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Asian Wife is Put Out to Stud

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The work is copyrighted to the author © 2017. Please don’t remove the author information or make any changes to the story. All rights reserved. Thank you for your consideration.

Dear Reader: Some people are not comfortable with their own sexuality and they object to cuckold stories. That is okay – to those people I would suggest not to read the story. All others please read on and enjoy.

I was perusing the casual encounter adverts in the personals column, looking for a new bull to fuck my wife, when an unusual advert caught my eye. It read:


I will make your girl pregnant – m4mw (Bangkok)

Mid-thirties European Caucasian with big cock looking for cuckold couple to abuse.

Only reply if genuine and girl aware and ready to play…


I have to admit I found the idea of some random pervert fucking my sexy Thai wife unprotected, and getting her pregnant, was both a novel and a highly exciting thought.

Fucking farang guys is nothing new for my lovely yet promiscuous wife. Bambi has always enjoyed sex with a long stream of visitors and male lovers throughout the course of our open marriage. I had no doubt that she would want to welcome this bull bareback inside her horny, wet snatch. On impulse, I decided to make contact with the bull and see if we could come to a satisfactory arrangement together.

I found out that his name was Simon, a German salesman living in Bangkok. He was smart, well presented and clean-shaven in all his photos. I knew this would really be a plus for Bambi. Simon told me he was mid-thirties, but he looked young for his age. The photos showed a blond haired man with regular features. There was no doubt in my mind that Bambi would be interested in fucking him even without seeing the photo of his 9 inch boner.

When I sent him some pictures of Bambi, his reaction was fast:

Simon: Wow! She looks sexy. I would like to fuck her brains out and cream-pie her.

No doubt he would, I thought, for Bambi is the most exquisite of creatures. She is one of those sexy, brown and sensual fucking machines designed to make an elderly sex tourist visiting the land of smiles very happy. At 5ft3, 47kg, she has a slender, sexy and firm body, long flowing black hair, and exotic sensual lips. Although 39 year’s old, being Thai she does not look a day over twenty five. Experience had taught me that most guys she brought up to the bedroom had no difficulty getting an erection, and then giving her a good fuck. I was expecting nothing less from this bull. I replied:

Me: I’m sure she would love that. Bambi is a hotwife and likes to entertain horny white guys.

Simon: Nice!

Me: Bambi always gives herself fully when she makes love to a guy, and she expects the same from her lover. She wants to see and feel it totally.

Simon: I fully agree.

Me: It makes her horny cuckolding me. As for me, it turns me on seeing her make love to another guy. Not just having pure physical sex, but allowing herself to feel desire and passion too. She is into the whole girlfriend experience thing. Bambi likes erotic touching, kissing on mouth, licking all over, oral both ways followed by full on sex well into the night.

Simon: That is exactly what I’m looking for too.

We then talked about him fucking her bareback, and I told him quite firmly that we would need to see a full range of STD tests beforehand. He agreed instantly, but pointed out that although some of these tests were DNA based, nothing is ever 100% sure. There was always some degree of risk as well as good faith required. He was right, I thought. I had to agree. In fact, that was why Bambi rarely allowed her guys to go bareback with her. After clearing up health and safety, we moved on to other important matters:

Simon: Is she on any form of birth control?

Me: Yes, but the pill is not always reliable. Besides, she forgets to take the pill if I don’t remind her. Usually, there is no risk with me. You see, I have problems with my prostate and no longer produce any sperm. Therefore, there is little to no risk of me getting her pregnant.

Simon: If she is on the pill, I cannot get her pregnant.

Me: I intend not to remind her the day before.

Simon: Better she forget the pill for a couple of times. You should hide it…

Me: OK, I will.

Simon: I would love to get her pregnant.

The idea of getting my dirty slut impregnated by a stranger, one of those bulls passing through and fucking Thai bitches, was a big turn on.

Me: If you fuck her unprotected it will happen for sure.

Simon: Of course I will fuck her bareback. I cum a lot and many times, so I will impregnate your wife.

Me: If it happens it happens.

Simon: When will she finish her period? I would love fucking her during her most fertile days.

Me: I agree, she is more horny and fertile straight after her period. That would be on the first weekend of September. How about Saturday the second?

Simon: The third would work.

Me: If anything is going to happen that is the most likely…

Simon: bahis siteleri Has Bambi been with child before?

Me: Yes, she has a son.

