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At Long Last

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My heart raced as your car pulled up in front of the house. We had been talking about doing this for so long, that the fact that it was finally happening was almost too much to bear. From the moment when I suggested that “I’m alone, how’d you like me to oil you up and take you for a ride”, and you ACCEPTED, saying that it sounded great, I’d been walking around in a bit of a daze, bumping into things, almost in a fog of wonder and disbelief. This body that I used to know so intimately, these breasts whose feel I pined for, that amazing, multi-orgasmic cunt and ass that I’d plunged into with such wonderful, reckless abandon so many years before, was going to be mine to explore again.

I met you at the doorway. Your cheeks were red, flushed with anticipation. You hadn’t showered today, which thrilled me to no end. At first it was too much – we melted into an embrace, holding each other and panting. That didn’t last long – being close enough to inhale each other’s scents sent us both plummeting over the edge. We kissed hard, passionately, ferociously. I grabbed your beautiful ass and squeezed you close to me, grinding against you. I could feel that you had a thong on – my favorite. Once, at your house, I had found one of your thongs lying on the floor, and I held it to my nose and just drank you in. I had spent endless fantasies thinking of you, remembering how wonderful you smell/taste, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled you into the room, and thrust you back onto the couch. Knowing what I was after (and needing my tongue as badly as I needed to taste you), you hiked up your skirt. Your thong, soaking wet, had practically disappeared up inside of you. I knelt and drank in that aroma, that taste that had haunted me for so many years. Trembling, quivering, I slowly bent towards your still-slightly-covered cunt and planted a gentle kiss. It smelled even better than I remembered. At this point, the impatience of many years kicked in. You lifted your hips up, and I ripped your thong illegal bahis off. Almost inaudibly, you commanded, “Stick your tongue in me”. Ever the gallant gentleman, I could not refuse such a request – I attacked your cunt fiercely, devouring your beautifully shaven pussy like a ravenous beast. You came so quickly that it surprised both of us, but that was always one of your best qualities – your ability to cum an almost infinite amount of times, seemingly perpetually. An amazing gift that I planned on unwrapping many times that day.

After your second orgasm, I had you scoot down a bit so that I could have access to your beautiful asshole. You’re one of those amazing women for whom your whole body is one big erogenous zone, and your asshole is so sensitive and absolutely sexy and beautiful. Again, the memories came back – you on all fours, me behind you buried deep in your cunt, with my big pink dildo slamming into your ass with each thrust. Sometimes switching them around, so that I could fill your ass with cum. But for now, I just wanted to see it, to taste it, to thrust my tongue inside of it. You were enjoying yourself so much – you turned around on the couch and presented me with your ass so I could have a better angle. I spread your ass cheeks wide, and gently blew on your beautiful pucker. It was wet with your juices, and I planted another gentle kiss right in the middle. You sighed with delight, so I gently started licking around the edges with my tongue. You were beside yourself, squirming so much I had trouble finding my mark. I grabbed your ass with both cheeks, and thrust my tongue inside your ass. Again you started squirming and bucking, and I shoved 3 fingers into your cunt. Within a few seconds, you came again.

Being presented with the sight of your ass on my couch was too much for me. I had conveniently not worn underwear, and slipping my shorts off was quicker than the thought to remove them. I took my cock that had been so hard for so many hours and illegal bahis siteleri gently rubbed it against your sopping cunt. You became still. We both focused on this, wanting to savor the moment we’d both thought about for so painfully, ridiculously long. I slowly placed the head against your tight opening. Your juices enveloped me, and your cunt seemingly pulled me in. I tried to go slowly, and succeeded for a brief instance, but it was too tempting, I’d been thinking about it for too long. I grabbed both sides of your ass firmly and drove into you. I held on, just for a moment, savoring the feeling of being inside of you once more. And then it was time to fuck.

I started pounding away, and you sat there, hanging onto the couch, your pussy spread wide, just being fucked and cumming and cumming. I fucked you for a few minutes from behind, and then I wanted you to ride me. We ran upstairs and hopped onto the bed. I lay back, and in seconds you were on top of me. You hovered above me, pausing for just a moment, before you slowly lowered yourself onto my rock hard pole. Your eyes rolled back in your head with pleasure. You started to buck and ride, like the best pony ride ever. Twice more you came, flooding my cock with your wonderful juices. I slapped at your thighs, indicating that you should scoot up to my face. You planted your wonderful cunt on my lips, and I ate you to another wonderful o. And then it was time for more fucking.

I rolled you over and climbed on top of you. I kissed you hard on the mouth, so you could taste all of your delightful juices. You licked my face, devouring yourself from me. With one quick thrust I was inside of you, holding you tight, fucking you to another orgasm. I grabbed your tits and squeezed them as I pounded you. You came another time, as powerful as the first.

I don’t know if you’d noticed my freshly washed, glistening pink dildo and the lubricants when you entered the bedroom. As we took a slight breather after another canlı bahis siteleri mind-blowing o, I nodded my head in their direction. You smiled a wicked, delicious smile, and said simply, “Oh, yeah!” I took the lube and squirted it on the dildo as you rolled over onto your tummy. I gently pressed the tip of the dildo against your wonderful, tight ass. You braced yourself, exhaling loudly. You really wanted to get double fucked, and were going to do whatever you had to to feel both of those cocks inside you simultaneously. Gently I eased it in, slowly, as you exhaled again. After the first couple of inches, you started to relax, and began pushing back against it. You were getting frantic, urgently needing the attention of my cock as well. I knelt behind you, shoving the dildo the last few inches into your ass, until all 7 inches were firmly inside of you. I entered your cunt quickly, and with each thrust, I slammed into the dildo, wedging it further and further up inside of you. You came so loudly that I was sure the neighbors could hear, but didn’t give a fuck. I was buried deep inside you, my true fuck partner, and I was going to cum as well. You came again, and as I felt you nearing that orgasm, I could feel my own swelling up, seemingly from my toes. I came so hard that I saw stars. It felt that I emptied a gallon of cum inside of your wonderful, slurpy cunt.

As you knelt there on all fours, trying to catch your breath, there was one last thing I wanted to do. I gently removed the dildo from your ass. Then I swung around so I was underneath you. You lowered your sopping went cunt, filled with my cum, onto my waiting mouth. I lapped at you like a puppy, enjoying a feast I’d dreamed about for so long.

It was an amazing day. We’d long since agreed that though we love our spouses dearly, they simply weren’t sexually compatible with us. Rather than seeking out sex from strangers or getting frustrated with our spouses, we decided that we would keep it within the bounds of our lifelong, deep friendship. We do love each other, and love sharing the joy of our bodies with each other, with someone that we trust implicitly. Our friendship is truly a gift, one that we treasured that day and on a regular basis afterwards.

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