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A Nice Reward For Quick Fun

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Author’s Notes: As is usual to state on Literotica, in case it is not clear enough from the story itself, all characters participating in sexual acts occurring in this story are at least 18 years of age.

Please, don’t forget to comment, rate and if you like it, favorite the story. Constructive critique and feedback are always welcomed.


Alexander chuckled slightly as he handed the paper note to the girl sitting in front of him. The sudden dryness in his throat was something he hadn’t felt for a long time, the last time being the first time he had ever done something like this, when he slid another note with a nearly-identical text to this one to a McDonald’s cashier after taking his order a couple of months ago.

Just like the girl that had now looked at the note, that cashier had attracted his attention with her round, fruity tits which rested on the desk in front of her. They were the thing he was slobbering over then, just like he was now doing at the sight of their twins.

“You’re hot and I’m horny. 300€ for a BJ?” was not a long text. Briefly, he wondered whether she’ll read it quicker than the previous girls. She didn’t. However, her reaction was a bit better than he was used to. There was only the slightest hint of anger on her face as she turned to face him, with most of the emotions he could see there being surprise and amusement at him doing something like this during a quite active college lecture.

Then, her face turned more neutral and her eyes swirled all over. She was checking him out, and just like the others, she wasn’t too thrilled at what she saw.

Oh well. He of course wasn’t hideous by any measure, but not everyone can be a subject of random strangers’ sex fantasies like the girls he was approaching with those notes were. Thankfully for him, however, he did have the money to make those offers.

Slowly, she turned back around and grabbed a pen, before hunching forward and starting to write a reply to him on his note. He knew from experience what she’ll most probably write. He could see her starting to write it. He’ll still quite enjoy reading and replying to it, no matter what.

He used the few moments while she wrote that to check if anyone had noticed what was happening between the two of them, or even recognized it, and was watching them now.

He knew how unlikely it was, and wasn’t surprised at all that no one seemed to be watching them, but it still paid off to be sure.

She turned around as slowly as before and handed him his note back.

“Show me the money,” was now written on it, just below his message, in very pretty handwriting.

He did exactly that, chuckling for a bit with a slight grin remaining on his face after the chuckle disappeared, taking six 50€ banknotes out of his right pocket and shaking them together for a bit under his desk. She quickly bent down to look at them, and soon, a grin exactly like that on his face appeared on hers as well.

“Come to the men’s stalls next to this 10 minutes after the break is over, make sure nobody watches,” he wrote on the remaining free space on the note before handing it to her again. She looked at it and nodded quietly, before turning her attention back to the lecturer for good.

After she had done so, he in contrast spent the remaining 15 minutes of the lecture focusing on her.

Damn. She was among the best catches he had had so far with this, easily. A cute face, nicely manicured nails and even nicer light brown hair, curvy body, big hoop earrings and a big booty to go with them, and of course, a pair of fat tits obvious even through her thick sweater.

If he had to, he’d bet that she was already approached like this at least once. Or, at least, had so much more experience sucking cocks than the average girl her age that she had already thought about making some money off of it. Might’ve been a bit sexist and stereotypical of him to think about girls like her in that way, but he knew, much more than most people, just what kind of life and experiences girls with such looks usually had.

After the lecture had finally ended, he was so turned on by her attractive looks that he could hear his heart beating in his ears, arousing a few soft laughs from some of his fellow students as they watched him awkwardly jerking away. Those turned into much more noticeable ones as he suddenly realized that he had forgotten most of his stuff behind him, his mind clouded by the erotic haze, and even more awkwardly ran back to his seat to pick them all up.

He was pretty sure that she was laughing as well.

Well, whatever. He’ll be putting her mouth to a different task soon enough.

Time passed by surprisingly quickly as he waited for her next to the last stall from the door. He was a bit afraid that it would be as awkward as his jogging back to his seat just was, with his fellow students passing him by, some of them snickering due to not knowing what he was doing there, and the others doing so because bahis siteleri they knew that. Thankfully for him, there was almost no one there with him, even before the following lecture had started, and those who were with him here had barely even looked at him.

