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A ‘Live’ Moment

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Kristiansson (Kris) , Hamilton (Ham) and I were all employed by the county medical examiner’s office, so we have seen more than our share of stiffs in every condition possible, so when we got a whole week off at the same time, we decided a cabin vacation in the woods away from the usual patter of dead bodies, autopsy suites, conferring with cops and the smell of formaldehyde was looking more than very attractive.

The three of us were buddies for a long time; the old timers at the ME’s office weren’t too thrilled about me coming there when I first hired on, being I was only one of four women employed by the ME’s office, and the other three had been secretaries. They obviously weren’t used to a woman actually being in contact with the bodies themselves.

But Kris and Ham had a different (read: modern) view of things; we’d become quick buddies during my first few months with the office.

Ham was thirty-eight, a strapping six foot three guy with dark hair and built like a bouncer. He had been a former cop before becoming an ME. Evidently, the women in his life weren’t thrilled about either of his vocations, because Ham had been divorced twice and already had broken up with yet another girlfriend. Kris and I razzed him about this all the time.

“Better off sticking with the dead ones, Ham,” I teased one day.

“You got that right. They don’t give me as many headaches.”

Kris was thirty, somewhat shy around live bodies, five foot ten and had sort of an average build, a blue eyed dishwater blond, with sun streaks running through his always-tousled hair.

Kris was the man was what the two younger secretaries deemed ‘cute’ in an unconventional way. He had never been married; always joking that his job was his wife. He may have not minded the secretaries much, but once in awhile, I would catch Kris eyeing me.

But before what would happen at the cabin, I saw him as nothing more than a buddy.

On the day we were supposed to leave, we almost didn’t make it out that day.

“Dr. Cavanaugh,” the coroner indicated to Kris, tossing a file onto his desk. “We need this autopsy ASAP.”

Kris had sighed and pulled a lock of blond hair behind his ear, reading the file. I picked up that if he’d had his way, the coroner himself would have been Kris’ next body.

“You know you and Ham can go ahead if you want, Jordan. I shouldn’t be long on this one.”

“We can wait,” Ham announced. “We have the place for a week anyway and we aren’t due up there till later tonight.”

I agreed; it wouldn’t be the same traveling without Kris and I needed to finish some paperwork anyway.

It seemed it hadn’t taken long for Kris to finish his case; he then went back to change out of his scrubs and shower. He then came out in a light blue sport shirt and jeans.

I couldn’t help myself when I saw Kris in those jeans; he seemed to fill them out nicely, especially in the behind. No wonder those two young secretaries liked looking at him.

“Nice ass, Dr. Cavanaugh,” I teased, knowing it would turn Kris beet red. Ham got a laugh out of it.

“If you weren’t such a good friend, Hartman, I’d have you for sexual harassment,” Kris came back, blushing deeper.

Once we did get out of the ME’s office and on our way, the roads that were easiest to travel to the cabin were washed out, and it took several hours to get there.

“Jesus Christ,” Ham complained. “I honestly think we’re not supposed to do this thing.”

We finally made it shortly before dusk, crawling our way over illegal bahis the twisting and turning back roads as Ham cursed under his breath and Kris directed him from the map.

The scene was picturesque; the small church along, along with one pub and a general store looked like a postcard set against the mountains and trees. We stopped at the general store for a few things before going to the cabin. By the time we got there, it was already starting to get dark.

Inside Ham set up everything while Kris and I put away the groceries. The cabin had four bedrooms, one downstairs, three upstairs and two bathrooms (“One for us, and one for Jordan to take twenty years in, ” Ham would joke. “You know women, Kris.”)

The look of the cabin was very rustic with furniture that looked to be made out of smooth tree limbs.

There was even a bear skin rug in front of the fireplace that we probably wouldn’t be using. The cabin itself had originally belonged to Kris’ family.

We’d then had a quick dinner before cleaning up.

“It’s still early,” I said. “What do you guys want to do?”

After discussing it for a short time we decided to play cards, specifically Kris’ favorite, poker.

“Why don’t we make it strip poker?” asked Ham.

Kris turned a little pink and I gave Ham a look.

“I don’t know, Ham; Jordan’s been known to cheat at regular poker.”

