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Back in the Saddle Ch. 06

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Kaitlyn and I got back to the campsite and it looked like mostly everyone was there. Brad was still sleeping and Dan had gone off in search of breakfast and coffee. I had packed everything I thought I’d need for meals, so I offered to make some eggs and sausage. It seemed to get everyone moving, so soon we had a few griddles going as well as a couple of pots for coffee. It turned out to be a huge breakfast as everyone chipped in together. Soon we were all eating and just generally talking about what we expected for the day. Dan came back with a couple of biscuits and saw all of us chowing down and looked sad. “If I’d know breakfast would be like this, I wouldn’t have gone down to buy these biscuits.” We all just laughed at him for a few minutes and gave him a hard time.

After breakfast was done, the folks who didn’t cook gathered all the dirty plates and pan and went off to clean them. Sean and I checked our supplies and noticed things were getting low, so we wrote down a list of things to get and asked if anyone else wanted anything from the Walmart.. Kaitlyn and Mary offered to come along. We soon had a pretty big list as we wanted to make sure we had enough food for a late night meal after the show and breakfast in the morning. Sean, Kaitlyn, Mary and I climbed into my truck and we headed to the local store. We split the list in half and Kaitlyn and I took our half and went our own way. As we walked, we asked each other questions to get to know each other better. She seemed to be a dream girl. My answers to her questions seemed to make her happy as well and we moved through the store pretty quickly. On our last aisle, she shocked me.

“I think Cheryl wants to have sex with you.”

I stopped walking and just stared at her as she took a couple more steps. “What did you say?”

“Well, she was asking me all kinds of questions about last night while we were eating breakfast. Specifically about last night. She started to say something, looked over at you and then said something else entirely. But I’m pretty sure she wants to have sex with you.”

I just stared at her a few minutes longer. “What did you say to her?”

“I told her what you did that made me scream.” She just smiled and evil smile and turned to start walking away.

I was stunned to say the least. “I hope you know I didn’t say anything to her.”

“I know. Trust me, you earned quite a few points for that. But I’m pretty sure she’s going to ask to ‘borrow’ you.”

“And you know that how?”

“I heard her talking to Mary this morning before we got out of bed. She came up here hoping she’d hook up with you. I think Sean told Mary that you were single and Mary told Cheryl so that she’d come up here. She was apparently really sad when she found out about me and you.” And she just smiled again. “If I said yes, would you?”

I was being tested and she didn’t care if it was obvious or not. I took a chance. “Only if you gave me permission, but I’d rather save up for you.”

She had no response to that. Kaitlyn just kept walking. We ran into Sean and Mary at that point and headed to the register to pay. Kaitlyn didn’t say anything on the ride back to the campsite. We unloaded everything from the truck and refilled our coolers. Kaitlyn started to walk away and I followed her over to her tent. She turned around quickly and I almost walked right into her. Her eyes were glowing and she had a strange look on her face. “We’re not exclusive and ” I shut her up with a hard kiss right there. Her arms went around my neck and she kissed me back. When I pulled away from the kiss, there were tears in her eyes. “Good answer buster.” I kissed her again and we stayed like that for a while till I heard someone shout “Get a room guys”.

It was Al and he was just laughing. “Some of us are ready to head to the show. You guys coming?” We weren’t ready and told them we’d catch up at the show. Al just smiled and said “OK, see you guys over there.”

I gave her another kiss and started to walk away, but she still had my hand. “If she asks me nicely, I’m going to say go for it. And it’s not a test. But I’m heading back to school tomorrow night and won’t see you for a few weeks. If you want to mess around with her, that fine. But only if you give me details.” Then she smiled that damn smile, my dick got hard and she slipped inside her tent. What the hell did that mean?

I headed up to my tent to get things ready and when I backed out, Cheryl was standing there. She was wearing a summer dress that came to just above mid-thigh and hugged her tits and hips perfectly. It made me catch my breath. “Oh, I was just coming to see if you and Kaitlyn were coming yet.”

“No, I need a little more time. We’ll see you at the show.”

“OK” and she walked up to where the others were waiting.

