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Chapter 222 � A Hard Sell



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This story is an original work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales and incidents are either the products of the author”s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. This is a free electronic story. No part of this electronic story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form by any means electronic or mechanical including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the author. If you are not of legal age in your location to view and read adult material, please close out of this story and delete any material you have downloaded or copied to your computer.




Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Alexander Bradley � 1st Lieutenant � U.S. Army � Aide to General Erling

Allen Robert Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Arkyn Erling – Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Douglas VanDyke � Son of the Vice-President of the United States

Enapay Perez – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Jamie Williams � Partner of Douglas VanDyke

John Phineas Roberts � Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Aiden & Aaron sons of our six star Generals

Johann Emmanuel – Adopted son of Cardinal Dominic

John Worthington III – Adopted son of Thomas (Caleb) Worthington

John Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

Kichōna Mono Hashimoto � Grandson of the head of the Japanese Yakuza

Luke Worthington III – Adopted Son of Tony (OK) Worthington

Luke Michael Worthington � Biological Son of Gloria Angelus Worthington

Melech Leib � Adopted son of Uri Leib and younger brother of Michael Leib

Michael “Allen” Roberts – Adopted Son of Matt Longdick and Jason Allman

Omoikane Kinugasa Ito � Adopted son of Tokugawa Kinugasa and Akihiko Ito

Omoikane Ryujin Hashimoto � Partner and lover of Tony Worthington

Ricardo Mendez � Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Omoikane Kinugasa Ito

Ricardo Mendez, Jr. (Junior) � Son of Colonel Ricardo Mendez

Robert Amos Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Rod Landry � 1st Sargeant (Leader of the Operations Center at Fort Connor)

Robert Berrill � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Administration)

Shawn Walsh � Six Star General � (Commanding General of Alpha Zulu � Tactical)

Stephen Johnston � 4 Star General � Medical Director of Alpha Zulu

Tokugawa Yoshimune Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Colonel � U.S. Army � Head of Worthington R&D

Tony Worthington II � Adopted Son of Tony Worthington

Thomas Worthington II � Adopted Sons of Thomas Worthington

Tony Worthington � Adopted Sons of Luke Worthington II

Thomas Worthington � Adopted Sons of Luke Worthington II

Xavier Francisco Sanchez – Captain � U.S. Army � Aide to General Ake

Yuuto Meat-Goodman Kinugasa – Adopted Son of Noah Meat-Goodman and Hayao Kinugasa

Zhu De � Captain � U.S. Army � Protector of Kichōna Mono Hashimoto


“Angus” (Name Classified) – (Son of a domestic terrorist in protective custody at Fort Connor)

“Biff” Jones (Name Classified) – (Son of POTUS and guest in residence at Fort Connor)

“George” (Name Classified) – (Senior head of the Worthington Brain Trust and Top Scientist in residence)

“Tod” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of George and protectee of Alpha Zulu)

“PJ” (Name Classified) – (Teenage son of POTUS and protectee of Alpha Zulu)




Arriving in Washington, the Japanese Ambassador met his guests at the VIP gate and escorted them through customs without incident considering they held diplomatic passports. Settling into the Japanese Embassy, the next few days would be filled in protocol meetings with the Secretary of State, the President and the Secretary of Defense. Then they could start their real mission to Washington and to Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor.


It wasn”t unusual for the men of Alpha Zulu to have a foreign political dignitary on base and the men did like to show off THEIR BASE and the pride they had in it. As OPS notified the Generals of a Japanese Diplomatic Transport requesting permission to land… permission was granted and both Generals headed off to meet their guests.


The men of Alpha Zulu started to wonder what was happening as they could always smell Prime Rib of Buffalo cooking in the mess when we had guests on base. Tonight was a night for the Generals to host their guests in their quarters and giving the imps the choice between hamburgers in the mess or Prime Rib in their quarters… well, let”s just say the imps haven”t refined their palate yet.


