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Avery and Lilly

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I would like to apologize to my readers for the long gaps in between stories. Unfortunately, I am very busy but I’ll keep working on them when I can. As always, message me with any story ideas you’d like to see me try.

This story has a bit of group sex and an open relationship in it. The actual incest doesn’t happen until the very end. All characters are 18+, enjoy!


“Girls, your mother and I are going away for the weekend. There is money on the counter for food. No Parties! See you guys monday, mom and dad.” Lilly reads outloud, putting the note down on the table.

Her 21 year old sister, Avery, glances over at the table and nods in the direction of the money, “There it is.” Avery is a pretty young woman, with dark, wavy hair, a toned body, medium sized c-cup breasts, long sexy legs and eyes that could light up a room.

Lilly, was built in a similar manner as her older sister. But she was only 18, had straight brown hair and was a smaller b-cup. “So what are we going to do for food this weekend?” She asks.

Avery looks her over from head to toe, “Let’s just think about that later. I’m going to call my boyfriend and see what he’s up to.”

“Mom said no parties!”

“The two of us aren’t going to be much of a party!” Avery calls over her shoulder as she makes her way up the stairs and into her bedroom. “But if he brings a friend, Lilly might have a better time…” Avery mumbles to herself. She scrolls through her phone and quickly finds her boyfriends phone number.

“Hey baby, what’s up?” Asks the voice of Joe, her boyfriend.

“Not much… actually, that’s why I’m calling. My parents went away for the weekend so it’s just Lilly and I in the house…”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“It depends on if you think fucking me all weekend is going to be amazing then we are.”

“I’ll be over tonight!”

“Wait, I need to ask a favor from you.”


Avery hesitates before she speaks, “Can you… bring a guy for Lilly? She’s only been with her ex-boyfriend and I want her to head off to college with a bit of… experience.”

Joe chuckles, “You got it baby. I’ll see you in a bit.”

“See you.” Avery says, hanging up the phone and going to look for her little sister. She finds Lilly lying on the couch, watching T.V.

“Hey, I’m going to the liquor store, you want anything?”

“Yeah, just a few spiked seltzers… wait, you never buy me alcohol unless something up.”

Avery shrugs, “Maybe I’m having my boyfriend and one of his hot friends over for the weekend…”

“Ew! I’ve seen enough porn to know what that means. I’m going to Lauren’s house then.”

“Lilly… I’m not going to have sex with two guys at once. His one friend just really wanted to meet you. And you haven’t been on a date in a while. I figured it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Just the four of us hanging out and having a good time.”

Lilly sighs, “I’ll give it a chance. But any more than two guys and I’m calling mom and dad.”

Avery nods, “You still want those spiked seltzers then?” Lilly nods, already mentally picking out her outfit for later.


Joe smiles to himself as he calls his friend Tom. He brushes a strand of his sand-colored hair out of his face and presses dial. Joe is about 6′ 2″ and athletic. He played basketball in high school and went to college with Avery now. His deep blue eyes attracted many women, but Avery was the one who was able to win him over. “Hey man, you doing anything this weekend?”

“Ummm… I dont think so. Why?”

“Avery is having us over tonight.”

“Just me and you? I’m not spending my friday night as the third wheel for you two.”

“That’s the thing. Her younger sister is going to be there. And she is pretty hot! And did I mention she’s single?”

“Alright. I’ll go. Can you give me a ride? My car is still getting fixed.”

“Yeah man, I’ll pick you up in a bit. Oh, and bring a bathing suit. Those girls have a pool and will probably be using it.” About an hour later Joe pulls up outside of Tom’s house. Tom makes his way out, taking his time to fix his short dark hair. Tom is a bit shorter than Joe, but spends a lot of time at the gym. They had been friends for years and did a lot together.

“Thanks for the ride.” Tom says, hopping into the doorless jeep.

“No problem man.” Joe says beginning to drive over to Avery’s. His heart pounds in his chest as he drives, building up the nerve to ask the question that’s been on his mind ever since he talked to Avery. “So… you remember what I said about Lilly?”

“Lilly is Avery’s sister?”


“If your backing out of that I want a ride home.”

Joe shakes his head, “No, It’s not that. I just want to… propose something to you. If you let me hook up with Lilly you can hook up with Avery.”

Tom laughs, “That’s a good… wait… your serious?”

“Yeah. Lilly is sexy and I’ve fantasized about fucking her ever since I started seeing Avery.”

“Won’t it be a bit weird? Mersin Eskort

If not for you and me, for you and Avery?”

