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A New Teacher’s Welcoming Pt. 03

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Apologies for the delay in getting part three out, but I was hung up on how to continue the sorry tale of our hero Julian. That has been overcome and I’m now back in the groove.

For new readers you don’t need to read the other two parts, but it really will help.

As always I use Australian slang terms and spelling, except for when one character speaks I use ‘ass instead of arse’. Deal with it.

Also pop us a message. We love to read them. Just don’t be a cunt.

I know I’m in trouble.

Ever since I fucked Erin and Georgie and subsequently discovered that I’m a teacher at their school, I’ve been on borrowed time.

Then in a state of horny mindlessness this morning I fucked an Asian house maid whose husband turns out to be somewhat of a violent chap.

On the upside though I know my head teacher is a swinger and, above all, the wife of the principal likes to be fucked by any number of men.

All up, on balance, my life might be crap, but by fuck I’ve been getting some nice pussy and I have quite a lot of information on my peers..

Now as I enter the school grounds the sight of the aforementioned Georgie and Erin sends both a shiver of terror, and one of desire, through my core, for only minutes earlier Georgie had cupped my cock in her hand, and with a serious tone, made a threat of telling Lin’s husband, who as I said likes to punch on, about our spontaneous fuck session just that morning.

Then I see our lovely, god-fearing principal strolling nonchalantly across the playground and all I can think of is his wife, tattooed legs akimbo and being stuffed with cock. The sight of students disobeying the no mobile phone rule was of little concern to me as I focused my thoughts on why my shirt was left behind after the party.

I had my excuse all planned out, and it worked.

“Oh there it is.” I exclaimed excitingly, “I love that shirt, I think it fell out of my car when I got changed for the swim.” I held it up examining it for damage.

“Did you wash it?” I asked, “It must have got dirty on the driveway.”

Sharon stared at me closely. Looking for any sign I was lying.

“I found it inside,” she said.

“Really? Someone must have picked it up. I bought this in London three years ago…” I trailed off my discourse to add a sense of loss and drama, and change the topic of the conversation from its loss, to its discovery.

“Were you with your girlfriend when you bought it?”

I delayed my response, again for effect. “Yeah, ex-girlfriend you mean.” That part was true at least.

“No news on that front then? She hasn’t come around to the idea of moving?”

“Not at all,” I sighed. “To be honest, it was pretty much dead in the water, this place just gave it the final dunking it needed.”

I genuinely choked up a bit when I said it. It worked a treat, the inquisition was over and I went on through the routine and rigours of the day.

It was only when the day was over and we had our usual chit chat that I introduced a couple of subjects that had been playing on my mind.

Recalling the mention of a boat club when I was hiding in their house I crafted an open question of the staff room’s occupants.

“Hey all you locals,” I began, “I’ve never done any freshwater fishing before, is there a fishing club in town or even a boat club I can hire a tinny from?”

Whereas most of them took it as a genuine question and gave me places where I could fish, Sharon once more gave me that long look of suspicion which I could see from the corner of my eye. I just took notes, avoided eye contact, and it wasn’t until Kathy, the skinny brunette spoke, did I get any other tantalising information.

“There is a boat club in town,” she said with a wry smile, “But it’s certainly not where you’d go for your fishing gear.”

‘Kachinng’ I thought, finally a lead.

“What do you mean? Do they just rent speed boats or something, not run-abouts?”

“Neither, I think. It’s just an old clubhouse building on the river that gets used for private functions.”

“Right,” I was in. “Whereabouts? Upstream, downstream, in town?”

“On McClure Road, about four k’s west.”

“I’m sure he’s not interested in some old building,” Sharon said, “Although Tom was a member.”

This was it. Confirmation, in a way, that my predecessor was involved in some sort of club that I suspected was all part of their swinger’s lifestyles.

“So,” I swung my chair around and faced them both. “How do I join? I don’t play golf so some boating would be good.”

Sharon tapped her pen on the table as she pondered her response.

“You’re staying at the pub, right?”

“Sure am.”

“I’ll get someone to contact you later tonight.”

“I could do it,” Kathy said.

“No,” Sharon immediately interjected. “I’ll find someone available. What’s your phone number?”

I rattled off my number and caught a glimpse of Kathy writing down the number as well before giving me the up and down treatment and quickly turning back to her work.

The work conversation returned and soon enough we were istanbul travesti all heading out the door as if all was normal.

