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All Creatures Ch. 02

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This chapter contains graphic sex scenes and adult language between two consenting adult males. If that is not your thing you may want to try a different story.

If you like what you read, that is because I had amazing help in the form of a very talented editor, Bert_Fegg (from a different site). He took many, many hours of his free time to find all (or most, there were quite a few in there to begin with!) of the punctuation mistakes, spelling errors, and tense changes that filled the original manuscript. If you don’t like it, then you should have seen it before B got his hands on it! Bless his heart.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my world and hope you enjoy yourself.


Chapter 2

Graduation day comes and Ally and I wait on her parents to find us in the mass of black gowns with grey hoods. My parents couldn’t make graduation; my little brother had a soccer game. Same excuse they gave when they bailed on my white coat ceremony, college graduation, and high school graduation. I don’t think my little brother even plays soccer any more. He is their one hope for a successful progeny at this point. In my parents’ mind, anything I achieve will always be overshadowed by the fact that I am a fag.

Ally introduced me to her close knit family soon after we met our freshman year of college. Ally and her younger sister act more like best friends than sisters and their parents shower them both with love and support. The family comes up every football weekend to tailgate and pamper their oldest daughter, bringing supplies, beer, and a feast of home cooked food. Ally’s parents have since adopted me as ‘the son they never had.’

“So, Dr. Harvey, what shall we do to celebrate the ending of an era?” Ally says in her best British accent.

“Well, Dr. Love, I believe we have an outstanding date with The Duck!”

The Duck is an old run down bar outside city limits. It is the kind of place that gives away free samples of Skoal on Tuesdays but brings in great local bands on the weekends. And because of some stroke of genius, they sell ‘membership’ cards outside for two dollars to get in, making it a private club, not a bar. It stays open till everyone leaves instead of closing down at two like all the other bars in town. Ally and I have gone to The Duck after finals every semester since we turned twenty-one.

Ally’s parents reach us at that time. After a round of hugs and well wishes, we separate for a few hours to allow Ally some private time with her family. I head home to change. We have plans to meet before the bar at eleven.


After a few hours of cheap beer and loud 80’s cover band, I stumble out of The Duck. My ears are ringing and I feel more tipsy than I should. Damn vet school, made me a light weight. I look at my phone.


Well, fuck. Apparently Ally has become a light weight as well. And now I have no ride home.

I need to remember to call her tomorrow. Ally has always had a loose stance on sex, similar to my own. Be careful, use protection, but if it is consensual, it is good. We keep up with each other and make sure the other is safe in the morning. Other than that, we refrain from judging each other’s decisions.

I live about two miles from The Duck so I start to head home walking alongside the main drag through town. Our graduation is the day after the undergrads’, so it is a pretty quiet night. Only the hard core frat boys and locals are still in town tonight. After a few cat calls from speeding trucks passing dangerously close I start to regret letting Ally out of my sight.

I am busy muttering to myself a list of tortures and embarrassments I have planned for Ally when I glance up and notice my wet dream coming down the walk way ten feet in front of me, a cigarette glowing orange between his lips while he eyes my disheveled state. My jaw drops open and my mouth is suddenly dry as I take in the man who has occupied my fantasies for weeks. I rock back on my heels in an uncoordinated attempt to stop.

Holy shit! It’s Beautiful Blue Eyes! I never thought I would see him again. I must make him mine! Just be cool, Mike. You got this, buddy.

“You know those things will kill you, right?”

Awesome, Mike, nag the man into fucking you. This is why you haven’t been laid in four years.

Bill smirks at me while shrugging his shoulders. “Not likely.”

God, can I please lick those shoulders. Please, just once?

“Cigarette smoking causes about 20% of the deaths in the US each year, not a very safe pastime there.”

Fuck Mike! Shut up! Shut up now!

Bill, sighs as he throws the half smoked cigarette to the pavement and grinds the butt with his heel. He changes the subject before I can further enumerate the dangers of smoking. “Do you need a ride somewhere?”

