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Alumnight Ch. 03

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This is the rdd in a series of short stories. Reading the earlier ones isn’t necessary to enjoy this, but it may add some color.

Dramatis Personae from ealier chapters

Jennifer: A 19-year old pledge to the sorority Sigma Epsilon Chi (SEX)

Samantha: Jennifer’s loving mother, was a member of SEX in college

Julie the day of Alumnight. After tonight, Jennifer would be a full sister; no longer a pledge. In the beginning, Jennifer had hated the initiation so much that she had considered quitting. So many humiliating tasks, like being a human serving tray, covered in food with a cucumber in her cunt. Looking back on it, though, Jennifer realized that the shared experience had made her closer to her sorority sisters than she otherwise would have been. Oddly, it had even brought her closer to her mother.

It was now time for the pledge dinner, when all of the pledges got together to eat so that when the alumni arrived the pledges would be able to skip dinner and eat. Once the pledges had finished their meal, they cleared the table and set it for the alumni. The setting included normal silverware and, at at the foot of most of the chairs, a small pillow for the pledges to kneel on. The only places that differed were two, side-by-side, whose assigned alumni had chosen not to take a partner for the evening, and one with two pillows. Crawling under the table, Jennifer noticed that Julie and Vicky had positioned themselves at the chair with two pillows. That was odd, as the twins were elder sisters and could have sat at the table with the alumni.

In the other room, the elder sisters were greeting the alumni, making small-talk and generally preparing for the upcoming debauchery. Samantha looked around the room, glad to see some of her old friends again. She walked over to talk to a statuesque blond in a very long, sparkly dress. The dress was so long that it would have been impossible to walk in were it not for slits in both sides extending to the top of her hips. “Veronica, dear, you look simply breathtaking! How have you been?”, Samantha greeted her friend.

“Better now that I’m here, love. My husband has been traveling a lot lately, so I’ve really been needing tonight. I was hoping to enjoy it with Julie and Vicky now that they’re not pledges any longer. You haven’t seen them, have you?”

“No, sorry, I haven’t seen them. I’m sure you were looking forward to experiencing this with them I’m really looking forward to doing it with Jennifer next year.”

“Having them here would definitely have made this even better. I’ll have to ask them about it, and potentially express my disappointment, the next time I see them. But enough of that, you look absolutely striking, yourself! That’s such an amazing dress. I love the petals of the rose marking the petals of your rose. Daring and sexy, just like you!”

The chapter president entered the room, and addressed everyone. “Ladies, welcome to Alumnight. If you follow me, we’ll move to the dining area. At the table, you’ll find a small placard with your name. The cards were added after the pledges had taken their place. You’ll notice that the table cloth is significantly longer than you may expect. We request that you lift the hem of the table cloth and put it in your lap, gathering the excess length there. That serves to preserve your anonymity and prolong the mystery of your partner’s identity.”

The pledges waited with anticipation as the ladies began taking their seats. The seat in front of Vicky and Julie was one of the first filled, with long legs in a very intriguing dress. It was sparkly and much longer, reaching almost to the wearer’s ankles. It would have been completely impractical for tonight’s activities if not for the slits on either side, long enough to make the front basically an apron.

When the seat in front of Jennifer was filled, she found herself looking at beautiful legs encased in a black miniskirt. Jennifer had a moment to admire the beautiful rose woven into the fabric at the crotch before the wearer pulled it up to expose her pink petals. Jennifer had to fight to look away from such a site to watch for the president to take her seat. As all of şişli escort the pledges had earplugs in to prevent them from using voices to tell with whom they were paired, that would be their only cue that they could begin their feast.

The ladies seated at the table were also anxiously awaiting the end of the chapter president’s greeting speech. Some were mentally preparing for the unofficial poker-face competition, to see who was able to carry on a conversation while being sexually stimulated. Others were just very horny and couldn’t wait to have their pussies eaten.

The chapter president said something about the wonders of sisterhood, then finally raised a toast and sat down. Veronica lost the poker-face competition almost immediately. She thought she was prepared for anything; maybe someone sucking her labia, possibly a tongue in her cunt, perhaps even light nibbling on her clit. What she was most definitely not prepared for, though, was being penetrated by one tongue, while another one licked circles around her clit. The sensation was so unexpected, so fucking amazing, that it made Veronica forget her earlier disappointment.

Jennifer was dying to dive into the enticing pussy in front of her, but the pledges had been told that dinner would last about an hour. This was going to be a marathon, not a sprint. The past few weeks had taught Jennifer how amazing an orgasm could be after a slow build with a long period of edging. Jennifer was going to tease the hell out of this woman and make her more hot and bothered than she could possibly stand before making her cum so hard she’d forget her own name.

