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Alexis Texas

Andrew”s Misplaced Trust Chapter 18 – Sir, The Dungeon and Death Check out photos of Andrew and his friends here.

There may be some real events that inspired parts of this, or not, but I have to tell you this is fantasy fiction.

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WickrMe andrewmthomas

This story is an original work of fiction ©Copyright 2022 Andrew M. Thomas.
Please do not copy or post without permission. Please share the link with friends!

Boys are to be loved, cherished and cared for. Never hurt!

Chapter 18

Sir saw Andrew”s expression and laughed. “Don”t worry boy, I won”t hurt you at all. You”re going to have a lot of fun tonight.”

“I”m looking forward to it, Sir!”

“Ricky, why don”t you get started. Strip off your friend while he strips you naked.” The man said as he quickly removed his clothes.

Andrew noticed that the man had a huge cock and had a leather strap around it and his balls. He was getting worried that he was going to jam his fat cock in his ass.

“Ricky, has he fucked you?”

“Yeah, it”s not so bad. He always prepares me before, and it”s really not as bad as it looks. If he fucks us it will only be me tonight, I promise.

Andrew was seriously worried about getting hurt again. It had been almost 3 years since his father and friends raped him, but he couldn”t shake that memory. Being on the streets wasn”t easy, but any time he thought about the rape, he was glad he was out on his own and had the pastor and his friends. Their lives weren”t all that bad. The few times the pastor fucked him, he was very gentle and loving.

“Boys, you will do as I say. On your knees.” He pushed the top of Andrew”s head down and forced him to his knees.

Ricky had been through this before, so he was already being obedient.

Andrew reached up to Sir”s massive cock which was hard as a rock. It was as big around as a Coke can and about as long as two cans. Wow.

“Smack” Sir whipped Andrew”s hand with a small paddle. “Boy, not until you are told!” It startled him. He didn”t dare speak.

`Ok, Ricky, what have you gotten me into” was all Andrew could think. He didn”t like this. Too many bad memories were coming back.

“Boy” Sir said, looking at Andrew. “Do you like what you see?”

“Yes, sir!” Andrew was frightened but knew to respond positively.

“Good, now both of you get up on this table and 69 each other.” Sir demanded. The fuck table was just big enough for the boys, and they could be accessed on either end while they were in their 69 position.

Cameras started clicking and video was being taken as well. The boys were actually really enjoying getting to savor each other while being watched. Andrew was working on Ricky”s cock, slurping up his spike, lapping up his pre-cum and enjoying it. Ricky felt Andrew tense up and didn”t want him to cum just yet, so he moved to try to rim him. He was just tall enough that his tongue made it to reach Andrew”s star. He went back to working on the cock and put a finger in his mouth and got it wet and stuck it into Andrew”s pucker. Andrew did the same to him.

The boys were really getting into it and were edging each other. Thankfully, they knew each other”s signs and backed off enough to keep things going.

A man they hadn”t seen earlier came up. He was naked and wanking his cock. He came over to Andrew and told him to stop with Ricky, and aimed his cock at Andrew and shot his load all over Andrew”s face, hair, and mouth. Andrew figured he had to earn his money, so why not. It would have been more fun to suck it out of the man though.

“Victor, you made a mess on my boy” Sir barked “lick it all up or else you”re fired!”

Victor quickly leaned in to ankara escort lick his cum off of Andrew and proceeded to tongue kiss him. Victor had planned this so he could kiss Andrew. He rubbed the remaining jizz into Andrew”s hair. Andrew wasn”t sure why, but he looked familiar. He remembers all of his John”s, but he”s not one of them.

“You,” Sir said, looking at Ricky, “Stand up and climb up on this bench. You know the position.” Ricky climbed up on the saw horse thing and looked like he was going for a piggyback ride on it. His arms were wrapped around the center, his ass off the end with his legs on the ground.

“Boy, get up there and rim your friend!”

Andrew wasn”t quick enough and got a playful swat. He started to stand only to be pushed back down again, so he walked on his knees over to Ricky”s ass and felt his head get shoved right into his hole.

“Lick and rim the boy, Boy!”

Ricky”s ass was sweet. Ricky was moaning in pleasure, and Andrew was really into it.

“Open your eyes boy, look up and smile while you lick and probe,” Sir directed Andrew. He did as instructed, posing for the camera. Andrew was nervous and not having the fun time he expected. The unknown caused him some fear and worry.

“Good, on your feet.” Andrew was hard as a rock. “Now, fuck him, but don”t you dare cum.”

Andrew stood, positioned his cock at Ricky”s hole, and pushed it in. Andrew”s slobbery saliva on the hole was enough for his boy dick to go in.

