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A Hard Summer Day with Mom’s Friend

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It was one of those summers where each day seemed hotter and more humid than the one before, and even the thunderstorms that inevitably came each afternoon did nothing to relieve the oppressive weather. Brian really couldn’t stand the heat, and hated the humidity even more. He was home bumming around for the summer after his freshman year of college, having failed to get an internship, picking up odd jobs here and there for some spending money. And to top off what had been a really shitty summer, the heat was overloading the electrical grid, causing rolling blackouts which had shorted out the air conditioning.

After three days of sweating, Brian was going out of his mind, but living in an outer suburb with little in the way of public transportation and no car, he had no ability to go looking for a place with air conditioning where he could get some relief. So when the doorbell rang, Brian ran for it, hoping that things might be changing for the better. When he opened the door, his mom’s friend Janet was standing there. Janet was a 34 year old divorcee who had met his mom at her book club and Brian had always had a major crush on her so he was happy to ask her in. Brian had also heard the stories among his friends that Janet sometimes liked to use younger men when she needed some fun, and while he always assumed they were false brags, given how hot she was his heat addled brain was hoping he’d be next.

As Janet walked by, Brian admired her tight, round ass hugged snuggly in a pair of cut-off jean shorts and her long, toned legs. In fact, as he was staring at her, transfixed by the flexing of her quads, calves and hamstrings as she walked by and the way her ass shook with the sway of her hips, she glanced back, her chocolate brown eyes meeting his as he blushed, drawing a wry smirk from her. She turned to face him, put her arms over his shoulders and clasped her hands behind his neck.

“Did you like what you saw? This weather has me all hot and bothered and you are sure all grown up.”

As she said that, she pressed her firm 34C tits, which had retained a remarkable amount of youthful pep, into him, her hard nipples pressing into him right through her tight tank top. Brian blushed more as his cock hardened and he squirmed, trying to keep her from feeling his excitement and afraid of how she might react if she did.

Janet pretended not to notice Brian’s arousal, but had no intention of letting this opportunity to tease her friend’s son go to waste since the weather had her on edge. At 5′ 9″, she was almost as tall as him and as he squirmed, she easily pressed her right thigh up between his legs, flexing her thigh muscles against him and looking deep into his eyes. She was well aware of his arousal, and could feel his heavy balls and disappointingly small penis against her thigh with each movement.

When she felt like he was about to explode in his baggy shorts, she stepped back, scooped up her wavy brunette hair and twisted it into a messy bun, smiled and said, “Sorry to tease you, you looked so cute ogling me like that. I really came by looking for someone to come with me to the community center for a swim. I was hoping your mom would be here to keep me company but I’d love to have a young stud like you join me instead.”

He was beyond relieved that Janet had let up on her teasing, although at least a little disappointed that her extremely erotic teasing seemed to be over, but he still jumped at the chance to escape the heat in the community center pool.

The car trip was short and uneventful. Given that it was early Thursday afternoon, there was little traffic. Arriving at the pool, Brian noticed that the parking lot was nearly empty and when they walked in, the building was completely deserted, aside from a desk clerk. Janet paid for both of them and they walked into the corridor leading to the locker rooms.

“Brian, come in the female locker room. I only brought one padlock and I don’t want any of our stuff to be stolen.”

He was a little nervous that he’d get in trouble for being in the women’s locker room, even if the idea was a little arousing. Janet glanced back at him and noticed his apprehension.

“Don’t worry, I’ve been here a couple of times around this time on weekdays and there’s never anyone around except for the clerk.”

So he went into the locker room, a bit curious about what a female locker room was like. He was disappointed when it turned out to be just another locker room and his image, based on a porn set, with dildos and lingerie everywhere didn’t match real life.

Janet walked down the first aisle to get changed, so for a little bit of privacy, Brian headed to the next aisle and quickly undressed and put on his bathing suit. He walked back towards where she was changing with his clothes bag in hand and knocked gently on the locker at the end of the aisle, asking, “Are you decent?”

Janet giggled, eager to see Brian’s face when he turned the corner, and said, “Dressed for the pool, but I’m not sure if you’d call this decent.”

