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Aunt Suzanne’s Return Ch. 04

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Suzanne and I had had a fantastic time with Alexa and Thomas. We had fucked and loved and wined and dined but eventually, we’d had to part. Suzanne was completely taken with the both of them and couldn’t stop talking about how much she’d enjoyed Alexa’s oral talents, and “Thomas was no slouch either,” she’d enthused.

At the time I was falling asleep, or trying to, but her energy was too much and I mumbled something about calling them tomorrow. At least that’s what she said because I didn’t remember it the next morning. Suzanne was all for arranging another date for the four of us and after making us a great breakfast, she ‘told’ me to call Thomas to set it up for the coming weekend.

It wasn’t like I had a choice, but having sweet, sexy Alexa riding me again was rather exciting. I finally called Thomas near lunchtime only to get his machine. When he called me back it was already evening and Suzanne had been on me all day, pushing me to call again. I swear she was addicted to those two.

It was Suzanne who answered the phone when he finally called and I could tell from her reaction that she was not hearing what she wanted. “What do you mean Alexa’s in Berlin? Why?”

Apparently Alexa had been invited to accompany her daughter and Thomas’ dad on a business trip and she’d jumped at the opportunity. My aunt, though obviously disappointed, recovered quickly. She said on the phone: “Well, how about if you come visit us by yourself? We’re very friendly you know…”

That was all there was to it. Thomas was going to come over and Suzanne would ‘look after everything’ she explained. I wondered what that would mean. I was not really ready to entertain Thomas again so soon, but if Suzanne wanted it, I would help her make it happen. Or maybe she wanted me to go away so she could have alone-time, I wondered.

Suzanne made it clear she was not interested in having me away for the visit by Thomas. She was a little bit shy about it but eventually told me it would be a perfect time for her to try some threesome action. “I’ve always wanted to feel that full,” she said, “and having the two of you at the same time would be perfect because I trust you completely. Besides, the idea is so hot it’s already making me wet.”

To make her point, she slipped her hand up the leg of her shorts, fumbled a bit, and pulled out two glistening fingers, directing me to taste them. I did not need a second invitation. Actually, it had the effect she probably wanted as I just grabbed her around the waist, yanked down her shorts to discover she was not wearing panties. She stood there naked below the waist as I took my cock out of my pants then lifted her into my arms and placed her atop my thick knob.

I fucked her standing there in the middle of the living room, thrusting into my aunt as I lifted her again and again only to drop her anew onto my cock. She got right into it as well, locking her hands around my neck and working her hips to maximize our efforts. I barely felt her weight and my hard-on was as solid as I can remember it ever being.

After a few minutes of this I walked into the kitchen carrying Suzanne on my cock and put her down on the kitchen island so that I could really pound it to her. My thrusts were so hard she had trouble hanging on to me. I felt her pubic bone against mine each time I reached full penetration. Suzanne was having as good a time of it as I was — she had two orgasms, calling my name each time and telling me: “fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeee…!”

That was enough for me and I pushed in one final time, staying buried deep inside her cunt as I came. She was squeezing my cock with her skilled Kegel muscles which only made my orgasm all the more pleasurable.

“My God, Suzanne. Can you ever make a guy happy,” I told her as I leaned in to kiss her hard, giving her my tongue and holding her tightly against my body. It was one of the best fucks we’d ever had.

Suzanne had arranged for Thomas to visit the following Friday evening but had only told him that “it would be fun, you know, to watch a movie, have dinner in and maybe play some games.”

I knew better but I also knew she was playing it close to the vest so as to surprise us both I think. I really did not know what he would be expecting but I was game for whatever my aunt needed from me.

Over the rest of the week we spoke very little of the coming Friday evening. I didn’t have much to say and Suzanne was clearly in charge — I expected she would tell me if she needed anything. The one thing she did get me to do was drive her to the biggest mall in town and leave her there for an afternoon. When I picked her up she had an armload of bags but wouldn’t answer when I asked what she’d bought. “It’s for Friday,” was all she told me.

I ended up working a lot of hours on Friday and did not get home until quite late, around 7 pm and though I had called Suzanne to let her know, I could tell she was not very impressed with my tardiness. “Thomas will be here in less than an hour, Paul,” she scolded.

