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Aubrey’s Azalea Pt. 01

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This multi-part erotic story is a work of fiction, based on actual events. All names, relationships, and identifying characteristics have been altered significantly to protect the anonymity of persons that inspired the following strictly fictional characters. Any similarity/characteristic of any character to any actual person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are at, or above, the age of eighteen.


The impending celebration of my eighteenth birthday was set up to be a success. I had just used my last gift card at the mall, choosing to pick up some lacy thongs that my parents refused to buy me, though it seemed I always managed to get them somehow, one way or the other. I checked my carry-on bag again, ensuring that my already printed boarding passes for the morning were safe. My family and my teachers said it was hard to believe I was just eighteen – maybe it was because of my D cups, maybe it was because of how surely and passionately I knew I fucking loved women already, or just that I already knew what I wanted to do with my life.

In any case, I had some very adult-like work waiting for me in Houston, where I was set to land tomorrow afternoon. As a high school graduation gift and eighteenth birthday present, my parents had bought myself and my girlfriend a ticket to visit my extended family in Houston – Uncle Gabe, Aunt Lila, and my cousin, their only child, Julian. Julian and I were born on the same day, much to the amusement of our mothers, and so as much as we could manage, our parents tried to ensure that we could celebrate our birthdays together with routine visits.

Though, on this trip in particular, it wasn’t Julian I was excited to see. In fact, being so into women now that I’d gotten older, I hardly noticed Julian’s presence, though he was a cool and good-looking kid, and definitely fun to have in the family. But what I was flying from Boston to accomplish this year wasn’t only to have a good time on my birthday, but to seduce and devour my delicious, sexy Aunt Lila – yes, you heard me correctly – and also to do so without my girlfriend’s knowledge, who was the only one accompanying me from home this year. (Sweet!)

Truthfully, it seemed easy enough.

I didn’t need Alexis to know not because I was fucking someone else, but because she was my Aunt, after all. Alexis and I pursued whomever we wanted, whenever we felt like doing so – we had a good system down. We were both raised by liberal hippie, educated, free-spirited parents who didn’t stand by what most of us would classify as “societal norms.” Love was love, sex was sex, and as long as everyone was drug (mostly) and disease (absolutely) free, we were taught not to judge their choices of others. And always progress, progress, progress. Being raised with this mentality meant I planned on leading a polyamorous (but open-minded to some form of monogamy, hey, there are no absolutes in life, right?) life, – so what if a little harmless incest was thrown in? Much worse things commence daily, unchecked, on this planet that are far more damaging indeed.

So with regard to seducing my sexy, bi-curious (from a hundred feet away to me, however this has not yet been verified) flight surgeon, U.S. Navy Commander Aunt Lila… With both having grown up in the Midwest, I had no idea how Gabe and Lila were raised to think, especially about matters related to incestuous relationships. But, as I planned it, Gabe wasn’t going to find out about his niece’s attempt Ankara escort to seduce his wife, (though, secretly, part of me might love it if he caught me face down in his beautiful wife) and, well, Lila was an alpha female, not one to buy into the outdated and unchallenged traditions of the past.

Uncle Gabe kneeled at Lila’s feet, most of the time, in fact. When I was younger, I’d listen in fascination to her feminine, silky voice update my mother over the phone about the next direction her career was taking, picking up the phone and listening when I thought I couldn’t be heard. An easy 5’10”, with long, smooth legs, the perfect balance of feminine curves on an athletic physique, with bright, icy blue eyes, their color emphasized by her dark, curly hair, she never bragged about her continuous achievements. In fact, none of them were ever really good enough on her own view, or satisfied her natural curiosity for exploring her environment. My heart would pound in fascination of a woman so strong, while living in a climate so conservative, and soon it became obvious that Gabe would be staying home and providing child care for Julian while Lila rose through the ranks professionally. This made me love and admire my Aunt Lila from the time I was old enough to say her name. When I could barely walk, she was “La La”, and after that, she became “Lily.”