“Good, smile, lick your lips, smile boy, look like you”re enjoying it.” Andrew didn”t have to pretend, this was very hot. He was about to cum, so he stopped and pulled out. Sir was mad and took the paddle and swatted Andrew”s boy dick. That backed him away from his orgasm. It didn”t hurt, but Andrew didn”t expect that.

“Damn boy, you”re hot. Climb on top of Ricky but face his ass.”


Sir grabbed Andrew and set him on top of Ricky. Ricky was face down straddling the bench. Andrew”s cock was in Ricky”s hair, and his face was on his ass. Andrew felt like he was crushing Ricky, but he could feel him moving and he wasn”t moaning.

Sir pulled up behind Ricky and pushed his cock into Andrew”s face. “Suck, and no teeth, or you won”t have any when I”m done with you,” he barked.

“Sir, you”re too big!” Andrew started

“Quiet!” he shouted. “Suck it, lick it, doesn”t matter, but keep it wet.”

Andrew licked the head. There was a lot of precum dripping. It was sweet, so Andrew didn”t mind licking the sweet juices.

Sir pulled his cock away from Andrew and then rammed it up Ricky”s ass. He didn”t take it easy, he just shoved it in. This shocked Andrew.

Ricky screamed, and Andrew felt him squirm. He even felt his friend”s pain. Ricky”s body was shaking, and Andrew knew he wasn”t enjoying this, but he was helpless.

Sir reached over and shoved a ball gag into Ricky”s mouth. Ricky”s mouth was pushed into the bench, so he couldn”t spit it out if he wanted to, so he didn”t fasten it. The whole time, cameras were making noises and flashes were going off.

Finally, Andrew saw the camera man. He was a tall man and was dressed in all black.

Sir continued to ram and shove his cock into Ricky. Ricky shuddered each time. Sir pulled it out and pushed it into Andrew”s face. “Clean it off!”

Ricky had taken a good shit, but nothing could prepare you for something as massive as this guy. Andrew reluctantly cleaned off the leftovers from Ricky with his tongue. Trying not to barf, he just kept thinking of the money.

“Good, now, get off Ricky and on to the bed face up. Place your face near the edge. Ricky, you get on top and put your cock in his mouth.” He instructed as he yanked the ball out of Ricky”s mouth. He pulled so hard that it”s a wonder that Ricky”s teeth didn”t come out too.

Ricky and Andrew were doing a 69 on the bed. Ricky was on top with his ass off the edge. Sir came around, camera flashing the escort ankara entire time, and rammed Ricky again. Ricky accidentally bit down on Andrew. Ricky mumbled around the cock in his mouth, but Sir got even more aggressive. Andrew had a mouth full of Ricky, and his scream from being bit was muffled.

Sir continued fucking Ricky, and suddenly Andrew felt Ricky”s body go limp. He was now lifeless on top of Andrew. Andrew felt the change immediately. Ricky stopped breathing and became a dead weight. Andrew reached up to hold Ricky. His chest really wasn”t moving and there was no breathing. Andrew couldn”t feel a pulse anywhere on Ricky. He kept shaking him and pushing him, but he wasn”t responding. Sir was pounding away, the camera clicking, and Andrew had a lifeless Ricky on top of him.

“Stop” Andrew screamed, spitting Ricky”s dick out of his mouth.

Sir was pissed, he smacked Andrew in the face. Andrew just screamed, “Stop it! Stop it! He”s dead! He”s not breathing.” Andrew started sobbing.

Sir panicked when he saw Ricky not moving. He lifted him off and flipped him on his back.

Ricky was blue, lifeless. Blood was coming out of his ass. “Fuck, fuck, you killed him! Please sir, don”t kill me too!” Andrew screamed and started crying. He jumped off the bed, ran to the corner, and curled up into a ball, rocking on his ass and feet.

The camera man and Sir were trying to revive Ricky. The camera man went over to a cupboard and pulled out a red bag and then fished out some orange stick looking thing. He used it to inject something into Ricky.

Andrew continued crying and whimpering. He curled into an even tighter ball. He thought, `Fuck, I”m dead. These guys won”t let me go if Ricky dies or has to go to the hospital.”

The street kids all knew the drill. If you were ever hurt in a sex act with a John, you were disposable. No hospital, just a dumpster. Throwaway kids is what they were. Andrew was preparing for the end and just hoped it wasn”t going to be painful. The men weren”t paying attention to him. He considered running, but he had no idea where he was and he was naked. If they caught him trying to leave, it could get worse.

Suddenly, Ricky started sputtering. He was coughing and crying. Andrew could see he wasn”t moving much.

“Sir, that epi-pen was a good idea. I didn”t think it would work. Good thing you”re allergic to peanuts. Genius idea. Glad you could get one of them.” The cameraman said.

