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A Private Show

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It was Saturday morning, when Emily received the message from her boyfriend Christian. They are now 2 months apart, Chris staying in Australia for half a year due to work, and Emily staying at home. After he was gone, their sex life went a little downhill, since they couldnt screw around like bunnys anymore. The only thing left were the toys, which they used quite a lot on cam for each other, but something was missing for Emily. That`s why she was even more excited, when she read his message: “Hey Honey, I hope you slept well. I know you are a bit sad that I`m gone, and I really really miss you too, the sex especially. And for that reason, I ordered a little surprise for you, that should arrive today. I hope you like it, even if its a little extra I´d say. Meet me online this evening, I´m really excited.

Love you, Chris.”

Emilys heart was racing, her thoughts went all over the place. What was he talking about, what did he order? She got excited, even a bit aroused. Emily asked him what he was talking about, and if he could explain it a bit further. After half an hour went by, she knew that he wouldn´t answer her.

So she went to the living room, sat on the couch and waited, waited for the mysterious package to arrive. Another hour went by before the door bell rang. She took the package inside, it was quite heavy Emily thought to herself. After it was open, she couldnt believe what she was seeing. The first thing that she noticed was the black and white lingerie set inside. It was a matching set of stockings, garter belt, bra and thong, together black heels. She took the lingerie out of the package, amazed by how sexy it looked even with nobody wearing it. A little note fell on the floor, saying: “I hope you like it, please wear it for me later. And I also hope you dont get scared by the little toy.”

What toy? She took a second look into the package, noticing a machine down there. Her eyes widened, she felt a mix of arousal, lust and passion. “You are so crazy” she said out loud, looking at the fucking machine in the package. It was one you see in pornos, that could fuck you faster than any men could possibly do. “You are so fucking crazy!” she said again, but still smiling from ear to ear.

The evening was still a few hours away, so Emily went to the bathroom and got under the shower. The longer she stood under the hot water, the more illegal bahis sexual thoughts came to her mind, her hands beginning to run over her own body. When her hands reached her pussy, she regained her senses and an insane idea came to her mind.

She got out of the shower and went to the bedroom, the lingerie still on the bed and the machine in the package. Emily explored it further, noticing a remote control and two dildos, one small one and a bigger one. The manual also said you could put in a program, that would get the machine to work a set amount of time and with a set speed. Another big smile came to Emilys face, getting the red sex chair out of the closet that she and Chris bought together. She positioned it infront of the machine, then hooked the smaller dildo into it. She dropped her bathrobe, laid down on the chair and positioned the dildo at her pussy. She got wet just from being in this position, but didn´t turn it on. She got up again, preparing everything she needed for the evening.

Emily felt really sexy in the lingerie, even kind of powerful. She decided to play with Chris, tease him and drive him crazy. She positioned her webcam so he would get full view of the chair and the machine, and herself of course. She received another message from Chris: “Are you ready?”

She answered:” You have no idea.”

She turned on the webcam, posing for him. His face turned up on the screen, his eyes immediately getting wide, seeing her.

“Oh my god Emily, you are so damn sexy!”

“Well, you sent this to me, so I guess you do have good taste after all.”

“Since you are wearing it, I guess you liked the whole package?” He grinned.

“Oh you are such a pervert Chris!” She said with a smile “I haven`t tried it out yet, but I bet I will like it. But before I begin my little show, how did this idea came to your mind?”

“Well, to be honest Emily…”

“Did you see this thing while jacking off your little cock to some filthy porn?” She bent down towards the cam, pressing her boobs together with her arms, presenting them to Chris.

“Fuck…Yes, I did honey…God you look so damn sexy, I wish i could fuck you right now!”

“Well, your little gift will do that for now i guess. Hopefully it doesn`t fuck me better than you do, otherwise you can only watch this thing from now on.” She turned around, slapping illegal bahis siteleri your own ass to make it jiggle for Chris. She took the remote control from the bed, standing over the chair now. She bent down on it, laying down fully. She pulled her thong aside, positioning the head of the small dildo into her pussy. She looked at the webcam, biting her lower lip.

