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A Foamy Filling

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The doorbell rang, Michael quickly applied the finishing touches to his new foaming machine before running to answer the door. He opened the door to see Lydia waiting patiently, Lydia turned and smiled at him warmly.

“Hey, you alright?” said Lydia happily, she hugged Michael and went inside, Michael closed the door behind her.

“Yeah, I’m brilliant thanks, you had a good day so far?” asked Michael. He showed Lydia to the living room, where they would both get ready for the session.

“It’s been alright I guess, been working a lot again… But hey, I’m guessing it’ll all get better soon…” said Lydia, glancing a Michael briefly with a cheeky smile, her cheeks started to blush a little.

They walked into the living room together, Lydia noticed the foaming machine in the middle of the room.

“Ah, well same here really, but it could be worse… And let’s hope so!” said Michael excitedly, moving over to the edge of the foaming machine.

“Wow, so that’s what you’re gonna use on me??” asked Lydia excitedly, setting her bag down on the sofa and moving closer to the machine to have a better look.

“Yep the foaming machine, it’ll pump dozens of cans of shaving cream into your trousers simultaneously… Once you’re all Foamy, we can do whatever you fancy!” said Michael eagerly, giving her a suggestive smile.

The foaming machine was attached to a long wooden table, underneath the table was the actual machine, dozens of cans could be fitted inside, the machine would activate all the cans at once and the cream that came out would be pressurized and sent down five flexible tubes, each tube would deliver the cream straight into the trousers of whoever was on the table.

“Did you bring spare clothes and stuff, this is gonna get pretty messy pretty quickly??” asked Michael.

“Ahhh man this looks great, I can’t wait… Yeah like I’ve got a few good leggings and t-shirts in my bag, did you want me to put those on… And then put these leggings on over the top??” asked Lydia curiously as she pointed over to her bag in the sofa.

“Yeah that would be great, um there’s a toilet just round there, you can change in there if you like… And don’t worry about cleaning up after, I’ve got it covered.” He said, pointing back towards the kitchen.

“By the way, I can’t believe you actually want to do this with me, it’s amazing, seriously thank you so much” said Michael. He moved over to the machine and began loading it up with many extra-large cans of shaving foam

“Ok cool, I’ll change then we can finally get started, I’ve been waiting to do this all week really… And honestly don’t worry about it, like it’s not very often that someone offers to fill your trousers fill tons of cream and custard. I’ve always been curious to try new things, and now I’m about to!” giggled Lydia sweetly, she walked back over to the sofa and got what she needed from her bag before heading off to the toilet to change.

A few minutes later the foaming machine was fully loaded and ready to go, Lydia had just finished changing and came back into the living room “Right, so I’ve got a pair of tight boxers on, the running leggings and my normal pair of leggings on top… That good??” asked Lydia, twirling around so Michael could see her body fully.

Her stunning blue eyes twinkled with energy, a wonderful cheerful smile gave her a very elegant and graceful air. Her long flowing brown hair glided over her slender shoulders. She had nice medium sized breasts, a slim but curvy body, with straight hips and long legs. Soon that would change, especially in tight fitting leggings that would soon be bursting at the seams. Lydia wondered straight over to the foaming machine and sat on the table with her legs hanging over the edge.

“Here we go, all ready!” said Lydia excitedly with a big grin on her face, she rubbed her legs gently as she waited.

“I’ve never said this before but, you look so so beautiful, seriously I’ve been crazy for you ever since I met you… And now, I’m about to fill your pants full of cream! I never thought this would happen and yet here we are!” Said Michael nervously.

Lydia smiled “Aww, that’s so sweet Michael, thanks… Well, since we’ve both been waiting a while for this, shall we get started… And who knows, you might get a bit more out of this than you expected, since you’re so sweet” Lydia shuffled round and laid out flat on her stomach on the table, Michael had a sudden burst of excitement as he moved over to the table and poked the five tubes down the back of her leggings and into her tight boxers.

On the end of each tube was a nozzle of an aerosol can, this would help double the amount of cream being pumped into Lydia’s underwear.

“Right, lets get you filled!” Said Michael eagerly, he worked at the controls of the foaming machine, the system pressurized and was ready to begin pumping.