Simon: So you are not new to raising other seed’s offspring?

Me: Yes, it is horny to look at the young man and to think some other guy came in her loins and knocked her up…

Simon: Soon you will get that experience all over again. You will be watching while I breed her.

My heart raced with excitement upon reading this, and my cock was very hard.

Me: Another thought, my wife she cannot do doggie because of the shape of her uterus, but she likes all the other positions, i.e. missionary, cowgirl, spoon, standing, 66 etc.

Simon: I will cream her in missionary to make sure the sperm goes in deep inside.

Me: I will enjoy watching and taking photos of you fucking her bareback and breeding her. I am sure she will be coming many times on your cock. Bambi can come a dozen times, but she always climaxes when her lover ejaculates inside her. This dilates her pussy. Once you have cum, call me over. I will take a picture so she holds still, and then fuck her straight away before Bambi cleans up. I will fuck her and push your seed back into her. I want to keep her horny and make sure the seed is worked well into her tubes. This will make her more receptive to your sperm.

Simon: OK.

I added:

Me: She likes a man to cum inside her pussy and fill her with his juice. I like to fuck her after with your sperm in there.

Simon: I hope she will still be happy when she finds out she’s pregnant.

Me: Yes, I think she will.

Simon: And Bambi is going to keep the baby?

Me: It will be her call…

Simon: I sure wish so. There is nothing greater than giving another man my bastard. It won’t be my first bastard, you know…

Me: It always makes me happy and horny to see her being well serviced by a guy, and coming gratefully on his cock. Let’s work out the details and get you here…

This is how I found myself sitting across from Simon in my living room one September evening. He had arrived half an hour earlier by taxi, coming to our home directly from the airport. The sole purpose for his visit was to fuck Bambi. What a horny thought! Now he was there, sipping a beer, leering at her as he spoke. Every now and again his gaze travelled up and down her sexy body. I could see the ill-concealed desire written all over his face. He was obviously imagining fucking the little slut.

He was telling us about his sales work in Bangkok, but I was only listening with one ear. He was wearing a suit in spite of the heat. I had suggested this to him knowing how much of a turn on this would be for Bambi. She has a thing for businessmen… I glanced over at my wife, she looked absolutely stunning in her black micro-dress with a lacy open back. The Lycra material clung to her sexy body. Her attire was thrillingly complimented by a pair of black hold-up stocking and stiletto high heels. Bambi seemed totally absorbed by his words. She too was eying up this handsome bull hungrily, adulterous desire written all over her face. She was listening to him, head resting slightly to one side, eyes staring at him intensely, her cheeks flushed with adulterous desire. I knew that after Bambi had finished her whiskey on the rocks, my wife would be taking him up to the bedroom to shamelessly welcome him between her thighs.

Earlier, Bambi had washed and put on full make-up, a process that usually took a full hour. She only did this when she was going to fuck a bull or a lover. I watched her with mixed emotions; excitement, anxiety, anticipation and guilt.

“What are you going to do with Simon?” I had asked. “He is coming here especially to fuck you. He is not interested in Lin.”

I had watched her pause for a moment, and then continue to carefully apply her eye-liner.

“I am going to fuck him,” she declared. Her cheeks were flushed.

I had borrowed Bambi’s girlfriend Lin to look after me that night. Her job was to play with my cock and suck me while I watched and photographed the German mating with my wife. Bambi wanted me kept distracted so that she could focus on Simon. She did not want to be disturbed.

Usually, during the initial conversation over drinks, Lin would chat in Thai with Bambi. I guess she must have felt frustrated when all my wife’s attention was focused on our guest. My wife was flirting and laughing with Simon. She was flushed, excited and tremendously horny and this made me hard just watching them. I loved to see my wife flirting so openly with another guy. Bambi was touching him intimately as they spoke, totally ignoring Lin who had to talk in English to me for a good hour. Bambi seemed delighted with the attention; Simon was paying her all sorts of compliments at every turn. Her hand rested on his lap, and she began to stroke his leg slowly as they talked, working her way up his thigh discretely. It was obvious that she was horny at the thought of fucking this bull.

I saw her reach out and squeeze his cock through his pants. Finding his bulge hard, she laughed with canlı bahis siteleri delight, confident in her bull’s desire.

“I think he wants to have fun… You like to fuck Thai girls?” she asked.

“I love to fuck Thai girls; especially when they are as beautiful as you,” he replied.