The entire base would be appraised in the morning their guests would be in residence at Fort Connor for an indefinite period of time. As the Generals assigned their son and grandson to give our Japanese guests the guided tour of Fort Connor… two proud imps were beaming with pride at the assignment given to them.


The imps were most serious as they entered the Memorial Garden with their guests and explained these are the names of the men who have made the ultimate sacrifice in protecting us imps. If you hear the ALERT sounded, take it seriously… it can make the difference whether you live or die.


As the imps and their guests joined the Generals at lunch… The Generals were all smiles when they told their son and grandson our guests needed to be evaluated by Doc before Doc sends out security to bring them to medical in handcuffs and leg irons. We Generals only hoped we didn”t have a diplomatic incident to resolve after Doc finishes with our guests.


Mama Bear was relaxing in the Penthouse when Security advised she had a large package being delivered by diplomatic mail courier from Japan. Mama Bear knew exactly what was in the package and asked her security team to put the package in her office. Mama Bear was going to ruin the life of her Jeweler again and the stressed out man would be smiling all the way to the bank.


Advising her security detail, she would be making a trip to the jeweler the next morning and it was to be “classified” even from her son, POTUS and/or the Generals. “Breath a word of this trip to anyone and you”ll be on garbage can detail for the next 90 days.”


The owner of the Jewelry Store was always happy when Gloria Worthington entered his establishment. Yes, she may have some stressful requests at time, but Ms. Worthington was a person who never quibbled over price just so the work and gems were of the highest caliber.


As security placed the box on the owner”s desk… security exited and waited outside till Ms. Worthington had completed her business. Warning her friend to be most careful, the sword inside is made of the finest steel and has an edge sharper than any razor blade or sword in the world.


For once I don”t need it immediately… we have a few weeks or even a month if necessary… but we have to be certain no one, my sons, POTUS or even the Generals know of this project. Being advised he could have color design proofs ready by Friday if Ms. Worthington would like to return and approve her design choice. Knowing we have time to special order the gems definitely gives us more design options. Gloria thanked her old friend and advised him she would see him Friday morning.


Returning on Friday, Mama Bear was indeed impressed with the artist concepts for adding gems to this custom Samurai Sword. Considering the Jeweler recommended a large yellow sapphire for the butt of the sword hilt, matching the yellow chrysanthemum of the Japanese National Emblem… a natural sapphire of the size required would have too many occlusions so he recommended a “manmade” sapphire which would be flawless and next to impossible for anyone other than a trained jeweler to know it was manmade. The rest of the gems regardless of the design you choose can be sourced in a few weeks.


Mama Bear had always trusted her Jeweler and she had no reason to question that trust now. Making her design selection, just let her know when it is ready to be picked up. If Luke sees the bill for the jeweled hilt and jeweled scabbard her son will have a coronary. Mama Bear would ask a favor of the jeweler and not submit the bill till after she had presented the gift. And she already knew when and where to get the maximum response from everyone concerned.


After the first month of our Japanese guests being at Fort Connor and as much time as they spent interacting with the imps… it was time for our Generals, Aaron and BG to face down two imps who weren”t happy about having anyone playing around with their beşevler escort private lives.


As Aaron and BG flew into Fort Connor unannounced, the Generals met them and asked if there was a reason for the trip. “Our son and your son made it crystal clear we were to be here for the weekend or face the eternal wrath of the imp mafia.” Whatever is happening… it doesn”t sound like a fun moment for any of us fathers.


As the imps burst forth from their classroom, they knew Aaron and BG would be on base by the time school was over and they simply asked OPS for the location of their fathers. “You”ll find them in the Generals office.” As two imps firmly knocked at the door of the Generals office and requested admittance… four adults were curious as to why the “command performance”?


As the imps faced off against their fathers they simply commented: “How dumb do you think we are”? When were you going to tell us about our Japanese guests also being our protectors? (The office was so quiet you could hear a pin drop!) The first words spoken were from the imps: “Well, WHEN”!