Jennifer started by caressing her partner’s beautiful thighs. Running fingers up her inner thighs and down the top of her thighs, back and forth, each time getting a little closer to that hot little pussy. Jennifer stopped just short of actually touching the woman’s pussy, making up for it by leaning forward to blow air gently on the woman’s clit. Leaning back, Jennifer put two fingers in her mouth to get them nice and lubricated, then started gently stroking the woman’s outer lips. Jennifer kept up the stroking until the first precious pearl of pussy juice appeared There was no way Jennifer could pass up such a treat, so she extended her tongue to have her first taste of that sexy pussy. “Fuck, that tastes so fucking good!” Jennifer thought to herself. It was going to take all of her willpower to stick to her plan of teasing, instead of diving in and licking with wild abandon.

Regaining control, Jennifer slipped two fingers into her lover. With a twisting motion, she moved her fingers in and out of the hot cunt. Jennifer fingered her lover faster and faster, occasionally stroking her clit with her tongue, until her lover was near orgasm, then she’d slow back down to leave her hanging.

Most of the ladies sitting at the table had given up on maintaining the appearance of carrying on a conversation. Veronica looked like she may have been broken; her eyes rolled back, head rolling back and forth, incoherent mumbling interspersed with cries of, “Oh fuck! Oh god, yes!”. Veronica appeared to have no concept of the world outside of the exquisite sensations spreading from her overworked cunt. Most of the other women were either moaning uncontrollably, or just sitting there grinning like idiots while their pledge gave them a moment to recover.

Samantha sat ramrod straight, her shoulders back, gripping the edge of the table like she intended to snap it in half. “Oh, this little fucking tease is just too damn good. If she doesn’t make me cum soon, I’m going to lose my fucking mind!”

Jennifer took note of the tension in her lover’s body, the rhythmically flexing thighs and curling toes and knew that the time was right. She turned her hand palm-up and curled her fingers to stroke her lover’s g-spot. Simultaneously, Jennifer sucked on her partner’s inflamed clit and was soon rewarded with a little squirt, as her lover’s pussy clamped down on her fingers like a vise. Jennifer had no way of knowing it, but until that moment her lover had thought that squirting was impossible; just something made up by the adult film industry for titillation.

The mecidiyeköy escort chapter president stood from her seat, signaling to the pledges that they should stop what they were doing. She needed the ladies at the table to be able to focus and hold a coherent thought for a moment. After giving the women a moment to collect themselves, she announced, “Ladies! Ladies, may I have your attention, please? I trust you all enjoyed yourselves, but the formal dining portion of our evening is concluded. If you wish, we can prepare a room for you to retire to with your partner for a more intimate continuation of your evening. Would the ladies who wish to continue the evening with their partners kindly raise their hands?” Around the table, hands shot up with alarming speed.

The president addressed the two women who had foregone the services of a pledge, “I trust that you would like your usual accommodation?” They both nodded. “Excellent. If you’d kindly follow the young lady by the door, your room is already prepared. Have a wonderful evening.” The two women never failed to attend Alumnight, yet never accepted a pledge, because they were deeply in love with each other. This was one of the very few chances that they had to be together without judgment.

“Veronica, you have a bit of an odd situation tonight in that your partner requested you, specifically. Since your partner knows who you are, but you don’t know who they are, I’d like to suggest something slightly different. I’d like to suggest that we take you to the room first and blindfold you, so that your partner can reveal their identity when they wish. Of course, if you’d prefer not to be blindfolded, that is perfectly acceptable.”

“Oh, that sounds fun! I can’t wait to do for them what they’ve done for me tonight.”

“Excellent! If you’ll follow the attendant there, I’m certain you’ll have the night of your life. Now, if the rest of you will kindly accompany me to the adjoining room, you’ll be taken to your rooms once they’re ready.”

A few moments later, Samantha was led to a nicely appointed room, with a bed, a couch and a small table covered in various toys, including dildos, vibrators, some bondage equipment and a small hand-held device for changing your voice. The main attraction of the room was certainly on the sofa, though. Jennifer was sitting on the edge, legs spread wide, wearing nothing but a white blindfold.

Samantha said, through the voice changer, “You’ve been a very naughty girl, teasing me for so long. I really should just tease you all night. Get you right to the edge and keep you there, denying you any opportunity to cum. Then again, you gave me the best orgasm of my life, by far, so I may show mercy.”

Samantha disrobed, then knelt between her daughter’s knees. She carefully caressed Jennifer’s thighs, before lifting Jennifer’s legs up onto her shoulders. Samantha eagerly dove into the pussy that she’d been fantasizing about for months. The night’s festivities had left Jennifer in an extremely aroused state, so it wasn’t long before her hips were bucking uncontrollably.

Leaning back, Samantha said through the voice-changer, “remove your blindfold.” As Jennifer complied, Samantha went back to licking at her wet slit. Jennifer removed the blindfold and, once her eyes had adjusted to the light, looked down to find her mother’s beautiful face buried in her cunt.

