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After Hours Ch. 01

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This story contains some fetish elements but it’s not a ‘fetish’ story. Squirting, masturbation, breath-play, and creampies are all included in small bits.

There is NO ANAL or references to 13 inch cocks and DDD breasts.


“Yes Ma’am, Felicia and I will have it ready for you first thing in the morning.” he said as he hung up.

I looked at my manager and rolled my eyes before the phone even touched the cradle. “Does she seriously need us to find a single rug? I mean, really Joe, is she going to die if she doesn’t get it in the morning? No. It’s after closing and I want to go home.” I couldn’t keep myself from venting a little bit over this. The studio Owner was a real pain in the ass, especially lately.

I had been working at the Nancy Johnson Interior Design Studio for almost 4 years and I really liked my job. The people were friendly and I got to design and decorate, which was a passion of mine. The pay was good and recently I was really racking up the overtime, which would help pay for the remodel of the 3 story brownstone that I had just purchased.

I leaned over the counter, letting my blouse hang a bit, and looked at Joe. He tried to maintain eye contact, but he just couldn’t, I could see him struggling and it was cute.

“Couldn’t we come in early tomorrow and find it for her?” I whined prettily. “She’ll never know we didn’t stay and find it tonight.”

He was finally able to look into my eyes. “Fee, you know she’ll find out, she always does. It won’t take more than a half hour, I’ll even help look.”

With a deep sigh I hung my head and nodded, a headache was starting to form. Joe walked around the counter, grabbed my hand and drug me to the ‘Employees Only’ door. I wasn’t really surprised when he continued to hold my hand as we walked through the giant warehouse toward the back where the rugs were stored.

Joe and I had a very flirty relationship, had from the start, but we’d never acted on it. I was extremely attracted to him both physically and mentally. He is about 5’11, has light caramel colored skin that tells his Samoan/Hawaiian ancestry, medium length dark black hair, light brown eyes and broad muscular shoulders and arms. I don’t know what it is about those shoulders and arms but they do something to me.

I’m 5’5, have an athletic build, green eyes and creamy lightly tanned skin with a smattering of freckles across my nose and shoulders. I have auburn hair that reaches the middle of my back but I rarely leave it down because it’s heavy and makes me hot while I work.

I stopped abruptly and plopped down on the nearest crate. My knee length pencil skirt rode up to about mid thigh, showing the bit of lace at the top of my thigh-hi nylons and I noticed Joe looking there before he looked into my face. “I’m getting a headache, I gotta get this clip out of my hair.” I reached up behind my head and pulled the clip out, knowing that my C cup breasts were perfectly outlined by my straining shirt. Tilting my head back I closed my eyes as I uncoiled the long twist my hair was in and shook it to loosen it, making it fall in waves around my shoulders.

“God Fee, your hair is amazing. I can’t believe you keep it all tied up that way.” he said staring.

“You’ve seen my hair down before.” I smiled at the way he was looking at me, it’s like he was in a daze or something.

“That was when you first started here, I haven’t seen it down since then.”

“Oh. Well, it’s just hair, and it’s red hair at that. Nothing to be impressed about.” I had always bemoaned the fact that I have so much Irish blood in me. Pale skin and a hot temper.

“Auburn, and it’s beautiful.” he complimented me.

He seemed to wake up out of his trance when I didn’t respond. He reached down and grabbed my hand again, pulling me up. “Come on, lets go get that rug so we can get out of here.”

We walked along in silence but I could tell that Joe was stealing glances over at me from time to time. We reached the section where the rugs were stored and just as I was about to suggest we split up to search, the toe of my shoe hit a pile of rugs and I lost my balance, pulling Joe down with me since his grip tightened on my hand.

I landed on my back, with Joe half over me. My hair was spread out all around me on the soft, plush rugs. I wanted to laugh but I could only smile at the moment. Joe was almost on top of me and I could feel my panties dampen. He cupped the side of my face and looked into my eyes before sliding his gaze down almanbahis adresi to my breasts. A button had popped open and you could see the top of my lace bra.

