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Amber’s Awakening Ch. 03

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My parents thought I was spending the night with Amy, a friend from school. Cody asked me to get out from under my parents’ thumb for just one night. We had been snatching odd moments alone, depending on Michael and Neil’s schedules, but we hadn’t had much time with just the two of us.

It wasn’t the easiest thing, to fake a sleep over with Amy, and it was risky, but he really wanted me to do it. I showed up Thursday afternoon with a packed bag. All the guys were at work, so I let myself in with the spare key. It was another hot day and I had opted for a yellow rayon sundress, short and with thin straps. My hair was in its usual hot weather bun.

Cody came home early and seemed unusually happy. He kissed me energetically and picked me up off the floor in a bear hug.

“Let’s go out tonight,” he suggested.

I was game, although I had no idea where we would go. Cody and I had never gone anywhere more formal than McDonald’s. But apparently he had somewhere in mind, as he put on a real shirt with actual buttons, albeit black. He had given himself a close shave and his goatee looked tidy and trimmed. He kept his skull head belt buckle and leather vest, but looked much more respectable than usual.

What he had in mind was a tiny Italian restaurant with dining in one of the ubiquitous courtyards the older part of town sported. We were seated near a door draped with wisteria and surrounded by climbing plants and potted trees. The effect was lovely. The service was discreet and attentive without being in any way formal. My light dress was quite appropriate. Cody, being an outlaw, made his own place in a world that had no place for him. He carried himself as if he belonged everywhere and rarely did anyone challenge him. He didn’t care if he was appropriate.

Veal Parmesan dispatched, we lingered over tiramisu, then were ready to go home. I was surprised Michael and Neil weren’t home. Cody, in an off-hand manner that did not fool me, mentioned they had gone to the Miller stadium in a city a few hours away for a concert, and would be staying overnight with some friends.

I was touched. Cody had done all of this for me. I was further surprised when he put in my favorite mix tape, which started with Don’t Fear the Reaper. (Overplayed and annoying, in his opinion.) When he put his arms around me, I responded with an ardent kiss. We somehow made it to the couch. When I started fumbling with his shirt buttons, Cody gently pulled away and led me to the bedroom.

He lit the candles on his mantle and dimmed the torchiere. We were in a softly glowing cave. I pulled him into bed with me, working at his buttons again. He slipped seyranbağları escort out of the shirt and I could not get enough of his bare skin. I feverishly ran my hands over him, stomach, chest, shoulders, biceps. I wiggled up so I could kiss his neck, drape one leg over his, pull his mouth to mine.

As my palm crossed over a nipple I felt him quiver, and went back, rubbed my fingers over his nipple again, another quiver. I broke our kiss to investigate this discovery. I experimentally licked at it and Cody murmured my name. I thought about what I liked, and bent to suck and nip at his nipple. Then I returned to kissing him, one finger alternately rubbing and circling it. Cody continued to respond, his heat matching mine, spiraling up.

I pulled him closer and his exploring hands found my zipper, pulled it down. I shrugged one shoulder out of my dress exposing a breast. He eagerly fastened on it, first with his hand, then with his mouth. He pressed me back and searched for the other strap of my dress, pushing that one down too.

I submitted to his attention, a flutter rising in my stomach, escaping as a sigh. I kneaded his shoulders as he made love to my breasts, licking and sucking and nibbling. I was becoming frenzied, calling his name, arching my back, now grabbing at any part I could reach. He made his way down my flank, abandoning my breasts for the tender flesh there, the spot on my side only he knew.

He pushed down my dress as he went, finally pulling it off with my panties. Then he nestled himself between my legs, chest to chest, his jeans against my bare sex. Our kisses sent me further up, leveling at a new plane of pleasure. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him as close as close could be, squirming with a frenzy to somehow meld with him.

“Off, off, take them off,” I demanded, scrabbling at his jeans button.

Cody unzipped his jeans, revealing navy briefs, his penis clearly outlined. He slid back between my legs. I felt his erection against my thigh, now only covered by the thin fabric of his briefs, hot and hard, the cloth damp and clinging. My heart stopped as he eased it up against me, pressed the length against my outer lips. I had never felt something so raw and sexual. Now it terrified me, this out of control feeling. He saw my fear.

“Shhh, Amber, it’s ok sweetheart.”

He kissed me gently on the mouth, warm and soft. Kissed me once, twice. Stroked my hair back. Imperceptibly he had allowed his weight to rest on me and his member was lodged between us. My breath caught and then a guttural moan came out of me. He kissed me again and sincan escort I opened my mouth to him, invited him in. I quickly found myself enmeshed in a passionate exchange of thrusting tongues, all thought lost. I involuntarily jerked against him, emitting an animal sound. I could feel him throb against me.

