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Amelia and William Find a Property

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Amelia and William

Amelia had a love/hate relationship with her grandfather. Many years ago he had made a trust fund that she would get $5 million and a car on her 18th birthday provided that she had lived a chaste and honest life until she was 18. No one was quite sure what it meant. Her grandfather had no idea what torment and misery this clause had brought to Amelia’s life. Her every waking minute after her birthday was spent thinking about how she would find a man as soon as she could, to relieve the constant itch.

Life had alternated between being at a strict boarding school and The Club — a gated community where the whole family lived. There were security cameras everywhere and the ever watchful eye of her grandfather to restrict her activities. Amelia dreamt that at age 18 she would be able to escape this horrible world and find a house where she could enjoy her privacy and a new life. None of the boys her age at the club were very attractive to her but her eyes had long ago lit onto William, an older bull of a man, five years her senior, who always associated with the older men in the community. She had never seen him with any single women or the younger girls. Never.

The moment she turned 18 she bought herself a nice secluded house near the beach with its own swimming pool. She had slept there a few nights but what was the use of privacy if you were by yourself. Somehow she had to get William to join her. One evening while he was having dinner, Amelia approached and said, “Hello William, I’m Amelia. I believe you’re into property. I wonder if you could come and help me look at some property. I’ve just come into some money and I want to invest.”

Things lead on from there and before you knew it Amelia and William were at her beach house. Nothing was going to plan. William wasn’t taking the slightest interest in Amelia. He looked over the house and made a few comments about its construction and location. Amelia had other ideas in mind and invited him down to the surf for a swim. They came back to her pool which had been constructed with privacy in mind. Still no interest. Amelia took a towel out and spread it on the lawn so that she could sunbake. She asked William to put some suntan lotion on her back and lay down. “You need some lotion too, otherwise you William burn.” Still he did not engage with her in any way. While he lay face down, Amelia removed her costume and stretched out naked next to him. He still did not notice her which was rather disappointing for Amelia. She was pretty enough, but the best way to describe her breasts was, ‘full to overflowing’ and she had a nice slender body with a well-trimmed hairy triangle.

“Your back’s getting very tanned — you should roll over.” In a quick move she rolled him over onto his back and it was then that he saw that she was naked. The effect was instantaneous but there was no way to hide the fact that her body had turned him on and it was obvious that she knew it. How embarrassing! There was no hiding it. He put his hands down to cover his erection but she removed them and began putting lotion on his chest moving closer and closer with her hands to his erection. Amelia innocently moved his hands away again and tugged on his shorts until they were down around his ankles and his erection was pointing skyward and the object of Amelia’s intense concentration. It was the first live one she had ever seen and in her imagination it had already penetrated her. Unfortunately there was not the slightest reaction from William, as if he had not noticed her body. Amelia was puzzled to say the least. How could a red-blooded man not look at her body and take an interest in her? She thought she had a great body. Something was wrong. What to do? There was nothing in the textbooks to tell you what to do. How did you break that barrier that was stopping him engaging with her?

“Am I the first girl you’ve ever been with?”

“No. But you’re the first for a long time. “

“Are you afraid of girls? Most fellows would have at least touched me somewhere or said something.”

“No I’m not afraid. I’m just very wary. My two older brothers got married to some gold-diggers and they were divorced very quickly. It was ugly. I just don’t want the same thing to happen to me.”

“William. You can relax. You know who my grandfather is. I will inherit everything one day. I don’t need your money. I don’t care about your money. I have got enough of my own. Don’t be embarrassed to look at me. I think you’ve got a great body and something tells me it’s ready and waiting for me. I mean izmit rus escort look at your friend down there. You didn’t get like that thinking of a pork chop, did you?” William laughed.

“You’re right. Well, I guess that changes everything, doesn’t it. You are very pretty and you have got a great figure.”

He still didn’t make a move. Perhaps he didn’t know where to start. Well, if he didn’t know where to start, Amelia did. She took one look at his nice, long, stiff penis and thought it was a provocation for him to let it just stand there like that. In one motion her hand reached for it and her mouth covered it and began sucking. William drew a breath in and his whole body stiffened as he tensed with the new delicious sensation. He could not control himself and in a few seconds began to ejaculate. He grabbed for his towel and covered his embarrassment but Amelia wanted to see and watch the last few drops spurt from the top of his penis.

Amelia was very inexperienced in all matters relating to sex, but she thought she knew enough to make a start. She was very puzzled as to why he had not reacted to her naked body. He was a man and supposed to be desperate to see her naked. Weren’t all men? Amelia had often looked at herself naked in the mirror. She could appreciate that her breasts were attractive and knew that she had a nice figure but she couldn’t understand what was so attractive about that hairy triangle that was so prominent where her thighs met. It was not as if you could actually see her sex. There was really nothing to see except the hair. The hair even covered up her slit so there was nothing. Even when she separated her lips to reveal her clitoris, there was hardly anything to see — just a little piece of flesh sticking up which got a little bit bigger when you played with it. All very really odd.

