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A Shepherd Afield Pt. 02

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Author’s Notes:

‘A Shepherd Afield’ is a continuation of ‘A Shepherd in France’ which continued the story of ‘The Shepherd of Ashburn Court’. Minimal effort is made in this tale to explain the backstory so please read the other stories first.

All characters engaging in sexual relationships or activities are 18 years old or older.


Chapter 8

Ben stood in the open lobby of the Costa Rican resort and enjoyed the ocean breezes passing through the access way. The fresh air carried the scents of the lush greenery and beautiful flowers from the gardens on the grounds. He smiled serenely at Rochelle and Trish who smiled happily back at him.

“It’s the rainy season and I’ve been told that this means we’ll get thunderstorms in the afternoon for a few hours. We’ll get sun and cloud earlier in the day. Afternoons would be a good time to spend a little time in the spa,” Ben suggested and got grins from the ladies. “Do you want to see what’s available for this afternoon? It looks like today’s storm is about to get underway,” Ben said peering up at the dark clouds passing over the countryside.

With a smile and a twinkle in her eyes Rochelle walked briskly back to speak with the woman at the reception desk.

Their luggage had been taken to their rooms and Ben was assured the two adjoining rooms had a lovely view overlooking the pool.

Trish leaned against his chest and grinned up at him. “Thank you so much for this Ben. I’d never be able to afford to come to a place as nice as this.”

“Thank you so much for joining me! I’m just getting used to travelling and I’d never do this on my own,” he said as he gave her a hug.

She got a mischievous look in her eyes. “So who are you going to have in your bed tonight?”

He felt his face pink up as she made him sound like some kind of playboy. “I leave that decision up to you and Rochelle. Neither of you has to sleep with me you know!”

“Aw Ben, I’m just teasing you. I know you aren’t like that. You are such a sweet man… with the body of a sex god!” she purred a little too loudly. A group of older ladies passing by looked back at them in shock.

“Could we try to maintain a low profile on this trip?” he whispered to her.

“Sorry Ben,” she said contritely.

“Are you already causing trouble?” Rochelle said to Trish as she rejoined them.

“What can I say, Ben brings out my inner imp!” Trish grinned.

Rochelle just shook her head at the redhead. “Ok, here is what I got us so far. In about an hour we all get a full body massage in the spa with the steam room beforehand. Tomorrow at 2pm we all go back to the spa for mud wraps then the steam room followed by another full body massage. Then Trish and I are booked for manicures, pedicures, and facials finishing off with having our hair done. You will have to find something to do with yourself while we are made all pretty. I’ve booked us a nice table at their fine dining restaurant tomorrow night.” Trish was looking at her in surprise. Rochelle suddenly realized she was spending Ben’s money for him and she looked at him nervously. “Is that ok?” she squeaked.

Ben laughed and pulled her into a hug. “Of course it’s ok! That’s what we are here for! Relaxing, being pampered, and enjoying ourselves! That and keeping me from using my finger so it can heal.”

Rochelle hugged him back and looked up at him. “We should go check out our rooms and get into our swimsuits to prepare for our massages.”

Ben nodded and released her so they could make their way up the stairs to the second floor. Their rooms were half way down the hall. Just as they were getting close the door to the room next to theirs opened and a man stepped out quickly without looking. He collided with Ben’s chest and bounced back. Ben managed to catch him before he fell.

“Unhand me you big oaf!”

Ben released the man once he was sure he wouldn’t fall. He looked like he was in his sixties, maybe. He looked fit but his hair was shockingly white and his skin showed the damage of too much time in the sun. From his attire that exposure might have been from golf courses. The man had sharp features with small dark eyes set just a little too close together. Ben found his angry expression to be almost comical but managed not to smile.

“Please be careful when stepping out into the hall, sir,” Ben said.

Now the man looked really angry. “You bump into me and I’m to blame for it? You just keep track of where your big feet are carrying that meat on your shoulders and maybe you wouldn’t be such a hazard in the hallways!”

Ben sighed and looked past the angry man to his pretty wife who was standing in the entrance of their room. She also had white hair in a stylish pixie cut but she obviously took much better care of her skin. She had an old school wholesome beauty and class that immediately put Ben at ease. She gave him an apologetic smile.

“Good day,” Ben said as he moved aside.

The man sputtered in irritation then stormed off with his wife in tow.