“Marcus said to pop into the real estate agent, I think he may have a house for you,” Sharon called out as she left. “Tom’s old place.”

Not only did I have this Tom guy’s classes, desk and chair, but I was in line to get his house as well. At least the rent would be cheap.

As soon as I got back to the hotel I got changed and rode my bike down to the estate agent with only about 10 minutes to spare.

Huffed and with a slight glimmer of sweat on my brow I opened the door and nearly fainted when I saw the tall slender woman, with a tattoo on her ankle, stand up to meet me.

“Ahh, we meet again,” said Kelly, the principal’s wife. “Julian isn’t it?”

Images of her ankle, filmed less than 24 hours earlier, were embedded in my brain, and indeed in the phone held securely in my hand.

“Yes, sorry,” I was ready for Marcus, not for Kelly. “Still trying to remember everyone I meet, it’s been a bit confronting coming to a new town, and all that.”

“I know exactly what you mean,” she said. “We moved here eight years ago, for only two years, or so the contract said, but we love it, everyone is very friendly.”

“Uh, yeah, well,” I commenced saying, but fortunately Marcus must have heard our discussion and was a delightful diversion for me.

“Hey bloke,” he shook my hand and offered me a beer which I refused as politely as I could.

“I’m going for a ride after this, next time maybe?”

“Yeah, no worries, you know where we live so pop out at any time. You could even ride that thing out if you wanted to,” he gestured to my bike.

“I suppose I could.”

“But for now mate, put it inside here and we’ll lock up and drive you over to the teacher’s housing for a look see.”

Being a real estate agent in the country requires you to drive an all wheel drive of some description. In this case Marcus drove an Audi. Pretty much useless in most conditions, but by Christ it was comfortable.

“Nice ride,” I said. “Had it long?”

“Few months now,” he said. “I got rid of the Range Rover once the warranty ran out.”

The prick was loaded.

We meandered through what I could only ascertain was the dodgy part of town before we swung into a series of four 1970 era villas that I immediately took a dislike to.

“Have to say, they’re not doing it for me. Why do they build teacher housing in such shitty locations?”

Kelly chuckled. “The land’s cheap and you’re right, they’re nothing spectacular, but they’re cheap.”

“How much?”

“$150 a week, plus expenses.”

I was tempted by that, but I figured running the air-con wouldn’t be cheap and my bike would probably get nicked. “Is there much else around for a bloke like me, you know, single and doesn’t want to drive out here when he’s had a few?”

Kelly looked at Marcus and smiled.

“There’re a few big houses in town but to be honest, they’re overpriced,” she said. “The only real option if you want to stay in town is where your predecessor lived.”

“What?” I asked. “I thought he lived here?”

“Yeah he did,” Marcus answered, “For about a month in the first one just there.” He pointed to one of the units with a torn fly screen window and a broken barbecue out the front.

“Then he moved into town into a granny flat out the back of a house on the river.”

“Righto,” I said, intrigued. “Can we pop over now for a bit of a gander?”

“I’ll call Gill and see if she or Jack are home?” She said.

“Jack and Jill?” I chuckled. “You’re having me on.”

Marcus nodded, “It’s Gill with a G, so you know, not exactly a nursery rhyme.”

“Gill,” Kelly said enthusiastically. “Are you home because I think we may have a new tenant for your granny flat.”

All I could hear was the excited chatter of Gill on the phone and the affirmation of a visit within 10 minutes.

“It’s out on West River Road so an easy bike ride or walk home if you cut through the forest or an even quicker drive on the highway, much closer than this shit hole to be honest,” Marcus said.

The house was indeed beautiful. An older style Australian colonial home that had been renovated and upgraded with all the mod-cons. As we walked up the drive Kelly received a message which directed us out the back.

“She’s out near the pool,” she said.

“A pool?” I asked, “How much is this place?”

“That’s negotiable, it will depend on what Gill thinks of you.”

“Really? That’s a bit random.”

Marcus turned to me and said. “It’s the country mate, we’re much more relaxed out here.”

As we wandered down the path I had visions of Jack and Gill being an old saggy retired couple but my expectations were jettisoned into space when I saw Gill.

Here was a striking middle-aged woman in her mid to late 40’s wearing a black bikini that most 20 year olds wouldn’t have been able to pull off.

Rather than wrap the towel around herself as most people would do, Gill simply wiped the water from her face and istanbul travestileri walked towards us. I couldn’t help but look, and she noticed it.

