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A Summer’s Vacation Becomes More Ch. 02

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Female Ejaculation

Thank you for the comments and reading the first part of this story. Here is part two. Other chapters will follow. Reminder, this is a fictious story and is meant for everyone’s enjoyment.

Now, Part Two…

Wow! What a night. I just fucked my son, Morgan with my best friend, Jackie. And now, I’m laying naked in bed with my son. Apparently, Jackie must have staggered to her bed in our hotel room sometime last night. She is sound asleep. I look under the covers and look at my son’s beautiful semi-hard cock. I noticed I was getting wet again. I know what I did was wrong last night and what I am doing now is wrong but just looking at that manhood just made me want it in my wet cunt, ass or mouth. Morgan was fast asleep so I decided to prove to my son what a slut I can and will be for him. I move down to his stomach and started kissing his belly till I got to the head of his cock. I started licking the piss slit. I could taste a little of his piss and it turned me on. I’ve never tasted piss. It was salty but it was like sweet nectar to me. Then I went down further lick the sweat and cum off of his balls. God, that aroma was mesmerizing! Next thing I know, I had half his cock in my mouth sucking on it. He started moving little. Still, with his eyes closed. Hell, he probably thought last night was a dream and this is just a continuation. Then, he started moaning and he finally opened his eyes.

I said, “Good morning, baby. You don’t mind your slut mommy suck your cock this morning.”

He said, “No, I could get used this.”

I said, hiltonbet giriş “I hope so because I’ll suck your cock every morning if you want. I want to make you happy as you did for me last night. Please fuck me. I need fucked really bad. Your mommy is a dirty slut.”

He said, “Mmmm, I’ll fuck you alright. I’ll fuck my mommy’s filthy cunt. But, let me go take a piss first.”

He got up to use the bathroom. Was I not only going to be his fuck slut? Just thinking about it was making me wet. I really am becoming a dirty slut and I’m loving it. I never had thoughts like this when I was married to his father or any other man I’ve been with. What has brought this inner slut out of me?

Morgan came out of the bathroom and came back to bed with me. Naturally, his dick went a little limp from pissing but I was eager to get it hard again. I checked on Jackie to see if she was still asleep and she was. I wanted Morgan all to myself on this fuck.

He said, “Sorry, I had to piss and my dick got a little soft.”

I said, “Don’t worry, mommy will fix that problem.” And I proceeded to put my mouth on his cock and suck it back to life. And it was. It was getting hard in my mouth and my cunt was getting wetter.

He said, “Damn, mom! You are a good cock sucker.”

I said, “Good?! I want to be great. I guess I’m going to have practice sucking on your cock everyday until you I’m a great cock sucker.”

He said, “Practice does make perfect.”

His cock was so hard. I said, “Please fuck me. I want your beautiful hiltonbet yeni giriş cock in my cunt. Please fuck your slut toy. Fuck me good.” He told me, “Lay your back and spread your legs.” I did what I was told. He got between my legs and rub his dick up and down my pussy. Then he said, “Is this the pussy I will get to fuck anytime I want?”

I said, “Yes it is. Anytime. As long as we keep it our secret, you can fuck me as much as your dick feels like fucking me. After last night, you are now my lover. This pussy is yours. When we are out in public, we are mother and son but once we are home, I want you to treat me like a dirty fucking whore who will do any dirty, kinky fantasy you may ever had. I will be your submissive cumslut. Now, will please fuck your mother like the slut I am.”

He got the message and plunge all nine inches into my waiting cunt. I felt like I was in heaven. He started slow until he got into a good rhythm. He was hitting my G-spot to the point I was cumming after about a minute. We started kissing and it was wonderful.

He said, “I love you, mom.”

I said, “I love you too, son. This is your pussy. Your dick feels so good in your mommy’s pussy.”

He said, “Your pussy is so fucking wet.”

I said, “Its wet for you, son.” Then we started kissing again. After a few minutes of kissing, I whispered in his ear, “Morgan, I want you to cum in mommy’s slutty mouth. Make me swallow all your cum.”

He said, “Say it again slut. I like how you talk dirty like a filthy slut.” hiltonbet güvenilirmi His wish is my command.

I said, “Mommy wants her son’s big load to go down her throat. I’m nothing but your cumslut. Dump all your cum in my mouth. I’ll swallow your cum anytime, anywhere.”

He said, ” I’m so close. Will you let cum all over your face too? I want to see you covered in cum.”

I said, “I’m your slut. You can do whatever you want. But right now, I need your hot cum in my mouth. Give me cum your now!” I screamed.

That sent him over the edge. He said, “Your going to get it.” He pulled out of me and climbed on top of me,. He shoved his dick in my mouth and said, ” Here it comes!” Next thing I knew, jet spurts of cum was entering my mouth. His cum was hitting the back of my mouth and my tongue. He grunted real loud and letting every drop go into my mouth. My mouth was full of cum.

I think we were a little loud because I heard Jackie say, “What the hell?! Damn! Now that’s what I call a good morning.”

I was still sucking all the cum out of Morgan’s dick.

Morgan said, “Ah shit! Damn, that was fucking good. Morning Jackie.”

Jackie said, “Morning to you too.”

I took one big gulp to swallow Morgan’s cum and said, “Morning Jackie.” Jackie said, “Is there any cum left in his dick for me?”

Morgan said, “Sorry, You’ll have to wait a little while, mom drained me this morning.”

I said, “I did and it tastes so good.” I got up and walked over to Jackie and said, “Here, taste.” And I kissed her on the lips so she could taste my son’s cum. I stuck my tongue down her mouth so she could get a good taste of it.

Jackie broke our kiss and said, “Charlotte, your son has the best tasting cum.”

I said, ” I know and I have all summer to enjoy it.” We both laughed.

(to be continued)

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