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A Deal Offered

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I was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee wearing my dressing gown when Emma left for work. We’d had a pleasant morning chatting about the various inconsequential matters that married people chat about but she had to leave for a meeting and looked fabulous in a smart dress suit and jacket. Even after almost two years of marriage I was still totally smitten with her looks and personality, she constantly made me laugh. Once I’d heard her car pull out of the drive however, heading for the local train station, I headed into our office to log onto my sordid secret addiction.

Despite my love for Emma I had, over the last six months, become hooked on porn. Not just any porn. I’d stumbled onto FemDom and the many facets of that fetish. I looked at and fantasised about women feminising their partners, fucking them with strap-ons, making them endure ruined orgasms and other humiliations. Half an hour later and I was feeling really horny. I’d been stroking my growing hard-on as I reviewed the posts on my Tumblr feed, re-blogging those pictures or captions that stirred my imagination and most days that was enough to lead to masturbation there and then at the computer. Today , knowing I was alone all day and with no real work needing to be done, my work from home was quite seasonal, I decided to take things further.

I went upstairs to our spare room where I kept a small suitcase under the guest bed. Most of the flotsam stored under the bed was memorabilia from our mutual past and I knew Emma would be unlikely to explore there. Removing the suitcase, I opened it and examined the few items of lingerie I had furtively collected. Most of the items in the case had come from local superstores however several others had been ordered from the internet. I removed my robe and then pulled on a pair of thin black stockings, shivering at the feeling as they slid up my legs. I would have loved to have shaved my legs but couldn’t think of any excuse to explain that away to Emma. I hooked a suspender belt around my waist and slowly connected the clasps. Next I pulled on a pair of black satin panties which wouldn’t quite cover my erect penis, although I managed to tuck it down and to the side after a second or two. Lastly I took a black bra I’d ordered from Ebay, guessing at my size, and slipped it on.

Feeling really sexually charged now I went into the bedroom that Emma and I shared and lay on the bed. I loved the feeling that wearing lingerie gave me but had discovered the feelings that Emma’s vibrating wand gave me were even better, better even than manual masturbation as the stimulation was much slower and more intense . I took it from her bedside cupboard and plugged it in. I set the motor vibrating quite slowly initially running it along the length of my now erect penis while it was still enclosed in the silk knickers. Eyes closed I was imagining sexual scenarios where I was forced to wear lingerie against my wishes, forced to masturbate or otherwise engage in sexual activity, all the time slowly increasing the vibrator’s speed. My breath was getting fast now and I knew from shameful experience that I would soon cum into the panties. My spare hand was now stroking my perineum adding a little pressure and urgency to my approaching orgasm.

The flash from Emma’s camera phone brought me abruptly back to reality and I sat up instantly, dropping the wand, eyes flying open. She was stood just inside the bedroom door, her eyes wide and her mouth open. She still held the phone that had snapped the incriminating photo.

“Oh!.. My!.. Fucking!.. God!..” Every syllable of every word said with an expression of contempt.

“Emma… I…” I what? I had nothing to say.

“Don’t bother Rob, There’s nothing that you can say. I just can’t believe my eyes. If I hadn’t taken a picture of you wanking in underwear… With my fucking wand… I’d probably doubt my eyes.” She looked both furious and unbelievably shocked.

“Look, give me a sec and I’ll come down a talk to you.” I wanted to take off this ridiculous outfit now, knowing it was going to continually antagonise her, but she was having none of it.

“Bullshit, leave that on. Don’t take anything off.” She said angrily.

“You leave it on and you follow me downstairs.” Her tone not leaving any room for disagreement. She turned and walked into the hall and then downstairs with me following meekly behind her.

“I got as far as the station, parked up and then found out they’d cancelled all the fucking trains.” Her continual swearing showed just how upset she was.

“So, I phoned into the office and explained the situation. They let me take a day’s holiday so I thought I’d come home and surprise you, see if you wanted to go out for lunch? Well, I certainly surprised you, I guess.”

“Erm… bahis siteleri I…” I started.

