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A Magical Night Ch. 03

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The drive across town went by quickly. Elsie was getting worked over the backseat by the metal bearings bouncing inside of the two plugs penetrating her bottom. And Jamie, being the newly minted good twin-sister that she was, made sure to tease Elsie by stroking her thigh, sending shivers up her spine. Elsie tried to return the favor, but the sensation was too much, and her arms hung limply at her side. A line of drool was dripping down her jaw, pooling onto her new dress. Sarah took one look in the review mirror and waved her hand, and a pacifier appeared in both girls’ mouths. Elsie began to absentmindedly suck at the invader in her mouth, while Jamie took a little longer to get used to it. Jamie caught Sarah’s gaze in the rearview mirror, and was about to ask her why a pacifier, but the look she received preemptively told her all she needed to know. The pacifier was there because Sarah wanted it there, and there was nothing else to it. Wanting to do her best to impress her new mistress, Jamie did not dare to attempt to remove it. She had no doubt in her mind that it was stuck there, the same as the rest of her outfit.

Jamie’s new body came with a few interesting side effects. Never in her adult life had she thought that she would be able to comfortably fit in the backseat of her car. Not that it was small by any standard, but the backseat was never as comfortable as one of the front seats. But, at her new size, it was downright roomy. And, to top it all off, she was barely able to see out the window now. Everything looked so much bigger outside. The new perspective made it a little hard to tell where they were, but she was able to piece it together as they went. After a moment, she realized that back at the house, Sarah was still talking about attending Mark’s party. Although, once Sarah arrived, Jamie doubted it would remain as Mark’s party for long.

Mark’s parents were rather well off, and lived outside of the recognized boundary of the town, in a nice sizable mansion isolated in the middle of the forest. No one would be showing up unannounced, and they could be as loud as they wanted to be. It was the ideal place for an end of the year party, one that was about to get way out of control.

Sarah pulled off the road and up the paved driveway leading into the forest. A minute later and they had arrived, pulling into the absurdly ornate parking arrangement. There was only one other car parked outside. Jamie realized was Mark’s car, having seen it in the parking lot at school.

“You two can wait right there, and I’ll get you out,” Sarah said. Jamie reflexively tried the door handle, but found that it didn’t budge. Sarah must have engaged the child locks at one point, Jamie reasoned. Sarah made her way around the car, and let Jamie out first. When she opened Elsie’s door, Elsie was slow to begin moving, caught up in her daze of pleasure that had not yet subsided.

“Elsie please follow along,” Sarah said as she waved her hand once more before taking Elsie’s hand and pulling her out of the car. Now under Sarah’s magical influence, Elsie was moving much faster, following the directions of her Mistress. But when Jamie looked at her face, it was clear that she wasn’t present in the moment. “Let’s hurry up and get inside, we have a few things to do before everyone else arrives.”

Sarah pulled her dazed charge towards the front door while Jamie kept pace behind them. Jamie’s eyes were transfixed on Elsie’s padded bottom, and she suddenly realized that the padding made Elsie’s bottom much bigger, and attractive. Sarah didn’t bother to ring the doorbell, but pushed the door open and walked inside. When Jamie walked inside, she was taken aback to see Mark sitting on the second step of the grand staircase, which was the centerpiece to the very large entranceway hall. What was more surprising was how Mark was dressed. He was wearing a white bathroom robe, which covered most of his body, but it was slightly parted, giving Jamie a view of the harness, he had on underneath, which accented his build slightly muscular build. And he was wearing a pair of shiny black briefs, which did nothing to hide what mark was packing, but something was not quite right down there. It seemed to be misshapen to Jamie. Too bulky, and cut at the wrong angle.

“Welcome to my home,” Mark said, as he stood up from his seat. “As you can see, I’ve kept my end of the bargain. I hope you are pleased?”

“Yes, this will do nicely. Thank you, Mark,” Sarah said. “And now for your reward. Jamie, if you could, please remove Mark’s robe for me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Jamie said as she did as she was instructed, and stepped back to admire Mark’s body. The harness did a lot to enhance the look of his torso. It was muscular, but not cut. And the black briefs matched nicely. Clearly there was something else going on in there.

“Thank you, Jamie. You’re a little shorter than I remember. And I never would have thought that I would see you dressed as you are, but I figured Sarah wouldn’t take too long to go after you with the history you two share,” Mark said.

Jamie’s cheeks flashed kaçak iddaa red as she realized that Mark could see her as she was, in her tight pink dress, which did nothing to hide her bulky diaper underneath. Another moment passed and she realized the pacifier was still lodged in her mouth. She shied away, moving back towards the only safe place in the room. Behind Sarah, who was now laughing at the situation. Elsie, was still standing there expressionless, unaware of the situation at hand.

