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A Strangers’ Scent

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The Scent of a Stranger

For as long as I can remember, I have had this fetish for women’s panties. It started in my early teenage years, as I would look through the JC Penny catalog and look at the women in their bras and underwear. I always wondered what was hidden behind that piece of clothing. I would imagine their breasts, what their pussy looked like, and whether the women had a shaved pussy. Those images always got me hard and left my imagination to run wild, and I loved it. I enjoy seeing this little piece of fabric hiding what we as men enjoy.

Fast forward to my adult years, I have been able to indulge in my fetish fully. I would select my partners and slowly introduce my fetish to them. Some of my previous partners wouldn’t indulge in it, but most have. Foreplay with these partners was always fun. I am making out with them, slowly moving my hands, lips, and body until I get between their legs. I softly kissed the inside of their left thigh and ran my nose across their panties to catch their scent as I switched to their right and vice versa. Seeing the wet spot form always excited me. I would place my nose right in the gusset of their panties and inhale sharply. Their pussy smelled so good.

My ex introduced me to Sofia Gray. Sofia Gray is a site where you can buy worn panties, socks, and whatever one may fancy. She told me that she wanted to buy used panties for us to play with. We amassed a collection of panties, maybe six to seven pairs from various women. She would blindfold me, climb on top of me with me inside of her, and hold different pairs to my nose to see if I could guess who was who. I tandoğan escort always got her scent right, of course. She would ride me with a pair of panties on my nose or have me hold them to my nose until would cum deep inside of her. Things fell through with us, and I threw out all of the pairs and haven’t thought about panties that much until recently. It started back up again with a friend of mine. We had occasionally had sex, and she was really fun, but even more, she smelled amazing. We don’t fool around anymore, but we still hang out, and when I go to her house, I will occasionally look inside her hamper in the bathroom and smell her panties. It is because of that that I remembered the site, Sofia Gray.

With my mind wondering about panties, I decided to get on there and have a look. I created a profile, put some pictures up, and started scrolling. My first message came from a profile called Ginger Panty Slut. Her first picture was of her in fishnet stockings, with her ass exposed. She had other images of her in a black lingerie piece. Her body was amazing. She has a small petite body that looks amazing. It truly made me think about how she would smell and taste. I messaged her and started a great conversation, which we still carry on. I told her that I enjoy the nylon style of panties. How soft they are to the touch and how they feel wrapped around my cock. I decided to get a pair of panties from her, but I wanted her to surprise me. I waited in anticipation for her panties to come in. I was anxious to see how she smelled and how her panties would feel wrapped around my throbbing cock. When the day tunalı escort came, I was excited. I immediately messaged Ginger and told her that they were here with excitement.

I was ready to relax after a long day of work and anxious to take a shower. I had to use self-discipline not to open the package immediately. I got in the hot shower and just let the water hit me. I just wondered how her panties were going to smell. As I was thinking of her panties, my cock rose in excitement. I grabbed ahold of him and began stroking him. The soap made my cock slick as I stroked myself, imagining being inside Gingers’ pussy, coating him with her juices and cream…… I had to stop myself because I didn’t want to waste a great opportunity. I got out of the shower, dried off, then got settled in my bed with her package and opened it.

When I broke the bag’s seal, I put my nose in the bag and inhaled sharply. I pulled the panties out and was happy with how soft the material was. I turned them over to see the white streak of Gingers cream coated in the gusset and gave it a deep smell. My cock instantly got hard again. I remembered that Ginger sent me some pictures of her, so I went to my email and opened them and looked at them. I pressed her panties to my nose, grabbed ahold of my cock, and began stroking him. God, her pussy smelled so good! I brought her panties down and wrapped them around my cock, and was amazed at how good they felt around me. I couldn’t help but think if that is how good her pussy would feel wrapped around me as I imagined thrusting deep inside her tight, wet, and pink pussy. I pumped my cock, ankara türbanlı escort my panty-covered cock, as I imagined pumping cock into her, her pussy clenching around me until she came, covering me with her cum. As I stroked myself, I turned on my camera and took a picture of him to send to Ginger; I then brought her panties to my nose and took a picture of me inhaling her scent. Her scent was sweet. I could smell a little bit of tanginess from the sweat, and it was amazing. I kept her panties to my nose, inhaling her and tasting her cream. I could only imagine myself inside of her, her moans and screams as she tells me how good I feel inside of her. My strokes became quicker, telling her that I was about to cum. I took my phone out again to take a video of myself cumming hard for her as I kept the image of me fucking her hard and rough. I could feel my balls tighten, me telling her that I was about to cum, her telling me to fill her pussy full of my cum. I couldn’t hold back anymore as my cock erupted, cum shooting out as I still had her panties stuffed to my nose. As I was coming down from my orgasm, I just pictured Ginger grabbing the panties that she wore that day, slipping them on, and getting on all fours to pull them down a little bit so I could see her push my cum out into her panties before pulling them up and rubbing her finger along her slit to coat her pussy with my cum.

The thought of buying worn panties from a stranger is exotic, taboo, and sexy. Not knowing what that person will smell like is pure excitement–having Ginger send me a pair of her panties and looking at her pictures leaves my mind open to so many scenarios. Though we may never meet in real life, I can always create a fantasy in my mind. I definitely will buy another pair of her panties for sure. Have her sweat in them, cum in them, fill them with her cream, as I imagine filling her panties, pussy, ass, or mouth full of mine.

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