Brian turned the corner güvenilir bahis and his jaw hit the floor and his brain instantly turned to mush. The electric blue one piece bathing suit squeezed her breasts together, putting her lightly freckled cleavage on full display and her nipples were pressing through the thin fabric. The suit had a cutout which showed off her flat stomach. The legs were high cut, and as Janet watched his eyes drift down, she flexed her amazing legs and adjusted the bottom of the suit.

Brian instantly became hard at the sight of Janet’s athletic legs and the way her adjusting showed off a hint of camel toe. When she turned around, showing off the suit’s low cut back and the way the fabric encased her bubble butt, sucked fully into her crack, he almost came in his pants.

“So, do you like this little thing? I bought it just for the summer, hoping to earn some ogles from dirty old men and lusty young guys, along with some envious glares from their women. Is it working?”

Brian fell all over himself trying to compliment her, and eventually Janet took mercy and put her hand on his bare chest and said, “Aw honey, that’s okay you can stop now. I appreciate the compliments.”

They tossed their stuff in her locker and she secured it and then they headed to the showers to clean off before hopping in the pool. On the short walk from the lockers to the showers, Brian couldn’t stop himself looking at her ass. Seeing it flex and wriggle like that with each step made him get even harder, so hard that it almost hurt. As the shower wetted his bathing suit it became even harder to hide his boner. To try to fool himself into believing she was unaware of it, he made sure to walk behind her, which did nothing to make his erection go down.

They got into the pool, which made him feel safer. The cool water felt amazing on his skin as his body began to cool down for the first time in days. They both swam for about a few minutes and lazed in the shallow end when she got bored and noticed there was a basket on one side of the pool. She proposed they play a game of 21. She asked, “Do you want to play with a small or a big ball?” He said he didn’t care.

She said, “Big ball then. And let’s not play with all the complicated rules about lines and fouls and such.”

He happily agreed, looking forward to the opportunity to press against her as part of the game. She started with the ball. She played quite aggressively and would back into him. The contact of her ass with his cock aroused him again. She didn’t seem to notice that he was hard, even as his cock was digging in between her cheeks. He tried to avoid thinking about it too hard and to focus on trying to get the ball. He reached around her to get the ball but she moved quickly and instead of grabbing the ball his hand glanced on her right breast. For a few seconds he was shocked and a bit scared of how she would respond, but she didn’t react. He saw that one of Janet’s hands had gone underwater which left the ball more vulnerable, and he slapped the ball away and the turn was his.

Brian tried to decide on his strategy. He knew that Janet was close to his height, so he couldn’t just rely on having a height advantage to reach over her, but he hoped his time in the gym in college would give him a strength advantage. He pushed his shoulder into her sternum, feeling her breasts mold around his arm, as he moved closer to the basket. When he thought he was close enough for it to be a no-brainer to make the basket, he decided to jump and shoot from a long distance.

Janet had been waiting for just such an opportunity. The rumors Brian had heard were true, but what he didn’t realize was that when people said that she “used” young men, it meant that she liked having her way with them and making them her bitch. She had been enjoying the feel of his manhood against her ass, devising her plan to handle him. So as he backed her down, she put her left hand under the water just in front of his stomach and as he jumped to shoot, she grabbed his nuts and pulled him back down.

Brian was shocked at the feel of her hand on his orbs. And then it hurt. He realized too late that, to stop him from shooting, Janet had grabbed his nuts to pull him down. His knees went limp as she tightened her grip, digging her fingers into his tender flesh and he had to hang on to her to keep his head above water as she continued to pull downward on his tortured manhood. He gripped her hips, his fingers digging in with desperation and as his body curled in on itself from pain he found his face tucked between her soft breasts. For the first time that day, however, he didn’t care much about the touch of those pillowy fun bags; all he could think about was the pain.

Janet smiled, overjoyed at how responsive he was. She knew it was going to be a fun afternoon. She put her right hand on the back of his head, pressing his face deeper into her cleavage and stroking his hair.

“Does it really hurt that much Brian? You remember that we’re not playing with the foul rules right? Poor little thing. güvenilir bahis siteleri I guess men should only play sports with women if there are rules to protect the men.”