Trish watched the tuzla bayan escort man head down the stairs and turned to Ben. “Who put the pickle up his ass?”

“The man seriously needs to learn how to relax!” Rochelle agreed.

Ben used his keycard to open his door and stepped inside. A large modern bathroom was to his immediate right. Walking further into the room he saw it was pretty standard as hotel rooms went. Queen size bed and a large dresser with a TV on top for watching movie’s in bed. Sofa sitting area beyond the bed. Next was the large sliding glass doors leading to the balcony. He walked through and stood on the wide terrace looking down at the pool. Only a few people were currently swimming though there was a group of young people hanging out by the pool bar.

He felt arms wrapping around him from behind and from the feel of her body pressing up against his back he knew it was Trish. He gave her arms a squeeze.

“Come on Ben, we’ve been commanded to get into our swimsuits and robes to report to the spa,” she teased.

They went back inside and Ben opened his suitcase to pull out his board shorts and sandals. He stepped into the bathroom to change. Once ready he tried to put on the robe he found on the back of the bathroom door but discovered it was too small.

He draped it over his shoulders and stepped out into the room. Trish and Rochelle grinned at his cape and they headed down to the spa.

Ben followed the ladies down through the lobby to the spa entrance where they were met by a lovely, tall blonde woman in a white sarong.

“Good afternoon! My name is Greta. Am I addressing the Shepherd party?”

Ben looked at Rochelle and smiled. “Yes, that’s us.”

Greta’s eyes were drawn to the scars on his chest which were clearly visible due to his open robe. Her eyes flicked up to his and he saw a dawning recognition in them. However, she was a professional who had met her share of celebrities in the spa so she simply nodded with a smile. “It’s an honor to have you visit us. The steam room is just this way.”

Ben breathed a sigh of relief and gestured for Rochelle and Trish to proceed him. They stopped before the entrances to the change rooms.

“You will find lockers inside and towels to wrap yourself in once you remove the bathing suits.” Greta instructed.

They went into their separate change rooms and moments later returned wrapped in white towels. Once more Greta’s eyes flashed to take in the damage evident on Ben’s skin. She gestured to the glass door across the hall. “I will return to collect you for your massages. Do you have a preference for your masseuse? Male or female?”

“Male!” Rochelle blurted with a grin.

Trish shook her head seeing the twinkle in her friend’s eyes. “Either is fine with me.”

“Female,” Ben said with a blush and Greta dipped her head to indicate she’d noted their preference.

They found spots to sit in the steamy room. There were only two other people in the room, both elderly men who did their best to hide their delight at seeing the female flesh on display.

Ben closed his eyes and let the heat soak into his body. He felt the release of tension he hadn’t been aware he’d been holding.

Before he realized it he felt a gentle touch on his arm.

“Mr. Shepherd, it is time for your massage,” Greta said gently.


She smiled. “It is time, Ben.”

He saw Trish and Rochelle on their feet so he stood and followed them out. Greta led them down a hall and outside to a patio overlooking the ocean. There were four massage tables arranged so they all faced the surf below. The patio was covered by a sturdy roof but was open on the sides to allow the ocean breezes to flow through. Ben saw three well built men waiting beside three of the tables. He caught Rochelle’s grin and Trish’s answering smirk. Ben began to feel a little uncomfortable as he didn’t want a massage from a man. He knew Dr. Granger would ask him to examine his unease but he wasn’t ready for that at the moment.

He turned to ask Greta about it and saw the woman from the room next to his joining them. She smiled happily when she saw Ben and nodded to him. Greta directed her to the third man as Rochelle and Trish got situated with the other two. This left the final table which Greta gestured to.

“I will be your masseuse today,” she said.

Ben nodded with a smile and climbed up on the table. Suddenly his towel seemed terribly inadequate.

He laid on his stomach with his head turned to the right. He saw his room neighbor smiling back at him as she also laid in her stomach.

“Hello! I’m Susan,” she said with a grin.

“Hello Susan. I’m Ben.” He returned her smile.

“I just wanted to apologize for my husband’s rude behavior earlier. Ted really can be a total prick at times. Well, most of the time.”

“That’s very nice of you! Apology accepted. Thanks.”

“Are you here for the Eco-tourism thing? Zip lining in the rainforest? Jungle hikes?” Susan asked.

“No, tuzla olgun escort this is as adventurous as I’m going to get this week!” Ben chuckled.

Susan lifted her head to look at Ben’s two companions then turned back to give him a devilish grin. “Really?”