Andrew had no idea what they would do next. Ricky didn”t look like he was doing too well, but he was breathing. Blood was coming out of his ass. Andrew ran over to him and grabbed a towel that was on the bed and started to clean up his friend.

Andrew leaned down to Ricky”s ear and whispered, “Hang in there, I”ll get us out of here.” Ricky couldn”t talk. He was still gasping for air and semi lifeless.

“Sir, I know you had plans for us, but Ricky isn”t doing well. Could we please be done? You won”t have to pay us, just take us back please. Drop us behind Walmart and we won”t say a thing.”

Sir looked at Andrew. He realized he had gone too far. He wasn”t aroused anymore. His double Coke can cock was now a shriveled tootsie roll. He was visibly shaken. “Kid, I never meant to hurt you. I only wanted pleasure for all of us. This went too far, and I”m sorry. I”m not going to kill you if you promise not to say anything to anyone.”

“I promise, I just don”t want to die and want to help Ricky get better. Please sir. Please don”t beat me. My daddy did that, and that”s how I ended up on the streets. Please, let us go.” Sir helped Andrew pull some shorts and a tee onto Ricky, carefully wiping him up everywhere. He even used baby wipes to remove any signs of sex. Andrew got dressed. He carried Ricky to the G Wagon and put him in the very back. He had Andrew get in to hold him. They drove forever until he stopped behind the Walmart by the dumpsters.

“I don”t see anyone watching, so hurry ankara escort bayan up when we stop and get out. I”m really sorry, I went too far. Here”s your money and some extra to take care of Ricky. Please, not a word to anyone.” He handed Andrew a huge stack of bills. It was way more than they had agreed to. He wanted them to lie low, and he knew he had hurt their business. He didn”t know if they had a pimp or not, so he wanted to be sure he wasn”t hassled. Andrew just shoved the money into his pants and pulled Ricky out of the car.

“Not a word.” Andrew responded. Sir drove off as fast as he could.

Andrew had to get Ricky home, and he was barely conscious. Andrew found a milk crate and flipped it so Ricky could sit and gain some strength. After a few minutes, Ricky was able to stand and walk with one arm over Andrew”s shoulder. It had to be way after 2 AM since the bar down the street was dark and the street was empty. They got to their building, and there was no way to get Ricky up the ladder.

“Hold on.” Andrew set Ricky down on a discarded recliner that someone dumped next to the dumpster and scampered up the ladder, crossed the roof, and up the second ladder into the building. He went to the stairs and removed the barricade from the door and went down the stairs quietly. The people weren”t around. There were some big tanks and things were bubbling and it smelled really bad, but Andrew just needed to get Ricky upstairs.

He grabbed Ricky and slipped between the van and the building to go in. They took the stairs, but it was slow with Ricky in pain at every step. There were three flights to get to the second floor, and each step seemed to take forever and cause Ricky more pain.

When they got to his room, Ricky was fading in and out of consciousness. Andrew ran to his room, opened the desk drawer where he stashed his food, and found a Coke. He grabbed a towel and ran to the restroom to soak it in water. He took the Coke to Ricky and opened it. It was warm, but it was something. Ricky drank it down.

“Thank you, Andy” he mumbled, “I think I died. I feel like I did.” Andrew was wiping up Ricky with the wet towel, trying to be as gentle as he could.

“Ricky, you were blue. You did die. That man stabbed you with something, and you came alive again. It was scary.”

“Well, I feel like shit. Let me rest.”

Andrew pulled down Ricky”s pants and saw that the blood was still coming out of his ass. His shorts were soaked. He went off to grab something to help stop the blood.

He took several pairs of new underwear back and rolled them up and placed them up to Ricky”s bleeding hole. He pushed on it, remembering shows where they say to apply pressure to bleeding. It seemed to work. He held it there. Both boys were getting tired but didn”t know why. The room had a strange smell to it. They left the stairway door open and it was probably just the smell of the stuff downstairs. Andrew called out to see if anyone else was there, but there was no response. He wondered why the others weren”t home at this hour. It wouldn”t be normal for them all to have an overnight date. Andrew was getting a bad headache. He was also tired and fell asleep with his hand holding the briefs against Ricky”s ass as he slept.

About an hour later, Andrew woke up feeling like he was going to vomit. He was still very sleepy and now he was seeing things. The room smelled worse. He had smelled that smell before, but it was kind of like the garden shed after his dad put the mower in. He couldn”t stay awake any longer. He fell asleep again, still holding the briefs on Ricky”s bleeding ass.

“Boom” was the first sound Andrew heard. The building shook. It woke him up. His headache was really bad. He knew it wasn”t an earthquake.

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