“If you’re not busy, that would be nice. Thank you.” I stare with round eyes and a cock that has taken the time to fight past the alcohol and tipobet365 yeni giriş stand at half-mast. As I hop in his large white 4×4 F250 parked half a block down the street, I have a momentary thought that this is how B movie murder mysteries start. Friends see drunk woman picked up by man outside bar and is found in the ditch the next morning. I would be the woman in this case, and there are no friends to see me get in the truck.

I direct Bill the last mile to my small one bedroom apartment. As I slide out of the truck, I misjudge the distance to the ground and end up in a giggling pile outside the door.

Oh fuck me, this night couldn’t get any better. Why not end with me on my ass in front of Hottie McHottieson.

Bill grabs my upper arms and pulls me to my feet. “Easy does it. Which one are you in?”

I point to the second floor, apartment 201. Bill stays by my side as I get my keys in the lock and open the door. My apartment is filled with second hand furniture pulled together with yard sell finds and clearance items. It may not look like much, but I am proud of the final product considering the budget. Thank god I cleaned the house yesterday. Bill guides me to the couch and helps me pull off my sneakers while keeping one hand on my left calf. I stare at his eye as they run over my slumped form.

“Thanks, I didn’t plan on getting wasted this evening.”

He keeps his hands on my knees while he sits back on his heels between my legs. He smiles at me before sighing and standing up. “We’ve all been there.” He turns and walks to the door. “See you around, Mike.”

As Bill closes the door behind him, I start to kicking myself.

Damn it Mike! If you hadn’t gotten sloshed like a damn freshman, this evening would have ended in a massive sex fest. Hottie would have stayed the night, you would have made love till dawn, and then he would have asked you to move in with him because he couldn’t stand the thought of another night without your massive cock. Mother fucking Ally and her damn beer.


The next morning I wake up with the feeling that someone has swabbed my mouth out with a dry cloth. A dry cloth that was previously stuck up the ass of a dying cow. I also feel like my brain is about double the volume of my skull. I stumble to the kitchen for a glass of water and my bottle of Excedrin. I grab a bottle of water left on my counter and chug half the contents before I remember that the bottle shouldn’t have been there in the first place. After a moment’s confusion, my eyes fall on a scrap of paper that appears to once have been connected to my grocery list. Curiosity makes me forget my pounding head as I rotate the scrap around to read the messy scrawl on the paper.

‘Dinner at 8? My place?

Let me know


His number is written below the message.

Oh, fucking hell to the yes!

All thoughts of coffee laced with horse laxatives and flea infested clothing for Ally are immediately replaced with the flowers and chocolates that such a sweet princess as herself deserves.

I have a date!


I am thankful the date is set for so late. Ally and I meet for a late lunch, both nursing hangovers with dark sun glasses over our unforgiving eyes. She tells me about Mr. Right-now, a forgettable romp with a small dick but an amazing body. She falls into a thirty minute tirade of how size doesn’t matter but if it’s small you damn well better put out a bit more effort than last night’s quest. I’m gasping for breath around belly aching laughs by the time she finishes her rant with a pout. We finish the meal while I tell her about the beautiful, mysterious Mr. Davey.

After lunch we head over to my place to pick out the perfect outfit. Something that says ‘Why yes, I would fancy a fuck!’ While not saying ‘I fuck anything that moves.’ We settle on a pale pink button up and a pair of tight jeans that show off my ass to its full advantage.

Ally keeps me company for the few hours remaining before I need to hop in the shower and get ready. At six thirty she heads back to her place to resume packing up her apartment. I am left to stew in my nerves . My mind wonders to my last date almost four years ago. I met some kid on the internet and we decided to meet for dinner and a movie. Five minutes into dinner I was looking for a window to crawl out of. The guy was obviously still deeply in the closet, he didn’t look me in the eye once throughout the date, and he flirted outrageously with the waitress the entire meal. By the time we were finished with our burgers, I was ready to punch the bastard. Unfortunately, my libido got the better of me and I let him give me a blowjob in the back of the theater. What followed was a week of increasingly harassing phone calls and instant messages until finally I had to get the police involved. After that horrible experience, I decided dating was better left alone until I matured a bit and I haven’t been on one since.

By quarter till tipobet365 giriş eight, when I start walking to Bills place, I have almost talked myself into canceling.