“I don’t cheat!” I said, looking at him and defending myself. “I don’t cheat,” I repeated reassuringly to Ham, who just smirked at me.

“Whatever you say, Dr. Hartman.”

We played hand after hand, stripping off one article of clothing after another as we passed some beer around we’d gotten at the store. By now, I was left in a white cotton shirt and a thong.

Ham still had on his jeans, as did Kris. We were pretty tipsy by the time Kris had dealt the next hand.

I looked up at Kris and noticed he was not good at keeping his poker face; he was worried.

Smiling to myself, I decided to keep that hand I had; it wasn’t great, but I figured I could bluff my way to the win. We then each laid out our cards and I was right; Kris lost this round.

Kris then looked at me, sighed and stood up to peel off the jeans, revealing his nakedness underneath.

“Didn’t know you went commando, Dr. Cavanaugh,” Ham laughed.

“I told you she cheats!” he said to Ham.

“I don’t cheat,” I repeated to him, standing up and pushing in my chair.

“Those were your cards!” Kris said accusingly.

“You dealt the hand. Bluffing is not the same as cheating and it’s no one’s fault but yours that you didn’t want to wear underwear. And it’s not my fault that you play poker like a girl.”

Smiling, Kris said, “You’re asking for it, Hartman.”

“I’m not asking for anything,” I said defiantly.

I saw Ham out of the corner of my eye get up to stand by the fireplace.

Pushing my luck, I said to Kris, “You’re a sore loser, you play poker like a girl and I bet you throw like a girl too!”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He lunged for me. I screamed, turning to run and got about two feet before running smack dab into Ham.

“Grab her for me,” Kris said.

Ham reached for me, one arm grabbing me around the waist.

“You know what man?” Kris said. “I bet you our Dr. Hartman here is actually ticklish.”

“Is that right?” said Ham, grinning from ear to ear.

“No!” I said. “I hate that. No, please don’t,” I pleaded.

Ham was too strong and I couldn’t illegal bahis siteleri pull away when I felt Kris’ fingers on my ribs. I can’t explain how ticklish I am and how much I hate being tickled. It’s almost painful.

Through my laughing, I screamed again, squirming to get away.

I couldn’t, so I wiggled out just enough to fall to the ground. I tried to crawl away from their maddening hands, but I was grabbed by the leg and pulled back onto the bear skin rug. I felt my ass exposed and then a hard smack against my butt.

“Owww!” I yelled. Then came another smack.

“You suck,” I cried. “You both suck!”

Kris rolled me over and I tried to scoot away again. Ham grabbed hold of my hands and held me down while Kris continued tickling me.

“Stop it!!” I screamed, but it came out more like insane laughter.

“Admit you cheated,” Kris said.

“No!” I said back. More tickling.

“Admit you cheated!” he repeated, but didn’t stop tickling me.

“I cheated!” I screamed, unable to take the it anymore, my ribs aching. “I cheated! Now stop before you make me piss everywhere! Goddamn you, Cavanaugh!”

His hands moved, but not off of me completely. They moved onto my breasts and then to the buttons on the shirt.

Ham continued holding my arms to the ground while Kris unbuttoned my shirt, peeling it away to expose my nipples to the cool air and causing them to harden.

“Let me show you how much I suck,” he said, bending to touch the tip of his tongue to one of my nipples.

“Mmmmmm”, I moan, biting my lower lip and not believing the bashful Dr. Kristiansson Cavanaugh, more at home with dead bodies than with a live ones, was doing this to me.

He circled it with his tongue, flicking it back and forth over the top before taking it into his mouth, sucking deeply. I arched my back to him and Kris moved his lips from my breast down a path to my stomach.

I feel Ham’s grip loosen and then his hand on my other breast. Kris slipped a finger between my pussy lips, feeling the wetness that was soaking my thong. He rubbed me through the flimsy material while Ham licked and sucked at my other nipple.

I had done two guys at the same time before back in college, so it wasn’t anything new to me, though it had been a long time.

Kris then removed his finger from my pussy and removed my panties. His lips brushed across my inner thighs, his tongue licking everything but my clit.