“I know Avery is buying alcohol and I’m bringing enough for us, so… I’m kind of hoping this ends up as a truth or dare kind of deal and one thing leads to another.”

Tom sighs, “I guess. If that’s what you really want to do.”

“Thanks man! If this works out, I owe you big time!”

“You will.” Tom agrees.


The two pull up outside of Avery’s house and get out of the car. “Are you sure you want to try this?”

Joe nods, “Yeah, let’s just play this cool and if my plan doesn’t work, then you still might get to hook up with Lilly.” Tom nods, unsure of this plan working. Joe knocks on the door and Avery opens it. She is wearing a black bikini top that shows off plenty of cleavage and matching bottoms.

“How are you guys?” She asks, hugging Tom, before leaning in to kiss Joe.

“Good, you?” Tom asks.

“I’m good. I think Lilly is a bit nervous to meet you but she’ll get over that soon enough.” Tom nods and steps inside, with Joe following him. “It’s really hot out, how about you guys go to the pool and Lilly and I will be out in a minute.”

Joe smiles, “Sounds good! Come on Tom.” The two make their way outside while Avery climbs the stairs and knocks on Lilly’s door.

“Yes?” Her sister’s voice replies, muffled slightly by the wood.

“The boys are here. And Joe brought a really hot friend for you…” Lilly opens the door and stands before her sister in her bikini. Her breasts are cupped by a sea green top, held together with a silver ring, exposing the insides of her breasts to anyone who got close to her. Her bikini bottoms are tight enough to show off her mound through the thin material. “Damn, you look good!”

Lilly smiles, “Thank you! I wanted to look sexy for whoever the guy is… but not slutty. You know?”

Avery smiles, “Sexy is a good thing to be… but sometimes it’s fun to be a slut. Come on… let’s not keep those guys waiting.”


Lilly has more fun with Joe, Tom and Avery than she thought she would. The four of them drink, talk and get to know each other. As it begins to get dark, Joe starts to put his plan in motion. “Hey guys… let’s play truth or dare.”

Avery shrugs, “I’m not sure…don’t you think that’s kind of childish?”

Joe nods, “Yeah, but Lilly is going off to college and will probably play games like this there.”

“Come on Avery… let’s play!” Lilly begs.

Avery sighs, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Joe smiles, “Good! I’ll start. Truth or dare Avery?”


“How many guys have you been with?”

Avery rolls her eyes at Joe. “Seven.” She says, glancing at Lilly and blushing.

“Tom, you go now…”

“Avery, truth or dare?” He asks, taking his arm from around Lilly.


“I dare you to… kiss me.” Avery glances at Joe, who just shrugs. She leans in and the two kiss on the lips before she pulls away. “Your turn Lilly.”

Lilly looks around, “Joe… truth or dare.”


“Is my sister good?”

Joe pretends to think, “Very.” He says, leaning over and kissing her on the cheek.

“My turn… Lilly!” Avery says, wanting to get back at her younger sister.

“Dare.” Lilly says, giggling.

“I dare you to take your top off and run around the pool.” Lilly takes a sip of her drink for courage. She gets out of the water and puts her hands on the back of her top. After fumbling with it for a second, she looks at Avery, her hands being the only thing holding it in place. “Go.” Lilly drops her top, revealing her small breasts, each one topped with a hard, pink nipple. She runs around the pool, giggling and using her arms to cover herself up. Tom and Joe both watch with interest as she grabs her top and hops back in the water, putting it back on.

“My turn… Tom, truth or dare?” Joe asks.


“Which girl here is hotter? And no cop out answers either.”

Tom looks nervously between Lilly and Avery. “Your both sexy but I’m going to have to go with… Avery. Just because I like curly hair more.” He says, before leaning in and putting his arm around Lilly once again. She makes no effort to stop him. “Truth or dare Lilly?”

“Dare.” She say, with a grin.

Tom thinks for a second, “I dare you to make out with Joe.”

“What the hell?” Avery asks, sounding exasperated.

“It’s just a game.” Tom says with a shrug. Avery rolls her eyes but motions for them to continue. Joe and Lilly get close and lean in. Joe grabs the back of Lilly’s head and scrunches up some of her hair as the two begin to passionately kiss. Lilly’s hand begins to rub up and down his well muscled chest. They part after a moment and stare at each other.

“My turn.” Lilly says quietly. “Avery.”

“Dare.” She says.

“I dare you to let Tom feel you up.” Avery shakes her head as a small smile appears on her lips.

With a sideways glance at Joe, she says, “Alright Tom… Mersin Escort Bayan feel me up!” She says getting close to him. Joe and Lilly watch as Tom’s hands begin to feel Avery’s shapely breasts before one slowly traces its way down her toned stomach. Soon, their lips touch. Joe inches close to Lilly and whispers. “Come on, let’s head inside.”

