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All About Zack Ch. 11

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“I should go auntie,” he mumbled.

He got up and I grabbed his arm. I felt low and hurt and I didn’t want to be alone. I stood up and put my arms around his neck. I kissed his cheek and looked into his eyes.

“Will you stay with me tonight?”

He shook his head. I gave him the softest kiss I could manage, a kiss that pleaded and begged. He resisted at first, but not with any great force. I kept kissing him, until I felt his tongue in my mouth. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but at the time I needed to feel loved, not that I would with Zack.

“Zack, will you take me to bed?” I mumbled, looking deep into his eyes.

“Are you…”

I pressed my lips onto his again not wanting him to ask.

“Please Zack just do it for me.”

We fucked long and slow. We didn’t speak or talk dirty. Is there such a thing as a comfort fuck? Well this was it if there was. I didn’t have an orgasm or come near to it. It was ages before we spoke.

“What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know,” I whimpered, as I cried yet again.

It was dark when I woke up, and I was alone. I felt frightened and insecure. I shouted for Zack thinking he had probably gone home. The door burst open and he came running in.

“What’s up, are you OK?”

He cuddled me as I began to cry again, “I thought you had, had gone. Don’t leave me alone, not tonight Zack, please don’t.”

I clung hard to him as he stroked my hair and soothed me. After awhile he pushed me away by my shoulders.

“Come downstairs I’ve made you something to eat.”

I sat in the kitchen chewing on a sandwich that I really didn’t want. We curled up on the couch afterwards just watching telly. My thoughts were constantly of Brian wanting to divorce me for Faye. We went up to bed after awhile. By the time Zack had fallen asleep I was angry with Brian. I just cuddled into Zack wondering how my husband was going to spring the divorce on me. My eyes drifted to the clock, it was 3.55 and at last sleep seemed to take over. I sat up in bed as Zack put a boiled egg, toast, and tea on a tray in front of me. I hadn’t heard him get up, and I smiled for the first time in quite awhile.

“This is nice, thank you,” I mumbled, as my tears fell again.

He dried my eyes, “you’ll make the toast all soggy.”

I grinned and chuckled a little. He took the tray when I had finished.

“So what are you going to do?” he asked.

“I really can’t do anything can I? I mean he wants a divorce, I just know it.”

“Don’t you want to get even with him?”

I watched him drop his jeans, and get back into bed. He went down under the covers and started kissing my pussy.

“Don’t Zack,” I moaned.

“Your husband is on holiday with that tart. Do you think he cares about you?”

I ran my fingers through his hair, thinking about what he said. He started kissing my belly, working up to my tits and then my neck.

“Are you just using me Zack, are you just going to fuck me because I’m vulnerable?”

His cock slipped into me and I didn’t resist.

“Yeah I suppose, like you used me last night.”

Well at least he was being honest I suppose. I thought of Brian wondering if he was fucking her. My anger had come back again.

“Go on then, fuck me Zack. You know what I want and what I like.”

I wrapped my legs around his back. He started to increase in pace, and with it my enthusiasm increased also.

“You’ve got me until Sunday night. I’ll let you do what you want,” I said panting.

“Anything I want, auntie?” he grunted.

“Yeah anything you want. You once called me your slut, so you better start treating me like it. I want you to fuck your auntie, or do anything else you want to her. You’ve got it all on your phone. I can’t, stop you, you are in charge Zack,” I panted lustfully.

He bucked harder into me. He was becoming rougher, and it had me on the brink of an orgasm.

“You are such a slag auntie, and I’m going to treat you like shit!” he hissed.

I shuddered and pulled his backside into me. All I could think about now was my marriage was over, and maybe Zack could give me what I thought I wanted, for the weekend anyway. Fuck Brian and that whore. She would soon get fed up with him anyway. Yes I was bloody angry and hurt, and I really don’t give a flying fuck anymore. If he wanted her then why shouldn’t I have some fun?

Zack pulled out of me and started to toss himself off.

“God what are you doing?”

½ an hour later he walked me to the mirror. I looked down to see my hair all matted, with nearly dry spunk! I just looked at it hanging in my hair, like some strange cobweb. He took my hand and walked me down to the kitchen.

“You need to do the washing up,” he spat as he fingered my ass.

