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Accommodating Neighbors Ch. 04

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Ball Sucking

Chapter 4

Our Visit to the Adult Toy Store

(Authors Note. This is the 4th story in a series. For those of you who haven’t read the first 3, it is based on the relationship of a 44 year old red haired lady and a 63 year old man who live in the same apartment complex. Much of it is based on true characters and events.)


Becca and I didn’t see each other for the next several days. It was Friday before we got together again and quite by accident then. About 6:00 we came out of our apartments, smiled and waved and started toward each other. We met with a hug and a short kiss. We were both on our way to the store to fill our cupboards so we decided to go together.

As she started the car she said “Actually there is another store I have wanted to go to and it might be fun for us to do that together too.”

“And what store would that be?”

“Just a minute and you’ll see.”

In a short time she pulled into a little strip center and parked in the shared parking area. I still didn’t know where we were going when we got out of the car. She took my hand and we walked toward the center and finally wound up at the front of an adult toy store. “Are you game?’ she said.

“Oh, I am as open minded as you can get on this subject.” I responded. “Is there anything in particular you might be interested in”?

“Well, after our experience the other night I got to thinking about how it would be to have both my holes full at the same time, maybe even all three.”

“Way to go tiger! You seem to be becoming more liberated every day. What’s happening? Not that I’m complaining, just curious.”

“It is you!”

“Me? I’m not the one coming up with the ideas, you are. Again certainly not complaining, you are adding more excitement to my life that I ever imagined possible at my age.”

“I mean it is because of you and our activities that I am finding myself reawakened sexually. I have enjoyed sex more in the last few weeks than since I was a teenager when it was all new and exciting. You are making it exciting again and I want us to keep finding ways to make it stay that way. No routine sex for us. Is that ok with you?”

All I knew to do was the pull her to me and kiss her passionately and deeply for several minutes, and when we broke say “Thank you!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, meaning it is ok to explore what they have to offer here then.”

We entered the izmit escort bayan store and I was surprised to see the wide variety of products they stocked. Everything I could imagine and more. Since we came to look at toys for ladies that is where we started. What a choice, form little finger size to one that looked like a whole arm with a fist on it; some plain and simple and some that had all kinds of raised rings and nubs and in any shape you could think of.

“Do you have any idea what you’re looking for” I ask.

“I want one that looks as much like you as I can find and I want a small one that vibrates. One of my girl friends told me about one she has that she actually uses while she’s at work sometimes. Why don’t you go look around and see if there is anything you might want to try or want me to try.”

I wandered off, not knowing where to go or what to look for. Just then I saw a rack with a header that said “just for him”. Why not, I thought. I had heard of cock rings but never seen one.

Then I saw what I knew I had to have. Let me explain, even though I am just a little bigger than average I have huge balls. They are almost the size of large eggs and the sack hangs down over 4 inches. And on top of that, the whole area is very sensitive. If my balls are being stimulated during sex I have a much, much more intense climax. What I saw was a “cock cage” with a pouch that enclosed the scrotum in leather strips. The leather strips had little metal pyramids on them. Without even think anything more about it I picked one up.

I continued browsing and was in the video section when Becca found me. I didn’t see her coming and she surprised me as I was holding a shemale video package. “Are you trying to tell me something there?” she said pointing the shemale on the cover.

“Just curious, I have absolutely no interest in being with another guy. But, I do enjoy some anal stimulation myself, and I have to admit, if I could suck my own cock I certainly would! What do you think of that?”

“Would you suck the cock on one of those?” she said pointing to the shemale in the picture. “Would you let one of them fuck your ass?”

“Wow! You don’t pull any punches do you? Straight to the point on the first strike.” I said. “I’m not sure; I just don’t know how I would respond. I don’t suspect I will ever find out.”

I put the video back and looking at her saw that she had already been izmit eve gelen escort through the checkout and had a rather big bag.

“What else did you find?” She asked, looking at the package I had in my hand.

