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A Story For My Lover

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I am a people watcher and have gotten pretty good at spotting both fools and beautiful people. So when I met my beautiful blonde girlfriend, it was her ass that first caught my eye. She just happened to be the stewardess on my latest flight to Ft Lauderdale and she had a beautiful perky ass. The tight skirt she wore showed it off marvelously! I had a great view from my aisle seat and couldn’t take my eyes off her as she walked by. I usually sleep on flights but oh baby! Not this time!

I’m definitely an “ass person.” I love a cute shapely butt on a man but what turns me on is the shapely behind of a gorgeous woman. My fiancé has the cutest ass and I just love kissing and pleasuring his ass with my tongue but at the moment I was fanaticizing about doing the same thing to this woman’s ass. I love sucking a man’s cock, but I get much more pleasure from going down on my baby’s ass. I kiss and lick it all around and then gently sliding my tongue up in his most sensitive area! When I do that I know that I take him to a special place that I can’t reach any other way!

As she moved around the cabin in the process of preparing drinks and food, I could see the movement of her butt and it excited me to think of feeling her firm cheeks and exploring all her private places.

David and I have a beautiful, active sex life and we have agreed that there is enough love between us to share a little. He would definitely approve my choice! I sat with half-closed eyes picturing what I would like to do with her. Would I have her all to myself or would I share her with the man I love? I started to get wet while focusing on her ass and I conjured up mental images of shared scenarios between the three of us.

I was so horny and there were almost two hours left in the flight from Dallas. I had nothing to lose, and maybe some great sex to gain so I started a conversation with the blond whose ass had captured my imagination. Her name was Suzanne. She was from California originally but lived in the DC area.

I had never before been so hot for any woman and as we talked all I could think about was how she would look naked in bed with me!

I told Suzanne that my fiancé had a last meeting come up at work and I would have to wait an hour or so at the airport for him to pick me up. She invited me to have a drink with her at the airport lounge when we reached Ft. Lauderdale to help pass the time. I gladly accepted!

I sent Dave a text message letting him know what was going on, where we would be, and to please be a few minutes late! There was really no meeting, but I had to get something started and I knew that he would excitedly agree to my plan!

Suzanne and I sat at a small table in a back corner of the bar. She put a hand on my knee as we talked, which turned me on. I extended my hand to her knee in return, and I slowly moved it up under her skirt as we talked. She didn’t try to stop me either. Her panties were already wet, a promising sign of her feelings about the evening to come.She leaned closer and brushed my cheek with her lips. My lips met hers in a soft kiss.

From the corner of my eye I saw David enter the bar. I could see his gorgeous body silhouetted against almanbahis adres the light from the airport beyond. He had not seen us yet and I didn’t bother to tell Suzanne that he were there. She and I kissed softly, my hand still under her skirt. She was wearing garter stockings and I was stroked her thigh just at the top of them as Dave finally noticed us.

I opened my lips and explored her mouth with my tongue. Her lips parted in response and our tongues met. Nobody else in the bar seemed to notice or care that the two women at the corner table were kissing. She said we should be careful because my fiancé might come in any time. I told her that Dave would not mind and if she didn’t mind he might even like to watch. Suzanne just smiled at that as the waiter came with the bill and wished us a good night as I paid the tab.

David walked up to the bar never taking his eyes off the scene that played out in front of him and ordered a Heineken. He drank it slowly as he watched us. We had already made eye contact so we both knew what was going on. My fiancé encourages me in my sexual exploration. It excites him to watch and to hear about the things that I do in his absence! It enhances our sex life and I just knew that watching Suzanne and me was turning him on! David finished his beer and after a few minutes, walked over to our table with a huge smile on his face.

“Are you having fun darling? ” he asks, “I see you have made a friend”!

Suzanne looked up at him and was instantly captivated by his gorgeous ocean blue eyes. I introduce them and I asked if it would be ok if we gave Suzanne a ride to her hotel room. With that same sexy, knowing smile Dave said that it wouldn’t be any imposition and would be happy to do it.

David helped us with our luggage and walked with us to the car. He confessed that he spilled a cup of coffee on the front passenger seat that morning and had not had a chance to get it cleaned yet. Not wanting either of us to ruin our clothes, he suggested that we share the back seat. How considerate!

What I was really thinking was, “Good thinking Dave! You are such a sexy stinker and that is just one reason why I love you so much!”

Suzanne seemed as attracted to David as she was to me and just before we got into the car she thanked him for the ride and gave him a kiss. I smiled as I climbed into the back seat with her thinking this is a GREAT way to start things out!!

We made out the entire way to the hotel, touching and feeling each other’s breasts and wet pussies the whole time. I was afraid Dave was going to wreck the car from watching in the rear view mirror!

The three of us were alone in the elevator and as soon as the door closed Suzanne and I embraced. I put one hand on her ass. It felt as good as it had looked on the flight out. I was excited to finally be caressing her ass after staring at it so long on the plane. David came up behind me feeling my own ass and kissing me on the neck and I turned slightly to accept his hot urgent kisses as well. I felt like the meat layer in a very yummy sandwich! I kissed him passionately as he stroked my breast. He whispered that he was just going to sit in the corner almanbahis adresi and watch. This night was all about me enjoying myself and there would be plenty of time for us later.