I turned in front of the mirror, feeling ready. My black hair and tanned skin made a nice contrast with my light green eyes. I had a petite body with big D cups, normally dressed in some slightly tomboyish take on being a girly girl. I truly loved my big breasts, which I was hoping Aunt Lila would make a comment on, seeing as how I most likely inherited them from her, anyway. I was an eye-liner wearing troublemaker with a girly affect, confident, but sensitive, only taking out my lip ring for college interviews, a look which had served me well in more personal areas of my life. I was not cocky in any sense, but had a healthy confidence about me. I was also sensitive, so with girls, it served me well. I slid a new shade of gloss over my full lips, pleased with the color.

Would my Aunt Lila see a new, sexually determined woman in the place of her favorite, star-struck little niece? I slipped my hand into my light pink, lacy bra and squeezed one of my already hardening nipples, just imagining dusting my fingertips over the skin of the very woman who made me want the taste of pussy in the first place. I loved climbing up her long legs and trying to wiggle under her skirt when I was just a baby, chasing after La La. Could I get this home grown good girl, Lila Peyton, MD, into bed with me? Might she tremble underneath me as I sat on her big curvy ass and massaged warm lavender body oil into her creamy skin, my nipples and hair tickling her strong back as I bent forward to ask her to spread her thick, athletic thighs for me? Might I evoke a small sound of consent embedded in the south of her quickened breath rushing in and out of her parted lips as my hands passed well up her thigh, sending pure energy up her spine to flood her being with pleasure? As I kneaded the overworked joints of her hips after yet another day of PT, might it make her just a little wet if I pressed her into the bed in doing so, pushing her curious pussy against her silky bed sheets?

I was so lost in the furious massaging of my clit that a creak from my bedroom door caught me off-guard, to say the least.

Suddenly, I looked up, busted, with one Ankara escort bayan hand in my bra and the other in my thong, sitting, leads spread in front of the mirror, into the rolling, amused hazel eyes of my girlfriend, Alexis.

Shit. Again.

Thankfully, she laughed as she shut the door behind her. “Hypersexuality defined, right there,” she said, laughing to herself, shaking her head affectionately. “You could kiss me,” she teased, as I sat, play-frozen. A fellow senior, Alexis, 5’4″, 34B, with a sizeable bubble butt that defied gravity and an otherwise tight runner’s body, with unbelievable legs, a pouty mouth and sweeping dark lashes, leaned down to kiss me where I sat, hands still in place, guilty as charged, smiling.

“So, did I interrupt a masturbation marathon here, or have you actually finished packing? You could have invited me to your little party, Aubrey,” she said, sticking her tongue out in jest. She glanced around the assorted items near my suitcase on my bed as she took a seat, drawing her smooth, tanned legs up underneath her. Mmmmm… what a fine girl she was… I hadn’t seen her much over the past week, as we were both dealing with our families and graduation situations. Hesitating, I let my lecherous thoughts of pretty Aunt Lily take a backseat momentarily, and in doing so, removed one soaked hand from my thong and another frustrated hand from my bra.

“Well, to answer your questions, yes and yes,” I said, teasingly. Suddenly, I had an idea. I gave Alexis my most devious smile. “And if you’d like to assist me in, well, resuming… consider this your invitation, pretty girl,” I said, smiling at her, eyes burning in lust. I looked down at my wet pussy, freshly waxed in preparation for my… well… endeavor, waiting for me in Houston.

Back in my bed in Boston, my dark-haired beauty pulled me onto the bed to join her. I rolled on top of her, kissing down her neck, taking my time near her ears, flicking my tongue on the sensitive skin behind it and proceeded to devour her with my tongue and lips, with a sweep of my teeth when necessary. Alexis loved a ton of foreplay above the waist. By the time I left her neck and moved down to her breasts, she was already trembling on the bed. A good half hour of teasing her neck, ears, and chest above her breasts had her writhing around on the bed, dripping all over my sheets, wanting more and more.