The two creep out of the pool, wrap themselves in towels and head into the house. “So now what?” Lilly asks. “Your just going to let your friend feel up my sister… your girlfriend?”

Joe shrugs, “I’m alone with another very sexy woman, so I think we’re even.”

“What do you mean?” Lilly asks. Joe answers by pulling her close to him and kissing her on the lips. His hands wander down her back and caress her ass, gently squeezing it. They part and Lilly’s heart pounds in her chest. “I just feel so bad… your dating my sister.”

Joe smiles and motions out the glass door. Lilly follows his nod and sees Avery and Tom passionately kissing while Tom’s hand slips down into her bottoms. “Don’t… let’s go have some fun.”

Lilly smiles at him, “Follow me to my room.” She says, leading him up the stairs. She tosses her towel to the side and tugs up her panties, so her ass completely swallows them. She glances over her shoulder at Joe to make sure she is still following. She slowly opens the door to her room and Joe enters. Lilly closes the door behind her and is immediately pressed against the wall by Joe. The two begin to passionately kiss. Joe’s tongue slips past her lips and into her mouth. Lilly’s hands slowly feel their way down Joe’s chest, stopping at his waistband.

Lilly pulls away from him and smiles, “It feels like you’ve wanted this for a long time…”

“I have.” Joe says, kissing her once again. His hands start to feel her breasts, and hard nipples through the thin cloth. Lilly lets her hand wander lower, slipping into Joe’s pants and grasping his hard cock.

She pulls away, “Your huge!” She says, looking down at the bulge in wonder.

Joe undoes her top and lets it fall to the floor. “And your sexy.” He says, grabbing her hand and leading her over to the bed. Lilly lies back on the bed and the two begin to kiss once again. After a moment, Joe’s hand slides down Lilly’s flat stomach and cups her pussy through the bottoms. He begins to trace up and down through the material, feeling Lilly’s pussy begin to grow wet. He pulls away from her mouth and begins to kiss his way down her neck, stopping to suck on her nipples.

Lilly sighs with pleasure. “Go lower…” She pleads, enjoying the sensation of his fingers. Joe smiles up at her and starts to kiss his way down her toned stomach. He stops when he gets to just below her bellybutton. Lilly picks up her hips and Joe slides her bikini bottoms down her legs. Lilly’s bald pussy is before him. Her puffy outer lips completely hide her soft inner folds.

With his fingers, Joe spreads her lips and tentatively rubs her clit. Lilly shudders at his touch. Joe slowly lowers his mouth to her pussy, smelling her sweet musk. He tentatively licks the length of her slit. Then he clamps his mouth down and begins to lap greedily at her pussy. Lilly’s soft moans begin to fill the air. “Oh god… just like that…” she begs. Joe continues to lap at her slit and Lilly’s moans become louder and louder. He starts to just lap at her swollen clit, starting to finger her.

“I’m close…” Lilly sighs. Joe slips two fingers into her wet pussy, slowly pumping them in and out. “Fuck… keep doing that…” Her moans quickly reach a pitch as she cries out, “Yes, yes, yes!” her body starts to tremble as her pussy spasms around Joe’s fingers. Joe watches the sexy young woman ride out her orgasm. She really does look alot like Avery… He thinks, feeling a momentary pang of guilt before focusing back on the moment.

Lilly looks up at him, her eyes burning with lust. “Take a step back.” She says, dropping down to her knees. Joe does as Lilly tells him and she quickly undoes his bathing suit. His erect cock pops out and points directly at her face. She grasps the base and slowly strokes his length, before she takes the tip into her mouth. She starts to bob her head up and down, mostly working the tip of the large cock before her. She looks up into Joe’s eyes as she does so.

Fuck, this is big… She thinks, continuing to work. Finally, she pulls away from his member with a gasp. She strokes th base as her spit covers the top half of it.

“You ready?” Joe asks.

Lilly kneels before him, thinking for a moment. He is dating Avery… but she is kind of busy with Tom right now… “Yes.” She answers after a minute. She climbs back up on the bed and spreads her legs wide, rubbing her clit as Joe walks over, his cock swinging from side to side. “Just go slow…”

“Of course.” Joe says, rubbing the head of his cock over the entrance to Lilly’s slit. Her warm and wet entrance feels so inviting. After coating his length with her juices, he gently pushes the head of his cock into her entrance. Lilly gasps with pleasure.

