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Ali and Me 7 – Photos

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Big Tits

… our erotic memoir

This is a sequel to “Ali and Me – 6, Joggers”


Since my secret identity, and cock, were exposed in the park, there was little reason to delay answering Jim’s question about having Mira pose for him. When I got home from the park, I asked her how she felt about posing topless then probably naked.

“Absolutely not! I’m not an exhibitionist slut and won’t let his or your fetish control me. What you did with Ali before we met was your business and I can forget that since you didn’t catch anything. But I’m not fucking a stranger just for the thrill.” That was the wrong time to tell her I’d been meeting and fucking Ali often since she visited us. Yet, I had to press it and told her about the public sex on the jog path that same day.

Her eyes widened and bounced side to side. I watched her cycle silently through red-faced anger, acceptance, and squinting revenge. “Mira, need I remind you how much you enjoyed tasting Ali in our three way?” Her twinkling eyes answered that. “Or how you teased Jim before Ali’s accident by pulling down a strap and letting him look up your shorts? He’s already seen your tits down shirt and saw your pubes when you spread wide in your wet shorts. Topless is a small step.”

She took a moment before confessing with a wistful smile, “If that leads to eating Ali again, I’m all for it. But I’m not sure if I want you watching the photo shoot or not. Let me think on it a while.”

“Sure, Mira. Take your time — ten minutes. We’re invited over tonight with an answer. He recognized my cock in the park, so he now knows I’m Dick 1. For sure, that will change his expectations. He’ll probably want to fuck you all night and use me as an excuse for revenge. You ready for that?”

Her hardening nipples and bitter smile gave away her intentions.”Of course he will. He wanted to before, but now he’ll want his ‘revenge’ and want you to watch. Honestly, I feel a need for some revenge too. Do we play it by ear or do you have a plan?” Though no longer star struck by Ali’s beauty, I still craved her tight and tasty honeypot, especially as her drooling husband watched helplessly.

“There’s a way to keep that balanced too. Let’s shower and shave your pussy now, just in case we go that way.” She wasn’t happy about the shaving or the thought of fucking him, but if it got her licking Ali, she was willing to sacrifice herself. If it got me licking Ali, I was willing to let her. She was sure Ali would love her shaved pussy. “One more thing, honey — Ali wants you to come without a bra or panties in case you do pose.” After only a moment’s thought, she simply smiled as she stripped me and left a trail of her clothes to the shower. The abrupt turn around was troubling.

After clipping her bush short, but leaving it wild and unstyled, we hopped in the shower and I shaved her labia only. Slipping my fingers inside her and stretching her lips smooth got her breathing hard. I hoped to throw off Jim’s plans to do the same. Maybe I was feeling resentful? She gripped the wall and closed her eyes as I slowly shaved her and rolled her lips until I rubbed her clit and too easily made her cum with ripples of ecstacy. Was she simply aroused thinking of Ali in 69 again, or was she also looking forward to fucking Jim? I lapped her fresh juices as I rinsed. For sure, Jim wanted to do exactly that. Why did I want to prevent him if I accepted and expected him to fuck her anyway?

When she calmed, she stroked my cock rigid, then knelt and sucked me without asking. Her voluntary sucks had become infrequent, so this was a good sign of her expectations for the night. Once I came, she spit out what landed in her mouth and used the spray to wash away my residue. Though I resented that, I accepted it, again. Grabbing the razor, she said, “Your turn. Let’s give Ali a surprise — if we go there. I think we both want that.” I nervously agreed and watched her carefully shave my stiff shaft, pubes, and balls.

With only a few nicks, I wondered how often she’d done that before me. She rinsed the soap off then gently explored my boyish genitals and grinned as my bald shaft lifted and stiffened again. Her nipples grew hard as she licked her lips. With a husky voice, she said, “You seem ready to go again. So soon?” Before I could answer, she sucked me onto her tongue and licked my smoothed shaft and balls. The strangely silky feeling crossed my eyes and made me lean on a wall to keep standing.

As if sucking me for a second time in one day wasn’t enough, she bobbed her head on my fully grown cock until it slipped into her throat. Within a minute of squeezing me, she hummed and I filled her belly with my cream. The last spurts filled her mouth and covered her face. She smiled as she guided my last drizzles onto her face and tits — that was a rare treat. That’s all it took to get her to swallow again — a close shave? “I like your Johnson naked and love the taste of your cum almanbahis adresi mixed with Ali’s. Maybe I’ll start eating you after you fuck me so I can taste our cum together.” That would be a treat. Thank you, Ali.