He is so out of your league! You’re moving away in a month! You know you don’t have time for a relationship right now! For fuck’s sake, you’re starting a new job in six weeks! Did I mention that he is way out of your league?

My palms are sweating and throat is parched as my eyes dart around me to take in my location. I realize I passed Bill’s house two blocks ago. I stop and take a few deep breaths to prevent myself from running away screaming.

Come on, Mike! Get it together. You can do this. It is like riding a bike, only a lot less uncomfortable. Well, maybe not less uncomfortable. You can do this! Knock on the door, wow him with your suave, and bag that big boy!

I look around at the well-manicured front lawn of the two story antebellum house while I take a moment to clear my mind of any thoughts that might lead to my semi turning into a full blown erection on Bill’s front steps. I ring the doorbell and wait a minute before the front door swings open to reveal a smiling man dressed in black dress slacks and a light blue button up.

“I was wondering if you were going to knock or if you were planning on spending the night on my front porch.” Bill raises his eyebrow as I begin to glow a lovely shade of crimson.

I step inside mumbling the first thing that comes to mind. “Your magnolias are still in bloom.”

Fuck me. I am the biggest dork this town has ever seen!

The house smells divine with the rich warm scent of roasting meat. After the small lunch with Ally, I am ravenous. I follow Bill into the kitchen after accepting a glass of red wine. Bob bounds down the stairs to greet me with a viciously wagging tail and a few licks of my pants leg.

We make small chat about the upcoming college football season, high budget action films, and various other manly topics. I lift my wine glass to my lips only to discover I have already drained the glass. My hand shakes a bit as I return the glass to the counter. A thin sheen of moisture in the shape of my hand is left on the counter when I move to reach for the proffered bottle of wine. I manage a small smile toward Bill as I sip from my second glass of wine.

God, I hope this man really is gay. What if I misread this entire situation? How much of an ass am I going to feel like if he is actually thanking me for bringing his dog back from the brink of death after a scrap of steak gone bad episode?

I begin to list from foot to foot as my stomach is filled with butterflies on five cases of Redbull.

What the holy hell were you thinking? This man is obviously happily married to a beautiful woman. He is too gorgeous to not have a wife. I’m sure at any moment that perfect vision of a woman with huge tits, perfect blond hair, and straight, white teeth will burst through the door with a baby propped on her wide, childbearing hips. And let’s not forget that this man is way out of your league. What the fuck are you doing here?

By the time the roast has been pulled out to rest, my heart is pounding in my ears and any possible words I could add to the conversation are stuck in my throat. Bill pulls two plates out to set the table.

Well, at least I won’t have to eat with Mrs. Perfect-wife.

I devour the meal while Bill watches me with amusement. It looks to me as if he has pushed the food around his plate more than eaten anything. Bob remains firmly positioned under Bills chair throughout dinner. I wonder who feeds Bob from the table?

After dinner we head into the den to admire his entertainment system. Plasma, LCD, LED, I don’t know, but the thing is huge. Stereo speakers are strategically placed around the entire room to give the feel that any explosion on your TV is actually occurring in the room next to you.

Watching a porno on this thing must be an experience. A two foot dick with slurping and slapping sounds in all directions. I think I would like to try that out.

I grin at my inner dialogue only to realize we are silent and Bill is watching me with increasing amusement at I start to pitch a tent in my pants.

I clear my throat and start to plan exit strategies.

Why do I have to be so damn awkward? Why can’t my life play out like a romance novel? Boy meets boy, they fall instantly in love with no strained pauses or weird first dates, they have amazing sex and live happily ever after. Is that really too much to ask for?

While I am worrying about graceful exits, Bill has appeared in front of me. He leans in and pauses close enough so that I can feel the heat of his lips but there is no contact yet.

What is he waiting for? Do it! Oh, please, for the love of all, kiss me!

After an agonizing moment of anticipation, I realize that he is waiting for permission to continue. I close the last bit of distance with a sigh.

Oh, this is amazing. tipobet365 güvenilirmi This is much better that talking about football or movies.