“Mom? What… oh fuck. What are you… oh god that feels so good. What are you doing?”

“I’m eating your delicious little pussy, of course. Do you want me to stop?”

“No! Please don’t stop, mommy! I’m so damn close! Please make me cum!”

“Well, if you insist, dear,” Samantha said before she began fingering her daughter energetically and wrapping her lips around Jennifer’s clit.

In moments, Jennifer was moaning uncontrollably and twitching like she was holding a live wire. Samantha stared at her daughter in adoration while gently stroking her pussy through her orgasm. When Jennifer’s convulsions died down, Samantha stood and took her hands to help her up. Samantha said, lovingly, “Join me in bed, baby.”

The women laid down on the bed, embracing escort istanbul one another warmly. Running their fingers through each others’ hair, light kisses slowly became more passionate. As lips parted slightly, tongues began dancing, and hands moved from stroking hair to caressing arms, breasts, backs, and thighs. Jennifer and Samantha took a break from frantic fucking to enjoy gently making love to one another. They took their time, enjoying each others’ softness and warmth.

Roaming hands reached dripping pussies and fingers easily slipped inside to explore warm depths. Fingers thrust slowly at first, but the pace soon quickened as the fires of passion burned brighter. It wasn’t long before waves of pleasure came crashing down on the lovers, leaving them adrift in a sea of bliss.

Samantha rolled onto her back and pulled Jennifer in closer. Jennifer intertwined their bodies, laying one leg over Samantha’s and snuggling her head into Samantha’s shoulder. With her arm laying on Samantha’s waist, Jennifer looked lovingly up at her mother and saw a tear start to roll down her cheek.

“What’s wrong, mom?”

“Oh, baby, I shouldn’t have done this. I wanted you so badly, and I had no idea how to even broach the subject, but that’s no excuse. I used the sorority’s initiation rituals to take advantage of you, to pressure you into sleeping with me. You must hate me.”

Reaching up to wipe the tear from her mother’s face, Jennifer said, “You’ve been a great mother my entire life, I could never hate you. I’ll admit that if you had asked me to sleep with you a couple of months ago, I’d have said no, but that was my silly hangups from what society says is OK. I love you, you love me, this was wonderful and I’m glad we did it.”

“I’m so relieved to hear that, baby. I want you to know that if you don’t want to do this again, we won’t. I won’t try to convince you, or even bring it up again.”

“Now you’re talking crazy. You’re so hot and the sex is so incredible, I’d have to be stupid to ever want it to stop! If I could fuck you for a hundred hours tonight, that might be enough to tide me over until breakfast tomorrow. So now, what do I need to do to get a sexy woman to take a ride on my face?”

Laughing, Samantha said, “Well, just promise me you won’t get upset if I eat along the way. I hope it’s going to be a very long ride.”

Mother and daughter quickly wrapped themselves into a 69 and ravenously feasted on pussy until the wee hours of the morning, when lust finally gave way to exhaustion.

Samantha dreamed that there was a fire expanding from her core. The flames didn’t burn, though, they just provided a warm, comforting feeling. As the warmth spread, Samantha slowly swam up from the depths of sleep. Groggily opening her eyes, she looked down to find her daughter smiling up at her from between her legs. “Mmm, baby, that feels so good.”

Jennifer stopped licking just long enough to say, “Good afternoon, mommy. I hope you don’t mind, but I decided to have breakfast in bed.”

Samantha reached down to stroke Jennifer’s hair, saying, “Oh, not at all. Please don’t let me interrupt your meal, baby.” Jennifer immediately went back to happily eating her mother’s pussy, bringing her unimaginable pleasure. Jennifer’s skilled tongue had her mother cumming loudly in no time. “Oh, holy fuck, baby! Your mouth feels so good on my pussy!” After taking a moment to catch her breath, Samantha held her hands open and said, “Baby, I need you so bad. Please come here and let me taste you.”

Jennifer worked her way up her mother’s body, leaving a trail of kisses, until her knees were in Samantha’s armpits. Rising up on her knees, Jennifer spread her pussy lips, exposing herself lewdly. “Are you hungry, mommy? Do you want to eat this hot, wet pussy?”

“Oh, yes, baby. Come here and let mommy lick your beautiful pussy until you cum all over my face.”

Jennifer did as asked and was rewarded with an incredibly tense orgasm. When Jennifer calmed a little, she climbed down to embrace and kiss her mother.

“I’m going to have to be going soon, baby, but we need to talk about Thanksgiving before I do. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to play, but your sister will be home, so we’ll need to be careful. I’m not sure she’ll be OK with us being together.”

“OK, yeah, that makes sense, mom. Do you think you can forget something that you’ll need from the grocery store so we can send her to pick it up?”

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