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A Son Forced Pt. 01

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All characters in this story are over 18


Jason awoke with the sound of the last handcuff tightening around his wrist. Gagging as his 40-year-old mother stuffed her panties into Jason’s mouth. Jason’s muffled pleas went unnoticed for the life of him. Jason can’t figure out why his own mother is about rape him for the lack of a better word.

For the past three years Jason had known what was going on between his mother, father, and sister. Only a blind and deaf man could only miss what they were up to. Yet he never said a word, why well, they’re his family, and Jason didn’t really care what they did any more.

Why should he they practically been ignoring that he even existed since Jason was 15. That was when it all started between the three of them. Jason’s father always wanted a son that was out going and fit like he was. However, he didn’t get the kind of son he so hoped for. Ever since Jason read 20,000 leagues under the sea when he was eight. Jason knew what he wanted to do with his life. So instead of focusing on what his father wanted him to be. Jason hit the books literally studying works from Shakespeare, to Steven King all before the age of ten.

Studying the art form of what he would eventually become eight short years later. While granted his first novel wasn’t what Jason genuinely wanted to write. “Yet one most go where the cash flow is,” Jason told himself when he submitted his work to an agent. Granted not under his own name of course. Nevertheless, Jason was truly shocked when his agent accepted the story he had submitted; since then Jason can honestly say he was the only teenager with $250,000 bank account that he used for his work.

Of course, his family doesn’t know anything about this, which is the way Jason like it. Whom he tended to keep in the dark as long as possible about what he did. Jason knew for a few month’s now that his mother and sister were fans of my work. Given the numerous volumes of his novels scattered around their rooms. Plus, the fan mail he had received from them didn’t add to anything to what he already knew. That was until one fateful day when his agent showed up at the front door of their home.

“Yes?!” Jason heard as his mother answered the door. Standing as 5′ 8″ and a little over six feet if she was wearing her the heels she wore with her suit, when she went into her law office along with his father. Her raven hair pulled back in a tight ponytail. She didn’t like to wear a bra when she was home. The taut t-shirt allowed anyone to see every detail of her still firm breasts. Her blue jeans contoured to her pear-shaped ass, and her toned legs. Jason grew up being intimidated by her, when he was in trouble it only brought out the lawyer in her. That in of itself should, and rightly so give anyone pause. Was Jason attracted to his mother? Not one bit, true she was attractive if he went off what his overly horny friends would say about her. Jason loved his mother as any son would, yet the distance grew between them as the years went on.

Jason didn’t really look at her in a sexual manner. He wasn’t about to get mixed up in the drama that was enfolding around the other members of his family. Jason had enough on his plate at the time than to deal with that. He had already been excepted into the college in town to get his English degree. Jason could hear his father’s words now rattling around in his head.

“Boy you’re never going to make any money with that,” his father said constantly ever since Jason made up his mind. Little did he know that Jason was already monetarily set even before he told the family. Jason just smirked at him as he continued on with his rant.

“Yes, I’m looking for a Jason Windham,” his agent said looking over Jason’s mother as she held the door open.

“Jason!” Jason’s mother yelled from the entrance way. “Jason come down here now!” Jason’s heart raced as his scrawny leg’s carried him down the hall, it wasn’t like his mother to yell from across the house. Fear crept up his spine, going through everything he had done, yet Jason couldn’t find anything that would cause his mother to raise her voice. Once he got to the door blowing out a sigh of relief as Jason caught sight of Jacklyn his agent.

“Oh, hi Ms. Evens,” Jason said, smiling broadly as he caught sight of those gorgeous green eyes. All the while his hormone driven mind could say, “Man I so want that!”

“Jason you know this woman?” his mother turned towards him with a skeptical look.

“Yes,” Jason said nodding his head trying to catch a view of her bosom.

“Then who is she?” His mother asked placing a hand on her hip giving Jason that look he knew all too well. It was the same look she always had when Jason was in trouble.

“I’m his agent,” Ms. Evens said coming to his rescue. How Jason adored her at that moment.

“Agent? Jason why on earth would you need an agent?” His mother asked ushering Jacklyn in. Jason said nothing simply ignoring his mother like they had done with lordbahis güvenilirmi him all those years. There was someone far more important before Jason that held his interest.