“Do you like what you see?” she asked, immediately disarming me.

“I uhm, well, uhm.”

“I mean the house and pool,” she laughed.

Pathetically I shook my head. “Well yes, not what I expected at all.”

She toweled her short brunette hair as she looked me up and down as country people do, like she’s checking out cattle.

In the pool was another much younger lad who I correctly assumed wasn’t Jack.

“Raul, love. Could you grab the keys for the flat,” she called out.

“Jack away again is he?” Marcus asked with a knowing smile.

Gill simply raised an eyebrow to Marcus before once more fixing her eyes on me.

I was finding it extremely difficult not to look at her tits.

“So what’s your story?” She asked.

I immediately began the whole sorry tale of the reason why I was in Coolamein but she held her hand up once I got to the bit about staying at the pub.

“Enough,” she laughed. “The pub hey, interesting. But I get it, you want somewhere nice to stay and the pub just isn’t it.”

I felt like saying it’s okay because there are two young schoolgirl sluts staying there, but I resisted.

“It’s a bit dingy, smells like stale smokes and spilt rum.”

“Well Raul here is leaving next week to go back to Spain so you can move in after that if you like?”

I took the keys from the swarthy Spaniard who had a sly grin writ large across his face.

“It’s a great place,” he said. “I wish that I could stay, but you know, visas are hard to make longer.”

“Extend,” I said, slipping into teacher mode. “Visas are hard to extend.”

“Yes,” he laughed, “Extend.”

I spun the keys around my index figure, pointed to the flat and just as I was about to say, “I’ll check it out then.” Marcus’s phone buzzed to life.

“Sharon,” he said, grabbing my attention.

“Oh shit, sorry, fuck, I forgot,” he said.

Then his expression changed and he took a quick look at me before turning towards Kelly.

“Out at Gill’s so..” he trailed off. “Yeah I suppose he could…his bikes in the office…yep ten minutes, max…righto, see ya.”

“Dickhead here forgot another meeting, so Jules mate could you wander back into town, maybe get your bike tomorrow at school, Sharon will bring it in,” he said to me.

“Really? I suppose so, should be alright.” I was more worried about my bike than anything else.

“Good then, right Kel, let’s get cracking.”

As I wandered over to the flat the four of them began an earnest conversation that I couldn’t hear, plus I was pondering the logistics of living on the edge of town and didn’t really care.

There was a private carport and driveway access to the bangalow and the main living area and verandah looked out over the pool.

I’m not sure why Gill asked for the keys because the door, like most in the country, wasn’t even locked.

The interior was certainly fairly basic, but far better than what was probably on offer in teacher housing. The lounge was an L-shaped job with a gray fabric cover, the TV was large, and the kitchen adequate for my cooking skills.

From the kitchen window I watched Marcus and Kelly drive off and Gill turn towards me. Raul was not with them.

Indeed Raul must have been a neat bloke because there was not much sign of anyone living there at all.

Behind the lounge room was one bedroom and the bathroom was adjacent to that. On the other side of the house was another bedroom in which lay the signs of Raul’s existence, pungent aftershave, singlet tops, that sort of thing.

I was looking out his window towards a yard full of cattle when I heard the front door open and close.

“So,” I heard Gill call out. “Do you like what you see?”

“Very funny,” I called back, “Yes, I reckon I’ll say yes. It just depends on the price.”

Her footsteps came closer and in a moment of sweet synchronisation, just as a bull mounted a cow in the paddock, I heard her once more say. “I’m not going to ask again, but do you like what you see?”

When I turned towards her there she was, stark naked and looking drop-dead and gorgeous.

“Fucking hell,” I muttered, “Wow, I’m speechless.”

“Speechless is good,” she said, moving slowly and confidently towards me. With every step my cock grew larger. “But pantsless is better.”

Her tits were perfectly formed, her nipples small and pointed, her pussy trimmed and damp from the pool.

Without a moment of thought I had my shirt off and she was kissing my chest as she hooked her thumbs around the elastic of my shorts.

“Let’s see what sort of a discount you’re going to get shall we?”

With ease she rolled my shorts and undies down in one elegant sweep. My cock unfurled into a burgeoning pole and she groaned as it flicked up towards her.

“Yumm, that’s a big discount, at least 50 per cent,” she hornily said. “Might get even bigger based on performance,

With that she took my cock in her travesti istanbul hand and slowly stroked it to full hardness. Looking down at her gazing at my cock I realised that I was acting in a way that only weeks before would have been considered way out of character. I’m sure that this country life was changing me, for the better.