Nor did he find himself nervously checking his phone every ten seconds, anxiously waiting for her to finally pass through the door, the wait seemingly as endless as those for the results of final examinations. This fact surprised even him, but it was quite understandable. At this point, he simply had enough experience doing this, and no matter how hot she was, no matter how much he wanted to see her on her knees in front of him, and no matter how awkward it might’ve still been to do this right at the uni, he simply knew what he was doing now and wasn’t about to be rattled easily.

And then, exactly at the time he had chosen for her, the door had swiftly opened.

The large, fat tits jiggled wildly as they led her way to the room, completely capturing his attention up until they were right in front of him, and her pretty, softly-smiling face was looking straight into his, which was still peeking out from behind the last stall.

“So, here I am, Mister Pervert,” she said mockingly. “In what position would you prefer me?”

“You can still walk away, you know?” he quickly replied, his voice sounding as if he was unsure whether he was supposed to even slightly try to pretend that he actually wouldn’t care if she did so. “Also, you don’t know my name?”

“Never really noticed you, if we even ever were in the same room at the same time. You seem to be pretty much a keeping-to-himself type of guy,” she said, sighing inaudibly as his gaze returned to her bountiful, half-revealed cleavage. “Figures that you probably do nothing but think about stuff like this, like now. Also, you think I’m just gonna throw away a sum that could pay off half of my bills?!”

“No, I don’t,” he replied, not even bothering to take his eyes off of her tits, and starting to undo his jeans. “And I also don’t really think about this often. Mostly just when I meet chicks as hot as you, and I think you can see where I’d like to see you right now, in what position I’d prefer you, as you’d say.”

“Of course,” she said, not sounding nearly as defeated as he had expected her to. “You gonna move, so nobody would see us?” she asked, trying to push him backward with her dainty hands.

“Nah, it’s more fun if they can end up seeing us. Or, well, at least you, the moment they step in,” he replied, grinning mischievously. “C’mon, I’ll add an extra hundred Es if you do that,” he added after an awkwardly long pause, with her just staring at him with a stony expression on her face the entire time.

She just rolled her eyes but fell onto her knees anyway.

Soon, his jeans and boxers fell on the floor as well, and her shiny blue eyes found themselves staring right at the engorged cockhead which crowned his erect cock.

“The name’s Alexander by the way,” he said, amused as he saw her licking her lips. “This will sound rather hypocritical, but I don’t know your name either. Though, in my defence, you have other attributes by which people remember you.”

She chortled for a moment, before answering, “Mira.” Grabbing his hard cock with her small hand, she made him moan deeply, before saying, “You’re also gonna have something else for people to remember you, Alex. Remember you by, I mean, cause my boyfriend will fuckin’ massacre you if he catches us. Or if someone else does, and this gets to him.”

“I’ll die pretty happy then, with my cock in the school hottie’s mouth,” he proudly announced.

“Aaah, you think I’m the school hottie of this uni?” she asked rhetorically, her voice dripping with satisfaction, before finally slipping the thick shaft past her lips.

“Oh yeaaah,” he moaned as she tasted his cock for the first time, his moans sounding just as satisfied as her voice did, before abruptly stopping when pulled his organ back out after sucking it a few times.

“Oh c’mon, there are hotter girls here,” she said, sounding almost hurt, though the face looking up at him seemed to be holding back more than a few laughs as she slowly stroked the freshly-moistened dick.

He, for his part, wasn’t as successful at that as she was, and so, as he was looking down at her, a short burst of his laughter soon filled the stale air in the room. He knew what she was doing. The moment she let him taste the pleasure he wanted, she had gained leverage on him and was quite aware of that, given that she had used it immediately. Amazing, really. Now, he knew exactly what he was missing while she was teasing him, and if he wanted to get it, he had better start playing by her rules.

“Yeah, there are, but,” he said, drawing back her attention. “But, it’s just the way you present yourself. The others as well, you’re just the third girl in here I had to offer this, out of all the hot chicks in there.”

“You canlı bahis siteleri mean?” she asked, her eyebrows rising, and her hand around his cock tightening, in a way that clearly let him know that now it was the time to think deeply about what words he was about to use.

