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Anna Pt. 01 – My First Family Party

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As readers of my stories know, these are my experiences through my sex life.

This story is when my parents organised a family party to welcome me into their sordid life style.

Before you read this you should read my other stories to set the scene.

Apart from the one where I let the pub darts team fuck me, which happened when I was older and married, all the others occurred when I was 18 and 19 years old.

This one follows on from, Ray and his Fuck Van, pt 2.

I was still just 19, my sex life so far had been, well, eventful!.

I love sex, mostly cock. It was the early 1970’s and for young girls on the pill, sex was plentiful and easy to get.

We never wore a lot in those days, mini skirts, see through blouses, sometimes a bra, and stockings and suspenders. Knickers were optional!

After fucking my mum and dad, mum could not wait to tell my grandparents.

My mum had asked if D, my fiance, was home from university the coming weekend. I told her I thought so.

“Good, then I will invite your Gran and Grandad over on Saturday for a little party.”

“Why mum?” I asked her.

“So they can see how you have grown into sex mad teenager darling.” She replied.

I knew it was true, but I was no worse than my mum, apart from liking anal sex more than she did.

After the first time with my parents, my father never moaned about my dress sense, in fact, the more of a tart I looked, the more he liked it. Mum just smiled.

Life around my parents was so much more relaxed, they often fucked in front of me as we watched television in the evening.

If my dad wanted more anal sex, I was available and only too pleased to take his cock.

By Thursday when I came home from work, mum had arranged a family get together for Saturday.

“You had better tell D all about it, dear. I am looking forward to fucking him.”

“Mum, you are terrible. What about James, my elder brother?” I asked.

She laughed, “he knows, I’ve been training him since he was 18. I know all about you and him, your father and I used to listen as he crept into your room at night, he told me you sucked him off, and finally let him fuck your ass.”

I thought the bastard, he could have told me.

It was her parents that she was talking about, not my fathers.

“What about dads parents, nan and grampy, as I called them. Are they coming?”

“Fuck no, they are so puritanical I am sure they only fucked once to produce your father.”

“But gran and grandad are, well, ok?”

“Your grandad has a fantastic cock, I should know by how many times I’ve had it. He is looking forward to fucking you so much. So is your gran, she loves eating cunt.”

Since I had fucked my parents, I noticed their language was also more, shall I say normal, to me.

“In what way is grandads cock so good, is it long, or thick, or both? I asked.

“You will soon find out on Saturday.” She said.

I had, subconsciously, been playing with myself as we chatted, mum just looked at me.

“We can’t let you have all the fun.” Mum said as she took my hand and led me to the sofa. I sat back, mum removed my knickers, and buried her head between my legs, her tongue was flicking between my cunt and my clit.

“God I love your young cunt, it’s so fresh and tastes heavenly.” She said between taking a mouthful of my juices.

“Fuck, make me cum, please mummy.”

She worked her magic on me, I was soon cumming on her face. She came up and kissed me as her fingers still pumped away up my slit.

I went to play with her, but she said no. She had to go out shopping and I would have to wait until later.

Later that evening, I repaid the favour, eating my mum to orgasm as my dad fucked my ass. It just seemed so normal.

Friday evening came, my boss had fucked me over his desk during the day, but no call from the directors, so just him.

D turned up around 7 o’clock to take me out. I noticed my mum looked a bit sexy in her dress, plenty of cleavage on show.

She was leaning over D, giving him a great view of her tits, which were bigger than mine.

“I hope your free tomorrow night Derek.”

“Why is that, Mrs R?”

“Call me Diana, and Anna will tell you. “

“Thank you,um Diana.” He said with his eyes still focussed on my mums tits.

“Lets go.” I said, before my mum seduced him there and then.

We got in his car, “what was that all about, and your mum has a great pair of tits on her. Bigger than yours.” He said.

“Fuck you, she gave you a hard on.” I said looking at the bulge in his trousers.

“Lets go up the showground, I want to fuck you, outside, not in here.”

There were a couple of other cars there but I didn’t care. I got out, pulled my knickers down and bent over the bonnet of the car.

“Fuck me.” I shouted.

D soon had his cock out and it was up my cunt in a flash. I came, he kept going on and on. I thought he was never going to cum. When he did, it was a huge load of spunk. It filled my cunt and was running down my legs.

“Fuck that was a big porno load.”

“I saved it up for you, my cum slut.” He replied.