“Don’t bother, I know exactly what happened. That was the first thing I saw when I came back.” ‘That’ was my computer screen with my open Tumblr account, the image on the screen was of an erect penis cumming over a pair of feet.

“You’d been looking at porn and you got so excited, you ran upstairs to get your jolly’s off with my vibrating wand!”

She’d make a great detective. I was stood just behind her now, obviously still dressed in stockings and suspenders, feeling ridiculous and embarrassed. Emma sat down in the computer chair and began idly flicking through the feed pages. She seemed much calmer now but still had an edge to her voice when she said.

“Go and make me a cup of tea, I want to see exactly what gets you off, obviously it’s not me.”

“Baby, that’s not true… This… This is just different, I like it occasionally, it’s no big deal.” My first real attempt at defending myself and the longest sentence I’d managed since Emma returned. She looked me up and down slowly and said.

“It looks like a big deal at the moment.” I blushed.

“Well, we’ll see. Go and make that tea. Don’t you dare change though…” I thought it best to follow her instructions and maybe let her calm down so that we could start talking. It felt surreal to be stood in our kitchen making tea dressed in stocking and suspenders but I dared not change lest it anger her more. I returned about five minutes later and she was still at the computer, still on Tumblr.

“Rob, there’s tons of stuff on here. Tons of men dressed as women, of women humiliating and teasing men, of men in chastity cages, ruined orgasms, there’s just an unbelievable amount of this fetish here…” She was not angry now so much as curious, looking for answers.

“Emma, I know it’s hard to understand but that stuff turns me on. I know it’s perverted but, well I don’t know what I can say.”

“Is this what’s in your head when we’re together? When we’re having sex?”

“Yes, sometimes” I admitted, thinking that honesty really was the best policy now.

“You couldn’t fucking shave before putting your stockings on?” Almost a smile now, and her tone was much lighter.

“Well…”I shrugged.

“Of course, You couldn’t without me noticing.” She looked thoughtful for a moment.

“I’m still coming to terms with this Rob, so it’s very important that you just do what I say, no arguments. While I’m looking through your Tumblr page, I want you to go upstairs and shave all your body hair off below the waist.” My mouth dropped open as if it were on a hinge.

“We have no plans for today apparently so take your time and make sure you do a good job, in fact, take one of my razors from the cupboard.”

“Emma, are you sure you wanna…” I began.

“I’m very sure Rob, and very serious. Go and do it now.” No equivocation there.

I left my wife trawling through my Tumblr blogs, the place I’d been the most sexually honest, in part because I thought it was totally private and anonymous. Emma was no longer the only one of us in shock. I moved slowly and carefully although my mind was racing. What did this mean? What would she do?

I took the razor into the shower and lathered up my legs. It felt crazy and wrong as I started to remove the hair from my calves, luckily I’m not a hairy guy, and soon I was too engrossed in the act to think about it anymore. Tongue out, I continued shaving. It seemed to take forever but then I was finished on my legs and contemplating shaving my groin. I’d always shaved a little around my dick anyway, it just seemed cleaner that way but now I remembered Emma’s words to ‘remove all the body hair below my waist’.

Taking the razor I carefully shaved around my balls and penis, I even took the razor and thinned out those hairs running down from my stomach. I thought it better to feather the effect as I didn’t want a hard defined line there. Stepping out of the shower I couldn’t help but touch myself, running my hands over the newly nude skin, loving the feeling. I put on a bathrobe and descended the stairs tentatively, wary of Emma’s mood. She was still at the computer screen when I returned.

“Well, show me then.” She instructed.

I opened my robe, a little embarrassed to be following her orders so meekly. Looking down, my embarrassment was compounded by my shrivelled penis. It looked tiny and exposed without its usual nest. Emma actually laughed.

“Oh dear, not very manly. Maybe it does belong in panties” She teased.

“Ok Rob, show me your stash.”

“What?” I honestly didn’t know what she meant.

“Don’t try and tell me that’s your only underwear, I won’t believe you. Show me where you canlı bahis siteleri keep your clothes.” She smiled evilly now.