“I mean, if I have to be completely honest,” he continued, making it clear right at the beginning that he didn’t get the message. “I figured that you’ve probably given an offer like this before at least once, given how fuckable you look. I mean, you probably can’t do much with that huge ass and tits, but it’s not like there’s anyone forcing you to wear those slutty clothes and giant hoops.”

“They fit me though, don’t you think?” she answered cockily, before making him moan again, much louder than before, by caressing his cock, licking it, kissing it, and running her soft, puffy cheek against it. “But yeah, I’ve definitely thought about it, and I’m pretty sure I could get some well-off gentlemen quickly interested, if you know what I mean. It’s not like the economy in here is perfect or something.”

“Nope, but at least for you, it can soon get much better,” he replied to her, the self-satisfaction in his voice obvious. “And you know what to do for that.”

“Heh,” she sighed, as she weakened her grip on his cock and prepared to take it back into her mouth. “You sure know how to speed things up, Alex.”

“I sure do,” he proudly replied. “But of us know exactly what to do and say in our situation. We should congratulate ourselves for that, to be frank.”

She just laughed and rolled her eyes a bit in reply, before finally sealing her lips around his cock again and putting her hands to rest on his thighs.

“Oohhh, yeahh,” Alexander breathed out, as she started sucking him off. “I should get a job from a porn studio. Somehow, I always get the best chicks on the market on my-aahh!” he yelped, as she bit his cock lightly.

She didn’t like the way he was talking about her. That much was obvious.

“Mahked?” she asked, taking her teeth off of his cock and resuming her sucking of it, this time starting to bob her head as well. Nevertheless, the threat remained. To him, she was the dealer of both pain and pleasure and had just made it even clearer to him than it was before.

“Cock,” he replied, sounding almost peeved off, “is what I wanted to say before. Anyway, ´market´ is just a figure of speech. I’m just a normal guy, happy to be able to get hot chicks on his cock, just as any other guy would be.”

“Hmh, hmmm,” she hummed in reply, apparently satisfied with what he had said.

So was he. Of course, he meant what he had said much more literally. He really did feel as if he was a guy who managed to always snatch the best goods every time he walked into some story. After all, how could he not? Not even 15 minutes after he had shown her, a hottie with some of the best killer bodies he had ever seen, a few hundred Euro, she was kneeling before him, sucking him off in the men’s stalls and cheating on her thuggish boyfriend in the process.

Of course, he would never say that as long as his cock was in her mouth.

Instead, he just chose to enjoy what his money had bought him.

Tightening her grip on his thighs, she let her tongue join in on the fun before he instinctively grabbed her head by her soft, long, brown locks. First, she slowed down her head-bobbing tempo to allow her soft tongue to properly examine his thick cockhead, his body jerking uncontrollably with almost every move of her tongue on the most sensitive parts of his dick. When he couldn’t take it anymore, he started pushing her head away, and she immediately understood and acquiesced to what he wanted.

Her approach was once again changed to sucking and bobbing. Her cheeks concaving a bit, she professionally vacuumed every part of his cock that happened to be covered by her oral cavity at the moment as she dutifully bobbed her head on it. More instinctively than deliberately, she brought her right hand back to work, jerking him off while her mouth sucked him.

Unfortunately, he had other plans for that cute hand of hers.

“Take off your clothes,” he breathed out, in between the moans aroused by her actions. “I want to see those tits swing. Now!”

She froze for a brief moment as she thought about his words, before doing as ordered. Not because he had commanded her to do so, but because her pussy did so. She would’ve happily teased him a bit more, maybe even sent one or two more biting remarks his way, but at this point, she had realized that she was probably even hornier than he was, and needed to move this thing to the next level.

Her body shuffled around a bit, and soon, the nearly-inaudible sound of thick fabric falling on the ground announced what he was waiting for. Now, her huge tits were swinging, just as he had wanted them to.

“Man…” he breathed out as he, quite predictably, immediately grabbed as much of those large udders as he could, rather ironically canlı bahis aborting the very swinging he had wanted to see so much. Whether he even realized that, though, she couldn’t be sure in any real way, since she quickly started giving head to his little head again, and loud breathing became the only sound he was making.