“Suck it, baby,”I gamely said, “Suck my cock.”

“Ohhh, the demanding type hey?” she said, “I like it.”

Again, this was well out of character for me. So, I stepped it up a notch.

“I bet you do, you just love cocks, I can tell.”

I grabbed my cock and waved it around her face, she was becoming increasingly horny as I taunted her. I slid it first across her forehead before drawing it down across her left cheek, across her nose, down her right cheek and eventually around to her outstretched tongue.

A slight shock roiled up my back as she flicked her tongue over the underside of my knob. I could see a small leakage of pre-cum as she looked up at me, and she could taste it too.

“Entree?” she asked before sinking her mouth down over my cock.

“Good lord,” I moaned as her tongue moved around my cock, inside her mouth.

With a pop she exited her duties and looked up at me, smiled and then sunk all the way to the hilt. An experience that I’ll never forget.

“You’re right,” she said “I do like cock.”

“I love this town,” I said.

“There’s plenty more for you to discover, I’m sure.” she said before once more deep throating me.

She then began wanking my cock as she cupped my balls, trying to make it even bigger and harder than it’s ever been before. I was nowhere near ready to cum, in fact I think I was so hard I’d caused a blockage. Indeed my balls were starting to ache.

Raul’s bed was the natural workbench for our fornication so in order to move things along I stepped away from Gill and held my hand up for the gorgeous naked brunette.

“Time to taste that cunt of yours,” I said to her.

Quickly she hopped onto the bed and spread her legs wide open, her perfect pink pussy parted like a Peony and marvelling at my own alliteration I slowly made my way along her left leg before sliding a finger across her swollen clit.

She shook as I stroked her and I moved close enough for her to grab my cock.

“Your discount is getting bigger,” she said, with a slight increase in pitch as I slid a finger down into her wet snatch.

“I’m aiming for 100 per cent,” I said, before I bent down and slid a tongue along her wet, salty cunt.

“Oh Jesus,” she cried out, “No one gets 100 per cent.”

I began a fervent fingering of her hole as I kissed, licked and fondled her wetness. Two fingers, three fingers and finally all four were inside her as I sucked on her clitoris.

“Oh for god’s sake fuck me,” she demanded, “Fuck my cunt.”

I immediately withdrew my sticky fingers and climbed under her leg. Looking down on her I once again remarked to myself that I was one changed man. Fortune, they say, favours the brave, as does fucking.

I rubbed my cock along her pussy lips and she began squeezing her nipples as I did so. When I slid my knob inside her folds she took a sharp intake of breath. When I plunged fully forward she exhaled slowly.

“Oh god that’s good,” she cried out. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

With wild abandon I plowed into her, smacking my knob against her cervix as we started to fuck like wild animals. Her back arched, my back hurt, but I pounded on regardless and when I reached down and rubbed her clit, she exploded.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” this debonnair little slut hollered out, her pussy flooding with juices. Her eyes kind of rolled back into her head as she collapsed from the intensity of her orgasm, she was addicted to fucking, that’s for sure.

I was about to flip her over and take her from behind, even slap her arse a bit, when I heard the familiar sound of the front door open. Previously, I would have been shocked by this event, would have probably slid off the bed and hidden in terror of discovery, but when Raul walked into his bedroom, none of us were surprised. In fact, in the back of my mind, I had expected it.

All I needed now was for Marcus and Kelly to hop up on the bed as well, but they weren’t to be seen.

“So, you have found another lover already,” he said.

Gill just smiled and winked at me.

I looked around at him and he was already naked, his cock primed for action. He clambered up on his bed and it was as if this wasn’t the first time that he’d entertained Gill in this way, and what he said next confirmed it.

“She loves to fuck out here,” he said. “Her husband Jack, he doesn’t know. Every time he goes away, she wants to fuck.”

Gill said nothing as she sucked and wanked his cock.

“Sometimes two or three times a day, she wants cock.” I raised my eyebrows in surprise. “How do you say, is it, can’t be satisfied?”

“Insatiable,” I said.

“Yes, insatiable.”

“But I love to fuck her, she loves feeling cock inside her ass too, often one in each,” he said, using the two fingered prong to illustrate what I’d already assumed.

Even though I wasn’t shocked by his gesture, the thought of being that close to another man’s dick did cause me some concern, although the idea of fucking her arse did seem like a nice idea.

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