“Now that we have that out of the way, I will uphold my end of the bargain,” Sarah said. Sarah let go of Elsie’s hand, leaving her standing there idly, and walked over to Mark, and pulled down his tight underwear, revealing his junk in all its glory. Only, it was encased in tight metal chastity cage which kept Mark from accessing his cock. Sarah produced an ornate key and inserted it into the lock on the device. A small turn later, and the lock clicked open, and Sarah pulled the device apart, unleashing Mark’s imprisoned cock. Sarah took Mark’s cock which had just sprang back to life and began to stroke it to full attention. Satisfied with her work, she stepped back and took Elsie’s hand once more.

“There we go, part one of our deal complete. How does it feel to be free of your chastity device?” Sarah asked.

“It feels good. I can’t believe I was only locked up for a week. It felt like it was much longer than that,” Mark said.

“Well you missed out on playing with it, umm, approximately 23 times if I recall correctly, so I can imagine. I hope you’ve learned your lesson this time around, because the next time, it will be much, much longer,” Sarah said.

“Yes Miss Sarah, I won’t try to deny your will again. Now about that other part?” Mark’s voice trailed off.

“Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that part. Jamie,” Sarah said as she walked over and pulled out Jamie’s pacifier, letting it hang down between her breasts by a ribbon tied to her collar. “Jamie, if you could tell me how long you think Mark’s cock is, that would be much appreciated.”

Jamie stepped forward, to get a clear look at Mark’s freed manhood. From her vantage point, it looked to be only five inches and a little on the thin side. Not the most impressive member by any measure.

“It looks to be five inches, Miss,” Jamie said.

“Mark?” Sarah asked.

“It’s five inches, Miss Sarah,” Mark replied, the wind taken out of his sails slightly.

“Jamie, what’s the biggest dick you’ve ridden or sucked off?” Sarah asked.

“I think it was Benson’s. His was eight inches,” Jamie said, looking away.

“Thank you for your honesty. Now Elsie, go and kneel in front of Mark,” Sarah commanded. Elsie did as instructed and took her place in front of Mark, as she continued to rhythmically suck away at her pacifier. “Elsie, go ahead and give Mark the best blowjob you have ever given. As you do so, his dick will grow until it is nine inches long. That is, however, if he can hold his load until the magic finishes. If he can’t, the spell will stop where it is and our contract will be over. Is that clear Mark?”

“Yes Miss Sarah. I have no complaints,” Mark said.

“You may go ahead and start Elsie,” Sarah said. The pacifier in Elsie’s mouth fell out, now dangling between her breasts by a pink ribbon tied to her neck. Without missing a beat, Elsie popped Mark’s cock into her mouth and began to go to town on it. From Jamie’s perspective, it looked like one of the hottest, messiest blowjobs she had ever seen, and she had watched a lot of porn before. Sarah caught her staring at the scene, unable to look away.

“Jamie, if you’re done watching Mark get his blowies, we have work to do,” Sarah said, taking Jamie’s hand and leading her up the stairs, leaving her twin to suck off one of the hotter members of the graduating class. Sarah lead Jamie to one of the bedrooms like she already knew where she was going. Jamie guessed that Sarah had in fact been over to Mark’s house on more than one occasion, which made sense given the cage she just removed. Sarah pushed Jamie onto the bed, and hiked up her own dress.

“This next bit of magic requires a little bit of concentration, so I’m going to sit on your face as you eat out my pussy. How does that sound Babygirl?” Sarah asked.

“Heavenly,” Jamie replied, licking her lips looking forward to savoring the taste of her Mistress once again tonight. She laid back, and got her head situated into the optimum position. Sarah took her place on her throne and set to work, crafting all of the spells that would be needed for the party to be a wild success.

Jamie licked away at Sarah’s snatch while keeping a nice relaxing pace. Given the moans that came out of Sarah, she figured she was doing a pretty good job of it. And it was a good thing that Jamie picked a relaxed pace to start with, as the process was lasting longer than she had anticipated. It was then that she felt a twinge in her bladder. Which was odd, given the amount that she had expelled earlier at school. But it was Sarah she was dealing with, who knows what she was capable of doing, and what kaçak bahis she actually wanted to do. Then her bladder pressed more urgently. Now it was clear it was rapidly filling. Sarah leaned forward, putting her hand over Jamie’s diapered crotch and gave it a squeeze.