By the time I had my pack ready, Kaitlyn was waiting for me. “That’s casino siteleri quite the dress Cheryl has on. Probably give you easy access to all the important parts.”

Kaitlyn had changed and was even more stunning then Cheryl. Her summer dress came down to her knees, but her tits were standing out from her chest magnificently. It was cut low enough to show a nice piece of cleavage and I just wanted to stuff my head between her tits. I dropped my pack and grabbed her, crushing her tits against my chest. Then I leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth. I reached down and grabbed her ass to pull it against my hardening dick. I suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt her smile against my mouth and my dick jumped again. “I expect to use the office again and thought this would make it easier for you.” Then she pulled away and sashayed away, her hips swinging back and forth. I grabbed my pack and ran after her.

I took her hand and stopped walking. “So, why do you want me to have sex with Cheryl?”

“Because I want to be there and watch.” I thought I was going to have to change my shorts. I could see her nipples get hard.

“Just watch?”

“Well, maybe more if she’s interested. If she asks, I’m going to tell her I want to be there.”

I couldn’t take anymore. I grabbed her hand and headed back to my tent. She tried to resist, but when I turned to look at her, she was smiling. Then we were both moving towards the tent. We barely got inside when she dropped to her knees, undid my shorts and pulled my dick out. It was already leaking pre-cum and she stuck out her tongue to lick it. I reached down, but she pushed my hands away and kept giving my head small licks. The whole time she was looking up at me. Then, when I didn’t think I could take anymore, she took the whole thing into her mouth. Her hands were now busy between her legs. She had her dress bunched up and her fingers were playing with her clit. It didn’t take long and I could see her pussy getting wetter. I tried to pull her up, but she didn’t move. Suddenly, her eyes closed and she stopped sucking for just a moment. I saw her body shutter and her fingers got wetter. Then she was sucking again and I couldn’t take anymore. I started shooting down her throat and she swallowed it all.

When I was finally done, she stood up and kissed me full on the lips. We kissed for a while longer and then headed out of the tent. “I knew I’d get to you. But don’t think this is the last you’ve heard about Cheryl from me. I like her. She seems really nice and if I’m going to share you, she’d be someone I’d be OK with.”

“Who said I wanted to be shared.”

“Nobody. And just so you know, I’m only going to let Cheryl have you if I’m able to watch or participate.”

“Interested in a little girl-on-girl?”

“Yes. One time in college I hooked up with my roommate and had a good time. It only happened once and we were both drunk as hell. But I’ve been thinking about it and since I’ve already done more this weekend then any other time, I figured I’d give this a try too.”

We walked up to the buses quietly. I was thinking about what she said. To be honest, I was definitely interested. I just wanted to make sure she was going to be cool with it. Plus, she was right. She was going to be gone for a month and then at the end of summer, gone again. I just wanted to make sure everything was going to be cool.

On the bus, we got seats today and just sat quietly holding hands. By the time we found our spot at the main stage, everyone had scattered, so Kaitlyn and I looked at the schedule and headed to our first show. She took out her phone and texted her friends to say we had arrived and to see where they were. I also did the same to my friends.

A couple of hours later we headed back to the main stage and found some of our group eating lunch. Kaitlyn and I pulled out a couple of sandwiches and drinks from the cooler and got comfortable. While we ate, Cheryl and Mary came over with some food from the food court. I noticed that Cheryl was quiet, but Mary was talking up a storm. “So when did you guys get here? Catch any of the shows yet?”

Kaitlyn caught her up on where we had been. There weren’t any bands either of us were interested in, so we just made ourselves comfortable on the blankets. I think I dozed for a bit because I suddenly stirred and realized I was alone. I just lay there for a while linger, soaking up the sun and music. I grabbed my phone and texted Kaitlyn to find out where she was. She was over at the lakeside stage so I grabbed my pack and headed that way. It took a while, but I found her, Cheryl and Mary. They shifted to give me some room as one of the top bands was playing and the area was packed. Kaitlyn actually sat between my legs as I leaned back against our two packs. Cheryl and Mary stood up to dance and in the process I got a sneak slot oyna peak up Cheryl’s skirt. I wasn’t totally sure, but I don’t think she was wearing panties. I looked down and saw that Kaitlyn was looking at me. “Get a nice show?”

