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A Sunny Afternoon

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It is a bright, warm, but not hot, afternoon in May. The sun lights the room and falls across the bed as a refreshing breeze blows in through the open windows. I follow you into the room, my hand on you hip where the roundness of your behind begins. We are silent, as there is nothing to say. Talking is not necessary at this time. We know what each other wants and words would only spoil the moment.

At the edge of the bed, you turn. The sun highlights your hair and your hazel eyes speak volumes. They show desire, love, lust and anticipation. I slip a hand behind your neck and pull you close for an eager kiss. Your lips are so soft. Every time I kiss them, I am amazed. Not just at the feel, but the fact that I am able to kiss you. I almost cannot believe that you allow me to share everything, physical, emotional and spiritual, with you. I truly feel like the luckiest person in the world. Quickly the kiss builds, and I move my lips along you jaw line, down your neck and to the soft, feminine area just at the top of the swell of your breast.

I linger there a moment and hear your quick intake of breath. I work my way back up to your lips as my other hand moves from you hip up to cup your breast. I run my thumb over your nipple and feel it harden at my touch. I can feel more than hear, you moan, as our tongues dance together. I release you breast and neck and move to start unbuttoning your shirt. As each new inch of flesh is revealed, I kiss it, until I have worked my way down to your belly button. I spend several seconds there, enjoying the feeling of my tongue playing with it. I straighten up and slid both hands past the sides of breast, still covered by you delicate lace bra. I don’t use any pressure, just a light touch and a quick one at that. Again I hear an intake of breath from you, as you anticipate me caressing them. That is quickly followed by an almost exasperated exhale as you realize that you must wait for the stimulation you so desire.

As my hands reach your shoulders, I push the shirt off them and you shrug it to the floor. I am vaguely aware of the silky material as it lands lightly on my bare foot. I lean in for another kiss, this time hard and searching. I feel your arms go around me, pulling me closer. I grab your behind, pulling you up against my crotch. You feel my hardness and grind against me slightly, letting me know you feel it too. Still locked in a steamy kiss, I undo the clasp on your bra, but our bodies are still pressed together and does not allow it to fall away. Suddenly I can feel you tugging at my shirt, urging me to join you in being naked from the waist up.

Finally we break the kiss and pull away from each other. Before my shirt obscures my sight I see your beautiful breasts appear as their lace prison falls away. As I do every time I see them, my heart beats a little faster, my cock gets a little harder, and I am filled almanbahis adres with a sense of beauty. The roundness they posses, the color of your areola and the little pink buds that are you nipples. I almost fight you to get my shirt off so I may worship them with my hands and mouth. Unfortunately, you are quicker, and your mouth attacks my nipples first. Now it is my turn to draw in a breath. I lean my head back and moan. My encouragement only makes you suck harder and roll your tongue over my sensitive nubs.

Finally I can’t take it any longer. Although I am enjoying what you are doing, immensely, I need to feel you nipples against my tongue. In one swift, yet gentle motion, I push you away and down on the bed. You look at me with eyes so filled with passion and love, that it almost hurts to look into them. With out taking my eyes of yours, I yank my shorts down and off. There I stand, fully erect and ready; a small twinge of embarrassment that you can get me this turned on and have not even touched my manhood. That feeling quickly passes as you lightly run your finger nails up the underside of my hard on. The sensation is almost too much, and I shiver, fighting the urge to cum right then and there.

Still locked eye to eye, I kneel on the bed, straddling you thigh. You feel my hardness pressing into your leg and you run your hands through my chest hair. I can never get enough of kissing you and move in for another. As I lay on top of you, I feel the hard points of you nipples against my chest and it reminds me of what I was in the middle of a few moments ago. Again, I trail a line of kisses down your jaw, then your neck and to your breasts. Like a man that hasn’t eaten for a week, I voraciously attack one, wanting to attach myself to it and never let go. But I know that its sister is just a few inches away and I cannot leave her alone. For several minutes, I alternate between your breasts, kissing, sucking, nibbling and rubbing. I can sense your passion and excitement building as you arch you back, trying to push you breasts father into my mouth.

Finally, I cannot delay any longer. Other areas of your body desire attention and who am I to ignore them? Reluctantly, I break away from you luscious globes. I swing both legs inside of your, and I notice I have leaked a puddle of pre-cum on your thigh. I am always amazed at how turned on I get with you. With slowness I would not think possible at this point, I slide your shorts and panties of off as one. My eyes are glued to the sight of your body, as each millimeter is revealed. The first wisps of curly brown hair peek over the waistband, along with the beautiful, smooth flesh that is your hip and pubic area. Finally, the cleft of you pussy starts to show and I notice my breathing getting faster. Even before I can see your wetness, I can smell your excitement. It is as intoxicating as any drug and an almanbahis adresi aphrodisiac unlike anything man has ever invented.

