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Awakening Passion

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“When you open for me, I want you to open completely.” His voice brushed over her entire body like a wave of warm caresses.

Sara felt the weight of him pressing beside her in the bed. His hand was caressing the increasing wetness between her thighs in a tender determined manner. It had been so long since she felt pleasure that until he spoke those words she had forgotten to breathe. She did so now. A sharp ragged breath that pushed out as her back arched and his finger slide into her; deep inside the part that throbbed and ached the most to be filled.

She slid her body down into the touch, long legs curling instinctively, fingers twisting in the fitted sheet on the edge of the bed. She was nervous. Afraid to give in too much to this sensation but wanting to finally lose control. Control saved emotions. Schooled emotions saved hearts from breaking. It was how she got here in the first place. She needed something to sooth the broken feeling inside of her.

“Sara look at me. I want to watch our eyes.” Soft kisses followed words. Alex’s lips were soft and warm against her face. He kissed her jaw, her cheek, then claimed her mouth for an intense moment.

Alex pulled away, raising himself up on his elbow and waited for the hazel eyes to open for him. He loved the emotions rolling over her face. He loved knowing he was the reason those emotions were there. His thumb pressed into her folds against her little bud and her perfect round mouth made a perfect little “o” as those eyes flew open to lock onto his own.

He was lost in their openness. There was a passion there that longed to be free. He could see it and he knew she had held it inside of her for a long time. It would take tenderness to make her give in, and trust to make her bold. He wanted her bold. Strong and secure to know that her passionate nature could be free with him.

Her breathing was becoming ragged and louder as his casino siteleri fingers continued their movements. Her wetness slid down his fingers making passage easier. Thoughts of tasting her filled his mind, but he would miss looking into those eyes. The windows to the soul were the focus for this night.

Sara watched his face. He smiled his crooked smile as her body responded more to his touch. The sounds in the hotel hallway of people finding their rooms became background noise. She focused on the sounds of their laughter, the smell of stale smoke in the room and then there was his eyes. He was like an intense drink that had to be watered down by distractions or he became too much. Touch something real, she thought to herself, her hand holding into the sheet, she felt the band of the ring on her pinky finger. Watching her face she decided the dream was better. Her other hand found his face and pulled him down to her to kiss again.

He felt the change in her. Her tongue sliding out to flick at his lips then sliding in deeper to his mouth. She tasted like like the wine they had had downstairs with dinner, and something unique of her own that he couldn’t name.

Kisses became more demanding, and his hand pulled away to support his weight as he moved to press himself between her thighs. She welcomed his weight. It felt so good to be pressed down into the bed by a solid body. Her hands came shyly up to Alex’s upper arms and ran over the muscles there. Now it was her turn to smile. With his head buried into the hollow of her neck she allowed herself this private moment. Alex worked a great deal outside and his body showed it. Shy fingers slide down his back feeling his body, learning him.

Alex propped himself on one elbow and let his hand cover one of her large breasts. The nipple hardened between the splay of his fingers and he squeezed harder into the flesh.

Sara arched under him, she slot oyna could feel his hardness pressed against her thigh. Hot, throbbing, and jerking between the two of their bodies. She wanted nothing more than to have him inside.

This he felt too. He leaned up to kneel between her legs, grabbed her hips and pressed himself deep inside.

The feel was tight for a moment. He was thick and it had been a long time. When his length filled her completely her senses took over. She remembered this pleasure, it was somewhat similar to the saying about riding a bike.

In this case, the bike was more like a motorcycle. Alex’s calm reserve had been lost in this moment. He pulled her hips tight to him, looped one of her legs over his arm and began thrusting hard deep. Each stroke brought forth intense sensations that Sara did not want to end. Each time he thrust she gripped him inside of her.

Now his breath became ragged. He watched her face, the little “o’s” were becoming more intense and matching his strokes. Little moans came soon making him move faster. There was an intensity in the moment that he wanted to preserve but the sensation was too strong to allow him to slow down.

When Sara moved with him, she could feel the friction of their bodies against her folds heightening the sensation. She cried out and moved as hard against him as she could.

Alex was surprised at this shift in her. It made him want to dominate the moment. “That’s it baby,” he growled as he pinned her hands above her head and began a stronger pace.

Sara’s legs wrapped around his thighs. She loved the feeling of being held, of losing control. It made it easier to enjoy the moment when she felt he had taken over.

Lips touched, teeth grazed skin, release was close for her. There was a sensation that was close to the moment of release but never quiet there. Sara moaned into Alex’s shoulder not sure what to do canlı casino siteleri to achieve the release she needed so much. Her body was coming close to one single intense moment there just needed to be the one last push.

This came when Alex slid a hand down to press against her clit as he continued to work her pussy hard. His fingers slid against her throbbing clit, and Sara shuddered hard before crying out with all of her might. Her body tightened around him as his fingers moved faster.

Alex watched her face explode to life and felt her release as he continued to move inside of her. The intensity of her orgasm was maddening. He coudln’t get enough of her. His hand slid free of her mound and he pressed his fingers wet from her pussy against her lips. She took his two fingers into her mouth, sucking her jices free of them in rhythm with the strokes of his cock. This encouraged his own release and his cock swelled to his final moment before he came to his own moment.

Falling beside her, he cradled her face and watched the emotions roll by as she came down from her moment. The release and the passion had changed her. Those eyes were bright, more alert, and to his pleasure hungry.

She smiled at him, and his heart leapt in his chest, that smile was his from now own. As well as that passion that was coming to the surface in her eyes.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

“Everything,” she answered.

Her mouth found his again for a kiss. This one was more firm than passionate.

“Everything?” he laughed as he fell back onto the bed.

Sara followed him there, sliding easily astride him. She sat up and examined his broad chest, shifted to learn the feel of mounting him. There were so many things that she wanted to try.

Her hair fell down over her face, and her breast swayed forward as she leaned down to kiss him again. She liked they way they fit together. “Everything,” she said again. She nipped his chin with her teeth. She could feel him growing hard again against the cheeks of her round ass. She snuggled her body closer to his and smiled. “I think we should try this one more time.”

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