“Ah, my Babygirl is still dry. Why don’t you go ahead and tinkle in your diaper for me? Go ahead, and I’ll make you feel so good for it,” Sarah said. She began to rub the front of Jamie’s diaper, filling the room with the sound of crinkling plastic. Jamie weighed her options. She could hold it, and hope that she wasn’t forced to have an accident. Or, she could piss herself silly, and please her Mistress, who was currently playing with her special place. It was a simple decision at this point. She relaxed her already straining bladder, flooding her diaper.

“That’s a good girl,” Sarah said. “And you know what good girls get? They get to make messy wetsies in their diapees. Is that what you want?”

“Mhhyump,” Jamie said into Sarah’s pussy.

“Ah that’s right, you’re doing such a good job down there. Keep going, Babygirl. If you stop eating me, I’ll stop playing with you. If you want your messy wetsey, you’ll keep going,” Sarah said as she increased the pace of her rubbing.

The sensations generated by Sarah’s rubbing were amplified by the soaked padding of Jamie’s diaper sending even stronger waves of pleasure pulsating through her body. She started to squirm, but she was held in place by Sarah’s shapely bottom on her face. Jamie redoubled her efforts, and sped up the pace of her licking trying to focus her whole being into that one task, to avoid succumbing to Sarah’s ministrations. She was rewarded when Sarah began to grind her mound into Jamie’s face, turning it into a very messy affair as Sarah’s delicious juices began to run down the sides of her face.

“Oh, that’s a good Babygirl, you’re almost there,” Sarah said with a moan. Sarah picked up her pace and it wasn’t long before Jamie was convulsing on the bed in pleasure as she was pushed over the edge by her mistress. Mercifully, Sarah got off of her throne and joined Jamie on the bed, pulling her into a tight cuddle, intertwining their legs as Jamie’s convulsions slowed down.

“How was that, Babygirl?” Sarah asked.

“That, was, amazing,” Jamie said, trying to catch her breath.

“What do you say?” Sarah said, squeezing Jamie a little tighter before moving her hand to cup one of Jamie’s breasts.

“Umm,” Jamie hesitated, trying to think of what was being requested of her.

“Not good enough,” Sarah said. “Maybe this will jog your memory.” Sarah squeezed the handful of breast, gently at first, but she increased the pressure until it was painful to Jamie, who was trying to squirm away.

“Uhhgg, thank you,” Jamie said, in a small voice.

“What was that? You’ll have to speak up,” Sarah said. Sarah let her hand pull away from the base of Jamie’s boob, pulling her fingers towards the nipple, before clamping down hard on it, causing Jamie’s feet to kick out. Jamie’s mind dug around trying to come up with an acceptable response.

“Thank you, Mistress, for the Messy Wetsy!” Jamie said, this time at a much louder volume. Her cheeks went crimson at the embarrassment of calling her orgasm something so childishly sounding.

“There we go, that’s much better, Babygirl,” Sarah said. “Now that the final spells are in place, we should go see how Mark and Elsie are making out downstairs. It won’t be long before the guests start to arrive.”

Sarah released Jamie from the cuddle hold, and helped her off the bed. Jamie went to rub away the juices that stained her face, but Sarah grabbed her arm before it could make contact with her face.

“There will be none of that. I want you to wear my juices on your face to show everyone who you belong to,” Sarah said.

“Aww, okay, Miss Sarah,” Jamie said. “But what about my … diaper? Can I have a change, please?”

“Mmm, nope, not yet. You have plenty of room for future accidents left in that one. Besides those diapers aren’t cheap, I will have you know,” Sarah said. Sarah took Jamie’s hand and pulled her out of the room.


The scene that greeted the two of them was not one they had expected. Mark and Elsie were still at the bottom of the stairs where Jamie had last seen them, but it was obvious that things had gone awry. For starters, Elsie was now sitting down on the stairs, and Mark was over her knees. His leather underwear was now hanging pathetically off of one of his ankles, as his legs flailed with every blow Elsie landed on his bottom.

“Oh? What’s this?” Sarah said amused.

Elsie’s head snapped around to see her mistress coming down the stairs with her twin in tow behind her. Jamie saw that Elsie’s face was covered with Mark’s cum, which had since dripped down onto her black dress.

“Help me, please!” Mark said between his sobs.

“Well this is completely unexpected. Elsie, what happened? How did Mark end up over your knee?” Sarah asked.

“Well, I was blowing him, as you asked, and it was really good. It’s been a long illegal bahis time since I’ve had a cock in my mouth, and the flavor, it’s just amazing. My husband never tasted that good. Mmm,” Elsie trailed off, trapped in the rapture of the memory.

“Elsie,” Sarah said, prompting her to continue.

