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Alexis Has A Bad Day

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Alexis was having a terrible day. She thought she would have been paid for the work she did last month at the school by now, but she had not. She also thought she would have heard something from the new job she applied for at the Real Estate company, but she had not. Her EX husband left town to visit his new girlfriend as usual and left her…the ususal, $15.00 in lieu of the $500/mo. child support ordered by the court at their divorce hearing. His excuse was his temporary unemployment. But she knew he had money saved from the house sold last year. He was able to do that because…he didn’t take care of the daily needs of their children. She did. She knew that their consumption, as well as hers, was her sole responsibility. She also knew that recently, no matter what she did to try to do to fix or help her situation, it was not good enough. She was at her wits end.

Christmas was coming soon and last year, she promised her kids that THIS year would be better. She felt badly because she realized she lied. There was no other way to explain it. She flat out lied. Not intentionally, but the end result was the same…a lie. She hated lying. It was a moral dilema that she preferred not to put herself in. She had lunch with her brother recently and told him of an instance when she lied to a friend, for her own good. He said as long as the end result is desirable, it wouldn’t matter much. She agreed. But this end result was not favorable.

She felt sorry for herself and decided she was justified in doing so. She listened to music that seemed to sympathize with her. She listened to music that helped her feel justified in her thoughts. Some thoughts which were not so good. Mainly the ones about her EX and the negative comments he had been spreading throughout her circle of friends and family. She listened to the new Beyonce song, “Irreplaceable” and that made her smile…and dance…she even laughed. She felt better after hearing that song about 15 times in a row. Who wouldn’t?

When her kids returned home from school, each of them asked if a friend could spend the night. “Greaaaat”…she thought to herself; three additional mouths to feed. But she smiled and allowed them to do so. She would make the best of it.

All the kids showed up at around 5:30. She settled them in then headed to Costco for a pizza. While she was at Costco waiting for the pizza, she looked around at the new items and decided that she would not need to be escort izmit in such a crowded store so she turned to leave. That’s when she saw him. He was standing behind her, staring at her butt, just like when she was in college.

She wasn’t supposed to know that he used to do this because, after all, he was her professor. She changed her major because of him. She went on Archaeological digs because of him. She played in the DIRT because of him. Indiana Jones paled in comparison to this man. He was absolutely fine….and still single. She always wondered why he had not married…was he gay? He did not APPEAR to be…not while they were in his office, she on his desk with her legs opened wide and his face burried in her pussy…licking her inner lips but not neglecting the outer ones, tongue fucking her tight hole and sucking her little clit. No …she didn’t think he was gay.

He must have instantly remembered the same encounter because when she looked down at her feet, almost in embarrassment, she noticed his excitement displayed in his Levis, which made her look into his eyes which always danced for her. She smiled and moved in for a hug and felt his excitement on her tummy. And although she was a bit embarrassed, he was not.

“It’s good to see you again, Lexi”, he said with a smirk.

“Good to see you again, too, Max”, Alexis said, blushing.

He always loved to make her blush. He never marveled at the fact that she could. He always said was why wouldn’t she? If a human of any race gets heated…the rush of blood will flow…just like it did to his dick moments earlier.

He asked her how she was and what was wrong. She looked puzzled and denied that anything was amiss, but he knew differently. He said he had been watching her in the store for a while when he realized that she was not her ususal self. She couldn’t help it but tears filled her eyes as she turned her head. He gently grabbed her arm and escorted her from the building, to his car where he sat her on the passengers seat. She did not realize that he had driven from the store to a quiet neighborhood not far away.

He told her, rather sternly to stop crying and tell him exactly what was wrong. In between sobs, she was able to convey her feelings about her life, her inabilities as a mother and as a woman and the fact that she was not having any luck in becoming employed in her chosen career. Max listened until she got it all out. Then he said, izmit escort “Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?”

“What?”, she responded.

“Are you done feeling sorry for yourself?!”, he asked again, rather loudly and about two inches from her face.