I had not seen my aunt this stressed Ankara escort out in, well, probably ever. It made we wonder what she had in mind.

When the doorbell rang just after 8 pm I was watching the end of a hockey game so called to Suzanne, “Thomas is here. Can you let him in?”

I did not expect an answer but I got one: “No! You let him in,” she called from the bedroom. I must have missed a meeting or something… ‘I thought it was going to be a casual evening,’ I mumbled to myself as I went to invite our friend in.

“So what’s the plan?” was the first thing he said, before even a hello I might add.

“It’s all in Suzanne’s hands. I’m as much in the dark as you are, but I think we’re having a light dinner, some wine and maybe a movie. She said she picked something up at the mall.

Thomas was clearly expecting a lot more because he appeared disappointed when I did not reply that we’d be enjoying a bacchanalian feast then ravishing my hot aunt. Actually, that’s what I kind of hoped would happen but I was no longer so certain. I wondered if my aunt had chickened out from her earlier unrestrained anticipation.

sAs I got us beers I called to Suzanne: “Thomas is here. Are you going to join us?”

“A bit later… I need to get dressed,” she called back.

I felt Thomas biting back a reply of “why get dressed?” but he held it back. We sat in the living room to watch the tail end of the third period but the game wasn’t much to speak of; at least the beer was cold and Thomas was a knowledgeable fan so we could commiserate together.

We had finished a second beer before we heard Suzanne coming out of the bedroom. She made quite a show of it I must say. The door opened with a soft creaking announcement, but it traced its semi-circle without Suzanne appearing in the doorway. There should have been music, but I’m not sure we would have noticed. Both Thomas and I were paying rapt attention to the wide-open door, probably both holding our breath. Time passed and nothing… then a gorgeous leg appeared. It was dressed in soft white, semi-translucent stockings and ended in a glossy red high heel pump pointing forward.

Suzanne took the step forward into the center of the doorway, standing straight and tall on her heels. She wore a microscopic miniskirt that started several inches above the white hosiery which hugged her firm thighs. The skirt was red plaid, pleated and probably cost a bundle.

On top, Suzanne had the mandatory white blouse but it was as sheer as the stockings and showed off the tiny, bright red lace bra she wore. The blouse was pulled tight against her breasts and buttoned all the way to her throat. There was lace around the collar and on the short sleeves. The picture was completed by Suzanne’s hair tied off in two ponytails. She stood there in the doorway commanding our attention: legs slightly apart, hands on hips and a luscious smile on her lips.

She wore enough makeup to fill out the look of a young woman but not so much as to give her the look of a whore. I knew my aunt’s age, but I would have been fooled had I seen her on the street. A quick look would have suggested she was a high school senior, but of course, that was just the look. She was all adult and was demonstrating it by just standing there.

I glanced at Thomas and saw that he was almost shaking with desire, or was that my own response? Actually, when he caught my eye back it was clear we were both entirely taken by our lover, my aunt Suzanne.

“How do you like it, boys?” she said in a quiet, sultry voice.

“Thank you… oh thank you so much,” exclaimed Thomas. He’d read my mind.

“Would you like me to join you in the living room?” she asked.

“Yes, please,” I said.

Could she have walked any slower? Probably, but not very much. Instead, Suzanne took steady, measured steps directly towards the two of us. I watched her every muscle, her every bit of skin as she came closer. I saw that her breasts were so softly cupped that they jiggled slightly with every step. I didn’t need to check with Thomas: we were both completely entranced by our ‘schoolgirl goddess.’

Suzanne stopped a yard in front of us but said nothing more. She just stared us up and down, enjoying the effect she was having on her two men. We just enjoyed the view.

Then unexpectedly, as we sat silently in appreciation of this hot schoolgirl, the hockey announcer screamed out: “HE SCORES! In overtime. It’s a final…”

We all three burst out laughing at the incredible inappropriateness of a hockey goal interrupting the show Suzanne was providing. Or was that an accurate judgement of what was to come?

Laughing, I turned off the television. The growing tension that had developed in the room was broken and we could now communicate. “Can I get you some wine, miss?” I asked Suzanne. “Are you old enough to have a drink?”

“Yes, sir, I just turned 19 last month.”

I left the two of them and went to get some wine, asking Thomas, “can I get you another beer, too?”

“Sure. Can’t let this little girl drink Ankara escort bayan alone now, can I?”