Joe Mersin Escort starts to slowly pump in and out of the young woman. Her pussy lips tightly grip his cock. He manages to get over half his length into her on the first thrust. “Fuck… that’s so big…” Lilly groans as his member slides out of her.

“Avery says the same thing.” He replies, sliding forward, deeper into her tight pussy. Lilly looks down her body at the massive cock spearing her over and over again. Quickly finding her clit, she begins to gently rub it as she gets used to Joe’s length. Encouraged by her motions, Joe picks up the pace slightly, steadily pumping in and out of Lilly, finally sinking his cock completely into her.

“Shit… that’s so good…” Lilly moans, lying back against the bed, enjoying the sensation of being filled. Joe gropes her breasts with one hand while still thrusting in and out of the young woman.

“You should get on top.” Joe says, sliding his cock out of Lilly. His member glistens with her juices. Lilly nods and gets on her knees, tying her hair back in a loose ponytail as Joe lies on his back. Lilly grabs the base of his cock and once again begins to suck on it, tasting her juices off of his member. She smiles up at him and wipes some saliva off of her chin as she gets on her knees and straddles Joe.

Planting one hand on his chest, Lilly uses her free hand to hold his cock up. She nestles it between her puffy lips and slowly sinks down onto it. “Oh god…” She squeaks. Planting both hands on his chest, Lilly starts to sink down onto his cock, taking it completely inside her. She leans down and the two passionately kiss, as Joe’s hands rest on her hips.

They part and Lilly smiles down at him as she slowly starts to bounce up and down on his cock. She lifts herself about halfway off of the erect cock buried inside her before sinking back down with a soft moan. The young woman soon starts to pick up speed, bouncing up and down on Joe’s hard member faster and faster. Each impact causes her breasts to jiggle. Soon, the room is filled with the sounds of moaning and skin slapping against skin.

“I’m close again…” Lilly gasps out.

“Keep going baby… your pussy is so good…” Lilly nods, slowly working herself to orgasm.

Her breathing soon grows ragged. “Cumming…” She cries out, leaning forward against Joe as her cunt spasms around his member. Joe can feel her heart pounding in her chest as her warm and soft body presses against him. Lilly’s whole body trembles as she rides out a powerful orgasm. She starts to kiss his cheek and Joe turns his head to the side slightly. His tongue enters the teen’s mouth as they once again begin to passionately kiss.

Still breathing heavily, Lilly sits back up. “It’s your turn to cum for me.” She says with a smile as she goes back to bouncing up and down on his member. Her wet pussy feels so good as it tightly grips Joe’s cock. He soon begins to groan and moan as Lilly grinds and bounces on him. Her face is red and sweat is beading up on her forehead. He cries out after another few moments and his cock soon begins to twitch inside of Lilly. Rope after rope of his seed shoots deep into Lilly’s warm, wet cunt.

Lilly rolls off of Joe and lies on the bed next to him, recovering. “No one’s ever cum inside me before.”

“Your on the pill or something right?” Joe asks.

“Of course… but I think the bigger problem is what Avery is going to say about this now.” With that, there is a knock on the door. Lilly looks up at Joe, a concerned expression on his face. He makes his way over to the door.


“I dare you to let Tom feel you up.” Avery shakes her head as a small smile appears on her lips. Is this revenge for making her run around the pool topless?

She gives her boyfriend a sideways glance, “Alright Tom… feel me up!” She says, closing the distance between them. Tom starts by gently groping Avery’s breasts through her bikini top. Immediately, her nipples harden from the stimulation. As one of his hands traces down her stomach, Avery feels horny and lustful towards the man touching her body. She stares into his eyes as they get closer and closer.

Forgetting Joe and Lilly are still there, her lips touch Tom’s and soon the two start to passionately kiss. Tom’s hand cups Avery’s pussy as his finger traces up and down her pussy under the water. Despite her earlier hesitations, Avery feels herself get more and more turned on. Her own hands begin to feel Tom’s body, slowly working their way down his chest to his hardening cock.

Tom’s hand slips under her bikini bottoms and suddenly there is nothing between them anymore. Avery jolts away from Tom and looks around the pool. “Where did they go?” Tom nods over at the pair of wet footprints leading inside the house. His one hand on Avery’s hip and his other on her thigh. “Oh god… what did I do?”

“Look Avery, they just went inside with each other. I’m sure it’s nothing but if your worried about it, let’s go check it out.”

Avery nods, getting out of the pool, followed by Tom. They quickly dry off and make their way into the house, seeing a towel casually flung to the side. Avery’s heart pounds in her chest as she climbs the stairs. What are those too doing up here? She wonders, finding Lilly’s bedroom door closed.

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