Lydia took a deep breath as she waited in tense anticipation for the fun to begin. Michael flicked the on switch and the foaming machine whirred kaçak iddaa into life, it hissed quietly as the process began. The tubes rattled slightly as cream filled them up, then, the nozzles inside Lydia’s leggings began to unleash huge soft jets of shaving cream into her trousers. Lydia gasped and began to giggle as shaving cream burst into her leggings, rapidly filling them up, taking up every empty bit of space it could inside.

Lydia’s arse began to grow at an incredible rate, rapidly spread down her legs, gradually puffing them up so they looked perfectly smooth and round, none of the foam could escape from the bottom of her leggings because she had tightened them up with straps when she was changing, that way they were tight enough against her legs to stop any foam leaking out too soon.

For the top of her trousers, she used a tight belt to secure everything, helping prevent leakage.

Lydia continued to giggle as the cream tickled her soft skin “Ahhh… Oh my god! That feels so strange!” said Lydia in a rush of hyper excitement, she groped the table with her hands, sometimes she would close her eyes and bite her lips gently as she lay her head down on the table and simply enjoyed the experience as much as she could.

Michael watched in utter delight as she grew in size, he moved away from the controls to feel her arse as it expanded. Listening to the loud muffled hiss from the hoses. Placing his hands on each cheek he felt them grow, the Foam cascading into her leggings, Michael almost began to drool with lust, his eyes fixed on Lydia’s growing lower body.

Several minutes later the cans of Foam finally began to empty, but by this point Lydia’s arse and legs were massive. Her arse was now plump and curvy, large enough to belong to a supermodel, along with her long slender legs and hips, now thick and squishy. The Foam had transformed her narrow figure into a more chunky frame.

Michael switched the machine off and removed the tubes from the back of her leggings, as he did bits of foam oozed slowly out onto her back. Michael cleaned them off, unable to take his eyes off her wonderful body. Now he tried to help Lydia stand up in her new form, to finally feel the true orgasmic pleasure of shaving foam filled trousers.

“Awww man, fuck me this is feels, sooo strange, it feels like I’ve got four butts!” said Lydia standing tall, checking out her tightly filled arse and patting it gently. She walked around a bit, letting all the creamy foam rub against her skin, it was the best thing she had ever felt before.

“Can you put more in here, honestly, this is one of the best things I’ve ever felt, it’s so silky and smooth!” said Lydia excitedly, running her hands down her foam filled leggings.

“Certainly, my queen!” Said Michael happily, he set about emptying the machine and then reloading it with fresh cans of Foam. Lydia smiled, jiggling around in her foamy leggings, quite pleased by the sight of her increased size as she found a mirror, checking herself out as she waited.

Determined to push her leggings to their absolute limits, she jumped back on to the table and Michael poked the outlets down the back of her knickers again. This time he didn’t wait, as soon as Lydia was ready he switched the machine on and continued filling Lydia’s leggings with fresh cold shaving foam.

Lydia giggled joyfully as more cream forced its way into her tight leggings, her arse began to bulge bigger and bigger, soon they began to creak and strain as they became completely full. The Shaving foam now reached all the way past her knees, giving her a very plump and curvy lower body.

“I don’t think these can hold much more!” Said laughed, carefully glancing back to see her growing features.

Michael smiled “Oh they will, just gotta give it some more pressure…” He said calmly, twisting a nob on the control panel and boosting the pressure of the cans, forcing the Foam into her leggings even harder and faster. Lydia shuddered with a rush of elation as the Foam jets inside her knickers roared, squeezing out as much pressurised Foam as possible.

Michael now stood back and watched, leaving the Foaming machine to work it’s magic on Lydia. Her hips grew rapidly as Foam oozed it’s way around her sides, soon starting to fill out the front of her leggings too. Her legs and arse expanded even faster now, as fresh cold Foam pushed the existing mess further down her legs, almost approaching her ankles now as her leggings struggled to hold much more.

Before long her cunt was smothered in cold shaving foam, it was at least at two inches or so thick on all sides, trapping her lower body in a silky soft layer of Foam with little to no leakage so far. All of it was perfectly contained within her leggings.

“Ooh! This is fucking amazing!” She sighed blissfully, starting to feel cold Foam emerging from the top of her leggings slowly “I think I’m starting to leak.” She said glancing at Michael, who at this moment in time was too enthralled by Lydia’s stunning growth kaçak bahis to notice the leakage.