As soon as we got into her room I could tell that Suzanne was as horny and eager as I was. She said that she first noticed me when I boarded the flight and had been wondering how she was going to get me into bed since we first talked. Suzanne was way ahead of me and led the lovemaking. I had only done this once or twice before and never with David there. I was grateful for her lead and so pleased that I could be sharing this intimate moment with my gorgeous fiancé.

She stepped back and slowly unbuttoned her blouse keeping her eyes on mine. My cunt juices started flowing as she undressed for me. Suzanne removed her blouse and her breasts were firm and shapely. I brought her closer to me and fondled her breasts. Then I used my tongue to tease her nipples. Her body quivered and I heard a low moan. The room was filled with sexual tension.

She pulled me down to the couch saying, “Let’s get some of your clothes off. I want you to feel what I’m feeling right now.”

With her help I was soon naked to the waist. We held each other and kissed. As our tongues touched I pulled her closer so that our breasts were touching.

David never took his eyes off us. He helped himself to the bar fridge and made himself a drink and settled into a nice comfy chair to watch.

Suzanne put her mouth down to my breasts and circled my nipples with her tongue and took one into her mouth. She sucked on it until it started to harden and she could tell how wet I was getting because she had her hand under my long flowing skirt. She slid two fingers into my pussy as she sucked my tit.

Suzanne pulled me up from the couch and whispered, “Come to bed with me.”

She led me by the hand to the bed. I followed eagerly and sat down next to her on the edge.

We finished undressing and got into bed. I was shy at first and held back just a bit. Suzanne just smiled and told me to relax, and we’d have a wonderful time together.

Her tight body aroused me like no other woman’s ever has. She was hot, passionate, and inventive in bed. She was definitely experienced in making love to a woman and she was just the instructor I needed. Her finger traced the lips of my pussy then her tongue slipped between them into my slit and slowly worked its way up to my clitoris. She kissed me in places where I needed kissing and she kissed me in ways I like to be kissed. After she ate my pussy to orgasm, we were lying in bed on our backs; our bodies were arranged so that our pussies touched and we rubbed each other’s pussies in an erotic dance of sorts. The picture David saw must have been something! Suzanne’s beautiful mound was covered by blond fuzz and mine with dark curls; it seems a contrast of equal beauty. We shifted from one position to another. I was on top, she was on top then we were side by side.

Finally, about midnight, David and I left the hotel. Suzanne was fast asleep so we left her my cell phone number on the dresser and thanked her for a wonderful night. In the car (yes I sat in almanbahis adres the front seat and it was perfectly dry) David kissed me deeply and passionately. Not urgently as though he couldn’t wait to tear my clothes off. It was the deepest most loving kiss he had ever given me. I was expecting the other more urgent type of kiss and I was a bit confused at first. Instead he thanked me for giving him the most wonderful gift that anyone had ever given him.

When we got home we made love to each other, Suzanne was a thing of memory by this time as we shared each other’s passionate intimacy for the first of many times that night. David told me that he was now more in love with me than ever before.

Sometime early that morning, I dreamed that my body was being explored by the tongue of a very skilled lover. I came out of a dreamy sleep only to find David tenderly eating my pussy. I respond with a sensuous moan and told him to turn around. I wanted him so badly. Dave was only too glad to oblige me.

I put my arms up around his gorgeous ass and pulled his hard cock down into my mouth. We made love slowly and passionately the rest of the morning then headed for the shower.

David put his arms around me and kissed the back of my neck and shoulders.

He whispered to me, “Baby, turn around and spread your legs so that I can wash your pussy.”

He soaped up his right hand and held me tightly with his other arm. As I felt his soapy fingers cleaning and caressing my sore pussy he gazed passionately into my eyes and kissed me tenderly. I reached another orgasm quickly. I came in his hand and the juices that ran down my thighs were washed away by the warm steamy water. He held me and supported me through my orgasm as I was already weak in the knees by this time.

When I recovered, I told him “It’s your turn my darling. Lean forward with your hands against the wall and spread your legs for me.”

David did as I asked with a knowing smile on his handsome face. I knelt down behind him and treated him to the feel of my tongue from behind. The water was still coming down, cascading over us and running down between his muscular cheeks. I started with kisses on his ass. Then I used my tongue to explore along the crack down to his balls. From my kneeling position I raised up a bit and took his hard cock into my mouth. I sucked on his hard delicious cock as I caressed and supported his balls. Then I returned to one of my favorite things, his asshole.

Dave helped me to spread his cheeks with his hands and I used my tongue on his most sensitive skin. His body reacted automatically to my stimulation. As I sucked his asshole gently but firmly, I felt his body cry out to me to PLEASE not stop. His appreciative moans were inarticulate. Occasionally I heard him make sounds like he was about to cry from the ecstasy I am gave him. Then I moved my tongue directly to his sweet hole, licking and pushing forward. It’s one of his favorite things for me to do and each time he reacts like it is the first time I have ever made love to him in this way. He always says that tongue fucking is something special that takes him to places that nothing else can.

We finally stepped out of the shower after about an hour and tenderly dried each other off. Still naked, we tumbled back into bed holding each other and gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. Then David and I fell asleep like that: in each other’s tender embrace.

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