So there I was stood at the sink, totally naked, apart from my nephew’s spunk hanging in my pubic hair. I started washing up, wondering why the hell I was letting him do this. I went into the lounge and told Zack I had finished. He looked between my legs checking I hadn’t cleaned his taksim escort spunk off. He took me upstairs and held my hand as I stepped into the bath that he had filled. I just sat in the warm water. Zack got in behind me and I lay back against him. He showered my hair and put shampoo in it. His fingers gently massaged my scalp and then he rinsed it. I felt the soft sponge covered with soap slowly move over my body. I just sat there feeling goose bumps rise, and a tingle between my legs. I lay back in his arms again, watching his fingers pull gently at my erect nipple.

“Can we go back to bed?” I asked softly.

He moved out of the bath and pulled me up. I could feel the water running off my body. Again he held my hand as I got out of the bath. He wrapped me in a towel and took my hand. I followed behind him, watching the water run over the curve of his buttocks. He put me on my back with my knees bent over the edge of the bed. I juddered as his tongue worked between my legs. I was already close to an orgasm, but when he lifted up his phone, and I saw his cock in my mouth, the day I sucked him off just inside my front door. I gasped and let everything go. I could even hear myself groaning on the phone! My hands pulled his head further into me; I just needed ever fraction of my nephew’s tongue working its magic. I moved up the bed and my damp hair hit the pillow. Zack was now pushing himself into me. His throbbing cock fucked me for ages. He started moaning and grunting through his nose. I saw the intense expression on his face that surprised me. Did he really get this hot over me, or was it just him getting off? Even then I thought of my husband. Only to wish he would walk in and see how Zack lusted after me.

“Do you really like screwing your aunt darling?”

“Oh fucking hell yes,” he gasped.

“Go on give the dirty slut what she likes. Give her that hot spunk from your big thick cock!” I hissed.

His arms buckled slightly and his face turned red.

“Come on my horny nephew fuck me into next week. Make me your dirty whore!”

He hollered and screamed and jabbed into me with long deep thrusts. This was it now, surely he would be drained. He got off me panting and gasping for breath. His whole body seemed to be heaving in big gulps of air.

“Can you, get me, a drink?” he managed to ask between heavy pants.

I sat on the bed watching him drink the blackcurrant juice.

“God you are one sexy fuck,” he groaned.

So there we were in a bus shelter just after midnight. My short skirt was up over my backside and Zack was fucking me from behind. I was terrified in case we were spotted. Zack just grabbed my hips and thrust into me. I could see car lights illuminating the bus shelter from time to time. At least I was bent over gripping the seat so my face was hidden from view. My poor pussy was sore from the morning, and two more fucks in the afternoon, but I was still dripping wet and having another orgasm like it was my first! Zack soon followed, and when he stood up, I hastily pulled my tights up and straightened my skirt.

“I’ve got a special treat for you today slut.”

My tongue continued to lick his balls as he rested them on my face.

“Were you disappointed when your mum came in the other day?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well those two blokes who did the gutter. You looked so fucking horny; I bet you wouldn’t have stopped them would you?”

I wanted to take my blindfold off now, but with my hands tied over my head I couldn’t.

I heard Zack pressing the keys on his mobile phone.

“Come on round she’s hot for it.”

He gave my clit a light flick and I jerked. I thought he was teasing me and just pretending. That was until I heard the front door open. My heart raced and I struggled to get free. Zack just put his weight on my face until I quit.

“Don’t be so frightened auntie I’m just giving you what you want.”

I heard the bedroom door open and now the two men would have an uninterrupted view of my freshly fucked pussy! Zack moved off the bed and I could sense the two men move either side of me. I jumped and gasped as I felt two cocks rub on my face. Zack was still fingering my clit.

“Open your mouth auntie and give them both a nice lick.”

My trembling lips parted slowly. My tongue came out and I felt a hot cock head, and then a second. I made a strangled gurgling noise, as I just let my tongue explore them both! Zack moved off the bed, and I felt a hand from each of the men pull at my pussy lips. I could hear them gasping as they explored my cunt. I was pulling and writhing as far as my restraints would allow. I gasped and shook as a finger from both men pushed into my pussy.

“Finger her fast, that gets her off quick,” Zack said, with an almost amused tone in his voice.

Both the men now had two fingers in my pussy. These two dirty builders just went faster and faster. My mind was a sea of confusion, was there no end to Zack’s ingenuity? How the hell did he know I wouldn’t scream my head off? OK I was tied to çapa escort the bed, but everything he forced me to do turned me on beyond belief, how did he know this!

“Oh listen to those juices slurping up that puffy cunt!”