We dressed quickly, me commando in shorts and a blue Polo shirt, Mira in a loose, white, peasant blouse and mid thigh, beige, pleated skirt which hung loosely low on her hips, with nude bra and blue panties. “Um, did you forget they want you commando too? Going naked except for the clothes we can see isn’t a promise to pose, but underwear is a ‘no’ to the option.” Mira froze and I watched her eyes dance as she considered my comment. After a long pause, she pulled her blouse down and removed the bra. Her lips twitched; she nibbled her index finger and wondered if she truly could become my hot wife and fuck Jim while I watched. I got my answer when she reached under her skirt then tossed me her panties. My heart raced as I pictured her stripping for Jim, but I stopped there. “Mira, let’s have a quick meal then go explore our future.”

Despite arriving an hour late, Ali met us at her door with her gleaming smile, a pound of makeup on her pretty face, and a long, wet kiss. Jim saw the kiss and shook my hand, but greeted Mira with a matching long, wet kiss — with tongue. So this is going to be a competition? Mira tolerated it, but then slapped his chest with a giggle. That was far from “Don’t do that again.” Ali, in a low-cut tank top and shorts, no bra, threw her arms around Mira’s neck and gave her a long, wet, welcoming kiss. Her camel toe thickened as we moved to two love seats. Jim matched her outfit and his tiny stiffy was already obvious.

Before we sat, he brazenly pointed out the wives’ swelling nipple reactions then pointed to my tented shorts. “I see you enjoyed my wife’s greeting as I enjoyed your wife’s. It warms my heart that you still react so strongly to Ali’s charms despite all we did earlier today in the park and the years of fucking her in college. Since this is only the second time meeting your wife, I hope our enthusiastic tongue dance wasn’t too much for either of you.” He stared at Mira’s tits, nipple shadows easily visible through her white blouse.

Wow. His engine is already screaming in fourth. I see he found a price to pay for sharing his hot wife. He can only have his revenge if he gets Mira naked and fucks her to orgasm as we watch. Naked? Maybe. Climaxing? Not likely.

“Yes. Ali obviously told me all about your college fucking as it happened. I was there for some of it, as you saw in our striped album. She also told me about your frequent fucking on the jog trail in the other parks. Mira, did he tell you what we all did today? Yes? Good. I see you are braless by the way your tits move freely. Did you skip the panties too?” Staring and grinning at me, he casually lifted and held up Mira’s skirt as he checked. “Oh, look Ali. She still has the full bush you described, except it looks like she clipped it and shaved her lips.” Mira took a step back, but didn’t slap his hand away so her skirt stayed up. A nascent smile betrayed her enjoying his stares.

Ali knelt and farther lifted her loose skirt. As they both admired my wife’s shaved pussy, Ali said, “That is recent. It feels so smooth. Feel it, Jim. It looks nice in contrast to the wild bush above. Great photo shoot.” Not five minutes in and they were both feeling and examining Mira’s pussy as she stood still with eyes and mouth open. All too soon, she was biting her lip and smiling. I suppose the ice was broken — for the night at least.

“Um, Jim. Though she hasn’t said yes yet, I think we decided that I would stay with her if she posed and to be fair, whatever you do with or to her, I have to match with your wife. You both agree?”

Ali spoke up with a smile, “Seems fair to me. I know I offered to shower with you two tonight, but I felt too grungy from our jogging activities and couldn’t wait. It seems you couldn’t either. Let’s sit for some snacks with our special sauce.” Special sauce?

“Mira, you sit next to me,” Jim insisted. “I’m happy to see you made the effort to come commando, but there’s still a problem.” He reached out and cupped Mira’s obvious and loose tit and thumbed her stiff nipple needlessly as he spoke. “The elastic on your peasant blouse is etching its pattern on your skin.” He stood and lifted her blouse to her neck as he did. Mira’s mouth dropped as her bare tits did and she looked around instead of trying to cover up. He nudged and she lifted her arms since no one seemed offended. Jim tossed her blouse aside and cupped a naked tit as she furtively looked at me. “Much better. Now the markings will fade as we enjoy your freed girls.”

Mira covered her tits until Jim offered her a snack. When she took it, she dropped both arms and blushed. I turned to Ali and wordlessly lifted her tank top. Her tiny nipples hardened too and I thumbed them as we chatted about the benefits of a wholly nudist almanbahis adres society as though their four stiff nipples were still hidden. Jim asked, “Mira, have you seen my wife naked in the flesh? Oh, of course you have — on our bed and in hospital. I mean besides that.”