I ignored her nipples and licked her just about everywhere else – instead her clit, of course. It was only when her skin was flushed not pink, but red, and her thighs were pulling me down to the face that I finally leaned in, settled between her legs, and exhaled a single, long, unhurried and hot breath over her parted cunt. She had enough of the very teasing she loved to hate, and crushed my head into her soaked, dripping cunt. I licked her sweet little tight pussy, darting my tongue in and out of her hole with increasing depth, until she leaned forward to grip my jaw, not being subtle. Nothing subtle about this baby girl, I thought, smiling.

But as I licked her into a powerful orgasm, unhurried and patient as she preferred, I couldn’t help but imagine Lilly, and what her cunt would taste like. Had she ever come all over the eager face of one of her young, starry-eyed recruits on which she sat, spread and gushing pussy and ass held into place by the lucky, young girl’s strong arms? My hand sneaked back into my thong at the thought of it. Licking my fine girlfriend’s pouring wet, delicious pussy Escort Ankara – while imagining finding my way up the back of Lily’s burning thighs, pressing my face into her round ass and cunt, digging around her flesh with my tongue for the walls of her sweet pussy hole while to my delight, she assists my incestuous efforts, opening up her big ass for me – had me worked up, just as close to coming as my girlfriend was. I removed the hand from rubbing my throbbing clit to pull Alexis’ curvy hips down to my face HARD, creating a tight and precise seal of my mouth over where she wanted me most, and lapped at her lovingly with varying speeds, and then began increasing, licking and sucking ferociously, eyes closed, blissful, as her incomprehensible moans turned into biting-back screams.

I imagined it was instead Aunt Lila’s tasty cunt, devouring it for the very first time, while she prayed to God for her moans not to give her away; expose the fact that she was allowing her petite, barely legal niece to suck every drop of her sweet flow of juice out of her long ignored pussy. A pussy Gabe had never COMPLETELY satisfied. Imagining her pretty face, sweating and panting in both shame and pleasure, pushed me past the point of no return, and as I flicked at my swollen, screaming clit, ready to get pushed over, Alexis looked up to see my hand digging away at myself again. She loved watching me, and the desire was pouring through her eyes. When I released my hand gripping her hip to gently roll my knuckles against the outside of her tight asshole, sucking and flicking my tongue on her engorged clit, she pressed the pillow over her face and came all over mine, which was contorted in lust, smashed into her cunt, while I came ferociously all over my hand, imagining my sky-faring Aunty doing the same.

When my return to consciousness and reality occurred about ten minutes later, Alexis looked down at me, exhausted and grinning, sweat plastering her silky hair to her forehead. “Your parents probably heard that one. I’ll have to keep that down once we get to Texas. Have you come out to them yet?” She collapsed back on the pillow, spent.

“No,” I said, laughing at the irony of her question. “That’s in part what this trip is for, I’m not too worried about it. Gabe doesn’t have much of an issue with literally anything, Julian is excited to meet you – they’re men, they’re easy to come out to. It’s my Aunt’s reaction that I’ve been thinking about, you know, if anything… ” I packed a few more items casually. I felt bad not telling her, but people can be total fools about incest. I needed to crash, and that was the last thing I wanted to get into philosophically debating at this late hour.

Alexis sat up against the pillow, pink nipples still hard, and laughed. “Oh, I’m sure ‘Commander Peyton’ has known her fair share of lesbians, Aubrey. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. For all you know, she loves the taste of pussy too. Maybe it, you know… runs in the family. Wouldn’t be that shocked. Isn’t she the one that’s like, an astronaut, or applying to be, or something? You used to talk about her a lot, I feel like.”

I laughed, shaking my head, looking down, eyebrows raised. After a moment of consideration, I looked into her hazel eyes and winked, soon moving back towards her pretty face, crawling up the bed. I grinned. I was going need a moment to think about all that. Distraction seemed best at the moment.

“Roll over, baby,” I whispered, smiling. “… and open your legs for me.” She happily complied. I leaned over to grab a random bottle of lavender lotion off my nightstand, chastising myself for not having already packed it.

It was going to be a long flight into the Houston heat tomorrow.

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