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Alex and Jenna

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Big Tits

I’ve always fancied my Uncle Eddie, but I never would have come to terms with it if it had not been for my cousin, Alex. She was a half a year older than me and lived about fifteen minutes away, so we spent a lot of time together. The rest of my extended family only got together every six months or so and we saw our uncle Eddie a little more frequent than that. He usually visited for family events like birthdays and holidays.

One summer he came to visit for the fourth of July. Alex and I were sitting on the back porch of her house while the braver members of the family lit fireworks in the backyard. As Uncle Eddie went into the house for another batch of fireworks Alex turned to me and said, “I think Uncle Eddie is really cute. Don’t you, Jenna?”

I didn’t know what to say. I did think he looked amazing without his shirt on, it was hot and humid out so most the men were shirtless. Especially the way his stomach had lines to show each muscle and his pecs stood at attention. But I didn’t know if I wanted to admit this to Alex. However, she was the one who had brought it up. “I guess so,” I responded.

Alex waited until Uncle Eddie had come back outside and joined the festivities and then she turned to me. “You guess so?! Have you looked at his butt? And the way his blue eyes stand out against his black hair? You must be crazy not to think he is the hottest guy in the world.”

I didn’t want to seem like a fool so I figured I would admit to a little more. “His arms are pretty nice.”

“Nice?!” she exclaimed. “Nice doesn’t even beginning to describe them. I bet he could pick both of us up at the same time.”

This made me blush, but I didn’t understand why. I did realize that these sort of comments did sound a little more reasonable coming from Alex than me.

Alex’s mother and my mother were sisters (Uncle Eddie was their younger brother), but Alex and I did not look very much a like. At that point Alex was much more developed than I was and was a lot sexier. Alex’s father was Italian and she had a lot of va voom. She had long, dark hair, curvy hips, a round bottom, and her breast were definitely noticeable. Me on the other hand…I was more what one might describe as petite. I had a flat stomach, not much to talk about in the fatih escort way of hips, and small breasts. My blond hair was thick and long, but not nearly as vibrant as Alex’s. Plus, Alex was much more social than I was. I was a bit of a bookworm.

A lot of this changed over the next year. Alex and I continued to talk about the merits of Uncle Eddie’s looks and I became much more vocal about my attraction. We gossiped about his unfailing looks at every family gathering and flagrantly stared at him whenever he wasn’t looking. Both Alex and I developed over that year, as well. Mainly it was Alex’s breasts that developed. By the time she was nineteen (I was eighteen) she had round and firm size Ds. I know they were firm because she had me feel them to make sure. I matured a little differently than Alex. My stomach stayed flat and I never got above 5’2″, but my hips got a little wider, my butt a little rounder, and my breast a little bigger. I was only filling a B cup, but I was filling it well. Alex was constantly complementing me on my looks, saying she wished she was as small as me, but I always envied her 5’7′ vivacious frame. To me she looked like a goddess.

I learned a lot from Alex. Not just about what made Uncle Eddie so hot, but about boys and men in general. I was pretty shy and spent more time studying than socializing. Alex, on the other hand, had an active social life. She dated quite a few boys from her high school and after every date she would call me and give me all the details. She would tell me where the boys touched her, how it felt, and where she touched them. Sometimes, as she told me this I would touch myself in the same places to see what it felt like. After I got off the phone I would continue to touch myself, in the ways she described, until shivers ran from my core to the ends of my body. Alex never went beyond heavy petting with these boys because she said she was saving herself for a real man.

One night at the end of our senior year (Alex and I were in the same grade, but went to different high schools), Alex came rushing into my room one Saturday night after I was already in bed.

“I just had the most amazing experience!” She told me as she shook me awake.

I looked at her with sleepy eyes and asked, “What happened?”

She etiler escort pulled her sweatshirt over her head, exposing the bottoms of her breasts beneath her thin top. Once her sweatshirt was off she grabbed my hand and exclaimed, “I was with a man tonight, not a boy. I snuck into a bar and danced with real men. On the dance floor, one of them made me feel sexy in a way no boy has ever done before. And that was just the beginning.”

“What did he do?” Now I was really starting to get interested.

She pulled me up off the bed and held me close as if we were dancing. “First, he just held me like this. Making me feel like I would never want to be somewhere else. Then he slowly caressed down my back until his fingers grazed the bottom of my skirt.” As she said this her fingers followed the same motions until they hit the hem of my shorts. I mimicked her motions as I reached down to the edge of her skirt.

“Then he gently caressed my butt until I started to tingle between my legs. And when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any panties!” At this point she stopped talking and started showing me exactly what happened next, using me as a model.

Alex reached up my shorts and slowly ran her fingers across my pussy. I froze, I couldn’t believe what she was doing, but I didn’t want her to stop. Just when I didn’t think I could take much more she slid her finger up a little further, so that she was spreading my pussy lips apart. She could feel my wetness and used it to glide her fingers between my lips. As she did this she also positioned my hand on her breast and started to caress mine. I followed her example and mimicked each of her strokes on my breast on hers. Then she whispered to me, “And the whole time, I was imagining he was Uncle Eddie.” I could feel a flush of heat between my legs as she said this. Into my mind flashed images of Uncle Eddie doing to me what she was doing. I started to moan. Alex giggled, “That was the same sound I made.”

We continued to caress each other to silent music for a few minutes, until Alex told me, “That was just on the dance floor. Then he took me out of the bar to his car.” She kept touching me as she talked. “As soon as we got in he pushed me beşiktaş escort down onto the seat. He had a driver so he asked me where I wanted to go. The only place I could think of was here, so he told that to the driver and then climbed in the back with me and closed the door.” Alex suddenly pushed me down onto the bed. “Then he climbed between my legs and started kissing me.” At this point Alex did exactly that to me. I could feel her warm lips on mine and as she parted hers so did I. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I shivered at the sensation. I had never experienced anything like this before and experiencing it with my luscious cousin, while imaging my even more luscious uncle, made it even more exciting.

I had almost forgotten where I was, I was enjoying the sensations so much, when Alex spoke again. “Then he took my shirt off and he put his mouth on my breast!” Slowly she began to remove my t-shirt and then she moved her tongue across my nipple. I thought my nipples were hard before, but when she did this they became even more tight and erect.

Alex had stopped talking and was concentrating on showing, not telling, me what the man had done to her. She took my nipple into her mouth and started sucking on it. Then she began to lick and nibble my breasts until my hips started to rock into her body.

“The most amazing part was when he stopped kissing my breasts and moved to a more exciting part.” I wasn’t quite sure what she meant until her fingers looped around the elastic of my shorts and she slid them off. Before I could protest she moved her head between my legs. She kissed my thighs and then slowly licked her way up my leg. Her tongue caressed my pussy lips and then she used it to spread the lips apart. She licked my inner lips and then swirled her tongue around the top of my pussy.

I thought I was going to exploded and I grabbed a handful of her hair. When she started to use her lower lip to graze my labia as she used her tongue to lap up my wetness and tickle my center, I started to spasm into my first orgasm. My whole body shook as I moaned loudly and she continued her oral assault on me.

Once I finally stopped convulsing she crawled up and lay on top of me. “That’s exactly what I did when he did that to me. Wasn’t it amazing?”

I could only nod my head and was barely able to gasp out, “What happened next?”

“Well, we got here right then so nothing else happened. But I got his number and, Jenna, next time I’m taking you along.” I couldn’t wait.

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