Bambi loves to feel desired, and to know that her guy was hard and horny for her. I saw my wife blush. She took a sip of her drink to hide her excitement and arousal. The thought of fucking this handsome bull bareback left Bambi wet.

“Why don’t we go upstairs to the bedroom?” I suggested.

Bambi quickly agreed, leading Simon away by the hand. I felt jealous and excited.

When we reached the bedroom, the ladies decided to use the ensuite bathroom first. They went one by one, with Bambi following Lin, while I held polite conversation with our guest. Finally, Bambi came out of the bathroom. Her face was flushed and her eyes sparkling with the sinfully delicious thoughts of what she was about to do. Her pointed nipples stood erect with excitement, their outline clearly visible under the fabric of her tight black Lycra mini dress. She walked straight up to our guest, smiling at him, her every step filled with seduction. Her black high heels rang out on the floor tiles. I looked at her face as she paused for a moment, trying to decide her opening move. Her eyes were bright with adulterous lust. She sat down on the sofa next to Simon, and snuggled her petite body up against him. She was very focused on her man, not really paying any attention to me. I was sitting on the bed with Lin, and the girl was wanking my cock patiently. My lovely wife rested her hand on Simon’s cock. She pressed firmly, carrying on where she had left off.

“Is he hard for me?” she asked her visitor, staring provocatively at the bulge in the German guy’s trousers.

She looked up at his face with a cheeky smile.

Simon pulled her small sexy body up against him, and she stretched upwards to kiss him on the mouth. Their lips met and they began to kiss open-mouthed. Her eyes shut, but I could see that her tongue was in his mouth, darting around avidly. Her left hand rubbed his concealed cock as they kissed with growing passion and ardor. She was going to fuck this stranger and the idea made her terribly wet.

He reached under the hem of her short skirt and caressed her shaved and pantiles womanhood. I looked between her thighs; his fingers were rubbing at my wife’s clitoris. As I watched, his forefinger dug into her pussy, causing her to kiss him even more passionately.

She unbuttoned his shirt and helped him take off his trousers. As he sat down once more, this time naked, the little slut leaned over him and scooped up his hard young cock. She wanked it up and down repeatedly, looking at the impressive erection with hunger and lust. Without pause, she leaned over and began to lick at the head. Her small tongue flicked over the opening, and then darted quickly up and down the base. I watched her lick over the balls, causing her lover to moan with bliss. Her lips encircled the cock head tightly and her head moved up and down, taking the bull’s cock in and out of her mouth. I could see her cheeks puff and hollow as she sucked her lover. Her lovely face looked even prettier with another guy’s hard cock between her sensual red lips. I admired the view and watched as her head slid up and down the shiny stem. The guy thrust at her mouth and closed his eyes. He continued fucking at her like that for a while until she slid to the floor. Kneeling before him, her stockinged knees resting on the cold tiles, she stuck her head back into his lap and swallowed his tool. She placed one hand on the stem, squeezing it tightly as she sucked, while the other one played with his balls. I watched as her head moved up and down the cock, giving the guy a first class BJ.

Reaching out and holding her firmly by the head, her visitor pulled her face into his crotch. As she sucked on his cock, he buried his long tool deeper into her throat with each stroke. She had never taken me so deep into her mouth before, I thought with sadness, jealousy and excitement. Simon was using her as a fuck toy, thrusting at her mouth like a pussy. His cock seemed very hard. I guessed that if she kept this up any longer everything would be over much too fast. She must have sensed this too: Bambi stood up, and smiling seductively, took him by the hand and led him to the bed.

She pulled him on top of her and they kissed open mouthed for a while. There is nothing quite as horny as watching your wife having passionate intercourse with another man, save perhaps watching her cum on his cock. As I stood looking at them making love on the bed, Lin moved behind me, took hold of my cock and began to stroke it. Needless to say, at that point I was already at half-mast just from seeing my wife with Simon. She looked so sexy and horny; her eyes were jammed shut and her body quivering with lust and anticipation. She had his cock in her hand. I saw her pumping it as her tongue explored his mouth while his hand was caressing and kneading her breasts. She rubbed his cock head canlı bahis over the moist groove of her pussy in a shameless and provocative gesture. He reached down and finger-fucked her pussy.