“You know, for when you dress as a Sissy.” I cringed as she said that but decided that the only way out of this was total disclosure.

“Erm… upstairs.” I returned upstairs but now Emma was following closely behind. I showed her my collection of underwear with my cheeks burning.

“Bullshit! Where’s the rest?” She demanded.

“That’s it honey, I promise…” I said hastily.

“Really? Where are the dresses? the skirts? The blouses? Where are the shoes? Every girl needs shoes.” She was asking these questions incredulously but with humour in her tone.

“That’s all I have. Honest.”

“Oh honey, you’re missing the best part of being a girl, the shopping.” She was grinning now.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help..”


“I’m your wife baby, if this is what turns you on, then I wanna be part of it too.” I’d actually had a fantasy where Emma said that almost word for word, but right now my danger radar was warning me to stay alert.

“Baby, that’s great but…,” I faltered not knowing what to say.

“Go and get into that outfit you had on earlier.” She nodded encouragingly.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe another time…”

“No. Now. Do it now Rob.” She suddenly looked stern.

“See? I’m learning, I know you like your women dominant.” She was smiling again but there was a potential storm brooding over the horizon I sensed.

The bra and panties set were near to the shower and I slowly began dressing again, this time feeling anxious and wary. Emma went into our bedroom and I heard cupboards being opened and closed. She was soon heading downstairs and called out,

“Follow me when you’re finished.”

I did just that. I finished attaching the fiddly clasps on the suspenders and descended the stairs nervously. Emma had gone into our lounge/Diner and was sat on a chair watching me enter. She had several of my ties beside her. More worrying though were the handcuffs she was holding out in front of her. They were a novelty pair Emma had received from a friend years ago, no real strength to them and as I remember they could be undone with a paperclip.

“Here you go Honey, let’s slip these on” she smiled. I hesitated for only a second then held my arms out. Emma put the cuffs on my wrists, arms forward, then standing indicated the chair she had just vacated.

“Bend over that Rob.” I swallowed loudly now causing her to laugh but did as she suggested. The chair back was waist high and I had to stand on tip-toe to be able to lean over it. Emma moved to the front now and looping a tie from the pile through the handcuffs, she secured me to the underneath of the chair. It wasn’t painful but was a little uncomfortable.

“Emma… I get that you wanna be part of this, but I’m not really into bondage to be honest.” I reasoned with her.

“Well, that’s the funny thing Rob. You see, I studied psychology at Uni’ so I know exactly what I’m doing. You have these fantasies of dominant women taking control of you… taking control of your orgasms… feminising and sissifying you…Did it never occur to you that these dominant women might have their own fantasies? If you give up control, and I can see you want to… Well, you never know what’s gonna happen.” While she was explaining this she had moved around behind me and using two more ties had fastened my legs to the bottom of the chair.

“Yes… but…”

“Shush Rob, you need to be quiet and listen to me now.” She reprimanded quietly. She was back in front of me now and I could see her lift her dress slightly, just enough to slip off the knickers she was wearing.

“Keep these in your mouth and don’t talk.” She instructed firmly. She pushed the wadded panties into my mouth, thankfully Emma prefers skimpy thongs, but I was still effectively gagged and silent. I have never felt so helpless and vulnerable. She was behind me again and I felt her hands slide up my legs, stroking lightly. She reached up to the waistband of the panties I was wearing and starting pulling and edging them down, millimetre by millimetre.

“Does that feel nice baby?” It did. I felt my dick twitching and firming up. I nodded, unable to speak and she continued lowering the panties. Unexpectedly once the panties were halfway down she reached forward and grabbed my penis. Pulling it backwards she tucked it over the back of the elasticated waistband trapping it. Her hand came away now and I realised she intended to leave me like that, with my semi-erect penis displayed behind me.

“I found it really interesting that you weren’t masturbating like a man would Rob. You were using the vibrator to get you there, just like a canlı bahis woman would. If I hadn’t of interrupted you, sorry about that baby, you would’ve shot our wad into your panties just like a little girl.” She was stroking my dick gently as she said this occasionally running her fingers gently over my bottom too.

