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A Little Tail

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It was 7PM. Master would be home from work at 7:30 and he had texted me very specific instructions. I was to wait for him by the door with a clean house and dinner on the table. I’d spent all day sweeping, tidying and doing laundry. The house was pristine, to his exacting standard. Dinner was cooked and in the oven, staying warm till he got home. I went to our bedroom and stripped off my sweater and leggings. It was chilly, goosebumps rose on my skin. I wasn’t sure if it was excitement or cold, but my nipples were erect. I went to the drawer where I kept my ears and tails. A girl needed choices, after all.

I selected my white tail and ears, his favourites. I took out the pink glass plug and tied the white ribbon around the end. I went to the mirror and clipped in my ears. I went back to the drawer and took out my favourite lube, watermelon scented. It always made my mouth water. I laid on my back and teased my body, running my fingers over my breasts and stomach, up my thighs. I took the plug, lubricated it and slowly teased my asshole with it. Slowly pushing the plug in, I gasped when the largest part slipped inside me. I laid there and just breathed for a moment, reveling in the sharp pain and pleasure of the foreign plug inside me.

When I could stand, I went to my bahis şirketleri jewelry box. The familiar pull of the plug and the soft swish of the fur on my tail against my calves sent a jolt of excitement straight to my stomach. I picked out my favourite collar. Of course, I was wearing the collar he’d put on me when I first became his, a pink lock on a silver chain. We would need something a little more sturdy for the evening though, so I picked out my favourite collar, pink ribbon with a little green bow and a bell.

It was 7:25. I padded out to the kitchen and served his dinner. 7:29. I kneel beside the front door, legs spread and palms on my thighs. I hear him climb the steps and the lock turn in the door. He walks in, takes off his shoes and jacket and returns to me. I see the cuffs of his jeans and his black socks. He rests a hand on my head, petting behind my ears.

“Good girl.”

Those were the words to signify that I have become his little Kitten. I mewed and rubbed against his leg.

“Come on, it’s dinner time.” Recognizing his words, I crawled to the kitchen, taking my place beside the two glass food bowls under the table. Master reached down, placing a roll of sushi in one bowl and pouring milk into the other. I waited until he had sat down and taken bahis firmaları his first bite before devouring the eel sushi, my favourite, my nose in the bowl. We ate companionably, with the air of habit surrounding us. I finished eating before him and turned to my milk, lapping it up with my tongue. I waited for Master to tell me that dinner was over.

“Kitten, I want you on all fours on my bed. I’ll be there in a moment.”

I crawled over to Master’s bed, curling up and waiting for him. I heard the clank of the dishes being rinsed and then sensed him entering the bedroom before I saw him. I felt him come up behind me. He ran his fingers through my hair, and then his gentle fingers traced down the back of my neck and down my spine. I quivered beneath his touch. He ran his fingers across my rib cage and down to my breasts, cupping, kneading and then pinching my nipples. I mewled with need.

“Not so fast, princess.”

His hand traced circles down my stomach and then he was there, touching my core with a feather light touch. I squirmed and he swatted my behind.

“Don’t move.” He hissed. I tried to calm myself. He touched me quickly then, holding my hips still until I screamed out for him to stop, that I was going to cum. I knew he hated when I came before he kaçak bahis siteleri gave me permission and that would give him the perfect excuse for a caning. His fingers slowed and then he removed them entirely. I stayed still, listening and waiting. I heard the zip of his pants, heard the click of his belt being removed.

I leaned forward, putting my elbows on the bed and raised my ass into the air, tail softly tickling me. I felt him grab my hips and position himself behind me. He took my tail and flipped it up over my back and pulled me to him.

“What a slutty little Kitten you are, in heat for your Master.” He growled and then slammed every inch of himself into me. He waited a moment and then assaulted me over and over, keeping up a punishing pace. The bell on my collar jingled as he reached forward to grab it, pulling my head up. The combination of his words, the near orgasm, him filling me up and the pressure against my plug were divine. He came quickly and the feeling of him pulsing inside me, his cum dripping down my thigh sent me over the edge. I cried out and slumped on the bed. He held onto my hips as the last moments of orgasm passed. He slowly pulled out, tugged my tail and playfully squeezed my ass.

“I love you, Kitten.” He ran his hands down my body, kissing my back and then came to lay beside me.

“I love you too, Master.” I whimpered, too tired to speak louder. I nuzzled his chest, wrapped up in his warm arms and the scent of him. I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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