He soon gathered himself and rushed over to Lydia, pinning the top of her leggings closed as best he could with his hands, angling them slightly to try and redirect the escaping Foam back into her leggings.

After a minute or so, the machine had finished pumping out Foam. Removing the tubes and cleaning her up, Michael helped Lydia slide off the table and stand up, checking out her perfectly rounded arse and legs. Her movement was limited at first, due to her leggings being quite tight with so much squeezed into them, thankfully her belt was tight enough to prevent any more leakage whilst she moved around.

She looked at Michael and beckoned him over with one finger, noticing the rather considerable bulge in Michael’s trousers as he looked at her, Lydia gave him a naughty smile, biting her lip as he moved closer.

Once he was close enough she grabbed him by the back of the neck and pulled him in for a kiss, Lydia didn’t hold back, her tongue went deep into his mouth as his went into hers. Lydia tried to avoid disturbing the Foam in her leggings, she really was enjoying it, so she wanted to make sure it stayed as perfect as possible.

As they kissed Michael squeezed Lydia’s arse, feeling it’s round smooth and soft surface, as he touched it whatever contact he made was muffled by the super thick layer of Foam around her arse, hips and thighs. Lydia made sure he didn’t squeeze too hard. She span him round towards the table and backed him against it gently, whilst they continued kissing and groping each other. Lydia noticed that her normal stance was much wider now, given that her thighs were twice their normal size with all that Foam padding her lower body out considerably.

They moaned softly as they kissed, Lydia reached for the outlet tubes and grabbed hold of them. Michael hadn’t noticed but she was very close to the controls of the foaming machine.

Lydia slid the outlets down the back of Michael’s boxers and switched the machine on whilst still kissing him, once huge jets of Foam erupted into his pants he gasped and began to moan blissfully. Lydia laughed, watching him wriggle and squirm as his trousers rapidly expanded, she gripped his throat playfully.

“There we go! That’s more like it, Slave… Cum for me! I bet you didn’t think I wanted to Foam you, well now I am, and you’re going to make a wonderful servant.” giggled Lydia, watching him moan intensely as his boxers and trousers filled up with fresh cold shaving foam.

Her eyes lit up with excitement as she watched him squirm uncontrollably, she began to feel a strange rush of energy building within her, it felt empowering and intense, not because she was playing with him, but it was as if an unseen force was actually causing her to assume control over him. Almost as if their hormones and chemicals were becoming unnaturally entwined.

Lydia held him in place so he couldn’t move, she soon began kissing his passionately again, the sound of their wet lips smacking made Michael hornier. Lydia now completely owned Michael, he was her slave to do with as she pleased.

She pressed herself against him, able to feel that his dick was hard and pulsing, at first she was tempted to toy with it, but she would leave it until he was fully foamed, then she could bend him to her will.

Lydia switched the machine off and held herself close to him “Did that feel good?? What other sticky sweetness have you got waiting… I don’t think my pants are quite full enough just yet, nor are yours by the looks of it…” She pulled him away from the table and squeezed his arse firmly, Michael closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure as the cold shaving foam inside his boxers squelched, smothering his balls in creamy foam as Lydia worked it around to the front of his trousers.

“How about some custard?” Giggled Lydia playfully, toying with the front of her leggings as she backed away from Michael slowly, eager to keep going.

Michael muttered incoherently before wondering off into the other room briefly, upon his return he wheeled two full food trolleys in, each one filled to capacity with an array of sticky sweet treats.

“M-my queen, which do you want first??” asked Michael, standing next to the trolley waiting for Lydia’s command.

“Oooh… I wonder how much custard I can hold in these leggings before they burst?” Moving over to the trolley. Michael picked up a heavy jug of custard and came face to face with Lydia, she smiled as she undid her belt and pulled open the front of her leggings, making sure both pairs were open along with her knickers. Michael licked his lips and held the heavy jug of custard over Lydia’s open trousers, she waited to receive the cold sweet mess.

Michael tipped the jug forward, a stream of thick cold custard flowed out of the jug and into Lydia’s knickers, she gasped as custard gushed into her leggings, smothering her cunt in cold sticky gunge.

The cold custard was illegal bahis all held inside her knickers nicely, it began spread down her legs, causing them to fatten up even more as she became weighed down with the gunge mixture of custard and Foam. The custard drowned her slit and made its way up slowly.