He’s teasing me, I thought to myself; he is driving me mad.

I pulled the back of his hair to try and guide him to where I needed him, but he wouldn’t budge, his tongue still avoiding my clit.

Reaching behind me, I slipped a hand between Ham’s thighs, feeling his hardness through the thick material of his jeans.

Ham stopped bathing my nipple to help me unfasten him. I slid my tongue up and down his length. He straddled my face and lowered himself closer to my mouth like he was doing push ups.

I gripped his hips and my lips slid up and down his shaft, taking him in completely.

After a few minutes, I whimpered and Kris realized he’s teased me enough. When his exquisite tongue finally made contact, a shock wave traveled through my body like I’d been hit by a lightening bolt.

As I came, Kris continued licking and sucking at my clit. Once my orgasm was over, he entered me slowly, sliding in and out in a slow gentle rhythm.

Ham was on his knees at the side of my head, resting his cock just above my lips. They canlı bahis siteleri each claimed a breast with their hands, Kris still thrusting gently but deeply and Ham still hovering at my mouth.

Before they came, they traded places, Ham settling between my thighs and Kris taking his place beside my face. I could taste myself on him when he rubbed the underside of his cock against my lips.

Ham entered me a little rougher than Kris did, thrusting somewhat harder. His thumb found my clit and rubbed in little circles. I contracted my muscles and moved my hips in rhythm with his, taking him in a little deeper.

Ham’s breathing accelerated and his thrusts quickened.

My mouth and hand still worked on Kris, whose head was thrown back, mouth slightly open, looking as if he was about to cum.

Ham was first to explode; he had pulled out and came all over my tits, stomach and pussy.

After Ham had cum and then sat back on the floor, I got on my hands and knees to finish off Kris, who moved my hair aside and watched as I performed for him, sucking him and sliding my lips up and down his cock, then swallowing him whole. Tangling his fingers in my hair, he finally came in my mouth.

I drank every last drop of his hot jizz, except for one, which ran down my chin. I wiped it off before licking it off my fingers, then looked up at him.

“I never thought you had it in you, Cavanaugh,” I said sexily when his now-limp cock slid out of my mouth.

I guess that was proof that we needed to watch out for the shy ones!

“I was about to say the same about you, Hartman. Jesus, I guess it is true that you can suck dick as well as you can cut up a body.”

By now, Ham had stroked himself into another erection and wanted his own cock sucked.

“Suck me, baby. Suck me off now. Give me what you just gave Kris.”

I wrapped my hand around his massive tool and leaned forward and flicked my tongue over his swollen head, then wrapped my lips around his girth and slid down his throbbing shaft.

His cock was less than halfway inside my mouth when he started to push it more into my mouth, practically face fucking me. I slid my tongue under his shaft and sucked even harder.

“Good little cock sucker, isn’t she Ham?” Kris asked with a grin, getting semi-hard himself watching me go down on Ham.

Ham groaned in agreement, pushing more of his cock into my mouth.

I was sucking and slurping away on his massive shaft when I felt Kris’ now-hard cock pressing against my wet pussy. My swollen, shaved mound welcomed his throbbing tool as he pushed it into me and began fucking me.

Now I had a big cock in my mouth and another one stuffed in my soaked pussy. I was in heaven as the two hard shafts of flesh fucked both ends of me. I was going to cum at any minute as I felt my approaching orgasm working its way to the edge.

I exploded as I felt hard, hot streams of Kris’ cum spray into my cunt. My body tensed, then jerked violently in a series of orgasmic spasms.

Somehow I held Ham’s cock in my mouth as muffled moans and gasps escaped as I came.

All this had the desired effect, as I felt Ham’s orgasm work its way up. I slid my fingers under his huge balls, rubbing them as I sucked. Hot creamy seed began to fill my mouth as Ham groaned out in ecstasy.

I swallowed it down my throat as quickly as he pumped in my mouth. I continued sucking him until he was completely drained. I sat up and wiped the excess cum from my lips and chin.

We then collapsed back, exhausted and satisfied from the sexual play we had just had and dozing off onto the bearskin rug.

The last thing I remembered before dropping off was Kris whispering to me that we had to come up here again–next time without Dr. Reese.

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