Ben was saved from having to answer as their massages had begun. It felt so good speaking was too much effort.

Greta had very strong hands and Ben couldn’t help releasing a few moans of relief as she found some knots and worked them out with her thumbs.

“Hey Ben! You going for the happy ending over there?” Trish laughed.

Ben missed the reference. “Greta has incredible hands and they are making me very happy!”

Trish and Rochelle burst out laughing and Ben realized he’d missed something.

He looked back at Greta and saw her cheeks were very red. “I don’t get the reference but I guess that was an inappropriate thing to say. My apologies. Trish, behave!”

“Awww! That takes all the fun out of- ooohhhhh!” she groaned as her own masseuse vanquished a knotted muscle.

Rochelle snorted.

Conversation was kept to a minimum during the first part of the massage. Greta worked her way through Ben’s muscle groups and complimented him on his workout routine for the symmetrical development of his muscles. She asked if he had any residual tightness or pain from the scarring on his back and he said no.

Then it came time to turn over.

Ben had begun to tingle down there just a little as the massage felt good and he’d been applying pressure to the area by lying on it. While it wasn’t erect it wasn’t completely relaxed either.

Sensing his discomfort Greta smiled. “It’s ok Ben, it happens. We’re all adults here,” she said quietly and calmly.

He gave her a grateful smile and rolled over as she held the towel up over him. As she lowered the towel it tented as he expected it would.

“Oh my, yes!”

Ben and Greta looked over at the next bed and Susan was a little red faced. She was looking at the sizable bump in Ben’s towel. When she realized she’d made her little outburst out loud and they were looking at her, she blushed harder.

“My apologies, Ben. That was rude of me,” she exclaimed.

It had been so out of character, or rather, his expectation of her character based on her looks, Ben was a little flustered. It was like spotting a classic American sitcom Mom from the 1950’s starring in a porno. He just nodded and watched her struggle to not look at his towel. He closed his eyes and tried to relax back against the mattress.

Greta began working his muscle groups on the front of his body. Again she complemented him on his symmetry and asked about residual pain and tightness under his scars. He informed her he had none and she smiled and continued.

He relaxed under her skilled hands and when the session was over he was feeling wonderful. He smiled at her once she helped him sit on the edge of the table. “That was amazing! I don’t often go for massages but this one really opened my eyes to how good they can make you feel! Thank you!”

“You are most welcome, Ben. I understand you have another massage scheduled for tomorrow. Would you like me to add that to my schedule?”

“Yes please!”

“Great! I will see you then.”

Ben stood and fastened his towel tight around his waist. He saw the others sitting up and preparing to leave.

Susan approached him and leaned in to speak quietly with him.

“I’m terribly sorry if I made you uncomfortable,” she said.

“It’s alright.”

“When you get to my age and you find yourself living with… someone like Ted, finding something to be excited about is a real treat!” She smiled at him and glanced down at the bump in his towel. She bit her lip then made her way towards the locker rooms.

Ben felt Trish’s big tits squeeze against his back and his cock began to wake up.

“You have a new fan Ben!” Trish said with a grin.

“Stop teasing the man. He can’t help being so irresistible!” Rochelle joked.

Ben turned his burning face towards them. “Are we done here?”

Trish saw his reaction to her and a wide satisfied smile spread across her face. “Oh my, yes.”

Ben rolled his eyes and thanked Greta once more before setting off for the locker room. Susan was exiting as he arrived and she caught a glimpse of his recent development. Her eyes lit up with excitement and she gave him a thrilled smile as he passed.

As he stood before his locker he let out a heavy sigh. He pulled out his board shorts and pulled them on. He heard someone clearing their throat as he pulled the undersized robe from the locker. He turned to see one of the male masseuses standing there with a robe in his arms.

“You could probably use a larger size robe,” he said and handed it to Ben who handed his smaller one over.

“Yes! Thank you very much!”

Ben pulled on the robe and while it was still tight he was able to close it around himself. His broad chest was still showing a little tuzla otele gelen escort but the robe was closed from his waist down and that was good. He smiled at the man and left the room to wait for Trish and Rochelle.

He was doubly thankful the robe was closed at the bottom as Trish was showing a lot of cleavage in hers and she had a naughty look in her eyes. He felt himself throb in anticipation and her smile widened as its heat went up.