The Generals commented first… “We are guilty as charged for being overprotective fathers and Aaron and BG learned our bad habit.” The selection process was almost as complex as it was when BG was assigned to protect Aaron. Whether you like it or not we fathers expect you to be polite to our guests. They don”t work for any of us… they are under assignment from the Emperor of Japan and if you want to chew on any ass… you might start with a little imp named Hikaru who you can find in Tokyo.


Now, let”s just cool off and relax… enjoy retreat and our Friday night meal of Prime Rib of Buffalo and then invite our guests back to our family quarters and bring everyone up to date.


Two simmering imps headed off to the shower (hopefully a cold one) and then a nap till retreat. They had much to discuss and fortunately they realized how fortunate they are to have such overprotective “fathers”.


As we four adults headed off to our family billet after a delicious Prime Rib of Buffalo dinner… at least we would face our imps on a full stomach after enjoying the best meal served at Fort Connor. Our Japanese guests joined us and as we started to fill them in on our afternoon meeting with our imp… the imps walked through the door and settled into comfortable chairs to face off against us adults.


“Dads” … we have discuss this to some end and after what some of the men have shared with us we doubt if we will ever be able to change your mind… SO… let the six of us reach a compromise so at least we imps have a little private jerk off time.


(We adults were in shock our imps were being so mature over this major invasion of their lives and their privacy.) We didn”t know how badly the men had scared the hell out of them sharing some of the past episodes of imps facing danger at Fort Connor.


Right on que the mess staff wheeled in eight large servings of Vanilla Ice Cream with more hot fudge topping than any imp or adult should ever eat. Looking at our guilty sons they only shrugged their shoulders and commented this is definitely one of those times when we imps can abuse our fathers and win. You really didn”t think tonight was going to be a “freebie”?


As the eight of us sat together as a family enjoying way too many calories… even Adela was in overload after she finished cleaning the leftover bowls. We would all be running extra miles the next week.


Our sons headed off to the shower and then to bed… the stress had really taken its toll on them and actually we fathers got off relatively unscathed. I thanked our guests for sharing the evening with us and to plan on meeting after the staff meeting Monday morning and we would discuss the situation further.


As Shawn and I decided to shower in the morning and headed off to our bedroom only to find one stuffed Wolf War Dog taking her space in bed diagonally. Oh, did we get snarled at when we advised the young lady her space in bed was in the middle or she could sleep on the floor. We finally had to bribe her with a handful of doggie treats which definitely wasn”t a good combination considering all the sugar she had with the ice cream and hot fudge topping. Oh, well… even we Generals make mistakes at times… but we”ll never admit it.


POTUS always held a fall reception for all the members of our diplomatic corps and Ambassadors who we had good relations were included for the evening. Why was I surprised when Gloria Worthington invited us to spend the night before the event with her family in the Penthouse and then accompany her as her +2 for the evening gala. (Gloria may not be an ambassador but POTUS knew well enough to keep her invited to any White House gala.)


As we Generals advised our Japanese guests… we would be leaving in the morning so we could have quality time with Mama Bear, we were assured our friends would always be welcomed in her Penthouse. When we arrived, Mama Bear advised us “fathers” that we got off easy considering how our sons could have reacted to your conspiracy.


After we enjoyed a delicious seafood buffet for lunch, we adjourned to the Great Room and Gloria admitted she had a conspiracy of her own to divulge. Asking Shawn if he would retrieve the large box in her study… we all were in suspense as to what Mama Bear was up to THIS TIME!


As Mama Bear instructed Shawn to give the box to our newest Ambassador in the room… we sure hope he remained seated when he opened his present as we quickly realized what Mama Bear was doing… and it would shock the hell out of our new Ambassador.