I thought he was going to fuck her then and there. Instead, the guy went down on her and began to eat her pussy hungrily. Most probably he wanted to taste the juices of her excitement and adulterous lust, or maybe he just wanted to prepare her pussy for a good fucking. Whatever the case may have been, Bambi was not complaining. His tongue licked round her clitoris while he fucked her with his forefinger. I watched as he licked, sucked and fucked until her lewd pussy juices were flowing all over his hand. Meanwhile, Lin was playing with my cock, wanking it faster and faster as my loving wife approached her climax. It was hard enough to control myself without my wife’s sexy friend manhandling my delicate parts!

Bambi was letting out little groans of bliss now. It was tremendously horny watching her work up to a climax, and then finally cry out and cum on the guy’s mouth. I swallowed hard; my throat was dry. Fuck! The other guy had just made my little slut of a wife climax! I looked on as Simon continued sucking at her pussy for a moment, tasting the bitter-sweet nectar of my wife’s cum, before moving back to kneel between her parted thighs. She sighed and smiled at him, her lips still quivering with pleasure and excitement. She knew what was coming next and opened her thighs to welcome him.

I looked at his cock: It was fully deployed and totally unsheathed. I knew that his thick 9 inches would make for a tight fit in my wife’s small Thai pussy, but then her natural lubrication would help. He inched forward to impale her. She spread her legs wide open offering him full access to her snatch. She reached down between her legs, took hold of the stem and correctly positioned the cockhead against the entrance of her sleeve. The helmet fit snuggly inside the cradle of her vaginal labia. Her pussy lips looked as if they were kissing or sucking it. I swallowed hard. Holy Moses! My heart beat wildly with arousal and anticipation. Lin chose that moment to kneel down between my legs, and begin to suck at my tool. It was sheer torture.

Holding his cock, my wife carefully guided it into her slutty pussy. Simon simultaneously pushed forward while holding her knees apart. The shaft sank in her like a knife into butter. I stared, eyes wide with awe, as he began to thrust his cock in and out of her, slowly at first, but then picking up speed. He was fucking my wife’s tight pussy bareback. His cock was inside her pussy unprotected, fucking her like a lover. I watched, mouth agape, as he thrust vigorously at her pussy with his younger cock. Her eyes were shut tight, and she was letting out little animal grunts of pleasure. Every now and again, she bit her lips and arched her back, or threw her head back, all signs she was coming. My wife was experiencing a series of orgasms as the bull fucked her right before my eyes.

I am usually quite good at controlling myself, but seeing Bambi squirming with pleasure as the horny stud mated with her, combined with having Lin’s head bobbing up and down on my dick furiously, was just too much: I shuddered and came hard. Feeling the end coming, Lin instinctively pulled back, leaving me standing there, cock spent, yet still hungry and expectant. How frustrating! Having prostate problems, matters always ended with disappointment for me. The only thing I had to show for it all was just a drop of coconut oil …. Lin looked down at my cock with disappointment. My heart sank. My feelings were hurt. Wiping her mouth, Lin disappeared into the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Bambi had flipped the bull around onto his back and climbed on top of him. Scooping up his cock, she stuck the helmet between her vaginal lips. Slowly, she let herself sink down… I watched as she impaled herself right to the hilt on her lover’s long cock, taking its entirety inside her wet sleeve. She jammed her eyes shut, threw her head back, and let out a long guttural moan of pleasure. In that instant, she was a female bitch mating with a stronger and younger bull. She winced with pain and ecstasy; the bigger cock stretched and hurt her small Thai pussy. Her sleeve was built for small Thai men, so that big cock stuffed inside her tight pussy was stretching it as far as it could go. The enjoyment was written all over her face as she began to ride the bull, rising up and down his cock, shiny with her lubrication. I felt tremendously frustrated, standing there watching her enjoy herself. I love to see my wife fucking a stranger, but I also like to share in the enjoyment more actively. Her arms were outstretched, gripping onto Simon’s chest as she arched her back and lifted herself up and down his shaft. She looked incredibly sexy! I felt envy as I saw the bull groan with pleasure. He thrust his hips into her loins in synchronization with her movements. His hands gripped her stockinged thighs, lifting her up with each evolution, and then pulling her down hard on his tool to impale her as deep as he could. Her eyes were wide open, pupils dilated with bliss, staring him in the eyes and watching his pleasure as she fucked his cock. Her lips were curled in lust and satisfaction, quivering as she enjoyed fucking this new and exciting cock inside her married snatch.

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