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All I Need At Home Ch. 3

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I did my nightly ritual of scanning through the television programs, and found nothing on. I decided I’d go to bed. As I stood up, I pulled down my Lilac dress, to conceal by butt, as it had rode up during the evening. I hadn’t seen Ryan all night, I assumed he was embarrassed about what happened yesterday. I on the other hand was more comfortable, which had scared me at first. Mom had gone to bed earlier, so I was free to lounge out on the sofa, without the worry of anyone catching a glimpse of my newly shaved pussy.

I grabbed a glass from the kitchen and filled it with Ice-cold water, as I leaned over the counter by dress rode up over my muscular pert butt cheeks, someone coughed suspiciously behind me. I whirled around to see my Mom standing in a crimson red bathrobe.

“Now I like looking at that.” Mom stated with a coy smile. I found myself blushing and then found myself doing a twirl. Mom eyes followed the contours of body, I stopped turning when I was again facing her. Mom was looking between my legs, I followed her gaze and I realised what had caught her attention. My pussy was wet and I was aroused, from where I was standing, my clit was clearly seen slightly protruding from between my inner lips, glistening with my juices. I looked back at Mom who was standing with her mouth slightly agape, her hand was slowly kneading her left breast.

“Mom? ” I asked.

“Jade, your pussy, is fantastic, when did you shave it?” Her gaze never leaving my pussy. I smiled, she was the second person to take note of it today, Louise my best friend at school had taken a liking to it too. I was very grateful for Ryan.

“Yesterday, I shaved it so I could walk around without underwear.” I found myself slightly opening my legs to give Mom a better look, it had become a surreal moment, as though I wasn’t sure if I was asleep or awake. Mom just nodded. I walked past Mom and kissed her on the cheek goodnight.

I disappeared to my bedroom, I took of my Lilac dress and sat upon my bed, I was so aroused, my juices poured from between my slit, and began to soak my bed sheets, my heart was beating fast, being caught by Mom had added to my arousal, showing her my most private parts was exhilarating. A knock at my Door made me fall back onto the bed and wrap my bed sheet around my body.

Mom entered and sat down on the bed beside me, leaving the door slightly ajar. She rested her hand on my exposed bare shoulder, electric shot through me; I felt my stomach tingle, as though butterflies were dancing inside me.

“Jade, what does it feel like? A shaved pussy I mean?”

“Really good, when I walked to college today, the wind blew over my pussy and I almost cum there and then, it’s so much more sensitive. Would you like to feel it?” Mom only nodded as if she was too lost for words. With a shaky hand, I pulled away the thin sheet, and found myself opening my legs slightly to allow my Mom to gain better access.

Her trembling fingers lightly brushed the mound of skin above my lips, I felt the warmth of her skin on my flesh, then I could feel her hard nail run down the length of my inner lips, it lightly brushed over my hardened clit. I bite my lip as the sensations were amazing.

“It feels so smooth, and so wet. ” Mom giggled, yet her hand remained slowly stroking my inner folds. I lay for several moments enjoying the sensations Mom was causing. It wasn’t the first time I had my pussy masturbated, but the first time by someone else, especially my Mom, and someone skilled in knowing what they were doing.

A door opened and closed out in the hallway, it was Ryan, going to the bathroom, he had to pass my bedroom to get there, and Mom had left the door slightly open. There was me and Mom remaining completely still, her fingers still stroking my inner lips, I held by breath trying to not make a sound, hoping Ryan wouldn’t hear us. He past by and I heard him close the bathroom door behind him.

Mom continued to stroke my lips and fatih escort then her thumb began to concentrate on my hardened, sensitive clit. I suddenly felt pressure where I didn’t want it.

“Mom, I need to pee.” I whispered.

“What can’t you hold it?” Mom asked as she removed her hand from my wet pussy, she sat next to me, her eyes never leaving mine, they seemed to plead with me.

“No.” I said a little louder than I should have done. She seemed to think about the predicament for a minute and then she had an Idea. She got up from the bed and lay on the floor, she looked up at me.

“Well if you don’t want to piss over the bed or your floor, piss in my mouth. ” Her words shocked me, and I just sat there a moment looking down at my Mom, I couldn’t believe my Mom had suggested it.

“I can’t pee in your mouth, it’s, it’s dirty.” I said to myself, however the feeling in my bladder was at bursting point, it was hurting keeping it in. The idea did seem appealing. I looked down at my Mom.

“Are you sure? ” I asked her, she nodded as I got off the bed, I sat above her face, my legs either side of her head. I lowered my pussy until I felt her tongue dart out and lick once across my lips, she could tell I obviously felt tense.