Our new friend and Ambassador from Japan was in shock and speechless as he opened the present. Never had he seen anything so beautiful. (Just wait till he sees our jeweled sabers.) The hilt of the sword was tastefully done with a band of flawless diamonds at each end of the hilt and a huge yellow sapphire on the butt of the hilt. Precious and semiprecious stones covered the entire sheath of the Samauri Sword and our new Ambassador stood out like a multi-colored neon sign when any light shown upon him.


Shawn and I only smiled and commented: “Welcome to the club… you”ll understand this better when you see the swords we have to wear with our gaudy Ambassador uniforms.


The only salvation the three of us Ambassador had was the fact Mama Bear was wearing enough diamonds she shown like the northern lights. With Shawn and I on each arm, POTUS, his partner, Aaron and BG commented keep this up and we”ll wonder if you two are going “straight”. Laughing at our friend, we only commented for them to wait and see the star of the evening… literally and figuratively… the new Ambassador from Japan. Entering the room and being greeted by POTUS… the rainbow of colors refracted the ambient lighting creating a rainbow illusion wherever he was in the room. For the first time in years, our ostentatious jeweled sabers weren”t the center of attention at a diplomatic function.


As we returned to the Penthouse late that evening, Luke, John, Daan and Melech were waiting up for us. Commenting the imp mafia was blazing with the news of the Samuri Sword our new Ambassador was wearing. All we have heard is how beautiful it is and how much it had to cost. Mama Bear only smiled and commented for her son Luke to have a stiff drink when he got to the office in the morning and started approving bills to pay.


Back at the office, Tokugawa and Akihiko were burning the midnight oil trying to resolve the issue of the new drone program attacking Fort Connor. They had been working on it for days and still had no idea of how to modify their automated defense program to protect from a huge number of drones all attacking at the same time.


As their son Omoikane sat quietly watching his fathers attempting to resolve the problem… finally after hours of trial and error they threw up their hand and decided enough for one night. It was late so another night of picking up pizza on the way home.


Omoikane looked at his fathers and told them he had a suggestion. Making certain the program was backed up before he made any changes… In three or four minutes of his little fingers entering new code he turned to his fathers and ask them to run the test program to see if the problem still existed.


Miracles of Miracles… the glitch was gone and a smiling Omoikane was bursting out of his shirt in pride that he could help his genius fathers. As they entered their armored transport to head home for the evening… Omoikane smiled at his dads and politely asked… “How about KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) for dinner tonight… I”ve eaten enough pizza this week.” For what Omoikane had accomplished this evening the fathers would have bought the little imp a KFC franchise.


The next morning, Tokugawa was on the com during our morning staff meeting admitting they had a fix to the problem of not bringing down all of the drones when we were attacked. As much as we would like to take the credit for it… you need to thank Omoikane… he found the glitch and wrote the patch. I”m certain he won”t turn down Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce as a reward for his hard work the next time he is at Fort Connor.


(By the time Omoikane turns 17 and POTUS can appoint him as a full Colonel in the Army… our precious little imp will have a double master”s degree and double PhD from Harvard and MIT. We Generals made certain when the time arrives for Omoikane to receive his officer”s commission… it will be with the full pomp and circumstance exceeding that given to any General Staff Officer.)


The men of Alpha Zulu loved Omoikane as their little brother and beylikdüzü escort always treated him with the highest of respect and appreciation. Woe be it to anyone who threatened him… they would face 400+ brothers who would lay down their lives to protect the little imp. (Not to mention a mean pack of Wolf War Dogs!)


It was a beautiful quiet summer night one dreams about enjoying on a south sea island. A gentle breeze off the ocean and the smell of fragrant flower abounded in the air. Suddenly, without warning, a soldier on the imps” protection detail dropped to the ground with blood flowing from his uniform. As his partner attempted to help him and stop the bleeding, he also received a major wound and was gushing blood all over our imps.