Her arse began to expand once more, the custard was starting to weigh her down, her leggings became heavy and got harder to hold onto. The last of the custard from the jug dripped into Lydia’s welcoming knickers, once Michael had placed the jug on the floor Lydia looked down to see the huge mess of custard and cream in her pants, then she let go, letting the material of her leggings snap back against her body, tightly holding everything in once she did her belt back up.

Lydia patted the front of her bulging leggings, as she squished everything about, it made a muffled squelch as it mixed with the Shaving foam trapped inside. She glanced over at the trolley briefly, nodding at a few of the jugs of rice pudding staring at her longingly. Michael didn’t hesitate, he grabbed two jugs of rice pudding as Lydia turned around, he placed one on the floor next to him. Lydia quickly undid her belt again to allow Michael to pull the material of her leggings open.

Michael eagerly tipped the jug forward, the cold rice pudding rolled from the jug and oozed down into Lydia’s knickers, making a very sloppy sounds as it joined the mixture.

Lydia gasped and giggled as her arse was smothered in lumpy rice pudding, quickly pooling inside her leggings causing her arse to expand greatly. The rice pudding quickly mixed with the Custard and foam already trapped inside, slowly seeping it’s way down her fattening legs.

“Oh man… Fuck, well there’s definitely no going back now” she laughed, as she wriggled slightly feeling the cold Custard, pudding and Foam slosh around in her leggings it felt so good, she felt so dirty and naughty, all she wanted to do now was keep filling her leggings until they actually burst. With all that custard trapped inside her pants it made her front and arse bulge quite a bit, Michael squeezed it gently, Lydia moaned as she felt the sticky sweet gunge concoction moving around, keeping her slit wet and yearning for more.

Doing her belt back up again, she span around to grab Michael tightly, he responded with a chuckle and grabbed her bulging arse firmly, feeling all the wonderful mess trapped inside.

Lydia kissed Michael, groping him eagerly as he squeezed her hips, smooshing all the gunge around in her leggings. Lydia turned Michael towards the nearest sofa and backed him towards it as they kissed, before they reached it, Lydia grabbed the closest trolley and wheeled it over to the edge of the sofa “My turn! Right, sit!” Said Lydia playfully, flicking her long clean locks of brown hair behind her shoulders.

Michael did as she commanded without hesitate, he braced himself as the Shaving foam in his trousers oozed around when sitting down, most of the Foam squelched round to the front of his trousers, causing him to bulge hugely. His cock slithered about inside the shaving foam, making him very sensitive to any form of touch, he had never felt so horny in his life.

“Shirt and belt!” She gestured, grabbing a huge jug of custard from the trolley, Michael licked his lips longingly, unfastening his belt and pulling open his Foam packed trousers, then quickly undoing and removing his shirt. Lydia smiled, bringing the jug towards her face and taking a long and slow lick of cold custard, she swallowed it and held the jug over Michael’s chest “Mmm, delicious!” She said, tipping the jug forward.

A long cold stream of custard landed on Michael’s bare chest, he gasped in delight, he shuddered for a moment as the shock of cold custard made him twitch. The Custard raced down his chest and straight into his open trousers, where it quickly pooled between his thighs and built up gradually, engulfing his balls and most of his rock hard cock.

Lydia threw the empty jug aside and proceeded to unbury Michael’s cock from the mass of Foam surrounding it, once found she took a firm hold of it and began to stroke it slowly. Michael’s eyes opened wide, his head fell back as he moaned with elation, a complete sensory overload came upon him as Lydia stroked his dick “Look at that! Very nice! Someone’s really enjoying this aren’t they?” She said, reaching for another jug with her free hand.

She wasted no time in pouring a huge jug of semolina straight onto his cock, covering both it and her hand as she stroked him. Michael gasped and moaned in glorious pleasure as his pants rapidly filled with mess. As soon as it was empty she tossed the jug aside, she let go of Michael’s throbbing cock and did up his trousers and belt, causing him to squirm as the front of his trousers bulged, trapping all the sweet mess inside.

“Now lay down for me…” Said Lydia playfully, guiding Michael’s head down as he shuffled round carefully. Once he was in place, Lydia squeezed at the large mound of mess trapped within Michael’s trousers, making him gasp and wail orgasmicly, he twitched and moaned uncontrollably in a sweet fit of utter sexual bliss as the sticky mixture oozed around.

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