I just smiled at her and closed my eyes to soak in the music. When the band finally ended their set, Mary got up and headed off to see another band she liked. Cheryl stayed with us since she liked the next band coming on. She sat back down facing Kaitlyn and me. I could see her nipples poking against the material of her dress, but tried not to stare. I just closed my eyes and soaked up some more sun. Then I heard the question I knew was coming. “Do you think I can borrow Johnny for a while?”

“Depends.” I opened my eyes and was just staring at them. I could feel the tension between them.

“On what?”

“If I can watch or even join in.” Cheryl’s eyes went wide. It was eerily quiet and I realized I was holding my breath.

“I’ve never done that or even thought about something like that.” They sat there staring at each other for a while. “Tell me what he did to you that made you scream last night.”

Kaitlyn thought about it for a minute. “We were 69ing and he was licking me, especially my clit. I was already getting close and he gave one hard suck on my clit. I exploded.”

Cheryl didn’t say anything. I was starting to feel like the meat caught between two hungry lions. Kaitlyn was still leaning back against me and I could feel her breathing and heartbeat faster. Cheryl had a strange look on her face, but I also noticed she was breathing somewhat harder and her nipples were straining against the material of her dress. Her hands were in her lap, clenching and unclenching her dress. Cheryl looked around real quick. “Why do you want to watch?”

“Because I want to see what it looks like in person. Let’s just call it a fantasy of mine.”

“There has to be a reason better then that.”

Kaitlyn paused before answering. “OK.” She sat up and looked around. “Let’s move further back from everyone.” We got up and moved to the back of the grassy area where nobody could hear us. I sat down and Kaitlyn took up her position between my legs, using me as the back of a lounge. Cheryl sat directly in front of us, legs crossed. “When I was in college I had a roommate that looked a lot like you. Tall, blond, blue eyes. The main difference was that she had bigger tits. They must have been D cups at least. And the guys flocked to her like ants to a picnic.” Cheryl frowned at that. Kaitlyn noticed and said “I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with yours, just that hers were bigger.”

“I’ve always wished they were bigger. My best friend in college had huge tits too and the guys followed her around like lost puppies.”

Kaitlyn said “I think you have perfect tits. I always thought hers were too big. What about you Johnny?” I didn’t say anything at first, but then they were both looking at me. I felt my cheeks get hot.

“I think they’re fantastic.”

“You’re just saying that. How can they compare to Kaitlyn’s. Hers are perfect.”

I was starting to get turned on and my dick was getting hard. Kaitlyn must have noticed because she shifted a little. “Do you want me to continue or talk about tits for a while. Johnny here seems to be enjoying it.”

Cheryl laughed. “No, go on with your story.”

“OK. Anyway, she was also a pretty big slut. She was watched really closely at home and now that she was free from her parents, she went crazy. Every night she’d be out late drinking and coming home in the middle of the night a total mess. Me on the other hand, only went out once in a while. I had my boyfriend from high school, but he was going to another college. We had been messing around a lot, especially during the summer and now I was really missing him. One night my roommate came back to our dorm room with this guy she had met that night. She tried to be quiet, but I’m guessing they were both drunk and stumbled over everything. I woke up, but acted like I was still asleep. I tried to keep my eyes closed, but I could hear them kissing and pulling each others clothes off. I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for about a month and was really horny. Listening to them go at each other was getting me hotter, so I opened my eyes. She was wearing just her bra and panties while he was down to just his underwear. There was enough light that I could see his bulge. She reached behind her and undid her bra, then dropped it onto the floor. He couldn’t help himself and just grabbed them. He then bent over and started to kiss her tits. By now, my pussy was on fire so I started to rub it through my pj’s bottoms. After a couple of minutes, she got down on her knees and pulled his dick out and started to suck. The quick look I got showed me that his dick wasn’t very big. Not that I had seen very many, but he was definitely canlı casino siteleri smaller then my boyfriend.”