“Because I do,” Jason simply said leading Jacklyn into the living room. After the customary greetings and what not Jacklyn finally got to why she had flown down from New York. The look his mother had as she stood behind the couch it was priceless to Jason. Yet Jason knew he was going to pay for it once his guest was gone.

“Well, seeing how you are still in school and unable to come to our office to sign the contract for the five books.”

“Books? Jason is she trying to say that you’re some kind of author,” Jason’s mother laughed in disbelief.

“Why yes he is, he’s one of our best and quite successful,” Jacklyn said, looking over her shoulder glaring at his mother. Coming to Jason’s rescue once again he was so falling in love with this woman. “Now I know we talked about waiting till next year to release your book. Yet we and the publisher have already gotten 100,000 preorders.” Jason didn’t hide the wicked smile he had when his mother’s jaw dropped. Jason was quite certain Jacklyn said all this just to irk his mother which was working to his amusement. “We were thinking if you’re okay with it we’d release it either in late spring or early summer,” she said smiling proudly with a sparkle of mischief in her eyes.

“Sure, you know me Jacklyn, I’m sure my fans would like that,” Jason said, looking straight at his mother giving her a knowing smile.

“Great,” Jacklyn said, pulling out a check for the early release. “Now I have the contract right here,” she said, sliding it across the coffee table.

“Let me see that!” his mother said snatching it off the wooden surface before Jason could get to it. Anger burned through his veins as she flipped the papers. “Kevin Sol why do I know that name?!” her hazel eyes flew wide as the realization struck her. “No! You can’t simply be him not him,” her eyes raking Jason over as he held out his hand. Not bothering to hide his devilish smile knowing full well what his words did to her.

“What’s wrong Mara? I thought you and Jack,” Jason said looking up at her. Jason hadn’t called them mom or dad since he was fifteen. “Wasn’t your and father’s words to me that I would never be able to make money off my degree. Yet here we are not even in college and yet one of the best romance authors in the country.” Snatching the contract out of her hand as she just stood there dumbfounded. Giving his own look through the contract Jason had with Jacklyn’s firm. As his signature graced the dotted line Jason’s father and sister walked through the door.

“What’s going on here?” Jack asked which Jason promptly ignored his question. Knowing full well what he and Margret had been doing before they got home. Jason made damn sure they weren’t ever going to take this away from him.

“There you go Jacklyn,” Jason said sliding the signed contract to her.

“I know it’s only a formality,” Jacklyn said, pushing a void blank check across the table in full view of his parents. Again, Jason knew this was for his benefit how his heart fluttered. Jason’s eyes quickly glanced over at them noticing their shock and flabbergasted looks. Jacklyn pulled out her phone dialing the accounting department of her firm. Giving them the authentication number before handing Jason her phone.

“Is this Mr. Windham,” said a high-pitched woman as her voice came over the line.

“This is he,” Jason said noting his father’s growing frustration being ignored. Which thankfully he didn’t have to endure it as his mother pulled them into the kitchen.

“I’m transferring the funds into your account as we speak,” the quick chirp of his phone vibrated in Jason’s pocket. Opening his e-mail clicking on the link to his bank account. “To confirm the money has been transferred, yes?”

“Yes, it has,” Jason said with a satisfied smile.

“Thank you,” she said with a pleased voice. “Oh and, I just love your books,” she said in a whisper.

“Awe, thank you, always a pleasure speaking with a fan,” Jason said before ending the call. “I’ll walk you to your car,” he said handing back her phone as she rose.

“That’s some family you have,” Jacklyn said as she opened the driver side door of her rental car.

“You have no idea.”

“Listen I know you’re going to college in the fall,” Jacklyn said her eyes running down Jason’s body. “Why don’t you come up to New York for a couple of weeks during the summer. I can show you around the office and help you met some fantasy agents. I know that’s what you been working towards, I just hope you keep writing romance, so we can keep working together,” Jacklyn said with a seductive smile.

“Most definitely,” Jason said matching her smile. Waving as she pulled out leaving Jason alone with his family. Looking over his shoulder Mara stood in the doorway her index finger beckoning Jason to her. lordbahis yeni giriş “Crap!” Jason muttered wishing he had gone with Jacklyn.