“At least get him to the room before you jump him!” Rochelle teased and Trish moved forward to take Ben’s arm as they headed towards the lobby.

As they approached they heard a lot of loud but happy voices and laughter. A new group was coming in.

They stepped into the lobby into a group of at least twenty people, all milling about with their suitcases, obviously checking in, and the harried staff trying to process them as quickly as they could. There was a lot of gold chains and large rings on display. Ben recalled this would be called ‘bling’. Now that he was closer Ben saw the group was comprised of around eight black men and at least a dozen beautiful black women. One member of the group didn’t seem to fit in and was being largely ignored by the others. She was a petite Hispanic woman, maybe 5′ 3″, with long flowing chestnut hair and full sleeve tattoos.

“Hey! I recognize those two! That’s Dream and Killah! And that’s Jarome and Millionz! Jayden loves their music!” Rochelle blurted as she suddenly stopped in surprise. Ben and Trish stopped to look back just as a finely dressed man turned and bumped into Rochelle. He caught himself and apologized.

“I- I’m terribly sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going!” he said, looking into Rochelle’s eyes.

Rochelle was frozen, trapped by the man’s hazel eyes. She seemed to finally snap out of her daze. “It’s ok. I’m good,” she said softly.

“I’m Thomas. Thomas Powell.” He couldn’t seem to look away from Rochelle.

“Rochelle King. Nice to meet you.”

“Where’s my big brother?” boomed a voice from the right. This broke the moment and all turned to see a slim, shorter man striding over towards Thomas with a much larger man in his wake.

“Danny, this lovely woman is Rochelle King.” Thomas said in introduction.

“What did I say about using that name?” Danny said crossly.

“It’s nice to meet you Dream,” Rochelle smiled and Danny’s face lit up.

“Well it’s a delight to meet you!” the man beamed.

“These are my friends Trish Campbell and Ben Shepherd,” Rochelle continued.

Dream admired Trish’s exposed flesh then took measure of the big man at her side. His size, the scars on his arms, chest and… face. Recognition began to spark in his eyes.

Ben saw excitement then resentment flash by on the smaller man’s face. He wasn’t sure what that was about but he didn’t need any more drama. Following Rochelle’s lead he nodded to the man. “It’s very nice to meet you Dream.”

The balance shifted to excitement as Ben’s acknowledgment was accepted. “Ben Shepherd of the ‘Bronze Man’ Ben Shepherd?” Danny asked to confirm.

Ben winced and nodded.

Danny’s grin widened and he looked over his shoulder at the big man behind him. “Killah, you have some local competition for having the biggest-“

“DREAM! Please!” Thomas gasped and his younger brother grinned in victory. Getting his brother to use his new name was always a battle.

Dream pointed over his shoulder. “You know he used to be called Killah D because of the size of his-“

“Seriously, stop!” Thomas barked in frustration causing Dream to grin.

A tall slim mocha beauty wandered over and slid her arm possessively around Danny as she fitted her svelte body against his. “Who are our new friends?” she asked with a smooth rich voice.

Thomas took up the introductions and Ben learned this lovely woman was La’Shia, an equally famous celebrity. She was R&B/Pop/Dance-Pop to Dream’s Hip Hop/Rap.

“My big brother is going to be officiating our wedding this week,” Dream said with a big smile.

Rochelle’s face showed her surprise. “You’re a priest?”

Thomas smiled and held her eyes with his, “No, I’m a Justice of the Peace back in California. I’ve just made all the arrangements through the local legal process to be able to perform the wedding here.”

Rochelle’s delighted smile was priceless. Ben and Trish both grinned at their friend’s obvious interest in the man but Trish glanced at Ben when she suddenly realized what it might mean.

“Would you be able to join us for dinner tonight? I mean all of you?” Thomas asked.

Rochelle suddenly realized she was acting like a love struck school girl with this stranger while the man who brought her to the party watched. She cast a guilty looked towards Ben which made Thomas, Dream and La’Shia all look towards him too. Thomas’ eyes held confusion in them.

Ben needed to shut this awkward moment down. “That would be lovely! What time?”

“9 PM in the Silver Moon restaurant.” Dream said with a grin.

“Perfect, we’ll be there! See you then,” Ben said then turned to leave.

Rochelle smiled once more at Thomas and followed after Ben and Trish. When they got to their room Ben asked Rochelle to join him for a moment. Trish gave Ben a curious look but went into the other room and closed the door when he shook his head.

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