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A Teasing Treat

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Hi readers! Apologies for the long delay between submissions. A combination of a busy real life at home and some major writers block has delayed me! Due that in easing myself in with a quick little erotic story, don’t worry I shall be back with some filthy fetish stories soon!

She had planned this all week. Every little detail she had planned out in her head, including denying him any sexual pleasure for the past five days. From her make up to her outfit to what she was going to do to him was all planned. Now he was home and walking through the front door she was ready to make it all happen.

“Hi darling,” She called out from the top of the stairs as he shut the front door.

“Evening, how’s your day….” he replied but stop his sentence as he looked up at her.

There she stood at the top of the stairs, wearing her silk dressing gown pulled tight. It hid what was underneath apart from a pair of dark blue velvet heels and some blue gloves on her hands. Her dark hair was done perfect, bunched up at the back by a hair tie. Her make up as perfect as it had ever looked. Black eyeshadow and eyeliner complimented the black mascara on her eyelashes. A dark pink lipstick highlighted her smiling lips. Slowly she let her dressing gown slip open to reveal her outfit underneath. A brand new matching lingerie set revealed. A bright blue bra pushed up and held in her perfectly pert boobs. Matching the blue bra, a suspender belt wrapped neatly around her waist framing her crotch which was covered with matching blue lacy knickers. What really topped the outfit off though was her new stockings. Champagne almost nude silk stockings encased her legs attached to the suspender belt. The seams and the bands of the stockings a matching blue to the rest of the outfit.

He stood there transfixed at the sight of her at the top of the stairs, his cock immediately springing to life and bulging obscenely in his trousers. He watched almost open mouth as started to move down the stairs, the dressing gown now fully slipping away from her shoulders and falling down behind fully revealing her outfit. He noticed her blue gloves stretched almost all the way up past her elbows as she elegantly glided down the stairs towards him.

When she reached the bottom of the stairs she put her finger to his lips to signal to him to be quiet. She turned him towards the living room door and push him silently through the door.

“Strip naked and sit on the chair I’ve put in the centre of the room ” she said smiling at him.

He walked into room and took off all of his clothes. He sat naked and quietly on the chair with his cock standing erect and proud. She walked over to him grabbing a small bag on the way. Once she got to him she pulled out a number of silk ties from the bag. She swiftly bound his wrists tightly behind the chair.

“Now you are going to enjoy what I’m about to do!” She whispered into his ear before gently kissing his cheek.

She bent down at the side of him and tied one ankle to the chair before slowly rising, walking around, bending down and tying the other ankle to the chair leg. All of this was done with as much purpose and teasing as possible. She knew his eyes would follow every move she made.

“I thought about blindfolding you, but I want you to watch every single thing I do!” She smiled at him as she stood up in front of him.

She clasped her gloved hands either side of his face, bent down and passionately started kissing him. Unable to do anything else he passionately kissed her back until she broke away from their kiss. She traced a gloved hand slowly down his chest reaching his throbbing hard cock. Her hand ran over his groin purposely avoiding his raging almanbahis erection. She smiled at him teaslingly as her hand made it’s way over his thigh.

“Not yet big boy!” She smiled as she pulled her hand away.

“I want to see you suffer and beg before you get any pleasure!” She continued.

He was about to say something in reply when she put a gloved finger to his lips to silence him again. Taking a step back she delicately and slowly slipped her knickers down her legs before stepping out of them. She bent down, picked them up and then held them against his nose.

“Smell them, smell me on them.”

She then dropped them over his hard cock and left them hanging on his erection. She stood in front of him smiling and then slowly began to caress her body all over with her gloved hands. She reached behind her back with one hand and unclipped her bra. She slowly let her magnificent boobs fall out of the bra cups as she pulled the bra away leaving her stood there in just her stockings, suspenders, heels and gloves. She ran her gloved hands over her boobs making her nipples even harder as he sat there watching her every move.

She pulled another chair out and placed it opposite him.

“Enjoy the show, I know I will,” she smiled as she sat down on the chair.

