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Becky Gets Even Ch. 2

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“Did you ever tell her why, and that Jack had ask you to do it for him.” Jesse ask. He nodded his head, with his eyes on Becky’s tits. Jesse notice him looking, Jesse reach up and cupped Becky’s titties, squeezing, and moving them in circles. He saw his dad take a deep breath, letting it out slowly. While his dad finish telling them about his mother, Jesse whispers in Becky’s ear.

“Get down on your hands and knees and suck my cock baby.” he whisper. Jesse watch as his dad rubbed his cock.

“Dad where is mother, and why did you stay?” Jesse ask. While his dad tells him, Jesse stands up and fucks her mouth.

“Dad would you like for your granddaughter to suck your cock. Lock the door and come over here.” Jesse told him. He came over and she suck his cock. Jesse got up and kneel behind her and push his cock up her pussy, he fuck her fast and hard. With every thrust forward grandpas cock would go deeper down her throat. Jesse held her hips, and was pounding his cock in her.


“OH GOD BABY HERE I CUM.” scream her grandfather. They spend the rest of the night fucking her and she suck them many times in between.

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next morning she finds they had left for work, and she was alone. At lunch time she rang the bell and Jesse came running.

“Where’s grandpa?” she ask.

“He had to go back home and pack his stuff, he’s moving back here.

“Uh Honey I’m not really hungry for food that is.” he said with a wicked smile.

“Then come to bed with me, I want to feel your hard cock fucking my ass.” she told him. Following her, he unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock. As she bent over the bed to pull the covers down he push his cock inside in one thrust.

“UH, SWEET BABY, I LOVE FEELING MY HARD COCK MOVING INSIDE YOUR HOT BODY.” he said as he pounded her ass again and again.

Sitting down at the table to eat.

“Now baby that was some good fucking.” she told him. He gave her a wink.

“What was some good fucking?” grandpa ask coming into the room.

“I was telling Uncle Jesse what a good ass fucking he gave me.” she told him. She left the room to get the spare room ready.

“Jesse guess who I ran into as I was leaving?” he said.

“Who?” Jesse ask.

“Joe’s escort bayan home, and he wants to come see you.” he said. Jesse’s dad gave him a paper with the number to call.

“Oh there you are Honey, What are doing up here?” grandpa ask her.

“Mmmmm, waiting for you to come up.” she said pulling the sheet off her. He saw she had on nothing. He felt his cock getting hard. Closing the door, he turn the lock and came to the bed. She reach out and pull his cock to her.

“How good are you at ass fucking?” she ask.

“I love tight ass’s, stick that ass of yours up here and find out how good I can give you.” grandpa said. She turn over and stuck her ass up. He move in and stuck his finger in.

“MMMMMMM, WET, HOT, AND VERY READY.” he said. He put his cockhead on her asshole, with one thrust he buried his cock in her ass. Grabbing pillows he put them under her.

“Now Baby I’m going to fuck your fucking asshole till you beg me to cum.” he told her. And he did. She was shaking, and babbling. Her hands were squeezing the sheets.

“OH, FUCKING, GOD, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, LET, ME, FUCKING, CUM.” she scream begging him. Her orgasm was so intense, escort ankara and earth shattering, that she pass out. He lay there till she came to.

“Uh good you came back to me, So how was your ass fucking Honey?” he said grinning from ear to ear.

“I’ll show you how good.” she said. She did, she suck his cock till he beg her to let him cum.

Becky went to the lake to cool off. Jesse and Joe talk and he told him he had someone he wanted him to meet. Jesse stop short of the lake entrance. How would you like to fuck your niece?” he ask Joe.

“Mmmm, haven’t had any in a while. Have you?” Joe ask.

“Oh yes, I have her every night, day, anytime I want” he said. They walk down to the water. Jesse took off his clothes and step into the water. Joe followed.

“Hey Baby I want you to meet my twin brother Joe, Joe this is the love of my life, and the best cock sucker in the world.” Jesse said. Jesse pull her into his arms, and slip his cock in her pussy.

“Mmmm. hot, Joe come over and fuck her ass. She loves having two men fucking her don’t you Baby?” he said.

“Oh yes I do love being fuck by two men.” she said. Joe push his cock up her ass.


Jesse, Joe, and Becky went home and there she had all three men at her beck and call. And she did call them every night.

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