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A Trip to the Nurse’s Office

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Female Ejaculation

There I was, in the waiting room. I was very nervous, because I was going in for a physical, and I knew it would be a nurse that was going to examine me. My name is mark, and I have a bit of insecurity. Well, actually I had a LOT of insecurity, and it was about my penis size. I was only 2 ½ inches long and had a girth of 2 ¾ inches when hard. When soft, my penis is a mere half inch and 1 ½ inch girth. My balls were proportionately small. I’d say they were the size of peas. What’s sad is that when I’m nervous, my entire package gets even SMALLER.

I’m a pretty shy guy. I was always afraid to ask my high school crush out, so I never did. I’m 27 years old, and still a virgin. I’ve only had one girlfriend in my who life, and she broke up with me. Wanna take a guess why? It was because I wasn’t big enough for her. I dropped my pants for her once, and she just laughed at me, mocked me, took a picture of me naked and showed it to all her friends, and then broke up with me. It was the worst experience of my life, and I decided to never show my penis to anyone again.

Unfortunately, I had to today. The Nurse, Nurse Rachael, poked her head in the room.

“Mark? Come with me,” she said. My heart skipped a beat. I knew the moment she saw me naked, she would think of me as less than a man. She would immediately laugh at me. If not on the outside, then she would on the inside. As I walked out the room and followed Nurse Rachael, I looked around and notice that this building was full of female nurses. There were definitely way more females than males, I’d say about 85%.

We reached the room where I would be examined. We went through all of the procedures, and then it was time for me to undress. bahis şirketleri It was the part that I was so afraid of. I hesitated.

“C’mon,” said Rachael, “This is a required part of the examination. You need to get completely naked.”

A gulped as I slowly began to undress. First, my shoes and socks, then my shirt, then my pants. The boxers were the last remaining article of clothing on my body.

“The boxers need to come off too,” she said. I then gripped the sides of the boxers, closed my eyes, then quickly took them off. My penis was there, fully exposed. A grin appeared on the nurse’s face. It was so small and bald. I had shaved it before hand, hoping I would appear bigger, but it only made it look like a baby’s penis.

A snicker came out of Rachael’s mouth, before she quickly covered it and attempted to hold in here laughter. I looked at her face. As much as she tried to hide it, I could read pure amusement in her eyes. I could tell that it was running through her head, all the little boys she must see, comparing them to me, I continue to be smaller. I felt completely belittled and emasculated just by looking at her.

“Ok then,” she said, “This won’t take long to examine thoroughly.” She then bent down and began to squeeze my little penis, lifted it and checked underneath. The warmth of her hand went through the latex glove she was wearing and touched my petite penis, causing it so turn hard in between her index finger and thumb. I heard her snicker under her breath and she turned her head to the floor.

“I should probably not grip too hard, or it will pop like a pimple!”

I turned bright red. She just showed she was not afraid to tell me directly bahis firmaları that I was small. She then took some notes.

“Ok then, that’s done, now I have a few more things to do and we’ll be set.”

She had me stand up against the wall. She then took out a camera.

“What are you doing?” I asked nervously.

“I need to take a picture for documentation!” she replied.

I was pretty sure she was lying! In fact, I think she was just taking a picture to further embarrass me! Was I going to say anything though? Of course not. I’m too shy to even talk to most woman, let alone question a nurse. She snapped a picture with my entire body in frame, my teensy weensy erection included.

She then told me that she had to measure my penis. Again, I think she was lying, but I would just go along with it. She went through her medical bag.

“Now where is it?” she asked as she went through the various supplies, “Ah, this isn’t what I normally use for this, but it should work just fine for you!”

She pulled out a six inch ruler. She then held it up next to my stub, and used her other hand to take a picture of my small penis hitting slightly below the 2 ½ inch line. She then took the picture out of the camera and put it in her folder next to the picture of me standing against the wall. She then took more notes in her folder.

“You’re penis is approximately 2 inches,” she declared as she wrote her notes. Just great, she rounded me down. She couldn’t even give me that half and inch?

Rachael then took a chart out of her bag, and it was a penis size chart! It had eight penises on it, in order from biggest to smallest. The biggest penis was on the far right, and the smallest kaçak bahis siteleri penis on the far left.

The length of each penis was written below each one, and each penis had a category. The smallest penis on the chart, penis 1, was three inches, labeled “tiny”. Penises 2 and 3 were four and five inches, labeled, “small”. Penises 4 and 5 were six and seven inches , labeled “medium”, penises 6 and 7 were eight and nine inches, labeled “large”, and penis 8 was ten inches, labeled “extra-large”.

“Now, this chart will tell you where you stand as a male” said Nurse Rachael, “Now, there’s no category for you, since your below three inches in length, which is as small as the chart goes. If you were just a wittle bit bigger, you’d be tiny. But since the chart only goes so low, I’ll have to extend it.”

Rachael used a marker to add another penis to the chart, penis 0. She drew it pretty small, penis 1 actually towered over it. She then wrote underneath “penis zero, 2 inches or smaller. Extra tiny”

“Now you fall under this new category, extra tiny. Its funny, I’ve actually never seen one so small before! I think you’re the first grown adult to fall under this category in medical history!”

She had to be mocking me.

“One moment,” she said as she walked towards the door, “I’m going to get a few more nurses in here to examine you. This is pretty intriguing! I didn’t think they got this small!”

Much to my horror, Rachael walked out of the room and came back with ten more nurses! They could all see how small my penis was.

All of them were laughing. Each and every one of them.

“now girls, am I right? Have you ever seen a penis that could even contend with how small this one is in all your medical history?”

The response was a unanimous no. They all agree that this was like a scientific discovery that should be studied in a lab and put in the Guinness book of world records.

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