This angered her so in fact that she did something she had NEVER done to anyone before. She head butted him. She saw it in a movie and it didn’t even phase the giver …only the receiver. Unfortunately, this worked in reverse…she hurt herself pretty badly with that frontal lobe move to his hard head. He just stared at her, in disbelief. She held her head and doubled over in the front seat of the car. She hadn’t really noticed that he had driven around the corner to a darkened alley, until the car stopped. Then she thought to herself….”Oh shit!”

He stopped the car, went around to the other side and pulled her out. He shut the door, and locked it. They were both on the outside passengers side. For a brief moment, Alexis thought about running. But she knew he would catch her and her purse was still in his car. “Damn!” she thought to herself. He just stared at her. His beautiful green eyes were kinda red around the edges. He looked around and then stepped closer to her.

“Don’t you EVER fucking butt me in the head again…do you understand me ALEXIS?”

What happened to him calling her Lexi? Wow, things can change pretty quickly can’t they?

Alexis, being who she is…just said…”Don’t you ever FUCKING not feel sorry for me again…do you hear me?” As soon as she finished the sentence, she realized how ridiculous she sounded and tried to laugh it off and get back into the car. He didn’t buy it.

“ALEXIS, I said..”

She interrupted him, ” Yea yea, I heard what you said..can we go?”

“Oh hell no,” was Max’s response.

Then he walked towards her as he was taking off his belt.

“Excuse me!”, Alexis said.

But before she knew it, he had turned her over the hood of his car and while pressing into her back with his hand and forearm, he had commenced to tearing that ass up with his belt. All she could think was, Thank God I have my pants on and thermal underwear. It hurt, but was bearable. After about 20 smacks to her ass, he released her and she stood up. She turned to him for a hug, but he said no. He wanted her to drop her pants.

“We are in a fucking alley, Max!”

“So, you still don’t get it do izmit kendi evi olan escort you Alexis?”

She knew he was still making his point because he was still calling her Alexis. She should also still tell he was serious because the red halo around the green in his eyes was still present. So she did as she was told and dropped her pants, then the thermals, then the lace boy cut undies she had become so fond of and leaned over the hood of his car. He smacked that ass about 30 times before he grew tired. Then he turned her over, lifted her onto the hood of his car, and once again, burried his face in her pussy that had been neglected for so long since even before her divorce. She grabbed his head and pushed his face deeper, deeper into her pussy. His nose tickled her clit as his tongue darted in and out…in and out of her dripping pussy. He loved the taste of her juices and the fact that she was freshly shaven. Alexis loved drinking pineapple juice, which makes the pussy juices even sweeter. She had been drinking it almost daily since her divorce in hopes that one day, another man would share the fruits of her labor. She came almost instantly. Then for the first time since they met almost 15 years earlier, he entered her as she lay across the hood of his car. He did not enter her slowly either. He wanted in before someone came down the alley and he was making sure he did just that…he got in. Alexis winced…she was still so tight. Three children all born by C Section assured that. She reacted by sitting up slightly. But Max gently pushed her back down onto the hood of his car and began thrusting eagerly. So eagerly in fact, that she could feel the car move beneath her. He lifted her shirt and bra and moved his mouth from one tit to the other, alternating rolling each nipple between his forefinger and thumb. He held her and fucked her and when they came, he had to kiss her to muffle her screams.

Alexis cried, which was ok because that’s what she really needed, a good cry. He held her tightly and whispered in her ear that everything would be okay because she was with him now. When he allowed her to stand and pull her pants up, she fell to the front wheel of his car and sat there sobbing almost uncontrollably. He sat with her and held her. He told her, reminded her that she is better than what she has been feeling about herself, and that he believed in her and would help her in any way he could. The red halo had left his beautiful eyes and they were green again. He kissed her tears away, drove her back to Costco, ordered a new pizza for her and the kids. She thanked him.

“I’ll call you later Lexi”, he said.

At that moment, she remembered why she loved him so.

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