I handed it to her and watched a big grin start to spread across her face. “What are you grinning at? What are you thinking?”

“You know you don’t have to get any aids to please me, don’t you?”

“I wasn’t thinking about pleasing just you, I love to have my balls stimulated. Would you rather I didn’t wear it with you?”

“Oh, no, that’s not what I was thinking at all. I can’t wait to feel those metal things slapping my pussy as your balls swing when you do me doggy style.”

That brought on another hugging and kissing scene. When we broke I said I would go pay for my purchase and meet her at the car. Once we were both in the car she said “you know you have me so worked up I about ready to jump you right here.”

“You can’t be any more worked up than I am!”

“What do you think, to hell with the grocery shopping?”

“If we go the store and you bend over, I am likely to attack you right then and there. Yes to hell with the grocery shopping.”

She drove back to the apartment complex as fast as she dared and as we got out of the car she said “My place, now!”

On the way in we could see Jackie looking out the window and we waved and almost ran to Becca’s place. Once inside we nearly ripped each others clothes off and then she tore into my package. I started to open her bag, but she took it from me and said “There are some surprises in there that I’m not ready to show you. I don’t want any foreplay, just put this on and fuck me for all you are worth!” And with that she was on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass sticking out over the side of the bed.

I didn’t have to be told twice. Within seconds I was pushing against her opening, “are you sure you’re ready?”

“If I was any wetter there would be a puddle underneath me!” And with that she pushed back as I was starting forward; I was balls deep in her hot wet pussy in one move.

I started pumping and she started moaning. It only took about half a dozen strokes and I was starting to come. “I’m not going to last long at this pace.” I told her.

“Just keep pumping and don’t stop when you come, just keep going!”

I did as she instructed. I grunted izmit otele gelen escort as I came and she screamed “God yes. Keep going, fuck me…..harder……..faster………that’s it fuck me, fuck me…..oh shit….I coming” and with that she squirted all over me, herself and the bed again and again. To my surprise I stayed hard.

When she quit squirting she rested for a moment. “Just stay still for a minute” she said and then started to move back and forth on my cock.

This time we went about it slower at first and then all of a sudden she screamed again “Faster…harder…that’s it fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!”

“I’m about there again.” I said

“Me too, keep pumping”. It was then that I realized she was working her clit over for all she was worth. “Oh fuck…cum with me…now…cum…shoot your hot cum in my pussy…oh fuck…oh yes, yes, yes” and then another session of squirting started and lasted for what seemed like several minutes until we collapsed on the bed.

“Get off me you animal!” She laughed “look at the mess you made me make.” The bed was soaked and she and I were wet and sweaty. “Last one in the shower has to change the bed!”

We took a long shower, soaping each other and caressing each other, kissing and just enjoying each others’ body.

We got out and toweled off. “Let me help you with that bed.” I said. We tore the sheets and bedding off and replaced them and then she pulled us onto the bed. Still naked we lay down and hugged each other, she rolled into a spoon position with her in front of me, and we slept for the next couple of hours.

When we woke up we made slow gentle love together orally and then went back to sleep for the night.

Saturday morning came and when I woke up I could smell the fresh coffee. I dressed and went to the kitchen where she was sitting sipping her first cup wearing a robe.

“You know, you got a little loud last night. It wouldn’t surprise me if your neighbor heard everything that went on.”

“I know, I did it with that in mind. That and to turn us on as much as I could.”

“Well it sure worked on for me!”

“Yes, you did real well. That second orgasm was totally amazing for me.”

“Me too, I can’t find my balls this morning, they’re shrunk up and hiding.” I said laughing.

She laughed and said “I bet I can coax them out!”

“No, let them rest and get ready for another session. I have to take care of some business this morning.” I kissed her and we said a few parting words. As I was walking away from her apartment I heard another door open and shut and then some knocking and another door open and shut. That had to be Jackie going over to check things out, I thought.

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