None of this was in the textbooks or anything that Amelia had ever read about. It was a case of playing it by ear or by mouth. In that moment when William looked so confused there was only one thing to do — she placed her body lengthwise on top of his and kissed him. Her breasts pressed against his chest and she could feel his warmth and he could feel hers at the same time as her lips were stirring up feelings of love. She reminded William of his mother and the way she kissed him. It felt good and he responded. They must’ve remained like this for some minutes before Amelia could feel his erection stirring under her body.

“Are you thirsty? Would you like a beer? I’m thirsty.”

“What a great idea? I really feel like a beer.”

They went back into the house and Amelia went into the bathroom to have a shower.

“You can clean yourself up.”

While Amelia left the shower curtain open and flaunted her naked body, it never occurred to William to join her. Girls were not supposed to behave like this. They got dry and went into the kitchen to have the beer. It was time for looking into each other’s eyes and Amelia had the feeling that she had finally stirred the beast in him. It was true. She was looking better and better and sexier by the minute. When they had finished Amelia led him into the bedroom and they lay on the bed together.

“You don’t know where to start, do you?”

“Not Really. I never got this far with a girl before.”

“Well the first thing to do is to kiss me and then play with my breasts and then play with my pussy. I’ll show you how.”

Amelia was very aware of the fact that she had very nice breasts. She often looked at herself naked in the mirror and admired her breasts. They had a very nice shape and small pink nipples. She occasionally touched herself and squeezed her nipples but it wasn’t her normal behaviour. Now was the time to get William to play with her breasts. She led his hand to her breast and he squeezed gently and felt the other breast with his other hand. Amelia purred and she could feel herself getting more excited at the prospect of what was coming. William’s fingers squeezed her nipples and she got even more excited.

Before long Amelia’s hand had led his finger to touch her clitoris. All the time they kept kissing and all the time Amelia was getting more and more excited and closer to orgasm. Finally it came and she hugged him tight as her body spasmed.

“God, what was that?”

“I just had an orgasm. Girls love orgasms. They feel really good. You know what they do? They make a girl ready for the next step, which is when you put your dick into my vagina. They make me feel really wet and lubricated so that you can slide izmit escort in. That’s what love and sex is all about. We show our love for each other by sharing our bodies. That’s nature’s way of making sure that we have babies and there is another generation. Don’t worry. I’m on the pill. I’m not going to have a baby.”

“So what we do now?”

“Well we could make love right now or we could do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. You could lick me between the legs on my clitoris. I would love you to do that.”

“Sounds awful. Do you really want me to do it?”

“Yes. If I can lick your dick, you can lick my pussy.”


Amelia lifted his head and pushed it down towards her pussy while she opened her legs and made her clitoris accessible. It was the first time William had ever seen a woman’s pussy but he didn’t have much time before she had drawn his tongue towards the desired spot. It didn’t taste too bad and William set up a licking motion while Amelia thrashed around loving it.

After some time she said to William, “I can feel you’re ready and I can feel that I’m nice and wet. Are you ready to make love to me properly?”

“How could I say no? Just being next to you and feeling your warmth and reacting to how you smell is enough to make me want to really stick it to you. I can feel that I’m really hard and my brain is telling me,’ Do it.’Do it.’ and I look down and I see your hairy pussy wide open waiting for me. Don’t you feel funny just lying there on your back with your legs open showing me your pussy? Doesn’t it feel strange and embarrassing?”

“No it’s not embarrassing at all. I’m showing my pussy to you because I want to. I want you to make love to me and it’s impossible if I still have clothes covering my pussy. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to making love to you.”

Amelia took another look at William’s penis and admired how straight and thick it was and it was soon going to be right inside her, just like she’d been hoping for months. She took it in her hand and positioned it in the wet puddle just outside her vagina and pulled him forward until the head was just inside her body and then she pulled some more and the next thing William had slid right in and the weight of his body against her thighs felt great. All those months of waiting had finally come to fruition and she was making love. She pulled his body tightly against hers and kissed his lips and his eyelids and his face. At last. At last. She was conscious of the length as it pressed against the walls of her body and she wanted it to stay there for a long time.

Amelia was very conscious of what was happening. She wanted to feel the difference when a big hard prick forced its way inside her. She knew what her finger felt like — even two, but they were nothing in size compared to what William was forcing between her lips. She looked at his face intently knowing that he must also be getting new sensations as the tip of his dick slipped into the moist warmth of her vagina. She could feel the ridge slip in — he must be in a little way and it wasn’t hurting. That was good. She didn’t expect it to hurt. Now he must be in a lot more. She tried to look and see but could not. Damn. It would be nice to know just how far in he had gone. It feels good. He must be all the way in.