“Just relax Jade, let it go slowly if you can, and I’ll try to swallow as much as I can.” I had a thought that quickly flashed through my head that Mom may have done this before. Mom’s mouth covered my entire pussy, her hot breath on my hot cunt felt fantastic, her hands massaged and squeezed my ass cheeks, I tried to relax. A small steady stream of pee flowed from my pussy, Mom swallowed at ease and seemed to be enjoying it.

As I relaxed more, more pee flowed out, until it gushed out too quickly, my piss filled my Mom’s mouth quickly, she pushed my ass upwards in attempt to remove my peeing pussy from her mouth, it did and I managed to see Mom gargle a little, as pee overflowed and rolled down her chin and cheeks, I managed to control and slow down my pee again and Mom took my pussy back into her mouth again and finished drinking the rest of my urine.

After I had finished Mom quickly lapped at my pussy a little more as if making sure there was nothing left. I then got up and sat on the bed. I smiled as Mom got up her face still shiny with my pee.

“Thank you Mom. ” Was all I could muster, for some reason I was really ashamed, embarrassed, and after all it had been her idea. Although I thought it was disgusting, I did enjoy it and wondered what it would be like to drink Mom’s pee from her pussy. Mom just smiled at me, and left my bedroom quickly running to hers.

Wednesday afternoon, I quickly ran home from school, I had worn a green chequered skirt that finished just above my knees, nothing to revealing. As I ran home, my small breasts could visibly be seen slightly bouncing underneath my white blouse. I wore my hair in a ponytail as I often did after P.E.

When I got in Ryan was watching T.V, he was lying slumped on the couch, flicking through afternoon programs which consisted mostly of cartoons and children’s programs. He smiled as I came in, after running, sweat had matted my thin blouse to my small pert boobs, and my nipples were clearly visible.

“What the hell have been doing?” He joked nodding at my exposed nipples. I laughed he seemed to be in a cheerful mood. I through my bag on the floor and jumped onto the sofa next to him.

“Running, that’s all you dirty man.” We both laughed. ” I’m glad your not ashamed of me, you know after shaving me.” Ryan looked at me with a sideways glance.

“Jade, I’m cool, I was glad I could help, besides you have a gorgeous body.” He said as he flicked through some more channels.

“Good, so you’d help me if I asked? ” I enquired.

“Sure hun, if I can help my Sis I will, I mean you’d help me wouldn’t you?” I nodded.

“Cool, have you had Anal sex?” Ryan nearly choked on that one, his reply was as I guessed, etiler escort that he hadn’t.

“No, where did that come from?” He asked

“A couple of girls were talking about it at school. Louise….”

“Your friend Louise?” He interrupted.

“Yeah my friend Louise, she said she preferred anal sex, as most boys don’t have a clue what to do with her pussy, and prefers to tend to her pussy whilst the man fucks her ass.” We sat there for several minutes, both of us were looking at the television, but neither of us was watching it.

“I’ve wanted to do it.” Admitted Ryan, ” but I haven’t found a girl my age willing to let me try.” Well if he was telling me secrets I figured it was only fair I did too.

“Well most boys in my year are so immature or ugly, I wouldn’t even let them fuck my pussy, let alone my ass.” I laughed as he fought the urge to giggle. ” Honestly if I was going to have Anal sex it would have to be with a man I trust.” There was silence that seemed to last for hours, both of us knew where the conversation was heading, but neither of us wanted to ask the other, in the end I plucked up the courage.

“I was wondering would have anal sex with me? ”

“I don’t know Sis, it’s a Taboo, incest.” He argued

“So was Lesbianism and homosexuality, a couple of decades ago, I’ve thought it through and if anyone’s going to be the first to screw my asshole, I want it to be you.” I looked at him with the best puppy dog eyes I could muster.

“If you’re sure, I would love to.” I leant forward and kissed him on his forehead, and whispered thank you. I quickly hugged him and then got up of the couch.

“Mom’s out to the gym with Helen tonight, so after tea we have Anal sex.” I threw him a wink and disappeared to my room.

Chapter Four

I just sat there in disbelief, my little Sister had just pleaded with me to fuck her in the ass, and I had agreed, although I must admit I was so turned on. My penis had become as stiff as a plank and was straining against my sweatpants.

All I could think about during Dinner was my little sister’s ass and the fact that I was going to get the chance to fuck her ass, and shoot my load into my little Sister. I pretty much ate my dinner as though I was half asleep, I didn’t even notice Mom was there.

Sure enough a knock came at the front door around seven and Mom and her friend Helen went off to the Gym. I sat in my room contemplating what I was about to do, broke the most sinful of taboos and make love to my Sister’s butthole, hell was I excited. There was a soft knock at my bedroom door and when I looked up Jade smiled at me standing in a white cotton nightshirt.

“You ready Bro? ” She asked with her warm smile, I smiled and nodded back.