Coming back into the room I half expected Thomas to have Suzanne sitting on his lap and his hands being busy. I was surprised to see they were both sitting apart on the sofa and apparently chatting about something or other. When I delivered the drinks I realized that we were not going to roleplay the schoolgirl after all — yes, I was disappointed, but more one that another day.

The three of us already had a good relationship and the conversation was easy and interesting. It would not have been out of place at a posh restaurant or wine bar, except for the fact that our female company was dressed so provocatively and, her dates were both sporting thick bulges in their pants. It was obvious that we were in an excited state, and just as obvious that Suzanne’s nipples were themselves thick with anticipation but we were all ignoring the fact of arousal. At least that’s what I thought was going on; I just enjoyed the anticipation.

I was looking down at Thomas’ crotch, but thinking about my aunt’s great tits and of course, that’s the very moment that Suzanne decided to look at my face directly. “What are you smiling about, young man?”

“Nothing. Just smiling.”

“I don’t think so. I have seen that look before and it’s not about nothing. Tell us.”

“I’m not sure I should,” I teased back.

Thomas chose to contribute now, of all times: “Yea, what are you smiling about?”

“Do you really want to know?” I asked him.

“Yes. Tell us already.”

“I was looking at your crotch, Thomas, and it made me think about my own bulging erection, and I was thinking about biting down on her nipples. Are you happy now?”

Thomas actually paled, but Suzanne pulled him out of his discomfort: “Actually, you’re both looking pretty good to me down there. Is it all because of me?”

Thomas relaxed. I adjusted myself through my pants. Suzanne kept looking at Thomas’ package with a smile of her own. “Do you guys want a bite to eat?”

I know where my mind was, and Thomas was reticent enough to say nothing. “What did you have in mind?” I asked Suzanne.

“I made some hors d’oeuvres this afternoon and picked up some specialty cheeses that will go well with the wines I bought at the mall. Shall we go into the kitchen?”

I must have looked disappointed because Suzanne whispered to me on the way to the kitchen, “don’t worry, you’ll have some of that soon enough.”

We picked up the conversation right where we’d left off and for probably an hour avoided almost all suggestiveness. But we were flirting very well and having a very good time together. Finally, Suzanne suggested we watch a movie together. I knew I should trust her so played right along, leading the three of us to the sofa facing the big screen. Suzanne plopped herself down in the center and patted the cushions on either side of her saying, “come sit with me, boys.”

I let Thomas sit and moved to load up a movie but was stopped by Suzanne who said, “it’s already in there, Paul. Just hit play.”

Like I said before, I trusted my aunt and she came through once again. The movie was, of course, a porno but the flavour was different from any I had seen before. As the movie started, slowly for once, Suzanne piped up to tell us that “this was made by a well-known female adult movie director who’s studio makes ‘female-friendly’ porn.”

Thomas asked the obvious question: “What does that mean? Isn’t porn, porn?”

“You’ll see, and learn,” she replied. “Mostly we don’t want to see the delivery man show up, the housewife drops a pan and they fuck themselves stupid until the daughter comes home.”

I, for one, didn’t think that sounded so bad: mom and daughter? Awesome, but then again, it was Suzanne’s night.

Having been prepared, we all sat back to enjoy this new adult experience. Certainly, the movie or maybe women’s porn in general, didn’t have the wham-bam action of men’s porn, but it did have good fucking and the usual amazing bodies. The lead man, naturally, had a good sized cock but not the monster we’d usually expect. And there was character development so we got to understand why the female lead got interested in her stud. (Wow! Is this me really saying all that?)

The movie was interesting enough, and the sex pretty good. I was actually enjoying the film and said as much to Suzanne. Thomas confirmed my opinion, but it was Suzanne who said the most: “I agree, it is pretty good, but wait until the son comes home.”

I was a bit shocked, but pleasantly so. The movie took that turn only a few minutes later. As the lead woman was getting pounded hard from behind on the deck by the family’s pool, a young man a few years younger than me came around the corner and stopped short. He stood motionless but staring intently on the action taking place a few yards away. He was clearly enjoying it, too, as he rubbed his cock through the fabric of his slacks. Then he zipped own and pulled his erection, a large one, through the opening and Escort Ankara started to stroke it in time with the action on the pool deck.

