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Baby Girl and Naughty Boy Ch. 10

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Ch. 10 – Paul learns about Patty and her father

Warning: This is the tenth chapter in a long, sometimes slow, edgy and very kinky incest tale. Each chapter builds on previous chapters. This story contains topics such as small breast fetish, female and male domination/submission, cuckoldry, spanking, voyeurism, exhibitionism, cross-dressing, feminization, panty fetish, sissification, embarrassment/humiliation, masturbation, father/daughter, mother/son, and bi-sexuality. It is not intended to be a “Quick Read”, but rather a shocking and detailed look at the way two kinky people find each other, the way their relationship blossoms and the experiences they enjoy and endure.


As we left Angie’s Villa, Patty scooted over in the car and snuggled up next to me while I drove. Her arms were draped over my chest and she’d rested her head on my shoulder. We drove for a long time in total silence, not because there was any tension between us, but, because I think the events of the past few hours were worthy of reflection.

“I love you.” She murmured.

“I know,” I replied, “I love you, too.”

After a few minutes, Patty’s hand dropped to my lap and felt for my cock inside my pants. Once she found it, she rubbed it and once it got hard, she tilted her head up to me and said, “Thank You.”

“For what?” I replied.

“For today.” Patty answered. “For everything, I guess. For being open to going there, and for talking to Angie. For the present you gave me, which I’ll always cherish, and for being brave.”

“You mean for sucking that cock in front of you?” I questioned.

“Not just that, Paul.” She explained. “You showed a lot of courage today. You confronted your desires and your fears. You made some decisions and you took some actions. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how you were going to react to that man’s cock. It showed courage to suck him like you did, that’s all I’m saying.”

“To tell you the truth,” I replied, “I did it for several reasons.”

Patty sat up and wiggled herself back into her car seat and asked me why I did it – why I sucked his cock and let him cum in my mouth. I answered her honestly, telling her I’d envisioned myself sucking a real cock many times before, and I wanted to see if my image of it was close to reality. Then, I told her I did it to prove to myself I could actually do it – if she ever ordered me to suck a man when I was in my Sissy role. Additionally, I added, I did it for her.

“Why for me?” She asked in reply.

“Because I knew it would turn you on.” I answered. “I wanted to show you I was willing to do it purely for your excitement…. if you ever wanted me to.”

“You mean,” Patty questioned, “you would suck a cock just for my enjoyment?”

“Uh huh.” I replied, nodding my head up and down.

“Like who?” Patty asked.

“Anyone you asked me to.” I answered. “That Fred guy…. or maybe someone else you wanted to see me suck.” Then before I could catch myself, I added, “I’d even suck your father if you wanted me to.”

Patty just about froze in her seat. Her eyes were trained on me, looking at me intensely. “Uh,” she stuttered, asking “why my father? Why would you say that?”

“Baby,” I replied, reaching for her hand, “I’m not insinuating anything, so don’t take me wrong. But, I know he’s the most influential person in your life. I was just making a point in saying that’s how far I’d go – if you wanted me to, I’d even suck your father off. That’s how much I love you.”

“I see.” Patty said, looking at me. Then, she smiled and giggled, warning me saying, “I might like to see that, you know, so you better watch it, you Naughty Boy. I can just see it now….. the two men I love most in the whole world loving each other….. yeah, I think I could go for that!”

Patty lifted her skirt and shifted in her seat to face me, opening her legs up. Then, leaning back against the door the way she did in the mall parking lot the day of our first date, she began to stroke her fingers up and down the crease in her panties. I had to keep my eyes on the road while I drove, but, I was able to steal glances at her while she touched herself.

“So, tell me, Sissy,” she said slyly, “if I asked you to suck Daddy, would you follow my orders immediately? Go right up to him and get down on your knees like a good Sissy?”

Playing along with her, I told her I would do it without any delay at all.

“And would you unzip Daddy’s pants and his cock out?” She asked.

“Of course.” I replied briskly. “Isn’t that what a good Sissy is supposed to do?”

“And then you’d take Daddy’s cock in your hands to rub it and kiss it so it gets hard?” She pressed.

“Uh huh.” I answered. “You could stand there and tell me what to do and I’d do it. You’d be so pleased with me, Patty.”

Patty’s fingers dipped inside her panties and she began rubbing her slit up and down. I love watching her masturbate – it’s so graphic and so visual and she’s always so good about letting me watch.

