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I had started a part time art class three weeks ago after I broke up with my latest boyfriend. I soon realised what I wanted to do with my new found freedom, I had always been quite crafty. The class took place every Tuesday evening and there were seven people in my class including me, and all but one classmate were close to my age of 23.

I soon felt some concern over whether I would pass this class, as had one small problem. I fancied the pants off my art teacher. He must have been in his late twenties, and insisted we call him by his first name; Ben. He was quite good looking, 6 foot 2-ish and brunette with a bit of stubble. He was trim and most likely visited the gym but was definitely not fitness obsessed.

I had class tonight, and we were continuing our watercolour scenery paintings from last week. As college time approached, I made the usual bit of extra effort. I am usually just in jeans and a t-shirt or wearing my PJ’s round the house. But I wanted to look nice for Mr. Abbott. I mean Ben… Sometimes I get carried away in my schoolgirl fantasy!

Over my red M&S bra I buttoned my white blouse from Bravissimo, specially made for women with larger chests. I am a little bit big everywhere, I wouldn’t call myself fat, but I’m definitely not skinny. I always had a decent chest even before I put on 10 pounds or so in my last relationship.

I then slipped on my lacy red knickers and some black stockings. They made me feel sexy, but still had a professional look to them under the red skirt I was about to put on. There was the illusion of tights, but with the freedom higher up the legs. Slipping the skirt up just over the light stretch marks I had on my hips, I felt attractive.

I wasn’t dressing to seduce, I may be an adult but I think Ben can still get in trouble for getting with a student. He would definitely get in trouble for the things that I imagined. I grabbed my bag and folders, and left for class.

Being just a short walk away, I entered the class right on time as usual, most of the other students unpacking their portfolios. Ben was standing at the front of the class holding a mug containing what I assumed to be tea.

“Evening everyone. Sarah.” He nodded towards me. I smiled back shakily and croaked “Hello Ben”.

He had already set up our work areas with water, paints, tissues and scrap paper so I was able to continue my work almanbahis adres immediately. Painting was the last thing on my mind. Throughout the class I couldn’t help but picture straddling him on the desk at the front. Each time he took a sip of his tea I watched him, wishing he was putting those lips to better use.

I bit my lip as a pleasurable chill ran down my spine. Ben spots me squirming and asks “Are you okay Sarah?”

“Yes” I squeak, looking back down at my painting. As everyone else gets on with their pieces I peek up at Ben to see he is still looking at me. I’m biting my lip again. He gives me a little smile. Oh God.

I soon realise it is the end of the class, and I have done very little. I start to pack up slowly, so that everyone else has a chance to leave. Ben gets up from the front desk to come and help me with the cups of paint water.

“Are you ok Sarah? I noticed you didn’t manage to finish your landscape today.”

“I’m okay, I just think I was a bit distracted today.” Did I make that a bit too obvious? Now I feel REALLY shy.

“I see. Is there anything on your mind that I can help with?”

So much. You could just take me right now and that would help a LOT. Realising I hadn’t replied, I decide on “I’m not sure.”

As I was rinsing the last of the paintbrushes it occurred to me that he did not get up to help with the washing. Out of the corner of my eye I notice him adjusting himself. I bite my lip to supress a gasp.

“Ok I think I’m done here” I say drying my hands. As I turn to walk away I feel something on my wrist. Ben immediately grabs me and pulls me into a hard, passionate kiss. It feels so good. He picks me up and sets me on the edge of the sink, sending two of the clean paint cups to the floor with a plastic clatter. I let my black kitten heels fall to the floor also. “Oh God” I moan, I want him inside me so badly.

I panicked for a moment when I realised the door was open and any of the students could walk right back in and catch us. I managed to whisper “Should we lock the door?” as he was kissing my neck.

“I don’t care who sees” he said, moving his kisses to the front of my collarbone and undoing the top button of my blouse.

I hop off the sink and he leads me over to his desk at the front of the room. It was neatly organised, there was a stack of papers on the opposite almanbahis adresi side and his now empty tea mug.