My inner self has donned a cheerleader’s outfit to do back handsprings around my mind to the backdrop of fireworks in celebration of this glorious kiss. His lips are soft but slightly cool, like he has just come in from a walk on a winter day. Never mind the fact it is ninety fucking degrees outside. His tongue slips from his mouth to tease my bottom lip. With a shiver, I open my lips to allow a deeper kiss. His hands settle on my hips with a vice like grip so I place my hands on his strong arms to balance myself as the kiss progresses to ‘melt the polar ice caps’ level intensity.

By this time, I am no longer merely pitching a tent. There is enough room under there for a whole city to move in. My cock is rock hard and pressing against my jeans at an angle that is just this side of ‘Oh my god’ pain. A whimper of need escapes me as I let my hands slide up from Bill’s biceps to fasten together behind his neck.

It has been so long since I have had a kiss like this, let’s not even think about the last time I got laid. Oh, I hope I get laid tonight!

I close the distance between us so that our bodies are pressed against each other from our lips to our toes. Hello, Mr. Happy! Bill is most definitely gay and very interested in this kiss. I groan as I feel the hardness of Bills cock rub against mine.

As Bill adjusts the angle of his approach to nibble and lick at my neck I tentatively pull the tails of his shirt out of his pants.

Please don’t stop this, I really need this tonight.

I take the increased vigor of Bill’s attack on my neck as a free pass to continue to undress him.

By the time I have the shirt completely undone and my hands under his white under shirt, Bill has sufficiently marked me with the world’s biggest hickey. Now, I am normally not a fan of walking around with a sign hanging around my neck, or on my neck as the case may be, that says ‘I had sex last night!’ but right now this man could do anything to me and I would be happy, so long as it involved that mouth and my body.

Bill pulls away from me with a feral growl and studies my face. I can feel the flush on my cheeks as I pant with arousal.

“Bedroom?” A man of few words apparently.

I nod quickly.

He grabs my hand and pulls me toward the stairs, pausing at the top for a quick grope and exploration of my mouth.

The bedroom he leads me to is large with dark walls and blackout shades over the two windows on one side. The king sized bed sits between the two windows with blood red sheets and more pillows than seem necessary. A black lacquered dresser and night stand are the only other furniture in the room. A white shag rug covers the hardwood floor giving the room a finished look.

By the time I am done admiring the decorations, Bill is topless with his shoes and socks next to the door and his pants unbuttoned so I can see the plum briefs underneath.

Well, a man shouldn’t have to be half naked alone in his own bedroom!

I quickly join him in his state of undress while he watches me from the bed. After the last shoe is removed in a fast, if not graceful maneuver, I head to the bed to join Bill. He leans back on the pillows as he reaches for my hand to pull me astride him. With my knees on either side of his ribs and my ass firmly planted on his groin, I lean over to continue the probing and sucking we started downstairs.

One of my hands settles on the bed behind his shoulder while the other gently glides over his nipple, a perfect brown nub with an areola about the size of a quarter. I begin to pinch and sooth the little protrusion while his hands message my back and run up into my hair sending shivers and goose bumps down my back. When I move my mouth down to join the fun of nipping and laving his nipples, Bill’s hips begin to grind up into my jean clad erection in time to my ministrations, creating a delicious friction of denim on hard hot skin.

After what seems to be an eternity of petting and grinding, Bill grabs me by the hips and swings me on my back. While overcoming a brief moment of vertigo from the swift change in position, Bill begins to kiss, nip, and lick his way down my chest and stomach, his hands reach into the waistband of my jeans. With one strong graceful sweep of his arms, I find myself with my pants and briefs clearing my ankles while my penis snaps back onto my stomach.

Bill resumes his attention at my knees and works his way back up my inner thighs with a few scrapes from his teeth and a lot of slick caresses from his tongue. The mixture of mild pain and gentle caresses combine to pull all my attention onto Bill. By the time he reaches my groin, I feel like my body is on fire and I fear making a fool of myself with a premature release. He licks the precum from below my belly button and laves my cock from base to tip in one long stroke of his tongue. He pulls my shaft upright with his hand and then begins licking the swollen glans, concentrating on cleaning all the clear fluid from around the slit. As his mouth encloses the head in a molten kiss I grab the sheets as a familiar boil begins to collect deep in my groin.

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