Maybe it was time to share our three-way with him. After a brief hesitation, Mira nodded her head. Jim’s right eye brow lifted and we all began sharing Ali’s surprise visit and how we replayed how she and I met after our date. His stiffy made a small tent as Mira relayed how we progressed from rubbing Ali’s legs, and panties, and bared pussy, to fully stripping her and getting into 69 with her as I took photos. My unrestrained cock pushed hard against my shorts.

Ali licked her lips and chimed in, “We have ALL now seen Al’s cock,” she pulled me up and slid my shorts down. When my bald stiffness popped up, she gasped and immediately licked then sucked it as we all watched. She mumbled, “Jim, he’s shaved too — all over here. Yum, he tastes good and silky. Look.”

Mira smiled at the attention shift; Jim’s jaw dropped. “Did you do that, Mira? It looks even bigger than today at the park. I want you to shave me like that.” He dropped his shorts and seemed almost proud of his tiny cock. Mira looked nervous when he grabbed his camera. After pulling off his shirt and being the first one naked, he took close ups of my bald cock and balls next to Ali’s face. Then he shot her lapping my cock. Since they had both exposed and fondled Mira’s pussy, I pulled Ali’s shorts off and couldn’t help eating her dewy snatch. After shooting me licking Ali’s pussy, he guided Mira to the stool in the corner and took several topless photos from several angles to emphasize her nipples and her size.

“It’s time, Mira. Lose the skirt.” After a last minute of indecision, she gulped and stood up. Ali went behind her and unzipped her (it was already unhooked so it could ride loose and low) then snapped the mini skirt down to her ankles. There she was — my wife naked before a strange man. He took several shots and included his naked wife kissing and groping my naked wife. He moved in when they began fingering each other. He shot their passionate, tangling tongues, but called stop before either could cum.

“Put the skirt on again and let it slowly drop,” he ordered. When she bent and pushed the skirt to her hairline, he called pause then had her lower it an inch. Black, bushy, and curly hair pushed over the top despite the trim I had given her. -click- “OK, now push it below your clit and push it up with the skirt.” -click- He caught her swollen clit exposed in the flattened hair. “Great. Now drop it to just below the shaved lips.” She stared at me as she inched the skirt lower. -click- -click- “Mid thigh now.” -click- “Good, now lift it back to your hips and turn around so I can get side and ass shots. You have a great, shapely ass, Mira.”

My naked wife smiled at me in a confident way that said, “See? It’s nice to be appreciated,” as she exposed her bare ass in profile to Jim’s camera. He shot photos of her 1/3 crack exposure, then 3/4, then fully exposed, then bent fully as she removed the skirt and defiantly turned and directly exposed her full moon and butt hole. Her star hole winked as she moved and her reverse, swollen pussy was so lusty. Yet it got better when she lifted each leg high and deliberately, shamelessly exposed her brown hole and most of her bald, puffy snatch from the rear. Ali smiled. I wasn’t sure how I felt yet, but my cock did and it lurched in lust several times.

Jim replicated many of Ali’s nude studies with my wife. He insisted on several full frame shots of just her taint to her clit with her legs spread wide and her ass at the edge of the chair. Several times, he ‘posed’ her wet pussy by casually pushing two fingers in her and shaping her pink hole. I licked Ali’s nectar from my fingers as he licked my wife’s from his.

When he handed Ali the camera and insisted that since she had sucked me, Mira had to suck him, I thought he’d expected too much and Mira would object. I was so wrong. As Mira dropped to her knees and lifted his small sac, Ali took photos of each small step. Mira tried to stretch the minuscule cock and rubbed it, but it was already stiff and fully extended. We watched her lap his Cowper’s and savor it. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked all of him into her mouth. After a few minutes of fruitless sucking, she used a trick I’d taught her to make him cum on demand — she wet a finger in her pussy and pushed the digit fully into his ass. After a minute of hunting, she found his prostate and made him cum with a sustained growl.

Ali asked her to open her mouth for a photo of his cum pool. Why was swallowing his cum acceptable to her, but not mine? Her glare spelled out revenge. They kissed and shared his snowball as he took more photos. “So, how do I taste, ladies?” Ali swallowed first and directed Mira to suck the mini cock and almanbahis adres hair clean before Mira said he tasted like he’d eaten asparagus and caviar recently. He admitted she was right. “On your back, Mira.” As she lay back smiling and happily spread her legs for him to scrutinize her smooth labia, he reached under the sofa cushion and pulled out a bagged rod. It had a thickly tapered shaft with a narrowing just below its mushroom, bejeweled, blue top. Mira’s mouth dropped as she recognized it as an anal plug.