“Do I look like one of your pornsluts now, Chris?”

“Yes you do Emily!” His cock was hard, and he was slowly stroking it.

“Should I behave like one of your pornsluts for you?”

“Oh fuck Emily, this is so hot!”

“Do you want me to behave like a slut?”


“Mmmmh okay honey, then you better enjoy the show.” Emily winked at the cam, ready for what she is about to do. She took the remote control, setting the machine to a slow pace. She felt the small dildo entering her, then pulling out, then entering again. She enjoyed the slow pace, it made it easy to get used to the machine. After she was feeling comfortable, she turned up the speed, letting the dildo pound her like Chris would do. Emily let out a moan, getting really into all of this. She felt an orgasm building, then turned it off before she could cum.

“God, Emily, why did you turn it off? I want to see you cum so bad! You are such a tease!”

“I know I am, and you will see me cum. A lot. I wasn´t sure what to think about your little gift at first, but after I inspected it further it got me pretty horny. So now, for the next thirty minutes, I will be your little webcam slut. Ok?”

“Wow Emily, I have never seen you like this! This is so fucking hot, I cant believe what you are doing here!”

“Well honey, you were the one sending me that package. And don´t say you don´t want me like this, I know what little pervert you are, so enjoy the show.”

Emily blew him a kiss, then took the remote again. She changed the dildos on the machine and put the bigger one in, then layed down on the chair again. The head of the dildo entered her pussy easily, and she started the set program she put in. The dildo disappeared into her pussy, then slowly pulling out again. Emily moaned loud, then looked into the webcam again. She threw the remote into the bed, then reached beside the chair to reveal a pair of handcuffs to Chris. She teased him with them, then cuffing her hands together before canlı bahis siteleri her body. She put them up above her head, smiling into the webcam.

“Emily, what are you doing?” Chris said a bit confused, but still aroused.

“I am a slut, just like the ones you like. This machine will now fuck me for the next thirty minutes, and it will only stop after that amount of time. Don´t worry, the key to the cuffs is on the bed, but I can only get it after that dildo pulls out of my little pussy. Now shut up and enjoy the show honey.”

Emilys heart was racing, since she didn´t look up anything about the machine. She just put in a program that would build up speed slowly, at the peak fucking her at full speed for 5 minutes. The small dildo did a good job of preparing her, so the bigger dildo was easy to take at the slow pace. She moaned, enjoying this even more than she thought she would. She liked the sexy outfit, she enjoyed the machine fucking her, and she loved being watched while doing it.

She felt the speed building up, and her first orgasm too. She came, and the machine didn´t stop. The lust took over her body, her body rocking on the chair and her senses beginning to blur. It took her another ten minutes to cum another two times, shaking through her whole body. She wasn´t able to hear what Chris was saying anymore, the machine got to its peak and fucked Emily merciless, and she came again. She can´t really remember everything after that, only that she came again and again, before the machine eventually stopped. After she regained her senses, she looked at the webcam and the screen. Chris was still there, cum over his body, his dick soft. He smiled at her.

“Honey, this was so insane, in a good way! I enjoyed it so much, and you look like you did too.” He giggled

Emily got up, her legs still a bit shaking. She retrieved the keys, opened her cuffs and sat infront of the webcam.

“Fuck, I really enjoyed it. I really felt like a slut! The outfit, the cuffs, getting fucked by a machine, even with heels on. And especially with you watching, it was so hot knowing you are watching me cum so hard!”

“So you enjoy being watched? Are you going to be a cam girl?” Chris joked

Emily grinned “You really want me to be a slut dont you?”

“If I have evenings like this, then hell yes! I guess I´m going to send you a few more packages the next weeks!”

“You should be careful, if you get me worked up like this I might get a real cock to fuck me next time you watch me.”

“Oh you are so dirty Emily, I love it.”

“I love you so much!”

“I love you too!”

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