I was so proud of our son as he advised OPS we had a medical emergency and we had to have a sniper on base. Their security was hit by something without any noise of a gunshot. We need help… these men are bleeding profusely.


The scare of a sniper never stopped the medical team from racing to the injury. Yes, a couple of medics were also wounded but the thought of being shot and being wounded never stop them from administering aid.


Within minutes the entire area was swarming with armed men and an ALERT was sounded resulting in all the imps being locked down in their bunker. The Secret Service detail rushed Aaron and BG to Air Force 2 and our son and his partner had the wonderful (NOT) experience of a high-speed emergency takeoff. The Secret Service had to literally drag Aaron to the plane when he heard the attack was on his son. BG was in control of his emotions and helped to force Aaron on Air Force 2 and the safety of being surrounded by Air Force Fighter Jets.


Fort Connor was in meltdown not finding any sniper but knowing something or someone existed to attack our imps and their security detail. Finally, OPS announced they had a single blip on our tactical radar and requested permission to arm our automated defenses.


As an out-of-control father I issued the order to “Blow that fucking thing out of the sky”! A small explosion rumbled across Fort Connor as OPS announced whatever it was, it is now history. Sensors indicate it has been destroyed. (But, are there more was racing through my mind?)


Bringing up Doc on our Com we asked for the status of our injured men. Doc being the ultimate professional commented his report would state our sons rendering first aid saved the lives of the men. Controlling the bleeding with direct pressure prevented a lethal blood loss from occurring. The men are stable and headed to surgery. It will take most of the night to repair the injuries. Keep the coffee hot, I”ll need it when I”m finished with the surgeries.


POTUS ON THE EMERGENCY COM FOR YOU GENERALS! Words that bring fear in the life of any officer in the Military. “What in the hell is going on? The Secret Service broke into our bedroom in the middle of an epic orgasm and definitely ruined the night for my partner and myself.”


Shawn and I had to chuckle just visualizing the commotion and the Secret Service taking a naked POTUS to his secure panic room and operational center. POTUS was issuing a Presidential Memo to housekeeping that no less than a dozen Presidential Robes were to be kept in the panic room effective immediately.


POTUS wasn”t happy as Shawn and I snickered at him and his interrupted orgasm. “I had to break out the good brandy to calm him down and prevent him ordering the 101st Airborne and keep them from attacking the Secret Service.” (Shawn and I lost it in laughter!) We controlled our laughter long enough to tell POTUS it sounds like your partner needs a long cold shower and plenty of Brandy. Let us know if we need to lend you a Wolf War Dog to guard your bedroom assuring you of no intervention by the Secret Service the next time you two want a “quickie”. DISCONNECT!


Finally, an extremely large security detail escorted our sons to our office. “Dad this is ridiculous. Be reasonable, please?” As Shawn and I held our son and grandson we shared with them the information given by Doc and how they had been responsible for saving the lives of their security detail. I”m sure you have two soldiers who will provide an endless supply of Vanilla Ice Cream and Hot Fudge Topping. But you two know the penalty for overindulging. Overindulge and I”ll have your security detail start you at a 20 mile run for your PE workout every day. Dad (Grandpa)!!! Keep complaining and we can make it 30 miles.


We held and kissed our son and grandson and sent them off for a long shower and then to bed. What we didn”t know was tonight was the first of many nights two imps and two protectors would share the same bed. Our imps never complained again about the necessity of their security detail(s).


The next morning before sunrise OPS woke us up advising Worthington Five requesting permission to land. As I granted approval for the landing, Shawn and I hurried to be presentable and meet our guests when they landed. To our shock, two little imps… Tokugawa and Akihiko walked down the ramp surprising all of us. “Does Mama Bear know you are here?” The imps only smiled and commented: “We were never here”!


Our two super nerds needed to evaluate our computer logs to determine what had happened and how our security missed the intruder. Advising OPS our guests had complete access to whatever they needed I asked the pair if they had breakfast yet. They only commented: “Food is overrated”! (I had our mess deliver a huge breakfast tray to wherever our imps decided to work. Plus assigning a ring of security around them, I wasn”t taking any chance of losing either of them on my watch.)


