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An Unexpected Trip Ch. 06

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An Unexpected Trip Pt. 06

Thunder rumbled over Arthur’s head. He sat alone in an unpopulated area of the bleachers, with his shoulder-length dark hair in his traditional renoige ponytail. He even wore his obsidian clip. His crow-like black-feathered wings were preened to the best of his ability, if a little dry. He’d wanted to look his best that night: he wore his favorite purple hoodie and trendy blue skinny jeans, only to find that the opposing team’s colors were blue and purple when he arrived on the field. Arthur had just turned nineteen, young and gangly, and politely clutched his wings to his back as he made his way to his seat.

Arthur had bought two beers from the concessions stand, oddly having to explain to a skeptical cashier that he was buying drinks for two people. One was for him, and the other was for his best friend Rabb, whose team was playing in the game that night. In addition to the beer, Arthur had bought himself a large cup of tamarind and violet tea for the game. It was late August, and though the days could get hot, the first cold tendrils of fall gave the air a creeping chill after dark. It made Arthur glad he’d worn his hoodie.

Though Arthur had never been into sports, he found himself following the action, especially when Rabb was playing. She attempted a lot of daring saves and missed more than half the time, but seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. Arthur was almost disappointed when everything stopped at halftime.

Rabb made her way up the bleachers, stepping out of the glare of the stadium lights. Her cream-colored hair, streaked with hints of yellow, black, and orange, had been tied up in a neat bun. She was Renoige: humanoid, with a mix of white and orange tabby fur, catlike ears, ice blue eyes, and a long but muscular figure underneath her green and yellow team uniform.

“Arthur! You made it!” Rabb plopped down next to him. It jostled him, reminding him that he’d need to pee soon, and he tried not to show it on his face. “How have you been? Mom said you quit your job at the brewery last month?” Arthur was even more tanned than usual under his dark freckles, and hoped it was enough to hide the blush heating his face.

“Good for you, really,” said Rabb. “That place is horrible.”

The buzzer marked one minute left of halftime. Arthur didn’t think to ask Rabb where the bathroom was, but he didn’t need to go that badly yet. He took a sip of his tea and found that he was down to the ice cubes.

With the tea gone, Arthur poured one of the beers into his cup. It was gone before the end of the third quarter, and Arthur didn’t hesitate to pour in the second beer. It didn’t seem particularly strong, and he sipped it steadily like the tea, telling himself he’d just get Rabb another beer after the game.

“Arthur?” Rabb approached him again between the third and fourth quarter, wearing bursa escort an ice pack around her shoulders. “…What happened to those beers?” Her eyes lit on the cup that had held his tea and widened. Arthur still had about half a beer left, and Rabb snatched it away and poured it out under the bleachers.

“What did…” Arthur tried to stand up, only to feel his head spinning. He dropped back to the bench. “What did you do that for?”

Rabb groaned. “You worked at a brewery for two years, Arthur. Have you seriously never tried Renoige beer?”

Arthur shook his head. “I was underage, and Mr. Chantrus is paranoid about emplo-” It struck him that he needed to pee; the only thing keeping him from flooding his pants was how tight his jeans were. It was uncomfortable but kept an otherwise serious leak to a sporadic drip. A small wet spot bloomed on the crotch of his pants.

“Oh shit, we need to get you to a bathroom,” said Rabb quietly. There were just over four more minutes until the next quarter, ticking down on the digital display on the scoreboard. Arthur tried to stand up again and sat back down, dizzy and leaking. He grudgingly admitted to himself that Rabb had been right about how strong the beer was.

“I can’t get up,” whispered Arthur. “I’ll pee everywhere.”

Rabb glanced around. They sat between the lights under the cover, and there wasn’t anyone sitting close to them; Arthur had picked that spot so that he could sit without his wings blocking anyone’s view.

Arthur could tell that Rabb was trying hard to think of what to do, but his body had other plans. He retracted his arms into his hoodie, pulled it down in front of his crotch as he hunched over, and unzipped his pants.

“What are you doing?” hissed Rabb.

Arthur aimed his dick straight down between his feet just in time. He couldn’t see what was going on under his hoodie, but it wasn’t splashing his feet. Arthur listened to his urine whizzing loudly out of sight under the bleachers and let the buzzer for the three-minute warning cover his sigh of relief. He felt himself overbalancing forward against his wings and Rabb caught him.

Around them, rain pattered on the ground, the field, and the metal bleacher covers. It gave Arthur another opportunity to heave a deep sigh, leaning on Rabb. She took out her phone and texted her team captain.

“I’m gonna dip out of the game. Arthur’s not feeling well, taking him home,” Rabb typed, and hit send.

“Home?” Arthur yawned. He was still pissing, vaguely wondering where it was all going, or he would’ve if he could focus his mind.

“You almost finished, Batsquatch?” asked Rabb, squeezing his shoulder reassuringly.

Arthur nodded, braced himself, and pushed out a long jet of pee. He finished out with a few squirts as the buzzer sounded, starting the fourth quarter of the game. bursa escort bayan Zipping up his pants was much easier to do with an empty bladder, and it helped his warped concentration as he half-leaned on Rabb all the way to her home. Rabb set Arthur up in her family’s guest bedroom, where he promptly crashed for the next twelve hours.