I nuzzled my cheek into his palm. “You’re having a hard time not looking at me tonight.” I whispered.

“Very hard.” he said as he tilted his hips a bit and rubbed his hard cock against my thigh. Even through all of our layers of clothing I could tell that he was extremely hard.

“Mmm Joe, don’t do that.” My voice had turned husky.

“Ok, I won’t.” He reached a hand down and pulled up my skirt so he could settle between my legs. “I’ll do this instead.” He thrust his hips into me and I felt his cock rubbing against my lace-covered pussy.

I moaned out loud as I felt him continue to thrust. My hips were moving with his, trying to get the most contact. It wasn’t enough. “Why are we dry-humping?” I asked with a smirk as my hands undid his pants. He got to his knees between my legs and began to unbutton his shirt as I unbuttoned mine. He flung his shirt off behind him just as my icy white lace bra came into view. This stopped him in his tracks for a few moments as he just looked at me.

He gripped my waist with both hands for a second before sliding them up and over my breasts. My nipples were hard and visible through the lace in the harsh florescent lighting of the warehouse.

He circled his fingers over my nipples a few times before he pinched them lightly, causing me to gasp and arch my back. I grabbed both of his hands and led them to the front clasp of my bra before placing my own hands on my spread thighs. He undid the clasp and parted the cups, letting my natural breasts spill free.

I felt his hands cup my breasts and squeeze them lightly before he bent his head and kissed me for the first time. It was electric, sizzling, passionate… Our first kiss lasted forever as he nudged my lips apart with his tongue before sliding it inside. Our tongues dueled for dominance for a minute until I gave up, letting him thrust his tongue in and out at will.

I reached down and unzipped the side-zip of my skirt and attempted to pull it down but it was trapped between our bodies. Joe noticed my struggle and broke off the kiss to kneel back up. I lifted my hips to slide the skirt over them and then put my knees in the air and together so I could slide the skirt all the way off. This left my ankles almost resting on his shoulders, I still had my high-heeled shoes on. He ran his hands up my stocking covered calves until he got to the tops of my lace-topped thigh-hi’s.

“Lace everything today huh? Seeing these” he gripped both my thighs right at the lace “all day has been excruciating. I never had a thing for lace before I met you, but now I can’t imagine you in anything else.”

He lowered my legs and put them on either side of him before I could respond and reached for his undone pants. He put his thumbs in the waistband and pushed them down his thighs, boxer-briefs and all.

His cock sprang out, hard and proud and it twitched as I looked on. Looming over me, he plamed it, spreading the pre-cum down the shaft, stroking it lightly, and closed his eyes. I couldn’t help myself, watching him stroke his cock was just too much for me. I reached my hand down and slid it inside my now-soaked panties to rub my clit.

Joe opened his eyes and gasped when he saw what I was doing to myself. He pulled my knees together and reached for my panties, trapping my hand between my own legs. Once he got my panties up my legs and over my shoes he said “Don’t stop.”

I dropped my legs to either side of his body again and continued to rub my wet pussy. He groaned when he got his first look at my ‘pink’ and stopped stroking his cock to reach down and remove my hand. My pussy was wet, open and bald except for the v shape that I prefer right above the slit.

He touched the hair there. “Red.” was all he said.

He palmed his cock once more and leaned forward, rubbing it along my slit and then tapping it on my visible clit.

“My God, Joe. You’re gonna make me cum like that.” I moaned. It felt so good and the sexual charge in the air was so electric I thought I would burst into flames at any moment.

He leaned down and took me in his arms while he kissed me senseless, still thrusting his cock against my clit. I had no idea what time it was, what day it was even. All I knew is that Joe was going to make me cum and he hadn’t even put his cock in me yet.