“Then you’d suck him and let him cum in your mouth?” She asked, now starting to pant as she şişli bayan escort touched herself inside her panties.

“Oh, you wouldn’t get off that easy!” I exclaimed. “If I’m going to suck your father off, I think the least you can do is hold his cock and guide it into my mouth. You could do that, couldn’t you?”

“What makes you think I’d want to touch Daddy’s cock?” Patty asked, her hand now digging deep inside her panties, rubbing twice as fast as she was just a few moments ago.

“I didn’t say you wanted to,” I clarified, “I only said that if you wanted me to suck your father’s cock, it shouldn’t be too much to ask for you to participate in some way.”

“So, let’s just say I would do that,” Patty continued speaking, between her choppy breaths, “then you’d take over, suck him and let him cum in your mouth?”

I probably should have gone along with her little fantasy and said, “Yes.” But, I thought I’d throw something new into the mix – just to see how she’d react to it. And so, instead of answering her, I asked, “I guess I’d have to know if he had a big cock or a small cock. I might have to go slower if your father has a big cock, but maybe I could take him all at once if he was on the smaller side.”

The expression on Patty’s face changed, and her eyes flickered in time with her fingers strumming her pussy. “Oh, God! I’m so close.”

I kept on her as she masturbated herself, asking, “Is his cock smaller or larger than the one I sucked today?”

Patty’s head was tilted back and her eyes were closed. She’d moved her free hand down to her crotch and was holding her panties away from her pussy so I could see what she was doing to herself. Without looking at me, and without slowing down, she moaned, “Smaller…… Daddy is smaller than the cock you sucked today.”

Now, the cock I sucked at Angie’s earlier in the day was a little smaller, and not as thick as mine, so with Patty’s answer, I learned two things. First, she knew how big her father’s cock was. Additionally, it was clear that his cock was smaller than mine.

“Then I guess I could suck him right down.” I replied. “I’d try to swallow your Daddy’s cock at the way down, Sweetheart. I’d lick and suck his pole while you watched me…… standing right there next to me. I’d play with him and look up at you while I sucked on his cock head, making sure you could see me taking his meat in my mouth. Then, when he was ready to cum, I’d pull him out and let you jack him off into my mouth.”

Patty’s fingers were rubbing her clit about as fast as I’d ever seen her do it. Her eyes were rolled back and she was thrusting her pelvis up and down while she touched herself. I was sure she was about to go over the edge by the time I looked over at her again. Patty’s head started twisting from side to side and her breathing was ragged. “Would you do that, Baby?” I asked. “Would you jack your Daddy’s cock into my mouth?”

I glanced at the road quickly and then back at Patty. Her eyes shot open and I could see the dilemma in her eyes – whether to answer me or not. She was squinting and huffing and puffing, but she managed to whisper her answer, saying, “Yes, yes, yes….” Then Patty’s hands froze for a minute, and as I glanced down at her crotch, a flood of liquid totally overflowed her panties and dribbled out on the car seat. At the same time, Patty let out a lungful of air and groaned so loud, I almost thought she hurt herself. But, I knew better – I’d seen videos of this on the internet. Patty had squirted….. as in female ejaculation.

“Fuck!” I said to myself. “I’ve never seen her do that before!”

I’d seen Patty have some mighty strong orgasms, but, this was the first time I’d ever seen her flood her panties like this. There wasn’t a huge spewing shower or anything like that, but, she definitely shot out enough to completely saturate herself and create a dark spot on the fabric of the car seat that was at least six inches in diameter. She’d actually ejaculated! I was so mesmerized watching her I almost ran off the road.

I tried to pay attention to my driving while Patty recuperated as she sat in the car next to me. She’d regained her breath and calmed down in a few minutes, even though her face was red and she looked horribly embarrassed. But, I was excited and enthralled over what I’d seen.

“Damn,” I said, “that must have been one hell of a cum.”

“I’m so embarrassed!” Patty exclaimed. “Look at your seat! It’s drenched!”

I told her it was okay and not to worry about it, and then I told her I’d like to see her do it again. “It’s only happened a few times.” Patty told me, explaining that she’d flooded herself like this only three times before. I could tell she really was embarrassed, but I tried to put her at ease as best I could. “Do you think it happened because you were so turned on about me sucking your father’s cock?”

“We probably shouldn’t be talking about Daddy’s penis, Paul.” Patty quipped. “But, yeah….. it definitely turned me on. I got this vision of you down on your knees with your mouth open as I fed him to you – it was so vivid.”