Christ he really knew how to humiliate me. I just shrivelled and climaxed right on their fingers. My back arched up, and every part of my body that could shake did!

I was panting and gasping and trying to get the blindfold off. I felt Zack hold it until I gave up again.

“Not yet auntie, not until they are ready.”

I heard the two men grunting. I assumed they were tossing themselves off, but why?

“Now,” Zack snapped.

My blindfold was yanked up just as I felt the two men spunk on my tits from each side.

“OH fucking hell!” I gasped.

There were the twins, my sisters 19 year olds, both shooting hot spunk on their auntie’s tits!

I looked further down the bed. It was Zack’s cock that was fucking me, and shooting at the same time as Gordon and Ricky. Not only was it caught on my husband’s video camera, but on Zack’s phone too! I just looked between all three of them with such mixed emotions, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Seeing 3 grimacing faces as they exploded on or in my body had me climaxing straight away.

They all pulled away, and the only sound that could be heard, was of four people fighting to get their breath back.

“See didn’t I tell you had a fucking hot sexy aunt guys?”

I looked down at my tits covered in hot spunk. I watched it trickle slowly over my mounds. At the same time I could feel Zack’s spunk oozing out and travelling towards my ass. Now I suppose that would have been humiliating enough. But Zack took them to the foot of the bed.

“God she’s really puffy down there,” Gordon said with a grin.

“Oh look at it oozing out!” Ricky said with glee, “you’ve got a great cunt auntie Sylvia.”

I was left there while the three of them went downstairs. I just lay there wondering what the hell would happen next! 20 minutes later Gordon appeared. My eyes opened wide with shock as he just moved between my legs.

“Gordon if your mother knew what you.”

He thrust hard into me stopping my weak protests. He slammed into me at a very fast pace.

“Gordon please I’m a little sore, go gentle with me, please?”

He didn’t even bother answering me. The other two came in and stood watching. Ricky was massaging his cock already. Zack just looked down on me with his usual dirty grin. Gordon soon filled my pussy, grunting and snorting in my ear.

“Oh no not yet,” I gasped, as Ricky took his twin brother’s place.

“What are you doing? No Christ, not there!” I shrieked.

3 smiling faces watched their aunt’s face contort. Ricky used his brother’s spunk to lube my ass. I grimaced and screamed as his cock forced into my tight ass. I felt him push past boundaries that offered resistance, until they felt like they had snapped open. Zack turned my head sideways. My mouth was just wide open, wide enough for Zack to stuff his cock in!

“Ricky is just getting you ready for me,” Zack said with a sick grin.

I tried to relax and let it happen, but what Zack threatened had me worried. Ricky was smaller than Zack, not as thick I mean. The thought of Zack fucking my ass had my heart racing. Ricky was becoming more and more excited. My poor ass felt like it was being ripped in half! Gordon was now fingering me. His fingers worked in and out of my pussy, with Zack telling him to do it fast. I just lay there with my 3 nephews abusing my body. Despite the pain in my backside I could feel myself surrendering to an orgasm. Zack pulled out as I began to choke. As I coughed my body jerked, and Ricky’s cock went in further causing me to wince.

“Hell auntie I want your ass as soon as Ricky has finished.”

I shook my head not quite able to answer Zack.

“God you are fucking tight,” Ricky spat excitedly.

I found myself shuddering to a climax on Gordon’s finger. His cock had joined Zack’s now, right over my face. I felt someone pinch my nose and the two cocks fired cum into my gaping mouth. I closed my eyes and my mouth as the fingers let go of my nose. Spunk was flying everywhere, even up my ass now! Ricky was grunting and then screaming as he shot into me. I don’t know if he had been holding back earlier, but now he was causing me more pain. Even so with spunk coating my nose, cheeks, hair, and eyelids, I wailed through a very draining orgasm. “Well auntie I guess we had better go,” Zack said as he untied me.

I watched him take the video out of the camera. I didn’t know he had set it up; he must have done it when I was blindfolded.

“Now I had better look after this, we don’t want uncle Brian stumbling across it do we? Oh the twins would like a copy of the tape, you don’t mind do you?”

I just sat open mouthed unable to speak.

“No I thought not, I mean I hope they don’t try and blackmail you, but then again you might like that auntie. Just imagine 3 of us making you bakırköy escort do what we wanted,” he said with a final chuckle.