“It’s clean,” he mentioned as he inserted it into her damp pussy and twisted it a few times. Mira moaned and relaxed as she began to enjoy the surprise stiffness deep in her snatch. Once soaked, he ordered her to raise her legs. His next photo was of her clam filled with the bejeweled, imitation cock, then more photos as he withdrew it dripping with her heavenly dew. The image of her puffy lips peeking out between her thighs so near his hands and face was more than lusty.

He spread her legs and ordered her to pull her legs to her chest but apart with her hands behind her knees. I asked Ali to match Mira’s acts. Jim moved Mira’s knees farther apart then together again as we all watched how her star hole winked open. He fingered her pussy then rubbed her slippery wetness across her ass hole until she relaxed the hole. “Be gentle, Jim. Nothing ever goes in that hole, well, rarely. Ohhhhhh!” He cut off her words by slowly twisting the plug into her ass. She clenched, but as soon as she relaxed, it fully slid in easily. My wife had her first anal plug in her and she smiled as he slowly twisted and plunged it out then back in several times. Her eyes closed as she enjoyed the new feeling.

“Um, Ali, do you have another of those for you or do I just improvise?” She said that was her favorite one since the shaft was thick, but, as she pulled her knees to her chest, she said I should use my meaty probe to plug her. Her wrinkled hole was relaxed and gaping for me. My probe looked too thick to fit, but anal was such a rare treat for me that I quickly snared some of her pussy juice and wet her rear hole with it as I sank my cock into her snatch to prepare it. Mira watched as I sank my cock into Ali’s tiny ass. It yielded easily to my fat cock as I began pounding her ass and rubbing her clit. Her ass delightfully strangled my shaft and we moaned in chorus. Jim managed a few photos of our coupling.

When I looked at Mira, Jim was rubbing her clit and burying all two inches of his cock in her pussy. The combination worked, if Mira’s moans were a clue. He may not be a fulfilling swordsman, but he had skills that made him a capable lover. That’s how Ali could tolerate him when she couldn’t get enough of me. Mira came again when Jim grunted and squirted his cum in her just as Ali screamed her climax when I filled her ass with my cum. As if linked, they both shuddered and dropped their legs with smiles.

I left the room to wash my cock for more oral and pussy play. When I returned, our wives were tenderly kissing, groping, and fingering each other as Jim shot more photos. Soon, he said, “You ladies are obviously hot for each other, how about posing in 69?” They grinned and immediately assumed the position with Mira on top.

She wasted no time lapping Ali’s clit and soaked pussy as Jim recorded the action. He moved behind her and recorded his wife lapping and sucking my wife’s bald labia, clit, and dense bush. After a moment, he handed me the camera and pointed to Mira’s wet pussy before kneeling and trying to push his little cock into her. I recorded the attempts and felt sad for him and Ali. Mira later told me all she felt was his spreading her outer lips and pressing the inner — so not much beyond slamming against her ass until he began rubbing her clit as Ali pushed her fingers and tongue deeper into her. His thumb penetrated deeper than his cock did.

Doggy must be their worst position despite Ali’s tiny ass. Mira climaxed with a grunt and shuddered a few seconds before dripping into Ali’s mouth despite the disappointing stimulation. I helped them roll over so Ali was on top and handed the camera back to Jim. It was my turn to fuck his wife again as he watched. I wanted to say something boastful, but that would be unkind, so I silently spread Ali’s ass and licked it and her pussy.

Jim shot that and Mira’s tongue dancing around mine as we delighted in Ali’s nectar. When I slid my bald cock into Ali’s soaked pussy, she began dancing her hips up, down and in circles as she moaned how firm and velvety it felt. Mira held her tongue against my cock and the sweet pussy it filled as much as she could. The heat from two sources is always exceptional.

Torn between the strong, hot grip of Ali’s sweet pussy and the urge to fill my wife’s mouth with my cum, I alternated. When my cock wasn’t in Ali’s pussy, my fingers were. They pulsed both ends of her clit and kept her gasping just short of cumming. Mira’s mouth wasn’t enough for me so she willingly drew my smooth cock into her throat again and swallowed. Her crushing grip was heavenly, but she also kept me just shy of cumming. She loved laving Ali’s juices from my cock and I went back for more for her to lap.

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