“We need to talk!” Mara growled taking Jason by the arm dragging him into the dining room. Jason’s father and sister already sat at the table sharing their own sexual banter. Rolling his eyes at their attempts to hide the fact from him. Pushing Jason into the chair three pairs of eyes burning holes into Jason’s body. “What do you have to say for yourself?” Mara asked after a few moments of awkward silence.

“About,” Jason said drawing out the word.

“Don’t play stupid boy you know damn well what!” Jack barked his brow wrinkling in anger. His salt and pepper hair coming undone from his comb over.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you were this famous author?” Margret asked in awe.

“Well! We haven’t got all night!” Mara said furiously as she leaned on the table.

“Why do you all have somewhere to be?” Jason asked tilting his head. Pleased at their shared looks knowing he had put them the defensive.

“Don’t get smart with me Jason,” Mara said taking charge of the situation. Blowing out a breath knowing her anger was getting the best of her. “Jason,” she said in a calm tone sinking into the chair next to her husband. “We are simply curious as to why you never mentioned this us before. Is this why you told us about what you’re going to college for?”

“Is there a reason I should have? And yes, it is as a matter-of-fact.” Edgar to be done with this conversation so he could get back to work.

“Jason we’re a family this was so important. That you should have told us, so we could celebrate this achievement in your life. We still would like to,” Mara said smiling warmly at him.

“Since when Mara for past three years each one of you have practically ignored the fact that I lived here. Why should I tell you a damn thing when that,” Jason said nodding towards his father, “has constantly belittled me for not being so like him? When I have reached heights, he couldn’t even grasp at the age of 18. So, tell me why I should share my private life with you, do you share yours with me,” Jason said arching an eyebrow hinting that he knew their dirty little secret.

“Jason please don’t talk like that,” Mara said nervously glancing at her husband.

“Like what Mara,” his anger rising after years of neglect bubbling to the surface. “If Jacklyn hadn’t shown up here today, seeing the amount I earn and hearing the popularity of my work. Don’t pretend to deny it I know you saw my check. None of you would ever know it was I that authored those books. Now are we done here I have work to do,” Jason asked rising from his chair none of them said a word his guessed they were too caught off guard to speak. Given they thought he was simply a pushover, how little did his family know the true man that lay beneath the surface. Mara simply nodded unable to say a word as Jason headed towards his room.

“Do you think he knows?” Margret asked in a low whisper.

“Of course, I know I’m not an idiot as much as you all would like to think,” Jason said sticking his head into dining room. Their startled looks were so priceless to him, Jason just couldn’t contain his chuckle. “I’m going out for dinner don’t bother waiting up for me. Wouldn’t want to disrupt whatever the three of you do when I’m not here,” Jason said leaving them all red faced. “Finally, some payback after all these years,” Jason said to himself. Closing his door as Jason stripping off his shirt looking down at his scrawny chest. Shrugging his shoulders knowing that he can work out to his heart’s content once he had moved out. However, at that point in his life Jason was simply more focused on making enough money before he graduated. Jason had planned on moving out once his days of high school were over. Yet with Jacklyn’s invitation to New York moving out was put on hold for the moment.

“Jason!” Mara called out he could hear her anger filled footfalls halfway across the house. “Jason! Answer me damn it!” Jason heard her footsteps on the stairs his stomach began to fall.

“What! I’m changing,” Jason called out hearing her marching down the hall. Mara burst into her son’s room as his pants rose above his knees. Jason failed to see the slap coming before it was too late. Instinctively, dropping his pants the pain in my lip from the cut Mara’s ring gave him was more paramount the sting of my cheek.

“Jason, I’m sorry,” Mara said apologetically as Jason’s blood ran down his chin. His brain began work again telling me him was nude in front of my mother. Hastily pulling up his pants ignoring the fact that his blood was saturating into the hard wood floor. Mara didn’t miss that fact either her eyes running over Jason’s naked cock. “I didn’t mean to do that,” she said taking a Kleenex from the box on his desk. Jason pulled back as Mara tried to clean his wound. “Here,” Mara said tearing up which was odd to Jason. It wasn’t the first lordbahis giriş time she had slapped him or was it the fact that he pulled away from her. Jason stared confused by her actions as she walked towards my door. “Please,” she said stopping in the doorway. “Don’t go out alone we would really like to join you for dinner. I know this is a special night for you Jason we only ask that we can join you in it,” Mara said looking over her shoulder. The tears Jason saw broke his resolve letting out a long sigh as he relented.