“The visiting team had their duffel bags stored under the bleachers,” said Arthur guiltily. He wore Digitalis’s math team shirt over his drawstring pajama pants, and lay in bed next to Digitalis just over two decades later. “I picked a spot directly over them. There was so much pee that they thought a group of kids did it. It even made the local newspaper, and they did a tenth and twentieth-anniversary article on it because it started a sports feud.”

“They didn’t recognize the scent of your urine? Or at least smell that there was only one person?” Digitalis asked. He was still wearing the t-shirt and sweatpants he’d eaten dinner in. Digitalis’s wavy light blue hair was squashed to one side, and his bluejay-like feathered wings flexed lazily behind him.

Arthur smirked. “I don’t know. I was the only andyne there. I thought it was only a matter of time until I was caught, but it’s never happened.”

“Speaking of getting caught, since the funeral home canceled on us, we have a free day today,” said Digitalis.

“We sure do,” Arthur replied innocently. “What about?”

“I’d like to try something outside. It’s almost four-thirty, so we have a few hours before anyone gets up.” Digitalis’s tone was secretive.

“You *are* aware that it’s snowing, right?” yawned Arthur.

“We wouldn’t be out there long, and you get to pick how I cum,” pleaded Digitalis, knowing all too well how much Arthur loved sucking his dick. They decided to go outside naked so they wouldn’t have to wash their clothes, and get into the shower afterward.

The living room was a little chilly. They left the lights off, just in case, and pulled the curtain back from the sliding glass door. Outside was a little smoking patio, its cover held up by a sturdy aluminum frame. A wall of decorative kumiko-style lattice screened the view from the house and blocked out the worst of the wind. That left the patio with a sweeping view of the snow-covered hillside.

“So, what do you want to do?” asked Arthur, looking outside anxiously. The cold radiated from the glass door and over his bare skin. Part of him wished he’d worn his thin pajama pants.

“Maybe you could re-enact that story you were just telling me,” said Digitalis.

Arthur was careful to grab a towel, and followed Digitalis outside, taking the plunge into the freezing air. It reminded Arthur that he needed to pee; he’d had an entire water bottle with dinner, and two more during the movie night with his family afterward.

The silence escort bursa outside was cloying, almost more oppressive than the biting cold. A rickety old table and a metal folding chair sat off to the side, and Arthur draped the towel over the chair before sitting down. The sounds he made deadened on the snow, still falling silently around them.

“I couldn’t spread my legs in the skinny jeans,” said Arthur, demonstrating. Digitalis hovered over him, spreading his feet like he needed to pee but patiently watching.

Arthur let go, aiming straight down at the deck, letting the strong jet hit his and Digitalis’s feet and ankles. They’d both unconsciously raised a wing against the breeze, and their feathers were fluffed out to retain heat.

“You’ve kept very well-hydrated,” Digitalis said approvingly. “Too bad I forgot my phone. We could’ve timed you.”

Arthur shook his head. He wanted to laugh, but he was afraid of it echoing somehow and waking someone in his brother’s house. “If you want me to be that desperate, I’ll need to drink a lot more than a few water bottles, and add a pint or two of Kannar.”

Arthur felt that he’d demonstrated long enough and leaned back, peeing in a small arc onto his own chest, then Digitalis’s hard dick. It made Digitalis throb and shift on his feet.

“It looks like you’re ready for me,” Arthur purred. He didn’t wait to finish peeing and got right to it, letting the rest warm his and Digitalis’s legs. Digitalis froze, his wings stiffening while Arthur explored with his tongue. Arthur cupped Digitalis’s butt with one hand and felt the muscles tense with his mouth movements.

A light breeze kicked up. Arthur only felt it on his feet, and it scraped across them like a dull blade. Arthur deepthroated Digitalis’s cock and his fingers found Digitalis’s butthole.

Digitalis gasped aloud. The snow absorbed most of the sound but it still managed to echo a little. Arthur sucked faster, trying to see around Digitalis’s side, watching his brother’s house for any lights. The nervous heat in Arthur’s chest had the side effect of raising his body temperature.

“Just a little more,” grunted Digitalis. The hand on Digitalis’s butt held him steady while Arthur sucked and fingered him. In the intense cold it took a little longer than usual, but Digitalis inevitably blew his load. A small grunt accompanied the first burst, and Arthur had to rush to keep up with him and swallow everything.

Arthur stood up when he was sure Digitalis was all done and pulled him over to the sliding glass door. Arthur was still dripping piss, but didn’t mind the scant trail of drops he left as he led Digitalis to the bathroom. The water was lukewarm at first, and they stood together underneath it, with Arthur greedily soaking up Digitalis’s body heat.

“That was fun, but let’s plan it a little better next time,” said Arthur, shivering.

“I agree,” sighed Digitalis.

They stood under the shower until Digitalis started falling asleep on his feet. After the shower they went back to bed, sleeping in until Arthur’s family summoned them for breakfast at nine-thirty.

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