“Fuck me Joe.” As good as almanbahis adres his cock felt rubbing my clit, I knew that it would feel so much better inside me. I had to have it.

“I’ve been waiting for 4 years to hear you say that to me, Fee.” He said as we both angled our hips and the head nudged at my opening. He stretched my walls out as he entered, finally bottoming out, and just rested there for a minute.

“Joe Please.” I moaned as I clenched my inner muscles.

He gave a short grunt as he pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in, hard. He set the pace. Slow on the out-stroke and hard and fast on the in-stroke. We kept this pace up for a while but soon he started plowing into me.

The friction of his cock rubbing in and out of my pussy was too much to bear. I reached down between my legs and rubbed my clit faster and faster in time with his thrusts. He was watching with an intense look on his face so when I started to cum and actually squirted he was shocked. The clenching of my pussy was so hard, my orgasm was so hard, that it pushed his cock right out of me and I continued to squirt all over it.

He leaned down and slammed his cock back into my even tighter pussy and thrust like a wild man. Soon he was grunting and moaning as he came inside me. Spurt after spurt, it seemed like he came for 3 minutes at least.

He laid on top of me, drained and exhausted, his cock still inside me, but softening.

Suddenly he leaned up. “I wanna see it. I want to see my cum leak out of you.”

I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes as he pulled away and watched my pussy intently. Small drips of Joe’s cum started to leak out of my pussy and he looked so intent on seeing it that I gave a couple pushes with my inner muscles and most of it slid out in one large glob. A few more small drips were pushed out before I figured that was all there was.

He laid down next to me on his back and pulled me over onto my side and half onto his chest. I was sated and sleepy but I knew we couldn’t fall asleep here.

“Well this rug is ruined!” I said, leaning up and looking into his face before I burst out laughing.

“Yeah, good thing this isn’t the one Nancy needs right?” was his reply as he laughed with me.

He pulled me on top of him and I straddled his waist. “Why did we wait so long to do this?” he asked as my hair settled around me, shielding my breasts from his gaze.

“No fucking idea but 4 years is a long time to have wet panties over someone.” I said with a sly smile.

“Imagine how it was for me, 4 years with a hard on for you? Man there were days when I thought my cock was going to explode in my pants just from some inadvertent brush of your hand on my arm or something.”

He reached up and stroked my nipple through the curtain of my hair before pulling me down to kiss me. My hair fell all around us, blocking out light as we kissed passionately. He cradled my face in both hands before sweeping one side of my hair to the other, letting in light and air.

“I think I’ve discovered a hair fetish tonight.” He murmured as he ran his fingers through the auburn locks.

“I think we’ve discovered quite a few fetishes you have tonight.” I said with a giggle.

“Like what?”

“Well there’s the hair one, which you already admitted to. Then there’s the lace one.” I ticked them off on my fingers as I went, while he tickled my nipples.

“Mmm-Hmm, and?” was all he said.

“The watching-me-masturbate one.”

“Mmm-Hmm, and?”

“Umm then there’s the squirting one. You should have seen your face when I did that. I wish I had a camera.” I said as I broke into laughter.

“Yeah I wish we had a camera too.” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “What else?”

“Well the last one has to be the watching-the-cum-leak-out one. That one surprised me.”

“Yeah, me too actually.” he chuckled as he said it. “But I think we’ve only really discovered one fetish here tonight.” He sounded serious now.

“What’s that?” I asked, not sure what I had missed.

“You. I have a fetish for you, Fee. I knew the sex would be explosive between us, hell the sexual tension almost killed me a couple times. But I never knew that the sex would mean so much.”

“I I I…” I stammered. “I don’t know what to say Joe.”

“Don’t say anything. I’m not proposing or anything right now, I’m just telling you that this has meant more to me than just some random sex. I want to see where this leads us but I don’t want it almanbahis adres to affect our friendship.” He was looking into my eyes very deeply and I started to feel tears threatening.