She tightened her grip a little more and held it, getting aroused at the way his body was shaking with pain from her grip. After another 30 seconds, she let go, but kept her hand at his crotch, gently stroking his cock with her fingernails.

As the pain receded, he tried to pull away but Janet pressed his head into her chest more tightly, kept lightly stroking his cock and said, “No, no, you’re hurt. Hug me until the pain goes away.”

His hands slipped around her waist and he hung on for dear life. Eventually, his body started to relax as the pain receded.

“Do you wanna play again?” she asked sweetly. He shook his head. “Alright, let’s go to the showers then.”

She tightened her grip on his cock and led him out of the water. In the showers, she stripped off her bathing suit and instructed him to take off his, too. At this point, his body was completely confused, with his cock rock hard again from her ministrations and a throbbing ache remaining in his balls from her squeezing.

After she’d shampooed her hair, she asked, “Brian, could you do my back?”

“Su… sure,” he said.

He began washing her shoulder blades but he didn’t dare put his hand anywhere else, afraid of how she might react.

“Go lower; I can never reach that spot.” So he did, making his way down her back but stoppin above her hips.

“Come on Brian, all that chlorine they put in the pool has to go. The back includes the lower back. ” He didn’t understand why she couldn’t reach that spot on her own.

“Brian, do you want another squeeze? You have bigger hands than I do so it’ll go quicker. Now make sure there isn’t any chlorine in my crack. Then do my legs.”

Not wanting to experience that pain again, he rubbed in between her cheeks. No matter how much he tried to think of something else, that firm soapy butt he was forced to wash had him as hard as he had ever been. He then proceeded to wash her legs and her feet, with his head at pussy level. While he was washing one leg, she would press on the tip of his hard cock with the other foot, giggling as it bounced.

“Come on, I’ll do your back too.” She began by washing his shoulders feeling his biceps and sides as she made her way down and then grabbed both ass cheeks with her hands. “Yum, those are firm.” She didn’t wash so much as grope, but he was just happy she didn’t insist on doing the front. Just as he finished that thought, a hand went from his buttocks round his hips and on to his cock.

Brian froze and said, “Janet, I think I can wash that alone.”

“Aw, come on Brian, I’ve seen how you’ve stolen glances at me for years and the way you’ve been all afternoon. You know you want me to touch you.”

As she said this, she was rubbing her bare breasts against his back, her hard nipples massaging deep into his skin.

“And besides, the skin there is so wrinkly that it has to be washed thoroughly if we don’t want any residue to be left and I know how to clean it well,” she said. “After all, you don’t want there to be any adhesions damaging your cock.”

He knew that since he was uncircumcised she was right. But he was a little afraid of having her hands on his jewels, both because his balls had enough for one day and he was nervous about how she would react to his 5 ½ inch penis that wasn’t quite 3 inches around when hard. But she wasn’t asking, her hands lewdly fondling him despite his protests, so he agreed.

After maybe thirty seconds of her massaging his pubes and stroking his penis to “clean it”, she used it to turn him around so that he was facing her.

“Brian, do my front while I do your cock”

“Why don’t I do my penis while you do your front?”

“Brian, we talked about this. My hands are smaller than yours so they can handle more delicate parts than yours can. While I’m doing you this service, the least you can do is to scratch my back while I scratch yours,” she said as she tugged on his balls. “They are delicate parts, aren’t they?”

“All right, all right,” he squeaked out as he soaped his hands and began washing her shoulders, eager for her to lay off his balls. He quickly washed her breasts, running his hands over the tops and then back across the sides and went to wash her stomach.

“Brian, don’t botch the job, they’re not clean yet. Or do you want another tug?”

He obeyed, not having much choice. This time, he carefully soaped her breasts, massaging the soft flesh and teasing her hard, pink nipples. As he played with her, he became more and more turned on with her reciprocal fondling and he knew he had to come at some point. As she kept caressing him with her right hand, she put her left hand on his shoulder.

He couldn’t believe it. Here he was washing his mother’s hot friend’s full breasts while she was practically jerking him off. He started breathing heavily and just before he crossed the point of no return, iddaa siteleri she used the leverage on his shoulder and kneed him hard, crushing his balls between her thigh and his pelvis. As he crumpled to the floor and lay there, he saw her “washing” herself and moaning.