She picked up exactly where she had left before. Her small, slender fingers tightly gripped his thick shaft, the fact that her fingertips only barely touched her palm making her moist pussy even wetter than it already was. Her cheeks concaved once again as she gently, yet forcefully, sucked his dick, enjoying the taste of his sweet pre-cum while her tiny fingers worked on his thick meat.

“Mmmm,” she moaned as he squeezed her sizeable tits, harder and harder. “You’re a curious boy, aren’t you?” she asked, after taking her mouth off of his cock for a moment.

“A bit,” was all he could blurt out in reply.

She just grinned mischievously, more so to herself than at him, before going back to bobbing her head on his cock after having sucked on it for a bit, her hair and huge hoop earrings swaying back and forth with her head’s movements. Despite her wild moves, she still noticed that his hard shaft was doing some movements of its own. If the pre-cum wasn’t enough of a tell, now it was pretty obvious that he was about to come soon.

“Don’t you dare hold anything back,” she said, looking up at him with hungry, expectant eyes after freeing his pulsating, filled-up cock from her oral grasp once again. “Money isn’t the only thing I can be insatiable for.”

She didn’t have to worry about that.

“Aaah, ah, yees, you got tha-aht,” he replied, after she moved to finally make him come.

She didn’t bother bobbing her head anymore. With him grasp on her tits as strong as before, if not even stronger as his body started spasming and stiffening, she just sucked on the cockhead and teased the underside of his cock with her tongue as her hand continued jerking him off, smearing more and more of her saliva on the thick man meat.

“Oh fuck,” Alexander breathed out, as his body shook in the exact same way she had encountered more than a few times with her boyfriends.

With a final, frantic thrust of his hips, which would have probably forced her into a certain ejaculation of her own was her gag reflex not just about nonexistent by now, he flooded her throat with his seed while grunting like an injured bear.

“Ooh, Miraaa, here it comees!” was what he was grunting out, right after grabbing her by her hair and feeling the first rope of cum shoot out of his cock.

That one went straight down her throat. So have the second and third ones. She wasn’t kidding when she said that this was what she craved as well. It was only with the fourth and final one that she took the time to enjoy the taste for a bit, moaning into the sensitive cock and circling her cock around its head before finally swallowing the sweet treat.

“Mmm, seems like you really are good for at least one thing,” Mira cooed, before giving the deflating cock one last hungry suck as she started to get back on her feet.

“And you can have it any time you want, in whatever amount you need,” he assured her, just as she put the sweater back on, souring his spirits as her large funbags were taken from his sight, leaving just their touch-inviting outline. “We can bring that meathead boyfriend of yours in as well. Would be funny to throatfuck his chick in front of him while he just sits there like a little cucky cause he needs the money.”

A loud burst of laughter was the answer to his words.

Then, she stretched her right arm in his direction, hand opened expectantly. With a small sigh to himself, he picked up his wallet and gave her the promised sum, plus all of the bonuses he had mentioned.

“You’re a bit of a douche, but you don’t deserve to end up in a coma,” the busty brunette said, getting ready to leave the stalls after putting the cash into her pockets.

“I’m pretty serious. You can’t tell me that Tim is such a jerk if his family isn’t poor,” Alex said as he put his jeans and underwear back on, trying to act as tough and cocky as possible, though it was clear that he was thankful for the fact that the much stronger man he was now talking about had not walked in on them, now or before. “There has to be a reason why he’s not friends with Brian and the other rich jerks. They all bark like hell, but when you show them the money, they’ll happily start dancing to whatever tune you give them.”

“Whatever,” she said as she rolled her eyes and opened the door to the men’s stalls. “Just don’t get yourself put into the hospital, those bills you’d pay would be much better sent my way,” she added before closing the door after her.

Now, he was left standing in the middle of the room, replaying the sight of her booty jiggling behind her right before that door closed with an awkward, but still content, smirk on his face. He knew that he now had yet another girl he could call just about anytime, though most probably just about once a week, to fulfill any of the nastier fantasies nested deep down in his mind, for just a little financial loss in the process.

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