You help me to remove the last of your clothes by raising your legs together. This gives me a full view of you pussy and I can’t help but quickly run a finger between your lips. This catches you off guard and you gasp loudly, then giggle. I place my hands on your ankles and gently suggest you open yourself to me. You play at first, resisting, but you know what is coming and you are too excited to really make me work for it. Finally, you lay spread before me and I take a deep breath. For me, this is the most reverent time when making love to you. Your beauty lies there, before my eyes, and I know that our love for each other is what allows us this wonderful time. I feel as if the world has gone away and you and I are lone and we are all that matter.

My distraction is short lived as my desire and fervor retake control. I alternate kisses between your thighs as I work my way up to you sexual center, but I do not dive right in. I spend a few moments on the tender, sensitive area right where your legs meet your pelvis. I kiss and lick and nuzzle there, and notice it is producing the desired results. You moan and sigh and your pussy leaks more sweet smelling juice. Then, almost without warning, I lick in one long stroke from your sensitive anus, up your lips and across your clit. It is like hitting you with a 100,000-volt live wire. You arch, squeal and clench you legs around my head. I temporarily cannot breath, but would gladly die this way.

In a way, I feel as though I could be dead, since this is as close to heaven as I have ever known. There is nothing I like more than pleasing you orally and I am now determined to try and bring you to orgasmic levels you have never felt. I work my tongue over your sphincter, giving you feelings there that you are not used too, but are quickly learning to like. I suck your labia and clit, as you build to a tremendous orgasm. I use my tongue like a cock and push it as far up you pussy as I can and move it around, stimulating your vaginal walls. Finally, I concentrate all effort on your clit. I suck, flick my tongue and lap at it till you are ready to explode. Just as I sense you are there, I gently nip it with my teeth. You are sent screaming, writhing and crashing over the edge. I continue to flick you clit with my tongue, jolting you and raising you to new orgasmic peaks with each touch.

Slowly, you start to come down as I come up for air. My face is covered with your juices and I lick my lips, savoring the taste. I look at you and there are tears on your cheek, but I know the are not tears of sadness. I position myself over you and lean down to kiss away the tears. I taste their saltiness and think that it so beautiful that I can bring you to such a level. With tenderness I slip my cock almanbahis adres into you. Not fast or hard, but wanting you to feel me inside you as you revel in your post orgasmic bliss. I just stay there; not moving and I hold you till your breathing returns to normal. I can feel the heat from you pussy radiating through me and I sense you are getting excited again.

You open your eyes and look deep into mine and I can see them filled with love and joy. You grab my head and pull me down to your lips, kissing me unlike you or I have ever felt before. You also start to move your hips, giving me the signal that you want me to continue pleasuring you. I start to meet your thrusts and feel familiar, wonderful sensations. We are both turned on like never before, and before long, I am pounding away at your pussy. My cock is pistoning in and out of you like a jackhammer. I know I will not last long if I don’t slow down, so with great regret I pull out.

You know exactly what I want and you want it too, but you don’t immediately change to the position we both yearn for. Instead you push me to my back and bend down over me. You engulf my cock and I feel the warmth of your mouth surround it. I still don’t know which is better; your warm, wet mouth with it’s magical tongue, or your tight, wet, wonderful pussy. Even if my life depended on it, I could not make a decision as to which I would take, but I know that I cannot take much more of your oral actions and ask you to stop. Reluctantly, you do, and slid up to kiss me. For a minute we share the feeling of each other’s mouth and tongue. I can taste both your pussy and my pre-cum on you. I am sure you can taste the same, and that though spurs my passion even more.

Finally, we break and you turn away from me and kneel. You lower you head to a pillow. With a slight wiggle of you ass, you invite me to again fill your pussy with my cock. I am no fool and willingly oblige. I start slow, hoping to make this last, but we both find such stimulation in this position, that I know it is hopeless. Still, I hold off slamming into you as long as possible. Finally, I cannot wait and I can tell by your moans and pants that you are ready. I grab your hips, perhaps a bit too tightly but you say nothing, and I increase my speed. Soon I am going as fast as I can and literally hanging on for dear life. My thighs are burning, but I barely notice. I can hear myself breathing heavily, but I can also hear your screams of pleasure. With all the strength I have left at the moment, I push as deep into you as I can. Together, we both let out animalistic cries as our orgasms explode between us.

For a moment in time we are one. One mind, one body, one soul. I feel as if I can no longer tell where I end and you begin. There is nothing that could better feeling than this right at this moment. Through a haze, the real world comes back. We are drained and collapse together on the bed. I wrap my arms around you and hold you as close as I can. When I can finally speak, I whisper to you that I love you. It is a short time later, and I am almost asleep, when I hear you say, “I love you too.”

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