I struggled to the bathroom, and crawled into the bath that Zack had run for me. My poor backside felt sore, but it had died down quicker than I thought it would. I tried to deny the pleasure that I had from anal sex. It was something that I never wanted to try, but now I had, maybe it wasn’t that bad.

When my husband came home I really wasn’t sure what I wanted anymore. I just stood there waiting for him to come out with it. He kissed my cheek.

“I’m knackered,” he mumbled, as he slumped into the chair, and reached down into his bag.

“Brian we need to talk,” I said, as I started to wring my hands.

I had to tell him what had happened; I mean this had gone way beyond just Zack forcing me now. Even with Brian going off with that tart I just had to come clean.

“Wait I’ve got something for you.”

Oh god the divorce papers now I thought.

“Look I realise you didn’t want me to go, so before I did I took Faye shopping, to get you these.”

My mouth dropped open as he rummaged through his bag.

“Here I bought you this for our anniversary next week, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give it to you now,” he said, as he sat back.

I ripped off the packaging and there was the necklace and the ring. My mind was spinning with a thousand thoughts.

“I had to take Faye, for a little feminine input. I asked her to put it on as I know you don’t like a tight necklace. Well what do you think?”

“I don’t, know what to, say,” I mumbled.

He smiled at the tears that formed in my eyes.

“Look I’ve got a confession. I’m moving jobs; I’m going to work for Richards. Some of us are jumping ship. I’m handing in my notice next week.”

It was my turn to slump in the chair. I looked at the ring and necklace.

“Richards wants me to work for him. Sylvia what do you think?”

I started going through everything the jeweller had told me. OK I had fucked up again, now I didn’t know what the hell to do. It was still in my mind to tell Brian, but as the minutes turned to hours, I was just so relieved he wasn’t divorcing me I backed down.

By the time we got to bed I just wanted to sleep on it and decide tomorrow. I slipped into the fresh sheets and instantly I remembered what had taken place with my 3 nephews!

“Brian I’m tired, not tonight.”

Well I couldn’t say my poor cunt and ass had been fucked senseless could I?

“Oh and what if it was him, Zack I mean?”

I watched him pick up Zack’s ring from the bedside table. I shrivelled as my husband waited for my reaction.

“So my wife has been a little whore again,” he mumbled.

I felt his cock slip into me. I couldn’t tell from his stone like expression what he was thinking, but he had his cock in me, like the day he bent me over the kitchen table.

“Put it on Sylvia, wear his ring.”

I swallowed hard and I just lay there. I watched as he pushed the silver ring on the middle finger of my right hand.

“It’s too tight,” I gasped, “I won’t be able to get it off!”

He forced it over my knuckle, and grinned down at me.

“Well it will be a permanent reminder of what a slag you are. Anyway I bet you love the thought of having something of his close to you.”

He began fucking me in long deep strokes. I winced and whimpered.

“Oh are you a little sore my cheating wife?”

“Brian, do you really, really want this?”

“I wouldn’t be fucking you if I didn’t; besides I bet you enjoyed it. That pretty cunt looked puffy and red, and you feel so big, did he stretch you?”

Ok my husband was getting off on my adultery now, but what when his excitement subsided? He gently pushed my right hand down between us.

“Put your middle finger in your cunt. Go on be a bitch and help yourself, put his ring in your pussy right next to my cock.”

I shook my head looking straight up into his eyes. I could see he was nearing the point of no return. His face was red and his breathing had become heavier.

“Kiss it bitch, kiss your lovers ring,” he stammered.

I didn’t want to do this, but I closed my eyes and put the ring to my lips.

“Oh fucking shit, you fucking bitch, bitch!” Brain screamed.

I could see him fighting to keep his eyes open so he could see my lips kissing Zack’s ring. In the end his climax took over and his eyes closed tight.

I fought and struggled to get the ring off. In the end I went into Brian and sobbed that it wouldn’t budge. He just gave me a look that seemed to say he didn’t care. I rushed back into the bathroom and soaped my finger again.

“So it’s stuck then?”

I turned my head to Brian; my eyes were full of fear now. He walked over to me and started drying my hand.

“It looks like you’re stuck with it. Still it doesn’t really matter I suppose we needn’t pretend anymore. You went to the jewellers didn’t you? I had to go back and change Faye’s engagement ring. I was going to tell you after our anniversary, but seeing as how you are hooked on fucking my sister’s son, I thought what the fuck!”

I slumped down on the loo.

“You’re going to divorce me and marry that slut?” I mumbled in disbelief.

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