William was also trying to feel in detail what was happening. There were sensations coming from all over his body. His thighs were against hers and now he could feel it was all the way in. It happened so quickly. He looked down to check and he was in. It didn’t matter. It looks so exciting to see her hairy pussy wide open and to see her little clitoris standing up. Amelia’s finger came down to rub on it vigorously and the next thing her body was shaking uncontrollably and her face contorted. Oh boy. He could feel his penis start to tingle. His body was starting to take over.

They both had no idea how long they stayed in that position without moving until eventually the natural rhythm of making love overtook the conscious decision to be stationary and the in and out motion began and his penis unloaded into her vagina. Amelia was very, very satisfied with the result. She had at last achieved her goal and if she played cards right would have a partner for life. William was basking in his own private glory and satisfaction. With no effort on his part he had achieved something which he thought would not happen for a long time and it was much more pleasurable than he had ever imagined. Who could have imagined that you could kocaeli escort get such pleasure just making love to a woman?

They untangled and went to the shower and for the first time William stood back and looked at Amelia and realised what a real catch he had. She had a beautiful small body and when she stood up her breasts were large and had a good shape and her body lead down to wide hips and a nice triangular bush. That picture would stick in his mind for a long time. He approached her and his finger slipped into her crack. Amelia took it out and said, “We have got to get back. We can meet again tomorrow.”

When Amelia met William the next day, he handed her an envelope.

‘Amelia’s property report’, which contained a short letter.

‘Amelia’s property report.’

Amelia’s property is very desirable on a long narrow block and notable for its privacy. At the top there are two well shaped hillocks and below them a thicket at the head of a narrow valley which leads to a warm springs at the centre of a pleasure park. All in all, a delightful property with good prospects for development.


Amelia smiled.

“Would you like to come down and examine the property again?”

“What a great idea.”

This time William was a lot more assertive and they drove down in his spiffy Italian sports car. He wanted to impress. The moment they were inside and the door had closed behind them, William embraced Amelia and gave her a big kiss. There were no words. He stepped back and removed her clothing, item by item, until she stood naked in front of him. He took particular pleasure in pulling her panties down and rubbed his nose in her hairy bush, taking in the exciting aroma of her juices. Amelia was caught off guard by his unexpected actions and absorbed his adoration of her body.

When she had taken stock of the situation, Amelia removed his clothes one by one taking particular pleasure to pull his foreskin back and gently sucked the head of his dick.

“I want to look at your body slowly. Not like yesterday. It all happened so quickly yesterday that I couldn’t take it all in. The last image in my mind before I went to sleep was you on your back with your crack exposed and the first image when I woke this morning was you on your back with your crack exposed. I think I was so surprised by the fact that you could display yourself like that when women are trying to keep themselves covered up and hidden all the time. It just felt so funny and strange.”

“You don’t understand women at all, do you? We dress to make you look interested in us but we display our naked bodies when we want you to make love to us and I wanted you to make love to me. Does that make sense?”

“Of course. Open your legs and let me look again.”

Amelia obliged but positioned herself in such a way that she could examine his penis in detail. She too wanted to look more closely at William’s pleasure stick and play with his balls. She squeezed it, bent it and felt it and sucked it from every angle getting more excited every moment. William’s fingers were exploring her pussy and he could feel that she was getting wetter and wetter. Somehow they both knew that the moment had arrived when they could do it again and their bodies separated and Amelia presented her pretty little bottom to William. She reached around and separated her cheeks to reveal the entrance to her vagina and the next moment she felt a vigorous thrust invading her body. It felt so good. It felt unbelievably good. She would have loved to have seen the lustful look on William’s face but she would sacrifice that for the feeling of power that was inside her.

As they lay in bed next to each other in the successful afterglow of a really good fuck, Amelia and William made small talk as the warm regard for each of the developed into love. Amelia was surprised when William said, “last night in bed I thought to myself how calm Amelia was as she lost her virginity to me. It didn’t seem to mean anything to her at all.”

Amelia’s response was immediate and to the point. “My virginity might be important to you but it isn’t important to me. It is a meaningless concept and it is only important if you want to make it important. I always thought of it as a mythical barrier between me as a girl and between me as a woman as I now am. I wasn’t going to let it stand between me and becoming a woman. No way. You are no longer a virgin — did it make any difference to you when you slipped your penis into my vagina? None whatsoever. Did you see it vanish in a puff of smoke when you entered me? Of course not. You are still the same person and it’s the same for me. Enough talking. Let’s have another fuck.”

And so their relationship continued with many property inspections over a long period of time.

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