As we left, the other cars sounded there horns, obviously they enjoyed the show.

We went for a drink, I wiped my legs with my knickers and left them in the car.

As we walked in, a few of his friends were there including nine inch Dave and Nick. They were two of the guys who had once gang banged me.

D got some drinks and was talking to some other mates at the bar. I went up and got my drink and went and sat down.

Dave and Nick were soon over.

“How’s my favourite cunt?” Dave asked.

“Full of spunk.” I replied as I opened my legs, and showed them I was not wearing any knickers.

He soon had his hand between my legs, D, was looking as I leaned back letting him explore my cunt. His fingers slid in easy, Nicks hand joined Dave and they both fingered my cunt.

They brought me to another orgasm as D finally joined us.

“She is such a dirty slut, but so fucking sexy.” Dave said.

They had to go, unfortunately, I thought, but we arranged to get together with their girlfriends soon.

I then took a deep breath and told D all about my parents, how I had let my dad fuck me, and how my mum joined in. Then about the party mum wanted.

All D said was, “fucking hell, well your mum is hot, and she has a great pair of tits.”

“Well, I think she wants to fuck you, and maybe my gran as well.

He grinned, “what’s your gran like?”

I thought and told him she was in her early 60’s, she had my mum young. She is slim, about my size.

“Well are you ok with that or shall I tell them no?”

“I’d love to.”

I smiled and kissed him.

“Lets have another drink and head back up the showground, shall we?”

I stripped off in the car on the way, I hoped we had an audience this time.

When we got there, a crowd were gathered around one car. We walked over and a couple were fucking away over the boot of a car.

The crowd, well, 6/7 people, only one other girl,were cheering as he shot his load over her ass. He moved away and a guy from the crowd stepped forward and soon had his cock in her.

I was wanking D, as they suddenly saw me, naked. The girl reacted first, and started playing with my tits.

A guy behind me was rubbing his cock on my ass, “are you up for it love.” He asked.

I looked at D, he nodded.

“OK,I said,” and got on all fours. The other girl got down with me, still playing with my tits and kissing me as I felt his cock slide in my cunt.

D was watching and then bent down and said something to the girl, she nodded.

He then pulled her skirt up, and her knickers down. I watched as he entered her, she was really squeezing my tits hard with one hand as she supported herself as D was fucking her.

The guy fucking me soon came. I looked at the girl, she asked me turn around. D nodded, so I opened my legs and she buried her face in my cunt. She was eating me as D fucked her. Another guy was jerking off and came on my tits, D shot his load up the girl as she made me cum.

I then thought we had better go otherwise we would be worn out for Saturday. As we left, I noticed the other girl over the car was still taking cock. Dirty bitch, I thought!

D dropped me off, I had put my blouse and skirt on, but they were sticking to me as I walked in my house.

Mum and dad were still up, they just looked.

Mum said, ” you had better have a bath dear.” With a grin on her face.

“Did you tell D dear?” mum asked as I sat in the bath

“Yes, and he is looking forward to it. He also said that you have a great pair of tits mum!”

I washed all the dried spunk off me, toweled myself dry, put on loose top, and went downstairs. Dad was fucking mum over the table.

“Don’t you two ever stop?” I laughed as I went into the lounge and sat down.

I heard them both cum, shouting and swearing like a couple of teenagers.

Dad came in and asked if I wanted to suck his cock clean, which, like any loving daughter, I did.

Mum told him to leave me alone as her parents were coming tomorrow, and I would be getting enough cock then.

That night I masterbated thinking of my gran and grandad. For fucks sake, they are in their 60’s, I said to myself. I kept wondering what my grandads cock was like.

Saturday arrived, I went into town for a coffee and talked to some friends. Could they tell my parents were fucking me, and soon, my granparents would be, I wondered.

After lunch, mum said they would be here about 4 o’clock. I had told D 5, oh well.

Mum said she was going for a bath and asked me to join her. She put an attachment on the bath taps. It was a hose with a thinner tube at the end.

“Push this up my asshole, dear.” She told me.

I did and then turned on the taps, the water was filling her ass and running out of it. When it ran clear, she turned the taps off.

“Your turn.” She said then.

“Your grandad likes a clean rear passage.” She explained.

My porno mum did it me, I thought it must feel like this if some guy pisses up your ass. My mind was thinking, I wondered if D would like to do that to me.

Stop it, I said to myself, as my mum told me I was all clean.