By lunch our super nerds were still amazed they couldn”t find any problem with any of our defense systems. The only way anyone could penetrate our defenses is to pilot a small drone at under 10 feet from the sea level and then use the ultimate of stealth technology when they penetrated our perimeter defense. Asking Doc to see the bullets he removed from our men… both of our nerds confirmed our suspicion we were facing a new breed of snipers who could be miles away from the actual shooting. The sniper could remotely trigger a mini sniper rifle from any place in the world that had internet access. POTUS ISN”T GOING TO BE HAPPY WHEN HE READS THIS REPORT!


Getting our imps airborne and back within their protective circle of Worthington R&D and their new secure residence… Mama Bear was a basket case when she got the report of her top two nerds flying into a hostile environment. Assuring Mama Bear they always had an excess of protection and any man of Alpha Zulu would lay down his life for either of the two senior imps.


You need to bring a “cool head” to the discussion when POTUS reads the technical report on this attempt. To say it “scares the shit out of Shawn and me” is an understatement. But by the Grace of God and two dedicated soldier of Alpha Zulu Shawn and I/we could have lost a Son and Grandson.


POTUS lost it when he read the technical report on the shooting and especially having two nerds he loved putting themselves in danger. POTUS wanted to move their R&D to a federal super max until Gloria helped him to see how unfeasible that would be. Luke has already increased their security detail and their security is armed equal to or even better than your Secret Service detail. Omoikane is the “wild card” we have to address, and Gloria offered to try the motherly approach before POTUS “dictated terms”!


Omoikane and Junior hadn”t yet accepted the fact they were in love. Yes, they had a fantastic sex life which made us fathers green with envy. The long stretches of time where Omoikane was busy doing his PhD research had Junior with a raw cock and calloused hand. (We had one very embarrassed imp when the men of Alpha Zulu chipped in and bought him a battery operated masturbation gadget. Junior might have a red face, but he made a quick retreat to his bedroom.


Omoikane and Junior spent too many nights video conferencing and we saw a major increase in the quantity of batteries sold in the commissary. Oh, well… at least it is “safe sex”.


Shawn and I knew something was happening at Fort Connor but no one was talking. When we asked the Command Master Sergeant about all the intrigue of late, he only commented the operation was “CLASSIFIED” and we weren”t authorized to be read in yet.


When the men of Alpha Zulu start showing up for retreat in full dress uniforms voluntarily… I knew this truly was a major conspiracy. OPS announced DOD1 requesting permission to land. Granting permission, Shawn and I hurried off to the air strip to meet our guests. The Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Army and the Army Chief of Staff walked down the plane ramp and had their identification verified. When Shawn and I demanded to know what was happening at OUR Fort Connor… SecDef only commented we were out of uniform and to go change into your full dress uniforms for retreat and dinner tonight.


As the men assembled for retreat… SecDef came forward and announced before retreat we have some recognition to be made for exemplary service. Asking our son and grandson to come forward… In the face of danger from hostile forces, these two imps risked their lives to render aid to two injured soldiers and the medical reports confirm that without their immediate intervention the two men would have died.


On behalf of the Army of the United States, Its Commander-in-Chief and even two proud Six Star Generals… it is my honor to present these two young men with the Department of the Army Distinguished Civilian Service Award. (The entire base erupted in praise bilecik escort for our two imps and the Command Master Sergeant was in no hurry to issue the command: “As you were”!)


Little did we know concurrent with our imps being presented with their award… POTUS was having his own “award” presentation recognizing Omoikane for solving the technical glitch in the protection of Fort Connor. In a private ceremony in the Oval Office with the Worthingtons, Tokugawa, Akihito, Brigadier General Mendez and Junior in attendance… POTUS was joined by the Chief Justice of the United States to swear in our new little super nerd as a full Colonel in the United States Army. As the congratulations abounded for our precious little nerd, Junior whispered in his ear that he had the perfect celebration planned when they returned home that evening. The only question he had if either of them would be able to get out of bed in the morning.


