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Angel in the Night 01

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I’m new to this, so comments are welcome!

I lay on my back on the bed, stroking slowly. I thought of the sexy, unapproachable girls on the beach. I thought of their pert breasts in bikini tops with the nipples showing through (nice effect in the cold seawater). The wet fabric clung to their bottoms, and even showed their pussies if you got the chance to be in front of them. I stroked harder. I imagined them stroking me, their hand around my cock instead of mine. The other hand on their pussies, pushing through the curly dark hairs, opening their lips, fingers going inside…

Come spurted out onto my bare stomach. I watched it shoot out the hole in the top of my cock, sticky strings across me. My teenage need partly satisfied, my breathing settled down. I was going to reach over and get the familiar kleenex when I heard a faint gasp, outside my open window. I knew no one was out there (otherwise I’d be a whole lot more discreet), so what was it? I lay perfectly still in the warm summer evening. I thought I could hear breathing, or was it the breeze? No sound now, did I imagine it?

The neighbours were the Phuongs, originally from Vietnam, a middle-aged couple. They were extremely quiet – you barely heard them at all. They could not possibly have been the source…

I was put off any more self-pleasure, for a few days anyway, but a teenage boy still has needs, and I was too shy and awkward to approach the real thing. (At eighteen years old I was starting to wonder when “the real thing” would happen.) So I visited my fantasy girls. I was back on my bed one warm evening again, hard as a rod of iron. But this time I was more alert. Yes, I could sense something, someone, breathing.

I started to stroke myself up and down, up and down. The breathing outside got heavier, with occasional gulps. It’s weird, but I found it a turn-on to be watched like this. I changed the rhythm a bit and stroked my legs as well. I may have been shy and awkward, but I had an imagination!

With my come shooting out again and splashing on my stomach, I heard the gasp. Definitely the same gasper, a female I guessed. I had placed myself so I could sneak a glance out the window without (I hoped) being noticed. It worked.

In the window of the Phuongs’ house I could make out the outline of a head, with long straight hair, bobbing slightly. I knew it was a young-ish person, and I was sure she was enjoying the sight. I should have been mortified, but the warm night, the mystery, the whole craziness just got to me. I loved it. Definitely coming back tomorrow, I thought.

Tomorrow and over the next days I put on more of a show. I “accidentally” arranged my bedside light to show tandoğan escort off my cock better. I turned on the bed and spread my legs. I ran my hands over my balls and backside. Hell, I thought, girls do it for guys, and in fact it feels pretty nice. I was learning a lot.

The watcher enjoyed it all. I guess she worked out pretty quickly I was performing for her, as she came much closer to her window. I could see her long dark hair, and almost see her fine Asian features. I could tell she was stroking herself, across her breasts and down between her legs. I didn’t mind, in fact it made it special. The fantasy girls had left the scene. I was doing it only for my “guest”.

Then there was a very special night. She turned her light on. I could see clearly, she was a slim Asian girl, a bit older than me maybe, with long hair and very small breasts. As I lay looking up at her (their house was up the hill), she undid the buttons of her blouse and revealed her dark brown nipples. They looked gorgeous. My cock stiffened even more as I pulled the foreskin over the head and back. It was a great climax.

It got better. Next night, she was raised up at the window so I could see her dark thatch of pubic hair. Then to my disbelief, she did a wonderful thing to a shy late-teenager. She lifted up one leg. The light caught her hairy triangle and I watched her slide her fingers down and open her lips to me. With one hand she rubbed her clit, with the other she slid one, then two fingers into her waiting channel. I can see it to this day in my mind’s eye. It was gorgeous.

I think she came. She rubbed harder and harder, her head bobbing slightly, then suddenly held her breath, then I heard the gasp I’d noticed all that time before. I’d stopped pulling myself as I was lost in awe, but I only needed a few more strokes to make own happy ending.

I remembered then a daughter, older than me, also so quiet the rowdy Anglos in our street didn’t really pay her attention. I couldn’t even get a name from memory. Successful at university or something. Was she visiting?

Then it got the best. I was on my bed, this time I had got up on all fours facing away from the window. I stroked my thighs and pushed my cock down between them so she could see. I rolled back and let it stand tall and hard, when I looked at her. She was beckoning.

She pointed at me then ran her finger round in a U-shape to show me I should come around. I didn’t need a second invite. I grabbed a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and raced over. My brain was in my cock and I didn’t think of anything else. Did I mention I was a shy teenager?

She was waiting at the door. She tunalı escort let me in silently and took me to her room. The bare floorboards were cool and there was a strange spicy incense smell in the house. A tiny caution light went off in my head.

“Are we… alone?”