Jade sat at the bottom of her bed, and removed her nightshirt. There she was completely naked, her smooth pale white skin, slender legs and round ass, just dying for me to enter. From where I stood, I could she was aroused, as her juices flowed down her legs, she looked back at me behind her shoulder, with a seductive smile. I sat down behind, my face inches from her ass, I rested my hands on each of her ass cheeks and took in sight before me.

“Are you sure about this? ” I asked. She reached behind herself and pulled her cheeks apart, her tight small puckered hole came into view. I took this as a hint to proceed. I took my index finger and lightly stroked it over her slick lips.

“Well I need to get it lubricated first, so try to relax.” I said as I slid one finger quickly into her slit up to my last knuckle then back out again. I brought my finger to her butthole, she groaned a little as I tried to work it in. ” Relax Jade. ” I said as my finger eventually broke past the ring muscle and slid all the way in. I worked it in a slow circle, sliding almost all the way out then back in.

Bringing my mouth to her asshole, I spat trying to make it wetter, I then slid two fingers in and beşiktaş escort worked them as deep as I could. Jade had begun moaning, I decided it was more from pleasure than pain. I eventually removed my fingers and the pressure subsided in her ass, she whimpered until I brought my tongue to her butthole and licked and sucked it thorughly until I could slid my tongue in deep. I realised she had brought her hand down to her pussy and was lightly stroking her clit.

“Ryan, I want you in my ass, now bro.” She whimpered, I slowly finished eating my sister’s asshole and looked up at her.

“Are you sure? ” I asked her once more as I slipped of sweatpants. My cock stood proud at ten inches, veins bulging along the shaft, it was slick with precum, but I spat on it to lubricate it some more.

“Yes Bro, fuck my ass please.” I positioned my Cock head against her Asshole and pushed gently, her butthole was tight, and she screamed a little as the head of my penis stretched it as much as it could, the muscle seemed to break and it popped in a few inches. I sat there for a moment with the tip of my Cock resting in her ass.

“God Ryan, that’s so tight.” Jade whimpered barely.

“Do you want me to stop? ” I asked my hands resting on her hips, there was a few minutes of silence then I felt Jade lean backwards a little my Cock sliding slightly further in.

“Fuck no, you’ve got this far, now go all the damn way.” I slowly pushed forward, driving my cock another two inches into her ass, I pulled out almost to the tip and then shoved it back in so that half was now in, I moved in and out slowly trying to work my entire length in.

“God your so big Ryan, are you all in? ” She asked between pants, her fingers had begun to furiously rub her dripping slit.

“No Babe, about half way.” I replied trying to drive my plank in deeper, her ass was so tight,

“Fuck, your so big, your gonna fucking split my ass.” About another minute later and my entire penis was in my Sisters ass, my pubes tickled her ass cheeks, my balls resting against her gushing slit.

“All in Jade.” I told her as I sat there.

“Good now fuck me. ” She pleaded, so I did slowly at first, bringing my length half way out before sliding it back in, I did a slow rhythm at first, savouring the feel of her strong ass muscles gripping my prick like a vice.

“I said fuck my ass Bro.” She called out as she rubbed her clit, hard and fast. It was all the encouragement I needed and I drove my cock in and out like a piston. I nearly knocked the air out of her lungs with each forwards stroke, I worked my prick in and out of her ass as roughly and as quickly as I could muster, we both panting loud and fast. It didn’t take long to feel the tingle grow in my testicles.

“Jade I’m gonna cum.” I panted as I drove my length as deep as I could. Jade almost tiger like as she came, her fingers deep in her juicy slit, her orgasm lasted for almost a minute as her cum gushed from her pussy and coated her hand and arm. She drove her ass back toward me.

“Cum in my ass Bro, Shoot your load in my ass. I’m a slut.” I grunted and thrust as far forward as I could go, and shot my first load, then another, and another.

“Yes it feels so good.” Panted Jade, ” Fill my ass with your cum.” Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, so much cum was discharged it lasted almost a minute, I collapsed on her back exhausted, my cock still hard in her, she tensed her butt a few times and kept my cock hard. I could feel the stickiness surrounding my cock, and as I slowly withdrew I watched her stretched asshole remain open, small traces of cum oozed from her saw bum hole.

“Are you Okay?” I asked shaky, content that I had just fucked my first piece of ass, and what an as it was.

“Yeah Bro, you were great, it felt fantastic. I could feel your cock in my tight ass when I fingered my cunt deep. You sure were big Ry-.” I watched her ass slowly close back up, leaving a trail of cum and small traces of blood upon the bedroom carpet. She sat there, facing me, her eyes never leaving my rigid cock. I realised right then that she would have fucked me if I had let her, but I didn’t want to. Not just yet anyway. I wanted Mom’s pussy first.

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