Mum then dressed, she had things in her wardrobe I had never seen. She put on a push up bra, a black pair of sheer knickers, stockings and suspenders, and a dress that was totally see through. You could clearly see her bush

“Right, lets get you dressed.” She pulled more clothes out, I tried on lots of her outfits. I finally chose a red basque, which pushed my tits up and out. Some black stockings, black knickers and one of her dresses. It was short and had a V neck that went down to my waist.

We walked downstairs and my dad just stood there, his mouth open.

“Fuck, you look like a couple of tarts.”

“You know my dad likes me like this.” Mum said.

“True.” Dad said as his cock rose to full attention.

James, my brother walked in.

“Fuck, who wants it first,” he said taking his cock out.

“Put that away, your gran and grandad will soon be here. You know they go first.” Mum said.

Then she came over to me, she reached into my dress and pulled one of my tits up and nearly out. Then she did the same with the other one.

“That’s better.” She said.

I looked down my tits were nearly on full display. My cleavage looked so much bigger than it should. Nice I thought.

James and my dad were fucking me with their eyes, I lifted my skirt to show them my knickers. Their cocks were like tent poles pushing up their trousers.

Then I heard a car pull, luckily it was D, he was early. I went and let him in.

“Fucking hell, you look like sex on legs.” He said as he went to grab me.

“No touching yet, wait until you see my mum.”

He walked in as my mum brought some drinks out, he just stared at her. I literally saw his cock rise as my mum said, ” hello D, I see you like what you see. Don’t worry you can fuck me later, if you want to?”

“Yes please Mrs R, sorry Diana, god you look fucking hot.”

My father, William, everybody calls him Bill, agreed, as did James, my brother.

D said to me, ” you look hot as well, it looks like your gift wrapped.”

I suppose I was with my red dress on and tits on display.

Then my grandparents arrived. My gran who we called Dot, short for Dorothy, and grandad, who was always called Ben, even though I knew that was not his name. I wondered why.

They both hugged and kissed me, grandad even tongued me. They stood back looking me, look how grown up you are Anna, and so like your mum at that age.

It had been three years since I had last seen them as they lived, mostly, in Spain.

They were in their sixties, but looked very fit. Dot had a little summer dress on and grandad, a pair of slacks and shirt.

Mum said, ” right we all know why we are here, to celebrate Anna joining in our family games. And to welcome her fiance, D, as well. As is tradition dad gets the honour of fucking his grandaughter first. So over to you dad.”

Ben, my grandad, started kissing me, his hands were soon squeezing my ass cheeks. I could feel his cock growing and pushing against me. He stood back, I saw everybody else was just watching.

He undid the tie on my dress and it fell to the floor, he got on his knees and pulled my knickers down slowly. As he revealed my bush, he kissed it, stroked it, and started licking my lips. Pulling my cunt lips apart his tongue was soon inside my cunt. I bent my knees to give him easier access to my cunt.

“You taste just like your mother Anna, turn around, let me see your young ass.”

I turned around, presenting my ass to my grandad. I bent over and pulled my cheeks apart.

“Like what you see grandad!”

“Oh yes, look at that beautiful pink rosebud.” He said, as his tongue was soon up my asshole.

Looking around, my father and my brother were undressing my gran. D had his hand on my mum’s tits as she was stroking his cock.

Ben stood up and undid his trousers. His pants stiil covered his cock, but it was sticking out, straining to get out.

I got on my knees and pulled his pants down. His cock hit my chin as it sprang up.

“Oh god.” I screamed. It was fucking huge, not just in lenght but girth. It was thicker than my wrist.

Even D looked on in amazement at the size of it. My tongue was licking it, would this thing ever fit in me, I thought.

“Grandad, that is, well, just amazing,” I said as I opened my mouth as wide as possible. The bell end was glowing as I forced my mouth over it. I gagged, took a deep breath, and pushed some more of it in my mouth. I realised then why they called him Ben, it must be after Big Ben, the giant bell.

I was determined to please my grandad and slowly and slowly my mouth was full of his cock. I took it out, took a very deep breath, and forced my mouth on it, I reached around to his ass and pulled it right it. I felt it going down my throat, türk porno it was right in, his balls hit my chin.

“Fucking hell,” grandad said. “She’s taking it all, the greedy cunt.”

I felt so pleased, I chewed on it as he finally started face fucking me.

My mum and gran were just speechless as I heard them say it took them ages to manage that.

