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BBC King for Redneck Policewomen

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“Oh shit,” Mississippi State Policewoman Barbara Rosewood squealed as Tyrone Bucker worked his ten-inch ebony dick into her ass hole. Face down and big white ass up, the forty-something, country-fried policewoman, wife and mother, the great granddaughter of a plantation owner, winced as a strong black man fucked her in the ass. As far as Barbara Rosewood was concerned, she was reaching true enlightenment. Tyrone Bucker was getting his rocks off and nothing more…

Tyrone Bucker is a brother with a lot of gifts when it comes to raw masculinity and physicality. He is tall and handsome, with a strong body and a huge dick. Women of all races can’t get enough of Tyrone. The brother has a habit of picking up babes of all hues and bringing them home for some stupendous sex. Tonight, Tyrone is doubling his fun by fucking not only a blonde slut like Barbara Rosewood, but also her switch-hitter of a husband, Olsen the coward.

Nearby, Mississippi State Policewoman Barbara Rosewood’s husband, Biloxi Police Department sergeant Olsen Rosewood groaned helplessly as his wife got butt-fucked. Barbara was starting to regret giving Tyrone a speeding ticket a while back, that’s for damn sure. This particular Friday night, things were heating up at the Rosewood townhouse in the south end of Biloxi, Mississippi. For Olsen Rosewood, this was a difficult moment for the couple, to be sure.

What man wouldn’t feel something as he watched his wife get ravaged by another man? Olsen Rosewood felt both aroused and pained by the unholy spectacle unfolding before him. For a country guy, this was almost too much to bear. Nowadays, it seems that every black man wants to get a chubby white woman so he can fuck her in every hole she’s got. Where does that leave closeted bisexual married country guys like Olsen who secretly Ankara escort love black dick more than the average white female slut?

Olsen Rosewood likes black men, and this scares him, because certain things aren’t acceptable in the great State of Mississippi, even in the 2020s. Olsen has a lovely wife, Barbara, who shares his hidden passions. Instead of sneaking around and getting fucked by black men behind his wife Barbara’s back, the bisexual Olsen brings home sexy black men to entertain them both. That’s how Tyrone Bucker graced the Rosewood household with his presence.

“Only through submission to black cock can white couples like yourselves, the descendants of racists, peckerwoods and bigots, can ever hope to achieve salvation,” Tyrone Bucker said, smirking. With that, Tyrone smacked Barbara’s thick white ass as his big dark dick buried itself in the forbidden depths of her asshole. This was a moment of great truth and beauty as black male power reasserted its true place in the world…

“Yes sir,” Barbara squealed, and Tyrone winked at Olsen Rosewood as he continued to fuck the man’s wife. Tyrone Bucker is an expert when it comes to the ancient art of sliding black poles into white holes. Born in the City of Amarillo, Texas, Tyrone and his family moved to Biloxi a few years back, and life has been a roller coaster ever since. Forthrightly bisexual and unafraid to use sheer wickedness against the bigoted, Tyrone is a man out to make his mark upon his world.

Tyrone exhaled sharply as Barbara continued to grind her thick, pale ass against his groin. Is there anything more beautiful than a big black dick disappearing inside a big-bottomed white woman’s ass hole? Tyrone could feel the uplifted spirits of his African ancestors course through him as he completely and utterly Ankara escort bayan dominated Barbara Rosewood. While fucking Barbara in her loose ass hole, Tyrone looked at Olsen, expecting to see fear and hate in the redneck bozo’s blue eyes. Tyrone saw hate and fear, and something else, raw lust. This was going to be fun…

“A lot of you country guys lose your minds when you see white women get black dick, honestly, I think it’s because some of you want some black dick for yourselves,” Tyrone taunted Olsen, who squirmed in his bonds. Barbara howled as Tyrone bucked his hips, slamming his big black dick so far up her thick white country woman’s ass that her ancestors probably felt it. Those Dixie bastards and Dixie bitches must be rolling over in their graves that’s for damn sure…

“Oh yes, fuck her,” Olsen heard himself say, and Tyrone, knowing that Olsen was a bitch masquerading as a tough country guy. Tyrone rammed his dick into Barbara’s asshole, and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. When Tyrone had his fill of Barbara’s asshole, he pulled out. Barbara slumped on the bed, and sighed, feeling empty now that Tyrone’s dick was no longer in her ass hole. The matronly blonde lady with the huge ass let out a loud, wet fart. Tyrone laughed while Olsen looked away, embarrassed.

“Relax, you redneck piece of shit, you’re going to get yours,” Tyrone said as he stood up and walked over to the cowering Olsen. As the hapless bisexual redneck loser looked on, the big and tall, dark-skinned and virile, utterly masculine bisexual black man stroked his huge black dick and grinned maliciously. Olsen obediently began sucking Tyrone’s big black dick without even being prompted. Barbara watched as her husband Olsen sucked Tyrone’s dick even more eagerly than she had earlier. What a stand up Escort Ankara guy…

“Let’s see who has tighter ass holes, white women or white men,” Tyrone said as he shoved Olsen on all fours. Grinning, Barbara came and grabbed some lube, lubricating her husband’s ass with it. Tyrone placed his big black dick against Olsen’s backdoor and pushed it inside. The bisexual redneck squealed like a little bitch as the black man’s big black cock entered his butt hole. Tyrone smacked Olsen’s ass and began to fuck him with gusto while Barbara watched…

“Hmm, I think my ass is tighter than my husband’s,” Barbara said as she watched Tyrone slam his big black dick up Olsen’s ass like there was no tomorrow. Olsen screamed as he got ass fucked. Tyrone groaned as he fucked Olsen up the ass. As the ass fucking got going, Tyrone realized that Olsen had a much looser ass hole than his wife Barbara. The redneck bastard had probably been hopping on black cocks all over Biloxi and beyond. Olsen seemed like the kind of cop who would pull over a black man and then suck his dick when nobody was looking. Tyrone smiled, and felt his nut coming along…

“Black dicks matter,” Barbara Rosewood and her bisexual husband Olsen Rosewood said in unison, much later, as Tyrone Bucker shot his load all over their faces. The black man’s huge black cock spat its thick cum all over the sexually adventurous white couple’s creamy faces. Tyrone stood over Barbara and Olsen, towering over them. He grinned as they prostrated before him and kissed his feet. It simply felt right, and Tyrone enjoyed it very much.

A little while later, Tyrone Bucker left the Rosewood residence, with the heartfelt thanks of Barbara Rosewood and Olsen Rosewood. The bisexual black man felt like a king. Tonight’s fun was really off the hook. White couples everywhere should emulate Barbara and Olsen and bow down before strong, masculine bisexual black men who can sexually satisfy everyone and everything under the sun, seriously. The world would definitely be a better place as a result.

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