She opened her legs wide. Obscenely wide. Her freshly shaven pussy was open and glistening. She slowly ran a gloved hand over her pussy lips spreading them open further. She looked straight at him as she did this. She knew exactly how to tease him and put on a show.

She reached down to a bag next to the chair and pulled out a gold vibrator. Just a simple everyday standard vibrator. She could easy have decided on a life size or larger than life dildo but no this is exactly what she wanted to use. She very deliberately held up it to her mouth to begin with. She stared at him directly as she gently ran her tongue over the end of the cold vibrator before slipping her lips briefly over the end.

“I’ve got feeling this is going to get very warm don’t you,” she grinned as she proceeded to put the vibrator between her legs.

She turned the vibrator on with her other hand and moaned as she ran it over her wet pussy lips. Holding it against her clit, she moaned out louder and closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of the sex toy buzzing on her sensitive clit.

Right now she didn’t care about him bound to the chair watching her. All she cared about was her own pleasure. Of course it turned her on to have him bound naked on the chair watching her, but at this very moment all the pleasure was hers and hers only.

She moved the vibrator down from her clit and slipped it between her pussy lips and inside of her. She moaned loudly with her eyes closed as the sex toy slid into her filling her pussy. She slowly started to fuck herself with the vibrator building up the pace as it buzzed away inside of her.

Her body was on fire and she was in the zone as she pleasured herself right in front of him. Her nipples were rock hard and her mouth open breathing hard. The gold vibrator glistened with her juices everytime she pulled it part way out of her pussy before she pushed it back in as far as it would go.

She rammed the vibrator into her pussy over and over again. He watched opened mouth as she did this, totally in her zone and ignoring him. She opened her legs even wider and with her spare hand started to rub her clit as she pounded her pussy deep with the vibrator. Her thighs trembled as her climax grew, her pussy leaking even more wetness as deep inside of her the waves of pleasure grew.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back as her orgasm ripped through her body. Her whole almanbahis yeni giriş body started to shake with her orgasm and as it hit it’s peak her pussy squirted through the intensity. He sat there opened mouth unable to do anything else as he watched her orgasm to a pulsating climax.

She pulled the vibrator out of her soaking wet pussy, turned it off and set it down to one side.

“Enjoying the show?! I know I am.” She purred as she stood up and walked over to him.

She took hold of her knickers still draped on his cock and rubbed them over her pussy soaking up some of her wetness. She scrunched them into a ball and shoved them into his mouth.

“Do I taste good on them?”

He muffled a reply as he tasted her pussy juice on her lacy panties now gagging him.

“Good…now maybe it’s time for me to taste you!” She smiled as she knelt down in front of him.

She knelt down in front of him, her eyes level with his throbbing erection. She absolutely loved his cock. It was big but not too big for her, the perfect size to fill her tight pussy without hurting her. She knew his balls were full of that hot built up cum that she desired to feel deep inside of her pussy.

He was desperate for her to touch his cock as it stood up proud, throbbing and ready. But she was such a tease and before even touching him with her fingers she held back and just lightly blew on the head of his cock. He groaned in a mixture of pleasure and frustration, looking down at this hot, sexy woman teasing him.

She looked up at him wide eyed and with a wicked smile on her face. She slowly wrapped a gloved hand around the base of his cock. He groaned and shuddered, finally feeling her touch him and the sensation of the smooth silk on his cock. Her hand slowly moved up his cock to the head. He moaned in appreciation as he looked down to see her other hand join the first on his cock. She ran both hands over his cock teasing him, making him moan in her knickers in his mouth, making him twitch in frustration.

She then slowly stroked his cock with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. He was so turned on and was desperate for her to make him cum but she wasn’t ready for that just yet. She wanted to take her time, tease him even more and extract as much pleasure out of him for herself as possible.

Finally she held his cock still and stuck her tongue out. He twitched as it made contact with the head of his cock. Slowly she swirled it around the head gently, he moaned, she moaned, enjoying every moment.

Once she had licked and teased her tongue around the head of his cock she slipped her mouth over the head. He groaned feeling the head of his cock slide into her warm, wet inviting mouth. He strained against his bonds as his body quiverred with excitement and the feeling of her mouth around his cock.

