hung up.


“You think your Dad will let you stay at your home?” I asked.


“Oh my god, I have no idea. He was so pissed.”


“I bet I get my ass beat tonight. Ian likes that stuff you know. He will be so pissed I got you pregnant.”


We laughed.


“See? I would never let someone do that to me. You did everything either of us told you that night we uhm, you know… It was fun, but I could never let a man spank me like that, never let him own me.”


We cracked up again. We were still laughing when the men came out of the door to the private exam rooms. We both stood up.




“You two exchange numbers by now?” I asked with a smile. “I know how Timmy is when he gets to know someone.”


Timmy smiled and said yes, they had done that already. He looked really uncomfortable


“Tressa, we need to get you settled back at your apartment. You”ll want to get back to classes,” Mr. Wright told her


“Daddy! You want me to go to school like this? I”ll just get bigger and bigger.”


“Tressa, don”t worry. Ian has agreed to a nice settlement to the issue. He is going to adopt the baby at birth. But he will need to have you around here where he can check on you regularly. And that wife of his is going to become the mother,” he explained to her while pointing to Timmy. I grinned. The look on his face was worth it. Timmy looked horrified.


“I am?” Timmy exclaimed.


“Oh, I”m so happy for you Tim,” Tressa almost shouted. “You”ll be a good mom.” She went over to Tim and hugged him.


“You”re gonna be stayin here so everyone can check up on you and the baby, AND you”ll get to continue school too. Sounds like you”ll be getting plenty of visits from Ian and his girl,” Mr. Wright repeated.


“Timmy, it”s only reasonable that since you created the baby that you are responsible for the upbringing. If you had exercised more control over your dick then, this probably would not have happened, `I explained to him. “I”m glad I”ve taken care of that moving forward, but maybe you understand now why I locked that dick up.” Timmy blushed a bright red color.


“I”m going to be a Dad?” Timmy asked. “I will be responsible for the baby?”


“Well, it is yours, Timmy. You must have wanted it if you went and made it. I believe in people taking responsibility, Timmy. You know that.”


“Yes Sir,” he replied. “Understood. What will I tell my parents? I can”t go to school and raise a baby! They will be so pissed.”


“I”ll worry about talking to your Mom and Dad, don”t you worry. I handled talking with them fine the last time we visited,” I reminded him.


“So, gentlemen,” Dad announced. “Are we done here? Can we sign the doctor”s papers as she wanted?”


We all signed the papers that the doctor had made available. There were contracts for a surrogacy, adoption papers, other stuff. Mr. Wright and Tressa signed them. I think she was very happy to be rid of the baby. Less happy about having to go to school in her condition. Timmy looked shell-shocked still. I was still chuckling in my head about how he had passed out on the chair. I was truly grateful for Dad stepping up and fronting the cost of paying Mr. Wright, well, paying Tressa, for her surrogacy.


“Come on, honey. Let”s get you back to that apartment. We”ll need to go over the ground rules. I expect that this time you”ll listen to me when I give you directions. The McNeil”s are paying nicely for you to carry their baby.”


“What?!? They are paying me money to be a baby momma?”


“Well sweetie, it seemed like the best way forward to me. You”ll be earning money to help the family, and you”ll be giving the baby a sweet home. You know that girl Timmy can”t have babies, so it”s a benefit to both of you.”


“Daddy! I”m not some rent-a-womb.”


“We”ll speak about this later, honey. You might have a job moving forward. Someone else might need a baby. It seems like a good way to start a career. Not like a degree in Women”s studies was going to get you employed.”




“Hush, girl. We”re done talking here.”


As the Wrights left the clinic we also prepped to do the same. Timmy was sitting down again. He looked very confused.


“Come on, Timmy,” Dad said extending a hand to him. “Let”s go.”


“I”m going to be a dad,” he whispered.


“You”re going to be a mom,” I said as Dad hauled him up and we started our way to the car.

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