Finally, Shawn and I saw our guests fly off into the setting sun and we returned to our family quarters to have some quality time with our imps. As we assured them, we had nothing to do with the awards being presented… this presentation was “code word classified” and we were told we didn”t have the clearance to be read in on the events of today. Few civilian awards are presented by the Army each year and truthfully… you two deserve the honor. Now go take a long shower and then off to bed… tomorrow is another school day so get with the program, so we don”t have to assign you two to garbage pail duty… (The comments received from our imps as they headed off for their shower were less than socially acceptable. Where did they learn such language?)


Yes, it was strange to watch Omoikane walk across the stage at Harvard and receive his degrees and then receive a double PhD from MIT the same week. Omoikane looked like he should be graduating from middle school and not from a graduate school with a double PhD. All of Alpha Zulu, the Worthingtons and POTUS weren”t shocked when the wedding invitations arrived, and our two lovers had every intention of keeping it a small “friends and family” wedding.


Within a month Omoikane and Junior were bound as partners for all eternity and Mama Bear had reserved our Virgin Island Penthouse for a month honeymoon for our two loving imps. (I sure hope they learn moderation or Doc does virtual house calls.)


Shawn and I spent a lot of time cuddling in bed remembering the moments in our lives when we were out of control sexual nymphomaniacs when we first met. Yes, these are the moments we think back upon and always bring a smile to our faces. Usually, I get a fist in my shoulder from Shawn telling me to clean up my mind and quit acting like a hormonal teenager. I just smile back at him and tell him when I get that old just order my casket.


We are fortunate our youngest son has plenty of fellow imps to play with and just have as good friends. We are certain he is well aware of his brothers out of control sexual appetite and one of these days Shawn and I are going to have to have a talk about “the birds and the bees” before someone takes advantage of him. Heaven only knows how cute he is. If he wasn”t our son and was of legal age, I”d be trying to get into his pants. (Down, boy… DOWN! Time for a cold, cold shower!!! Shawn is never around when I need him.)


The one problem with adopting an older son is him leaving for college and we barely have gotten to know him and developed a strong family bond. At least I know he”ll be back if for no other reason than to visit his little brother. It was no surprise that both our son and grandson announced they would be going to the same school. Neither imp wanted to attend Harvard… far too much money and too many snobs to be around. They were looking at a small midwestern school where they could get a master”s degree in business administration. Mama Bear and Luke assured our imps they had a place for them within the “Worthington World” once they got their M.B.A. With the political connections Aaron now has his son has little concerns about being offered employment. He just has to be careful of what “strings” come with the job.


Why wasn”t I surprised that both imps were accepted at Notre Dame with a great financial package. Between the Worthingtons and POTUS I”m certain there were some back-room motivations applied to the school to accept both imps. Shawn and I are just fortunate we can take the money saved and roll it over into the college account for our youngest son. Shawn and I are far from paupers but our name isn”t “Worthington” either!


Shawn and I would find out years later that it wasn”t any of the Worthingtons or POTUS who “greased the wheels” and arranged for a great financial incentive for our imps to attend Notre Dame… It was our Cardinal Chaplain… the man who works quietly behind the scenes and accomplishes more than any of us will ever know. Yes, God does work in mysterious ways and only he knows what challenges our imps will face as they grow into fine young men emulating the values of their fathers.