“It won’t affect our friendship, we can’t let it. I feel the same about seeing where it goes. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. You are the main reason I stuck this job out when it got rough there for a while.” I said as a tear slid down my cheek.

He lifted a hand and brushed it away. “You are the reason I’m still here too. I’ve gotten better job offers recently but I knew there was no way I would leave you.”

I leaned down to kiss him, my breasts rubbing along his hairless chest and my ass touching his newly resurrected cock. I looked up into his eyes and gasped “So soon?”

“It’s all you baby. I only got semi-soft, and feeling your nipples graze my chest had me sprung again.” he said grabbing my hips.

“Well lets see what I can do about that.” I leaned up and grabbed his cock, stroking it a few times before placing the head at the entrance. I leaned down quickly and impaled myself on him. He reached up and grabbed my hair as I started to ride him, pulling my head to the side.

I fucked him faster and faster, slamming our bodies together with loud slaps. I knew we’d both have rug burns in the morning but I didn’t care, I couldn’t get enough of him.

He let go of my hair and slid his hand to my throat. My eyes widened but when he didn’t see any signs of resistance he closed his grip slightly, semi-sort of choking me. Breath-play, as I’ve heard it called, has always fascinated me and I was glad that it was Joe that was introducing me to the feelings of it.

I found myself concentrating more on my breathing and less on my pussy, losing the rhythm. Joe picked up the slack by thrusting up into me. The orgasm hit me suddenly, I wasn’t expecting it since I was so intent on my breathing. I didn’t even realize that I had reached a hand down and was quickly strumming my clit until I started squirting all over Joe’s chest.

He let go of my throat and slammed my hips down onto his harder and harder until I could feel him swell before he started shooting off inside me once again. My pussy was clamped down on his cock hard when I opened my eyes and saw him looking at my face, dazed and sweating.

I leaned down, kissed his still gasping mouth, then tilted his head down to watch as I lifted myself off him and his cum slid out seconds later to land on his cock and in his trimmed pubic hair.

I rolled off to the side and snuggled up to him. I didn’t realize it was cold in the warehouse until now. I don’t remember falling asleep, but when I woke up Joe was sitting next to me stroking my hair.

“What time is it?” I asked as I sat up.

“1am, you fell asleep.” he said getting up and sitting on a cart that wasn’t there earlier. It had a large oriental rug on it. “You found the rug.”

“Yeah well someone had to and since I was awake and you weren’t I decided to get it myself.” he said with a smile. He was grinning from ear to ear as she scrambled around the rug, trying to find her clothes. Her shirt and bra were crumpled up together on one corner. Her shoes were on the floor, her skirt was hanging off the side and her panties were… Where were her panties?

“I can’t find my underwear, did you see them?” I asked

“Not since you took them off, Hun.” was his reply.

“Well they gotta be here somewhere. I have to find them, if Nancy finds them I will be so fired. And look at this rug, totally ruined. She’s gonna fire me for sure now.” I was panicking as I got dressed.

“Look, she’s never going to find your underwear out here. When was the last time you remember her even coming out to this section? 2 years? 3? She’s not going to find them. Lets just go home and worry about it tomorrow OK?” He had walked over and was helping me zip my skirt up.

He turned me around and took me in his arms. He had to bend down quite a bit since he is about 6 inches taller than me but he did it anyway just to kiss me tenderly. That kiss was so tender and loving that if I had been wearing panties they would have been wet again. As it was I was dealing with it running down my thighs mixed with whatever cum I hadn’t managed to push out for Joe to see.

Ending the kiss and putting his arm around her he said “Lets get this rug up to the front for Nancy and go home. I’m exhausted and we’re going to sleep like babies tonight.”

They both pushed the cart to where it needed to go, set the security alarm, then shared a long lingering kiss before getting into their own cars and driving home.

They’d see each other in a few hours when they were due to report back to work anyway.

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