“Is that what you want Rob? To be a little Sissy making cummies in her panties?” As she asked this she turned on the vibrating wand I hadn’t realised she had and began running it along my exposed shaft.

“I know how I like to use this but I’m not really used to using it on big sissy clitties. Is this nice? Or is it better here?” She was moving the wand around now, stimulating me in different areas. When she put it against the ridge on my dick just under the crown, I moaned aloud unable to prevent myself.

“Ah, that’s the spot is it? Do you want to cum Rob? Cum like a little girl on heat?” She was teasing me now and I could in fact feel an orgasm approaching. Suddenly she stopped.

“Oh I’m sorry Sissy. What am I thinking? You want to experience being a girl, you want to cum like a girl would in her best fuck-me underwear. Well, being a girl is complicated. Sex isn’t all about having our clitties rubbed.” I could sense her moving behind me but had no way of knowing just what she was doing. Without warning I felt a wet gloopy finger slide along my arse crack. Emma had lubricant on her fingers, I didn’t know we even had any, and now I felt her finger slide slowly and determinedly inside me.

“You see, sex for a girl means being penetrated.” Her finger was fucking me now and it felt really good. I shivered helplessly.

“Oh you like that do you? What about this?” As she asked this her finger slid out and was replaced by something harder and colder.

“I never use this vibe any more, but I thought it’d be perfect for you.” I knew immediately what she was talking about. Emma had a 12″ vibrator that’d sat ignored in her drawer as long as I’d known her. Now I could picture it clearly as, lubricated, it slid inside me. When she turned it on my insides quickly turned to jelly. It was very powerful and as Emma moved it back and forth fucking me with it I unconsciously began to rock back and forth on my tiptoes. It wasn’t enough stimulation to make me cum but it felt amazing.

“Here’s the deal my little sissy.” Emma began,

“I want you to agree to be my Sissy from here forwards, I already know you want to anyway. You’ll wear what I say, when I say. There will be no more unauthorised sessions like I saw earlier, you’ll only cum when I allow it.” She was still fucking my arse with the vibrator but now her other hand was rubbing and stroking my dick. It was very soft and gentle but I was impossibly aroused at this point.

“I’ll dress you up properly, in fact as soon as we reach an agreement here I’m going shopping for some essentials, maybe high heels? Oh and how about a French maid’s outfit? Would you like that Sissy?” Her hands were driving me crazy and if I could have talked I would have agreed to anything. I was right on the edge but Emma was denying me enough stimulation to allow me to ejaculate.

“Now, I appreciate you can’t talk at the moment…” She giggled. “But I still need you to agree to this, because if or when you do, it will be binding. No going back. If you agree and then back out I’ll send that photo of you from earlier to everyone we know..” She paused to let that sink in.

“You’re a strong guy, Rob and to be honest you could break out of this very easily if you wanted to so the fact that you haven’t says a lot already, but I need more. You know those forms you get on-line where you have to tick a box to accept all the terms and conditions? Well, if you cum now, if you cum while I’m fucking your arse, if you cum while you’re bent over this chair dressed in a bra, panties and suspenders, if you cum I’m going to consider that as you ticking the box.” I could barely breath now, I was so close. My legs were trembling.

“So Rob? Do you accept all the conditions of being my Sissy?” She increased the tempo of her stroking ever so slightly and without any possibility of resistance, I came. I came hard. I could feel my cum literally shoot from my dick. Without enough direct stimulation it was effectively a ruined orgasm and Emma continued to stroke the base of my dick, milking the last of my ejaculate out of me. I felt the vibrator slide out for the last time and Emma dropped it unceremoniously onto the floor

“Well. It looks like we have a deal Sissy.” I was shaking uncontrollably as Emma came around the chair and stroked my sweating face.

“Honey…” She murmured sweetly.

“I’m going to do some shopping on the internet and I think I’ll leave you here for now, give you some time to think..” I felt her move away and then stop.

“Oh, and the first thing on my shopping list is a chastity cage so I hope you enjoyed that orgasm? It may be your last for a while.” And then she left.

The End

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