As much as our son and our grandson were inseparable, it was no surprise when we all got together at Camp Phoenix for them to ask for Aaron, BG, Shawn and me to meet with them privately. “We have an announcement to make… We have decided to get married and be partners for this life and the next.” Shawn and I sure saw that coming but Aaron and BG were in shock. As we all sat as quiet as a church mouse waiting for someone to say something… Without warning and right on que… a firm knock at the door as Luke stuck his head in announcing the imps had broken out the Vanilla Ice Cream and hot fudge topping… What the imps don”t devour our Wolf War Dogs will finish if you don”t hurry. Shawn stopped chuckling long enough to ask which one of our two imps bribed Luke to make his entrance on que. (We all lost it in laughter.)


Our imps knew we would never refuse them anything within our power and by the time they finished their premarital counseling with our Cardinal Chaplain they would have a good idea of what they faced as a committed couple in an often-homophobic world.


We “fathers” only hoped and prayed our imps could find the happiness in life that we have found with our loving partners. I can”t wait to hear the comments when they announce the news when we gather for our holiday feast tomorrow.


Finally, Fort Connor was back to a normal status (which is rare) and we Generals actually had time to spoil our youngest son. We had to be cautious as to not spoil him to the extreme as he will have to function in a hostile business environment and one which his fathers can”t always protect him.


After our morning staff meeting, I asked Shawn if he could take a break and meet in my office for an “off the books” family discussion. As Shawn knocked at the door, entered and closed the door behind him, I hit the button under the desk and all the windows turned opaque. (WOW… this must really be important and classified!) (You have no idea my partner and lover, no idea!)


I started the conversation by commenting we both have given our lives to the Army… and soon our youngest son will be off to college and we will finally be empty nesters again. Providing God sees fit to allow us to remain on earth long enough to see our young son graduate, I want us to go to INACTIVE STATUS!


Shawn just sat there looking at me and finally commented: “You are serious, aren”t you?” “I have never been more serious in my life!” This has to be a mutual decision and I”m not planning on stepping down tomorrow. IF we both decided to go to inactive status, we need to bring a couple of aides onboard and prepare them for the shock of inheriting our six stars. If you agree with me about going inactive, then we need to read in POTUS, Aaron, Luke and Mama Bear. Once they get over the shock, they”ll see the value of bringing on our two replacements and let them mirror us and learn the nuisances of Fort Connor and Alpha Zulu.


Within the week, Shawn commented to me in private to schedule the meeting with POTUS. Asking Aaron, Luke and Mama Bear to be in attendance may just give away the shock to POTUS… after all, he was one of us when he served in the Army.


Connecting with OPS, we asked to be connected with POTUS if he was available. Quickly, a smiling face of POTUS appeared on our video screen. Shawn and I simply asked POTUS to arrange a meeting with him, his partner, Aaron, BG, Luke, John and Mama Bear. Let us know when all of you are available and we”ll juggle our schedule. NO, it isn”t an emergency, but it also isn”t something for us to procrastinate doing.


POTUS assured us he”d have his Chief of Staff schedule the early possible meeting and would advise us as soon as it has been scheduled. DISCONNECT!


That night, Shawn and I made intense passionate love like never before. No, we weren”t two out of control adolescent teenagers but my ass the next morning definitely knew I was still married to a stud that loved sex. Shawn was more passionate than I can ever remember.


Walking to flag raising, I quietly thanked God for all the privileges he had given to Shawn and me in our lives… to be part of the United States Army, for receiving this high rank as Generals of the Armies of the United States, to lead the brave soldiers of Alpha Zulu, for being “adopted” by the Worthingtons and for giving us sons we loved more every day.


As we walked toward the assembly for Flag Raising, OPS announced POTUS for one of you Generals. Telling Shawn. we both know what this is about. I”ll fill you in at breakfast. POTUS was blunt and to the point. “Whatever you two are up to, let”s get it in motion before there is a leak. The meeting is scheduled for 0800 hours TOMORROW in the Oval Office.” DISCONNECT!


Joining Shawn for breakfast, I only smiled and commented 0800 hours TOMORROW! Time to face our future reality.







Constructive comments are appreciated and welcomed.

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