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Admired Across the Pool

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The sun was beating down on Cara’s bronzed body. They’d had wonderful weather so far in ibiza. She felt relaxed, she was in need of this holiday, work was stressful.

Adam, her husband, sat up from his lounger. “I’m going to grab a beer and sit in the shade for a bit”

“Ok sure” Cara replied.

He lent in close “you’ve got an admirer by the way”

Cara was confused “what are you talking about?”

“across there….can’t keep their eyes off you”

She glanced across the other side of the pool where Adam was indicating. There was a group of guys, laughing and drinking beers. One of the guys was looking her way. He was well built in a rugby player way. Stocky, well fit she thought….

She pushed Adam away “don’t be daft!”

He laughed “ok…see you shortly” walking away towards the bar.

Cars exhaled deeply and took a sip of her pina colada. Finally some peace!

She lay back and got comfortable. Looked across the pool again at the young guys. He was looking her way again! Giving her a smile this time. Perhaps he was right… she smiled in return. It felt good to be admired.

She read her book for a bit but was thinking of the hot guy across the pool. She glanced over again. She caught his eye and smiled. She could feel his glare all over her body. He looked good in his bright trunks too. She could feel herself getting wet with his distant advances.

They had spoken about a scenario like almanbahis this before they came in holiday. Adam got very turned on by the thought of Cara getting attention from other guys and exploring the possibility of Cara having fun without him, seeing how far she would take it..

She was feeling frisky so pulled her bikini straps down exposing a lot more of her massive breasts. She knew he would be watching…. Her loveheart tattoo was on show and her nipples were trying to break free from her top.

She looked up… her admirer wasn’t there… what? Where did he go?? As she lay back down a young woman sat on the lounger beside her.

“Hi, hope you don’t mind I bought you another drink”

Cara had a puzzled look on her face “um… sure thanks, what’s it for?”

“Just for being hot” the girl said with a cheeky smile

She was younger than Cara. Tall with choppy blonde hair and freckled face with big pink lips. She couldn’t place her accent, southern English she thought.

She was used to being hit on by guys but wasn’t often that a girl approached her. Cara found her attractive. She had beautiful perky tits and a slim figure

“Eh thanks” Not knowing where this was going.

“I’ve been watching you from across the pool, my mates are heading to the pub. I thought I’d try my luck”

Was she with the group of guys? Is this who Adan was talking about?

They chatted for a while, almanbahis giriş Cara bought a couple of more drinks from the the bar and they got more flirty.

The woman sat on Cara’s lounger, moved close and said “Your boobs are so nice by the way! Amazing!”

Cara was now very turned on “Thanks, so are yours, very perky, bet you have nice nipples” She had never flirted so heavy with a female. It excited her.

“Come in here and ill show you” She motioned towards the changing rooms by the pool.

Cara was taken a back by this,it was 4 in the afternoon, Adam would be back any minute but her pussy was pulsing and she wanted to kiss and suck her nipples so bad.

The girl got up and went into the changing rooms. Looking back at Cara as she entered.

Fuck it! she thought, you only live once she got up and followed the sexy woman.

The changing room was empty..

“In here” She heard from the first cubicle.

Nervously she went in. She found the topless girl with juicy nipples. She wasn’t hanging about and pounced on Cara, kissing her hard on the mouth, hands straight on her massive tits, pulling down her bikini and fully revealing her breasts.

Taking them in her hands “Fucking hell girl these are huge, I love them!”

Cara touched the girls soft sides and let her hands slide up to her perfect breasts, they were small and firm, she had huge pink nipples. She took one in her mouth almanbahis giriş and nibbled firmly.

The girl shrieked with pleasure and pain “Oh baby!” She grabbed Cara’s breast hard and buried her face in them, she pushed her down on to the bench seat and pulled off her bikini bottoms. There bodies pressed together and she slipped down kissing every inch on the way down to her thighs. She spread Cara’s legs and labia and expertly kissed and sucked her clit. Cara’s pussy was drenched and gushing.

“Oh my god!” Cara was in heaven! She had never felt such pleasure, Adam was good with his tongue but this was another level, she was seeing stars and the girl did not relent. Fingers and tongue explored every millimetre of her Vagina, she was already nearing orgasm, she couldn’t handle this!

Cara held the back of the girls head, pushing her face into her soft smooth wetness. She looked up with pleasure written all over her face. She was fingering herself hard.

She couldn’t hold off any longer the Orgasm came from all over her body with a tremble then a gushing explosion all over the woman’s face. She looked up with glee. Her face glistening with love juice.

“Oh my, that was amazing!”

“Your not finished” The vixen sat with her legs spread over Cara’s knee and grinded and fingered, Cara joined in, the woman was soaking wet, she had never felt another pussy before but it felt great, soft and slick the nub of her clit hard. She quickly came and relaxed against Cara’s breasts.

They both dressed and left the changing room separately.

Adam was sitting by the pool with a couple of beers.

“Anything we need to talk about?” He asked with a smile.


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