She paused to take a drink. I could feel her heart racing. Cheryl seemed to be breathing heavy now too and I noticed her hands had moved closer to her pussy. Kaitlyn put her drink down and looked at Cheryl. Then she continued. “I watched her give the guy a blowjob for a while. I could hear her slurping away and the guy was moaning. But it almost sounded forced. He then grabbed her by her head and pulled her up. He pushed her panties down her legs and pushed her onto the bed. She was laying across her bed and I was able to see her pussy. It was soaking wet and glistening in the light from the window. By now my pussy was gushing and I was doing everything I could to be quiet, but it was getting tough. I actually had to stop to let myself calm down. The guy moved between his legs, pushed her knees apart and just stabbed into her pussy. She let out a scream and tried to push him off, but he just started to fuck her. I don’t even think he lasted 30 seconds. He grunted a couple of times and I could see his ass get tight, then he was done. He moved back and let her legs drop. I could see her pussy was wide open and his cum was leaking out of her. Then he got started to get dressed. She asked him where he was going and he just finished getting dressed and headed for the door. She tried to stop him, but he just left. She just lay there and started to cry. I got up and went over to her, but she pulled away from me. But I sat on her bed and eventually she got up and put a shirt on, then we sat there and spoke for a long time.”

Nobody said anything for a long time and then Kaitlyn said “Ever since that night, I’ve wanted to watch two people having sex. It got me so hot. I called my boyfriend and invited myself to see him that next weekend and we had crazy, wild sex for two days. Of course, then he broke up with me the next weekend saying it was too much being apart like. But I’ve wanted to watch ever since and now’s as good a chance as any to do that.”

Cheryl was just staring at Kaitlyn. “But why me with Johnny. Why not just watch some porn?”

“Because porn isn’t the same. I’ve tried that and it just doesn’t do it for me.”

“OK, but why me and Johnny.”

“Because I know what Johnny does to me and I also know he has a thing for you and you have a thing for him.”

It was quiet for a while longer. I kept my mouth shut, knowing anything that I said would be bad and probably put me into the doghouse. “Besides, like I said before, I’m leaving for school after tomorrow and won’t be back for a month. Then I’m home for a while before heading out of town again. I already decided I’m not going to make him wait for me, so maybe you two can get together. And why not start now. This way, everyone can be happy.”

I pushed Kaitlyn off my lap and turned her around. I could see that tears were starting to form. “You’re stupid, you know that? I’m not some male slut who can’t keep his dick in his pants.” She punched me in the shoulder and then started laughing. Cheryl was just staring at us, but didn’t say anything.

“Look Johnny, I’m not the type of girl that just goes around having sex with any guy I meet either. This weekend has been awesome and since I’m letting my hair down, I want to really go crazy. This is something I want and if Cheryl is willing to go along, let’s go for it.”

I stared into Kaitlyn’s eyes for a minute and decided she was being honest. Then we both looked at Cheryl. She pulled back a bit but then sat up straight. This didn’t help me as her tits really strained against her dress and her nipples were still standing out straight. The hem of her dress was also pulled up and I could almost see her crotch, but not quite. Kaitlyn leaned back against me again and one of her hands took mine and held it in front of her. She was in charge and wanted Cheryl to know it.

Finally, Cheryl spoke up. “Can I think about it for a bit?” She looked directly into my eyes. “I came up here to get laid and had heard you were single. It’s not like we would see each other back home and I guessed that we could have some fun. I didn’t expect someone else to beat me to you. But I also don’t know that I want to put on a show for someone. It was going to be hard enough for me, especially after that guy I told you about. It kind of made me feel self-conscious about myself.”

I finally decided to speak. “It’s not going to work out if there is too much pressure. Let’s just sit and listen to the next show and see where things go.” Kaitlyn had pulled away from me and they were both staring at me. Then they looked at each other and laughed.

Kaitlyn said, “That is not what I thought I’d hear from you.” And Cheryl piped in “Leave it to a man to be logical. But I think I have to agree with him.”

“Me too” Kaitlyn said.

The next band had just started and Kaitlyn moved to one side of me and Cheryl on the other. I just leaned back, closed my eyes and let the music flow over me. It’s going to be an interesting afternoon.

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