He pulled away and then had a condom in his hand.

“I think we need this,” he said.

He rolled it down his long veined shaft. I was suddenly up on my elbows, alarmed. He pressed me back with a kiss, murmured, “We don’t have to, not inside. Just touch. That’s all, just touch.”

I allowed myself to be urged back, allowed myself to be reassured. “Just touch,” I whispered. My blood was coursing with the rush of fear and excitement at once.

Cody guided his head into the cleft between my sex and my thigh, so close to my wet entrance yet not there. I felt the heat, the hardness. He rubbed his head against the tender skin there until I was moaning. Then he began teasing my outer lips, caressing them at just the edge where neatly trimmed pubic hair stopped and sweet pink slippery flesh began. I forgot my flash of fear. Molten ecstasy coursed up, through my pulsing center right up into my sternum. I was crying out.

Slowly he slid the head of his member inside my outer labia. Continuing his teasing, he rubbed all around my clitoris, never touching it but indirectly stimulating it. I was writhing under his attentions, moving my hips, trying to grind against him, but he wouldn’t let me, pressing me back. Finally he relented and pulled his head across my clit. I let out a sound of anguished pleasure. He pulled it back and forth as I gasped in rhythm to his movements. It all came crashing through, my hands bunched in the sheets, as my orgasm fountained up, gushing through my whole self. Then he was at my entrance. While I was still shuddering from release, he firmly rubbed his head against my inner lips, not entering me but so close, so close. I couldn’t stand it.

“Yes,” I said. “Do it.” This was what my frenzy to meld with him was, my desire to be closer than close. This was it.

He slowly pushed into me. No pain, only a stretching feeling. Then he was all the way in. He stopped there, groaning.

“Are you OK?” he asked.

I gasped “Yes.”

“Baby you’re so tight.” He groaned again. “This doesn’t hurt?’

I shook my head, biting my lip.

Then he began to move slowly. He inched his way out, just a little bit, then returned. Repeated it. The stretching feeling was competing with a wonderful sliding feeling. My sex was spasming and he must have felt this because sıhhiye escort he groaned again. He let himself down to kiss me, then began moving. The sliding feeling caused me to spasm again and it was incredible. He slowly increased the amount he withdrew, until he was stroking me with his entire length.

“Oh god, you’re so good.”

I gradually lost extreme consciousness of exactly what was happening — Sex! Oh my god, the real thing! — and fell into sensation again, letting the sliding and stretching take over. Soon I was moving against him, breathing harder. I was lost in it, gasping, moaning, crying out his name. Then he stopped, pulled all the way out. I whimpered, tried to pull him back. But instead he nudged me onto my side and pressed against me from behind. He lifted up my leg and somehow he pushed inside me from behind. His shaft stroked me from a new angle, increasing the slippery feeling.

“Amber, touch yourself,” he encouraged me.

I did so. My clitoris was slick from my juices and sensitive from my earlier orgasm. Now I was being assaulted by so many feelings I lost track and it all blended together, one huge coursing river of sensation carrying me away. All thought, all consciousness was driven out of me and somehow I was at a peak again, orgasm building, building, finally breaking over me and I cried out. Every muscle pulled tight around that moment. Nothing had prepared me for this… it made my previous experiences seem puny.

I was distantly aware Cody was thrusting into me faster, and then he was adding his sounds to mine. Slowly he came to rest and let go of my leg, which he had been supporting. I subsided and he withdrew. He curled up behind me, caressing my belly, pulling me closer. I was exhausted. And quickly slipping away. He kissed my shoulder and murmured “Amber, you wild woman.”

I had never slept in the same bed with a man. It was delicious waking up to a warm body curled around mine. Cody had pulled the sheet up and I was comfortably cool under the ceiling fan. I hadn’t actually been asleep for that long, only 45 minutes.

I slipped out of bed and grabbed a t-shirt of Cody’s (Iron Maiden) and went off to shower. When I finished, I smelled different, having none of my normal girly soaps and lotions, but I felt great. My entire body was alive in a way it had never been before, alive and relaxed at the same time. I crawled back in bed with Cody. It dawned on me. I was no longer a virgin. Cody had taken my virginity. I felt gleeful, as if this was the best news ever. I snuggled back into his arms.


Nothing can last forever, and Cody and I came to an end in August.

He was a true gentleman. I was crushed when he broke up with me, but it couldn’t have gone on. I was going away to college. It was inevitable and he took the burden on himself, saving me from the guilt of leaving him behind. I have always been grateful to him for awakening me and then letting me go.

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