“Oh god, she is making me cum.” Grandad said as my throat was filled with his spunk. It just went straight down my throat. I could feel it filling my stomach. Warm juicy spunk, my grandads spunk. I continued sucking on it, determined to get every last drop out of his balls.

Mum and gran were looking at me in admiration as I licked my lips.

Mum blew me kiss as she took her dress off and invited D to fuck her doggy style. He was soon up my mums cunt.

Dot was riding my dad, cowboy style, as my brother was pushing her forward, his cock was straight up my grans anus. Obviously not the first time,I thought.

Grandad pulled me up, undoing my basque, I was soon naked.

“You are so like your mother,” he said.

“Thank you grandad, I hope I please you like mum.”

I laid down, opened my legs, fingering myself. “Fuck me grandad, please fuck your little girl.”

To my surprise, his cock was already getting harder. He got on top of me, kissing me, pinching my nipples, telling me my mum liked her nipples hurt.

“So do I,” I moaned as he was pulling them out, I felt his cock, now rock hard on me.

I opened my legs as wide as I could, I knew this was going to hurt me.

My cunt was nice and juicy as he lifted up and caught hold of his cock, he rubbed it up and down my slit until it was covered in my juices.

He pushed that beautiful bell head inside me. I gasped, it stretched my cunt walls to the limit. Fuck, it hurt and it not even really in me. He was gentle and eased a bit more of it in me.

Oh god, I wanted this monster in me, pain and all, I wrapped my legs around him and thrust my hips up.

It was in, all of it, stretching my cunt like never before. I screamed, “oh fuck, yes, yes, yes. Fuck me grandad, use your little girl.”

And fuck me he did, on top of me, on my knees, doggy style, I rode him, he was pulling my nipples hard. I loved the pain.

My orgasms were continuous, I squirted a few times,not surprising with the size of his cock in me.

He got me back on the floor, and just kept fucking me until he exploded in my cunt. His cock was so big, I felt my grandads spunk squirting out, down my thighs, as he filled my cunt.

He slowly removed it from within me, climbed until his cock was resting on my tits. He wiped it over my tits. I stuck my tongue out, trying to lick it.

“Put it back in my mouth, please grandad.” I begged him.

He smiled as he slapped it across my face before filling my mouth with his cock.

“Your worse than your fucking mother, and she was always cock hungry. Suck my balls dry, you cocksucker.”

I sucked him dry, licked his balls clean and grandad finally got off me.

I looked around, my gran now had my brother and dads cocks both in her cunt. I heard her saying, thats it boys, fill my cunt with cock.

My mum was back on her knees and I knew from the look on her face D was up her ass.

Grandad and I sat back on the sofa watching as the rest.of the family swapped positions many times.

My hand was on my bush and catching some of the fluids leaking out of me. I rubbed some over my tits, and on grandads cock, as I gazed at it.

“Mum was right grandad, you have a great cock.”

“Thank you Anna, she always liked it. I first fucked your mum on her eighteenth birthday. She was so tight, just like you are. But she never really liked it up her ass. She let me of course, like all all good daughters should.”

“I like it up my ass grandad, would you like to fuck mine?”

“Give me a few minutes you dirty girl.”

“Of course.” I replied getting on my knees between his legs.

“Lift your legs up please grandad.”

He did as I licked his balls, I put some fingers inside my cunt, getting them wet. I was licking up and down his shaft as I pushed two fingers up his anus.

“Oh you filthy girl, keep doing that. Dot does that to get me hard. You must take after your gran.”

I smiled to myself as I pushed my fingers as far as I could. I felt his cock responding as I sucked his balls. I was imagining his cock in my ass. My anus was twitching as I thought this is going to hurt like fuck, but I wanted to please my grandad so much.

“Right my horny little grandaughter, get over the arm of the sofa and brace yourself. Diana, get some lubrication, Anna wants it up her ass.”

That stopped them all. Mum got the lub, and with her mums help spread it over and up my asshole. Then grandad covered his cock with it.

“Are you sure dear?, your grandads cock is big.” My gran said.

“Yes gran, I want to feel it in all my holes.”

The whole family, and D, gathered round as grandad held his cock at the entrance to my tiny pink anus. He put a few fingers in first, then I felt the big bell push at my tight sphincter, it stretched it to the limit, but it still wasn’t in my ass.

“Please grandad, push it in, hurt me, I need it so much.”

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