“Tell şişli escort me the truth.” I asked her. “Would you like to see me suck your father off?”

Patty looked away from me at first. But when I reached out, rubbed her arm lovingly and asked her again, she turned her face back to mine and simply nodded her head up and down. I decided to drop it for now. I knew better – Patty was very protective of her father and seldom said anything that wasn’t perfectly representative of a wonderful father.

After a while, Patty straightened herself in the seat and looked at me for a moment. Then a second or two later, she asked, “Can we go to your place? Maybe Daddy will let me spend the night. I don’t want us to be apart tonight.”

PJ hardly ever let Patty stay over night with me. He’d given his permission only half the times she’d asked – maybe once every three or four months, at the most. So, for her to bring it up, I knew it was a special occasion in her mind. I knew we had some things to discuss now – the visit to Angie’s villa, and the things I did there. It created a whole new set of questions that needed to be answered and points that needed to be clarified.

Now, one would think I’d be a little self conscious after the events at Angie’s. I shook my head back and forth when I thought about what I’d done there – how I admitted I was a Sissy; the way I sucked that man’s cock, allowed my own cock and balls to be bound and chained tightly to the floor….. and, oh yes, how I admitted I was bisexual to my girl friend.

But, I wasn’t really self conscious at all. I was aware that something changed, though. I could feel it inside myself, and I could feel it between us. There was something strange there now, something that wasn’t there before. So, as we drove closer and closer to my place, I thought about everything that happened at Angie’s Villa as Patty moved over and snuggled her petite body up against mine.

When we got to my place, we ordered Pizza and ate it on the floor of the living room, stretched out next to each other, until Patty suggested we go jump in bed and talk until we fell asleep. “Come on,” Patty urged, “I’ll let you play with the panties I was wearing today.” She added, “I know you’ll enjoy that.” Then she pulled me to my feet and walked me to my bedroom.

When I suggested a shower, she hugged me and asked if we could just get in bed like we were. “Do you mind if we skip the shower?” Patty asked. “To tell you the truth, I’d actually prefer to just go get in bed. I kind of like the way you smell, Naughty Boy. You smell very sexual right now and it kind of turns me on. Is that okay?”

I laughed and said it was fine with me, and then I went to the closet to pull out one of the Baby Doll nightgowns she bought me. Seeing what I was doing, Patty immediately shook her head. “No, Paul. I don’t want my Sissy tonight.” Patty cooed. “I want my big strong man to hold me in his arms tonight. Don’t be disappointed, Baby. I’ll let you be my Sissy tomorrow.”

I stepped over to her and put my hands under her shirt to feel my Angel’s tiny breast buds. She melted into me when she felt my touch, thrusting her chest into my hands as I held her breasts tenderly in my finger tips. I silently thanked God again for Patty – for letting me find her and letting her be mine.

I rubbed her nipples with my fingertips and felt them rise up. Then, holding her tiny nipples between my thumb and first finger, I kissed her. She gasped into my mouth as our tongues met and we stayed locked together like that until I broke the kiss and whispered into her ear for her to take her shirt off. As soon as I said it, she whisked her shirt over her head and I looked at her heavenly little A-Cups and thanked God one more time as I bent down to enclose my lips around her tiny boob. I sucked each of her little ones, changing from side to side, giving each of Patty’s dainty tits equal attention.

“You’ll never understand how much I love these.” I said to Patty, as I sucked and kissed her little breasts.

“You know I love it when you say things like that, Sweetheart.” She whispered to me. “And I love it when my teeny boobs get you all excited like this.”

While I nursed at her nips, her hands went to the waist of her skirt, unfastened the clasp and let it fall to her feet. Then, she unceremoniously pushed her panties down and wiggled them down to her ankles. “I feel so good when I’m naked with you.” She whispered up to me.

Placing her hands on my head, she gently pushed me away and bent down to step out of her clothes and pick up her panties. “I think I promised these to you today.” Patty said, with a grin on her face. She knew how much I coveted her panties and she knew I wouldn’t forget she’d promised them to me. She also knew that the combination of her panties and being able to see her little pink A-Cups would drive me to the point of almost total melt down and submission. And, you know, Patty never kept either from me – she was very willing to indulge all the facets of my panty fetish and my small breast fetish.

She dangled her panties from mecidiyeköy escort her fingers, swinging them back and forth as she smiled. “They’re really wet, Paul.” She teased. “You remember how wet they were when I let you smell them at Angie’s? When your cock was buried deep inside Rosy and she was squeezing your cock with her pussy?”