She let him lay on the ground cradling his balls as she leaned against the shower wall and played with her pussy until she came. By then, she decided that he had recovered enough and she rolled him over onto his back and locked her strong thighs around his ears, pulling his nose and mouth into her pussy.

“Lick me Brian. I need that tongue on me right now!”

With that, she pulsed her thighs against his head, the pain making it clear that he had better get to work. So, as though his life depended on it, he began lapping at Janet’s dripping wet slit and clit.

She shook with pleasure at his desperate ministrations and moaned, repeating, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! DON’T STOP!”

After she came on his face, her second orgasm in 10 minutes, she put her head down on his thigh and began lightly scratching his cock with her fingernails, running up and down the shaft before switching to his tip, teasing the obscenely swollen and sensitive glans and ultra-sensitive frenulum, making Brian squirm with pleasure.

“Are your balls as blue as your lips, Brian?”


“Well, that’s your fault isn’t it? I’ve had the time to come several times now and you haven’t come even once, why is that?” she said, grinning.

He grabbed her ass, squeezing and kneading as he was completely overtaken with pleasure from her knowing hand. However, the pleasure was limited by the ache in his balls from her earlier abuse which only seemed to grow as she worked him up and his balls tightened in their sack.

Janet continued her masterful teasing, having spent her college years learning how to drive a man wild with pleasure and or torture him with frustration. She learned to measure how close any cock was to coming, and to vary her strokes to keep a guy on edge until she decided to let him cum. Very few people knew what a slut she had been in college and how skilled she had become. But no one knew that the reason for her divorce was that when she got sick of her husband’s small dick, she began to torment him mercilessly for hours at a time, denying him an orgasm for days on end only to brutally punish his balls until he couldn’t take it any more and filed for divorce.

She was thoroughly enjoying putting all of those skills to use on her friend’s son. His small dick so reminded her of her husband, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had been this turned on. Laying on him in the shower, she varied her strokes, with short, hard strokes on his shaft, lewd twists around his corona, long luxurious strokes and torturous, tantalizing attention to his most sensitive bits around his tip and slit.

Brian, meanwhile, was beginning to feel like he was going to lose his mind. He had never felt so much pleasure in his life, his leg and stomach muscles spasming with pleasure with each movement of her teasing hands. He had been jerked off by girlfriends before, and certainly had masturbated plenty on his own, but had never felt anything like this. Janet never took her hands off him, but seemed to always avoid giving him just that right touch that he would need to get over the edge.

As she expertly worked his turgid member, Janet teased, “Aw, poor baby, is this too much for you? How bad do you want to cum?”

He could only moan into her legs, his head turned as he lightly nipped at her inner thigh.

“Oh, that feels nice. I’ll make you a deal – you make me orgasm one more time and I’ll give you the orgasm of your life.”

Brian immediately lifted his head, desperately trying to ignore the intense sensations ripping outward from the tip of his cock and through the rest of his body, and got to work at eating her. Janet moaned, intensifying her teasing to make him earn his orgasm, but she was so turned on from her earlier orgasms and his desperation that she came hard within a couple minutes, her pussy juices gushing all over his face.

“That was amazing, let me give you something you’ll never forget.”

With that, she started giving him firm strokes from his root to the edge of his glans with her left hand as she used the fingertips of her right hand to tease his sensitive tip. Right before he was about to come, she took him in her mouth, sucking hard as her tongue lapped at his frenulum, causing him to shoot rope after rope of cum into her mouth.

She swallowed it all and said, “Yummy, love the taste of a young man’s cum.”

Brian kept blubbering, “Thank you, thank you, that was amazing.”

But his joy turned to horror as her left hand remained clasped tight around the base of his shaft, forcing him to stay hard and her right hand cupped his head, rotating around it like she was polishing a doorknob. Brian’s penis was the most overworked it had ever been from Janet’s masterful teasing and he was super sensitive, bucking with each lascivious rotation of her palm as though he was being electrocuted. He flailed and screamed and pressed against her legs, trying desperately to get her off him, the earlier pleasure replaced with a torturous sensation bordering on pain.

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