“Fine,” Jason said she was still his mother, however much he disliked his own family. “I’m leaving in twenty minutes with or without you.” Looking in the mirror above his dresser to see if the blood had stopped.

“We’ll be ready,” Mara said whipping away her tears.

“Then I suggest you and the others put on something more appropriate for where I’m going,” Jason said winching as he pressed the Kleenex back to his lip.

“Why where were you planning to go?!” Mara asked stunned she had thought it be just a simple fast food restaurant.

“The Moor’s,” Jason said tossing the used Kleenex into the wastebasket. Jason knew he could get a reservation at such a short notice. Yet now it appears Jason needed a bigger table then the one he normally asks for.

“Really!” Mara’s eyes lit up at the news. It wasn’t a secret that she fancied that restaurant they’re the best in town. “Can you wait a little longer so we all can get dolled up?” Mara asked practical begging. Again, which was odd to him this wasn’t something his mother normally did.

“Fine but you all only have,” Jason said looking over at the clock which read 6:00. “Until 8:30 to be ready I’ll make the reservation for nine.”

“We’ll be ready I’ll make sure of it,” Mara said as Jason pulled out his S7. Scrolling through his list of contacts till he reached the restaurants number. Not seeing Mara dash from his doorway as Jason hit the send button.

“Hey Marcus, it’s Jason, I need to make that a table for four and at nine o’clock if that’s possible,” Jason almost groaned out load when he said it wasn’t a problem. Jason had hoped he could get out of it and just go another night alone like he always did. Hanging up silently cursing to himself defeated that he had to spend the night with his family.

“Hey,” Margret said, knocking on my door. “I just want to thank you for allowing us to tag along.”

“Huh-uh,” Jason said as he dug through his closet for the black dress shirt he liked to wear to The Moor’s.

“Don’t be like that bro,” Margret said silently walking into his room. Jason’s body stilled as she pressed her chest against his back. Her B cup breast felt so firm and soft against his skin if that’s even possible. Her arms reaching around his waist pulling him close to her. “I just want you to know I’ve read every single book you have out.”

“I know,” Jason stammered trying to control his rebellious body. Jason took a dry swallow knowing this was as closest he had ever been to a woman regardless if she was his sister or not.

“Then you know how they make me feel,” Margret said in a lustful whisper as her hand moved towards his waistband.

“Margret Ann!” His mother practically yelling out her name. “March that little tight ass of yours into the shower right this instance,” Mara said pointing towards the bathroom. “Wait, did she just call her daughter’s ass tight?” Jason ask himself sure that he had imagined it. “Sorry Jason, I’ll see that she doesn’t bother you while you get ready.” Jason could only nod this night was already weird as it was, there was no sense adding more to it. Closing the clasp on mother of pearl cufflinks a soft knock came on his door, as the last page of the rough draft of his newest novel left the printer that sat next to his laptop.

“Jason,” Mara said slowly inching my door open. “Can I use your shower your father is still in ours, and Margret is taking her time in hers.”

“Okay,” Jason said barely looking up as he pulled out his desk chair. Taking the stack of papers from the printer, grabbing his red pen knowing it was better to distract his mind while he waited.

“Oh, what do you have there?!” Mara asked as she leaned against Jason’s back. Brushing her right cheek against his left cheek as her chin rested on his shoulder. “The Willows?! Is that the one about to come out?” she asked her breath hot in his ear. Draping her right arm over his shoulder then down his chest.

“No,” Jason said shakenly wondering what the hell was going on with them, “it’s the next one that will be out it’s a part of the five books deal I sign this afternoon.”

“Is that so,” Mara said slyly her left hand rubbing along Jason’s thigh. “Is it going to be like all your other ones?” she asked her tongue teasing Jason’s earlobe. All Jason could do was nod his head, it would seem all coherent thought left him at that moment. “Will you let me read it?” Jason gulped as her finger circled around his left nipple.

“It’s only a rough draft I’ll have to edit it first,” Jason said daring not to look into those hungry predatory eyes of his mother.

“I can help you with that if you let me,” Mara cooed stopping her left hand just before her son’s harden member. Feeling the heat of his erection against her skin.

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