“Oh, right!” Elsie said. “Anyways, I didn’t want it to end, but when I readjusted and let him out of my mouth to give him some vigorous strokes, he decided he was ready to blow his load there and then. No warning, just a moan as he began to unload on my face. Way too early for any self-respecting man if you ask me. I thought teenage boys were supposed to be lust-driven sex-monsters. But apparently that description was too good for this boy. Now, I wasn’t upset about this, but then the cum started to drip down my chin on onto the nice dress you gave me. I asked Mark to help, but he just stood there, clutching his dick in his hands.”

“Hmm, I think I know what happened,” Sarah said. “Elsie, can you spread your legs apart for me, so I can check something?”

“Yes, Miss,” Elsie said as she complied. In between Elsie’s thighs was the remainder of Mark’s cock and balls, now much smaller than Jamie had remembered them being.

“Ah yes, I was afraid that Mark wouldn’t be able to hold out long enough. Isn’t that right, Mark?” Sarah asked. Mark buried his face into the wooden tread of the stairs, trying to hide his blushing, tear stained face.

“How long did Mark make it through his blowies before he lost control?” Sarah asked.

“About three minutes,” Elsie said, closing her legs around Mark’s shrunken bits once more, causing him to squirm.

“Well the spell was slated to increase the size of his cock by an inch for every minute he lasted. But the spell starts from zero inches, not from the five inches he was prior. I guess I should have mentioned that at one point, eh Mark?” Sarah said. Mark’s muffled sobbing continued. “Elsie, please continue your story.”

“Yes. Miss,” Elsie said. “I was asking him for help cleaning up before my dress was ruined but I guess he was more entranced by his new small dick. I tried my best to keep the dress clean, but there was too much cum. I’m sorry Mistress,” Elsie said.

“You’re forgiven, I do appreciate the level of respect you have shown towards me. We can get that dress cleaned up in a second,” Sarah said. “But you never explained to me how Mark ended up over your lap.”

“After his failure to help me, I asked him to apologize, to which he gave me a snarky response, which I did not appreciate, and I hauled him over my lap, and told him that I was going to teach him some manners. Which bring us to this moment, where the little boy couldn’t handle his spanking and started to cry. Isn’t that right?” Elsie said as she spanked Mark once more, followed by gently rubbing his bum.

“Yes, Miss,” Mark said.

Sarah laughed. “Well, that’s something I never expected to see. Mark, I cannot believe you’re submitting yourself to one of my pets. But I guess that’s how things worked out. Now, Mark, have you learnt your lesson?”

Yes, Miss Sarah,” Mark said.

“That’s good, but I think we will have to reinforce this lesson, don’t you agree Elsie?” Sarah asked.

“Yes, Miss. I agreed. Mark needs to be taught a good lesson so that he doesn’t relapse. I don’t want to imagine how all the girls he’s been with have felt when they’re treated to his manners,” Elsie said.

“Good, now let go of him, so that he can stand up for us,” Sarah said. Elsie complied, and Mark sprung to his feet, his hands clutching his burning bottom.

“Now let’s try this again. Mark will you apologize for dirtying Elsie’s dress?” Sarah asked.

“Sorry, Miss Elsie for ruining your dress with my shameful cum,” Mark said, turning his head to avoid everyone’s gaze.

“Apology accepted,” Sarah said, then snapped her fingers. Mark’s chastity cage reappeared and closed itself around Mark’s shrunken genitals. Mark let out a yelp as it locked, dismayed to see himself denied for another period of time. “Hmm,” Sarah said as she thought out loud, “I don’t think it’s small enough, there seems to be too much room in the cage now. Let’s fix that.”

There was a flash of hope on Mark’s face, but it was gone in an instant after a bright flash appeared around his crotch. In place of the shiny metal cage was a pink plastic chastity cage with a matte pastel finish to it. This one was much tighter to his junk, causing a second yelp to escape the boy’s mouth.

“There we go, much better. I think I like that color on you. It seems to fit your new position quite well I think,” Sarah said. “Now, Elsie, did Mark thank you for the blowie he got?”

“No, Miss, he did not,” Elsie said.

“Such a rude boy. You were right to take him over your knee,” Sarah said. She snapped her fingers and a necklace with a small key appeared around Elsie’s neck. “Elsie, I will let you administer Mark’s training, since you are already doing such a wonderful job of it. That key will unlock his cock cage and will let him free for one, and only one, orgasm, after which it will relock around his cock. And I’ll sweeten the deal for you. Once Mark has given ten orgasms to anyone else, other than us three, he will be able to give you one. How does that sound?”

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