“My parents are visiting relatives. There’s only us.”

In her room we stopped and stared at each other. This was a new game, and we both felt it. Then she slowly took off the top she’d hurriedly dressed in. I took my clothes off too, and my throbbing cock bobbed between us. She stood there, a beautiful sight. Her small breasts put barely a curve on her chest, but her nipples stood up, already firm. Her pyjama pants came down slowly over her slim legs. She was slim from top to bottom – her hips were hardly wider than her waist. Her bush was very dark in the dim bedroom light.

She sat on her bed and started to play with herself again. She opened her legs wide. I could see the skin of her outer lips was slightly darker than the honey colour of the rest of her, but her inner lips were pinker. The thick dark curls receded around her lips. She rolled her hips back so I could see all her crack, down to her little anus. As she put her fingers in and out they glistened wetly. She stared at my cock, which had leaked a bit of precum already. I suddenly realised why she stared, and started working my shaft for her.

We played our own duet, she in her increasingly wet pussy, me on my pink shaft. Our breathing got heavier. I lapped up the sight of her fingers thrumming her clit. She rolled her lips from side to side and I could see her juices spreading onto her thighs. It was a great sight, I can tell you. I felt my stomach muscles tense as I tried to hold off – I wanted to come with her. But no, my balls leapt, there was a rippling under my cock and my come spewed out, dripping loudly on her polished floorboards. The sight of my spurting cock clenched in my hand, its head pointing at her, sent her over and she frantically rubbed herself to orgasm, with the same gasp I had got to know.

We still faced each other, breathing heavily. I could make out the clear fluid seeping out of her, and a sweet intoxicating smell. The sight and the smell emboldened me. “Can I touch?” I asked.

She stared. Up to now it was almost the same as last night, but close up. This was a line, to stay behind or to cross.

“Be very gentle,” she whispered.

I knelt down and carefully opened her flower. The smell was stronger, and I could notice the spicy smell of the house on her honeyed skin. It was wonderful. Her lips were thick and pink now. I could see her vagina, opening and closing, turangüneş escort with the clear nectar seeping out. I touched it. She breathed in suddenly, but pushed her hips up to me more. I put my fingers in and felt around. She put her hand on my head, but didn’t stop me. She seemed to like it. Some of her come ran down the back of my finger.

There seemed a soft bulge inside at the top. I felt around it & she gasped. She pushed my face into her groin, which pushed my fingers further in. She rolled her hips more and kept saying “Yes… yes… yes.” Turned on now, I got right into it, nuzzling her clit, licking her lips from bottom to top. I could feel her vagina muscles flexing on my fingers.

She wriggled back and forth, up and down. Her pussy juice went everywhere. “Yes… yes… aaahhh.” She stretched her lips wide apart with her hands and i thrust my tongue further into her vagina, actually sucking and swallowing her juice. She went from thrusting her bush up to me, to clamping me with her slim thighs as her climax washed over her. I was on top of the world. My cock was taking more interest already, which she noticed. She lay there, breathing hard, watching my bobbing member. “Sit here,” she said.

I sat on the bed, one leg tucked under, next to her tummy. She was laid out, head on her pillow. Completely naked, her ribs were easy to make out and her breasts were nearly flat above. Her dark brown nipples stood proud. She looked across, smiled at me and started to pull my cock. My cock loved it. She stared at her hand on my rod as it gripped my shaft and pulled the skin right over the head, or made smaller strokes that kept my helmet in view. While she pleasured me I stroked her beautiful legs and she wriggled her bush with delight. I rustled my fingers through her pubic hair.

The tugging seemed to edge me closer to her, so that in the end my cock-head was over her breasts as she lay on her back. “I’m nearly there,” I said.

She gave me long hard strokes, brushing my balls with her hand. My balls rose up and I poured my come out, across her breasts and covering one nipple completely. Strings of come joined my bouncing cock to her chest. She watched the whole thing intently, squeezing my cock as it softened in her grip. She dipped her finger in the pearly fluid and sniffed the very different smell of me.

“Thank you,” I gasped. “I’ve never felt that good. Thank you.”

“I liked it too. I’ve never handled a boy before. It’s all so new. Could be fun, though.”

“You’re my first real girl. You are so beautiful. What’s your name? I’m Nick.”

“Thien.” She said it ‘tyen’, but with a breathiness around the ‘t’. A beautiful word.

“Thien, it sounds lovely. Thien, I think I’m in heaven.”

She laughed softly, musically. I was puzzled.

“My name means ‘angel’,” she said. Now I laughed.

“We should clean ourselves up a bit, then would you like to go to heaven again?”

“Oh yes… I would like that a lot.”

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