I reached out to take the panties from her, but she pulled her hand back and said, “Oh no! Not so fast. You’re not getting these that easy!” Patty grinned at me and held the panties to her own nose and took a deep breath. “Hmm,” she gasped, “You’re going to have to earn them, Baby.”

“How do I do that?” I answered, playing along with her little game.

“Well, by telling me you love me, silly.” She replied.

“Patty, I’ve told you that a thousand times. Would I have done that if I didn’t really love you?” I asked.

“Well,” Patty posed, “we’re you loving me when your cock was inside Rosy’s pussy?” She asked, and then added, “It sure looked like you were enjoying being inside her.”

Then she continued, saying, “And were you loving me when you came inside her, and when you were on your knees with your head between her legs, cleaning up your cum from her pussy?” Patty asked.

“Of course, I was.” I answered. “You and Angie made me do those things, remember? But, it sounds to me like you might be a little jealous.”

“And did we make you lick that man’s balls and suck his cock, too?” Patty asked as she smiled mischievously at me, twirling her panties around her finger. “We didn’t make you do that, Naughty Boy, and I could tell you enjoyed the hell out of it.”

“I think you enjoyed it as much as I did.” I replied. “Didn’t I see you with your hands between your legs rooting me on while you made yourself cum?”

“Yeah, maybe I remember something like that.” Patty said with a sly grin. “And maybe I was a little jealous watching you have so much fun between Rosy’s legs.”

I moved into Patty and put my arms around her. She tucked her head into my chest and took a deep breath. “Paul, I felt so vulnerable watching you with them. It’s just that….. I know you must miss having real sex – like you did with Rosy…. putting your cock inside a pussy. And I saw how much you enjoyed having a real cock in your mouth. It just made me feel a little inadequate. You know….. not being able to please you like they were.”

I heard Patty’s words and the tone in her voice, and I knew I had to say something meaningful to her – something that would make her understand how much I lover her and how much I needed her.

“Baby,” I said, looking into her eyes and holding her hands against my chest, “those things you saw me do, I did them for us – for the two of us, together. You told me to put my cock in that woman, and I did….. because you told me to. And that cock, that was for us, too. It was for my Mommy and her Sissy. I would have never done those things without you there and without your telling me to.”

“I know, Paul.” Patty lamented. “I just worry because I can’t really take care of you and satisfy you like a woman should.”

“I can think of two things you can do right now that would fully satisfy me and make me the happiest man in the world.” I replied.

“And they are?” Patty asked.

“First,” I answered, “tell me you’ll be my Mommy and teach me to be the Sissy you want me to be, Patty. I promise I’ll be a good Sissy and I’ll make you proud of me.”

“Oh, Sweetheart!” Patty sighed. “Yes, I can do that.” She replied. “What’s the second thing?”

I kissed Patty’s hands as I held them and looked deeply into her eyes. “Tell me you’ll marry me, Patty. I know you love me and you know I love you. Just say you’ll marry me.”

The smile left her face and Patty looked at me solemnly. I saw tears begin to fill her eyes and when they started to roll down her face, I knew I’d asked too much of her. This wasn’t the right time to ask her that question again – I don’t know why she would say ‘Yes’ now after all the times she’d said ‘No’ before. But this time, instead of coming up with a quick line to change the subject or joke it off, she cried. And, I mean she really cried. Patty was sobbing as I held her.

“Paul….” she started to say. But, I placed my finger to her lips and shook my head. “When you’re ready, you’ll say ‘Yes’.” I said to her. “Until then, I’ll wait.”

I reached down and lifted Patty’s hand containing her panties to my nose and took a deep breath. Reaching down behind her, I cupped the cheeks of her ass in my hands and pulled them apart until she spread her legs as we stood together. Then, as I lifted her, she wrapped her legs around my waist and we stood like that, hugging and kissing while she held her panties to my face.

After a few minutes, she pushed against my chest and I set her down on her feet and she went to work undressing me. She dropped my shirt on the floor after she’d unbuttoned it, followed by the bra I wore to Angie’s, then her hands went right to my pants. Patty let my pants drop to the floor and she kneeled in front of me, nuzzling her face into my panties. “Hmm,” she sighed, “you smell like Rosy’s pussy down here.” Smiling as she looked up into my eyes, she put her fingers into the waistband of the silky bridal panties I wore to Angie’s and slowly pulled them down to my knees.

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