Somehow the woman noticed him watching and rather than being shocked, called out to the young man, “come over here Josh. I want you to meet someone.”

This was clearly not the usual porno. Completely at ease with his cock sticking out, Josh came forward and extended his hand to the confused male lead who was trying to hide himself for some reason. “I want you to meet my friend Jackson. Jackson, meet my son Josh.”

I was as surprised as Jackson, and Thomas. Suzanne paused the video, turned to Thomas and said, “You did not seem to mind that I was fucking my nephew — any problem with a boy doing the same with his mother?”

All Thomas could do was shake his head vigorously left and right. So Suzanne took the movie off pause and the onscreen action recommenced. We were drawn to the woman bending into position in front of Jackson who was told to ‘get back into me’ by the woman who was at the same time pulling her son’s cock into her mouth. Things were getting very hot on the screen… and that’s when I realized Suzanne had already taken Thomas’ cock out of his pants and was working on my zipper open to get at my hard-on.

The movie kept playing but the action on my sofa was already better. Suzanne had me out and was playing with my cock as she leaned over to take Thomas’s thick knob into her mouth. She was pumping him with one hand to the same rhythm as she was using on me, but she was also moving her head up and down, taking about half his length in each time. I turned to make her work on my cock more comfortable and to get a better view of her giving Thomas a blowjob.

After a few minutes, Suzanne reversed herself to stroke Thomas as she took me into her mouth. I could tell she was really into it because she was taking more of me down her throat than I remembered her ever doing. She was getting very, very good at his.

Then she stopped, sat back to watch the movie but never letting go of either of her rock-hard cocks. Neither of us said a word probably because Suzanne was still sliding her talented hands along our lengths, and maybe because the movie was in full action mode now. Even as a female-friendly flick, the action was pretty intense. Josh was wholeheartedly face-fucking his mother and Jackson had her by the hips as he pistonned in and out of her from behind. We saw him come across her ass just as Josh was crying out to his mommy, “let me come…”

Suzanne must have been ready for this because she stood up and turned to face us. She was still completely dressed, towering over us on those killer heels as we sat dumbly, cocks pointing towards the ceiling and bemused looks on our faces.

“I love those erections and I want to put them to good use soon, okay?” Like we would say no.

Thomas replied: “I’m sure I speak for the both of us when I say, our cocks are your cocks, miss.”

And I offered: “How might we please you?”

Suzanne again had an answer ready. She said, “I want you both fuck me at the same time. I have always wondered what it would be liked to be double-fucked by a couple of young studs, just like you two.” She added, “if I have one of you in my pussy, and the other in my ass, you will each feel the other’s cock against your own with only a bit of my skin between you. Would that be a problem?”

“Of course not,” I said.

“I’d love that, too,” replied Thomas. He surprised me with that, but clearly, this was a go-ahead. I learned later that he’d actually done a DP with his own father, but I didn’t know that until later.

“How would you like to proceed?” I asked Suzanne.

“How about if Thomas gets down on the floor on his back and I get on top of him, then you can come from behind and join us?”

Thomas whipped off his pants and ripped his shirt trying to get it off faster than was possible. I took my time a bit but Suzanne had my pants down around my ankles before I got my shirt off. Once the two of us were naked, she signalled that we should wait. I was really enjoying the process and judging from the way Thomas’ cock was waving in the breeze, so was he.

Suzanne stood in front of us but facing away. She slipped two fingers beneath her skirt as she bent over at the waist until her head was at her ankles. Then she carefully slid a tiny pair of lace panties down her shapely legs, taking every care to give us an eyeful of her tight clam, now shaved bald of course.

She stepped out of the panties and staying bent over, spread her feet apart bit by bit. With each movement her pussy opened up to our gaze. I could tell she was dripping from the glistening of the soft pink flesh. I fought to stand still and saw Thomas was moving towards Suzanne. I let him take her by the hips and tug her down onto the floor. He’d thrown down a big pillow in preparation and was now laying on his back and inviting Suzanne to sit on him. She took my hand, for balance, she claimed, and slowly squatted down until she was sitting with her pussy against Thomas’ erection. I watched as she slid her pussy lips along his length a number of times, each one getting closer to insertion. Then she made on last little dip of her hips and impaled herself completely on the hard pole beneath her.

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