She worked his cock deeper into her mouth, sucking, swirling her tongue around the head, taking her time. He groaned at the feeling of her mouth slowly sucking the head of his sensitive cock.

Her gloved hand gripped the base of his cock tightly as she savoured the feeling of his hard head in her mouth. She sucked hard on the cock eliciting another moan and a twitch of his body. Her pussy ached with desire as she took more of his cock into her mouth. She began to move her mouth up and down his shaft faster and faster making herself gag slightly as she pushed it deeper in her mouth. He cried out in a mix of frustration and excitement.

She suddenly stopped sucking his cock and let it slip free of her mouth. He groaned in suprise and more frustration. He so badly wanted go cum but she wasn’t ready for him to do so yet.

She sat back almanbahis giriş and looked up smiling at him. Her face was full of lust and desire. She licked her lips with a smile and stood up. She didn’t say a word to him as she took a step forward and stood over his cock.

She took of his cock in one hand, holding it firmly and squatted her body down. They both moaned in pleasure as her wet pussy lips opened to take in his erect cock. She teased him though by just rubbing his cock around her pussy lips until with another moan she pushed her body down on his cock.

He groaned feeling her pussy engulf his cock. He thrust the best he could against his bonds to force his cock further inside of her. With a grunt she finally sat fully down on his erect cock and waited a few seconds. Bracing her hands on his shoulders she began to grind her pussy around his cock deep inside her. He moaned again, his erect cock envelope in her warm, wet teasing pussy.

Suddenly she gripped his shoulders tightly and rose up on his cock and slammed back down and then repeated it over and over again. He just sat there, enjoying the sensation as she began to ride his cock faster and harder.

She loved the feeling of his rock hard cock in her pussy as she rode him harder. Her boobs bounced tantintlisingly around in front of his face but she wasn’t interested in his pleasure only her own right now.

She rode his cock harder and faster, her nails digging into his shoulder blades as she hung on to him. He pushed back as much as he could to meet her thrusts down on his cock making the chair rock back and forth. She was just using him as a sex object just for her own pleasure.

She grunted and moaned into his as she ground down on his cock. He winced briefly as she felt his nails sharply digging into his flesh but the pleasure in his cock soon made him forget her nails.

His cock perfectly filled her pussy and the angle she was riding him was just right for rubbing her clit against his body as she rode him. Her silk stockings felt so smooth rubbing against his bare thighs. Her pussy was getting wetter as she rode his cock harder and faster.

She felt his thighs start to twitch as he got closer to his orgasm exploding. She was close to but not as close as he was but that didn’t matter to her. He was breathing hard, feeling her pussy ride his cock and grip it tightly. She rode him harder and and faster, slamming herself down on his rock hard cock.

Suddenly he roared out in release and his body violently jerked up as high as it could against his bonds. She slammed her body down on his cock and ground down hard as he cock erupted inside her filling her pussy with hot cum.

She screamed out as she felt his hot cum fill her pussy but she still kept riding him harder and faster. As his cock twitched and pulsed inside her filling her with his load she kept riding him not caring about his orgasm, she just wanted to reach his.

As his orgasm subsided he moaned and growled at the sensation of her pussy still riding his used cock. Her pussy squelched with the mix of her juices and cum and she continued riding him her orgasm building from deep inside her.

Suddenly she slammed her pussy right down on his cock and ground her crotch violently against him as her legs trembled and her orgasm started to rip through her. She screamed out in sweet relief as she finally climaxed on his cock. Her nails gripped his shoulders as she screamed out as her body shook with her orgasm.

Slowly she eased herself off his now well used cock. As it slid out of her soaking wet pussy she sighed in relief feeling his frothy creampie slide out behind it. She looked at him looking back at her wide eyed and breathless. She pretty much felt the same as he looked, both thoroughly satisfied.

“Fuck I needed that.” She said breathlessly as she sat down on the floor trying to recover her breath.

He had no reply to her other than to smile at her.

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