“Bend over this.” He says. The desk was too low down to completely bend over on to, so I just bent down and placed my elbows and hands on the table. I can feel him behind me, caressing my thighs. His hands ran up past my stockings and he teases my pussy through my knickers. I can feel I am throbbing and so warm down there.

With my skirt still on, he pulls down my red knickers.

“Sarah you’re so wet. Have you been thinking about me?”

“Yes” I squeak, aching with need. Ben gently runs circles around my clitoris, making me close my eyes and bite my lip so not to make too much noise. I gasp loudly as he inserts a finger.

He slowly moves his finger in and out and I can already feel an orgasm building. All the time I spent fantasising about what it would be like to feel him so intimately, and here we are now.

Still on my elbows he takes his finger out and gives it to me to lick off my arousal. I suck his finger while looking round behind me into his eyes seductively. He very clearly enjoys this.

My knees are really weak as I stand up straight. I turn around to meet a deep and passionate kiss, I hold his neck as I feel his tongue in my mouth. Ben puts one arm round my back to pull me in and his other hand trails up to my chest. I let go of him to finish unbuttoning my blouse. Looking stunned, he is greeted by my heaving assets as I throw my top to the floor. He immediately reaches round to unhook my bra, and is successful on the first attempt. I feel so sexy as my chest falls loose out of the cups of my Bravissimo bra.

I perch on the edge of the desk and lie down on my back. Shuffling down to the edge and pulling my skirt up, he now has a full view of my vulva. He takes his green top off and throws it towards mine on the floor as he gets on his knees. He is now below the desk, and I can’t see what he is about to do.

There are a few moments of anticipation and I then yelp with pleasure as I feel his lips kissing me down there. His tongue trails up my thigh and I feel his warm breath as he crosses to the other leg. “Please” I mutter. “Please kiss me there” he fulfils my request and I feel his gorgeous mouth caressing the petals of my vagina. I start to arch my back as he sticks his warm tongue in to almanbahis adresi me. “Oh my God Ben” I moan, which only makes him pleasure me harder. I push him in deeper with my hands. Bringing me to the brink of orgasm once again, he pulls away.

“What do you want me to do, Sarah?” He says, wiping his mouth with his wrist and standing up.

My mind races with all kinds of scenarios but there is only one thing I really need right now. “I want your cock inside me”

“Mmm” he moans. He helps me up off the desk and takes me over to the wall opposite the door, between two windows which had closed blinds. He places my hands and elbows on the wall, bending me over slightly. He then slips my skirt down and I am now fully naked apart from my stockings. I hear him unbutton his jeans and I bite my lip again, eagerly.

My hands clench against the wall as I soon to feel him enter me. “Oh my God, please go slowly” I say as he starts to stretch my warm, wet entrance. When he is fully in I start to grind on him, which stimulates my g spot. He is breathing heavily and holding my hips, he then starts to move in and out.

As he pounds me harder I am surrounded by bliss. This is exactly what I had wanted. I seemed to have an endless supply of moisture, which was clear each time he pulled out only to ram in to me again. My breasts hit the wall with each slam. He takes one hand from my hips and grabs my chest, teasing my nipple. We both moan loudly as I feel closer and closer.

“I’m close, Sarah” he claims, as I’m reaching my climax too. Waves of pleasure wash over me each time he plunges deep in to me. I just can’t take it anymore and my passion explodes around his cock and I hear him groan his finale too. Waves and waves of ecstasy flood over me as my knees go weak. As I’m coming I clench my pussy to prolong his orgasm too. I can feel him completely emptying inside me. We try to catch our breath.

Straightening ourselves up, Ben gives me a kiss on the lips. We then look for our clothes. As I am putting my bra and blouse back on I look around the room. The once neatly stacked papers were now mostly creased and on the floor. The plastic cups were everywhere. “Don’t worry” He says. “The cleaners will sort that out.”

Fully dressed, I head for the door. One of the cleaners walks in to the doorway and knocks, asking “Are you finished in here?” “Yes, I think so” I say as I reach the door. We were mere minutes away from getting caught!

Ben then says just as I’m about to leave “I’ll see you next week, ok Sarah?” And I flash him a seductive smile.

On my walk home I was glowing. I had just been fucked by the teacher.

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